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Very new to this, but have always had an interest in scantily clad men grappling with one another. Ideally looking for someone well versed in this area if I were to ever get into the scene, someone with the patience and experience to help me dip my toes in before diving headfirst.



  1. USA - Colorado, Foxfield
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Age: 22-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 290 lbs (132 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, boxers, jockstraps

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JosephThropp is recommended by Mountainside27

Joseph and I met up at a hotel in Longmont. He is big and strong as hell, walking in and bear hugging me off the couch. He loves getting a smaller muscle dude in holds and his hands. He can dominate at any moment he sees fit. He played and toyed with me for fun and we had some tests of strength, His bearhug and scissors especially were excruciating to be trapped in and i expect some bruising in the coming days. He loved seein me try to break out and have to work for a submission. Joseph gave me an awesome second match and a good guy to talk to and hang with off the mat and enjoy some pizza with.



Mountainside27 is recommended by JosephThropp

Jesse gave me an incredible first match from this site. Several enthusiastic messages here and through text established a fun dynamic, and one that was even more intense and fiery when we got together the next day. We both went in on a hotel, and from the moment I walked in our chemistry was strong. Jesse is a total muscle cub of a jobber, strong arms and a powerful core. He was made to receive bearhugs and scissor holds, but you'll have to really give it to him to get the submission out of him. He's intensely tough, and will give you a hell of a time with the ferocity of how hard he fights back. Hit him up for a match for a man that'll love the abuse you put him through, but will put you through hell bringing him to that position.