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  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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35-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 155 lbs (70 kg)
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New to wrestling. Looking for othe beginners or those willing to meet with beginners. Fit, laid back, guy here. No attitude, looking for same.



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LAFightDude is recommended by cali wrestler

Had a great time with this guy. He has great stamina, and this was one of the longest matches I’ve had, nearly several hours. He took his lumps from me and was ready to go right away with no break. Good looking and in great shape, his commentary and shit talking was the icing on the cake. While he got it handed to him, I don’t doubt he’ll be picking up some moves and be a force to be reckoned with. On top of it all, he’s a genuinely chill and interesting guy.



cali wrestler is recommended by LAFightDude

This guy is a great fighter! I had a excellent time rolling with him. He's strong and has amazing stamina. We went way longer than we expected, and never once did he need to break! Good looking and well built too, with a good sense of humor and intellect. I had a good time and will definitely get my rematch!



LAFightDude is recommended by fig42007

Took this dude on for a quick ‘meet and greet’ style match at my house, last minute before leaving town after chatting for a long time, like almost a year... He’s a very chill, extremely handsome and quite skilled with a very strong and lean athletic body. The dude plays down how his abilities and knowledge he has, so don’t be fooled! I did however make him tap a few times, but only after he was bold enough to jump in the offensive and get me legit trying! With a little more basic training and about 10 more lbs of muscle, this dude will kick anyone’s ass! Can’t wait for round 2!



fig42007 is recommended by LAFightDude

FInally met up with this dude and it was well worth the wait. Total package here. Not ony is this guy smart and highly skilled, but he's strong, extremely fit, funny, and overall a chill and good looking guy that's a pleasure to hang with. We didn't get a lot of time to roll around since it was last minute, but I look forward to more. Great set up as well, I should mention.



LAFightDude is recommended by Klassysax

Easy to set up with, easy to work with when things got complicated, and very fun to wrestle and just chat with. We figured out our rules of engagement very quickly with little compromises. This guy is in fantastic shape and is strong for his size. He learns quickly too. And he doesn't take it so seriously and just enjoys the horsing around. Had a great time.



Klassysax is recommended by LAFightDude

Great guy. Very easy to set up and a lot of fun to roll around with. Plus, he's strong, fast, and really knows what he's doing. And a nice guy on top of it. Plus, I've heard he'll wrestle in that tux (but you didn't hear it from me!)



LAFightDude is recommended by leagueofdraven2

Cool guy, very handsome, and has a hot body to wrestle with. Loved our session where we kept going back and forth relentlessly. I’m hungry for more matches with this stud.



leagueofdraven2 is recommended by LAFightDude

Great fighter and a nice guy to match. Strong dude and kept me on my toes. Had an awesome time. Looking forward to the next match.