Member since 6.9 years
Age 41
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 150 lbs (68 kg)
Gender Male
Gear shorts, jocks, briefs, naked
Languages spoken English, Spanish, Swedish
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Last update 5/16/2021



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  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting

Specific wrestling styles: Folkstyle

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Stakes

Fetishes: Naked wrestling, Muscle worship

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Two years on this site and have had some great matches. Looking to play with guys that like to have fun and get a good sweat on. Flexible on the style, but my favorite is clean folk-style wrestling, going for the pin, and some light humiliation (spanking, teabagging, etc...)


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Klassysax is recommended by mezfight

Klassy is a stand up guy. We had a nice conversation before and after the match and made sure to discuss rules before we launched into it. He’s got strength and likes his dirty moves so we had some good back and forth wrestling. Highly recommend that you take him on for a satisfying match.



mezfight is recommended by Klassysax

Sometimes you get really lucky and meet someone on this site that doesn't just check all the right boxes (sane, easy to communicate/meetup with, fun, strong, good person, etc...). Sometimes they're also above and beyond, happy to give local recommendations, happy to wrestle with you at your level, and can dish out the squeezes as well as take them. That's this guy. Had a fantastic time, and if you're lucky enough to meet up, you will too. Hoping to get back to New Orleans area to get a round 2!



Klassysax is recommended by MTLSteph

Totally as classy as his name suggests ! :-) And much stronger than you might think, so be prepared! I had a fantastic time with KlassySax both on and off the mat. Super nice guy - I hope we get to face each other again sometime!



MTLSteph is recommended by Klassysax

MTLSteph was a wonderful find in Montreal. He's new to wrestling but very eager and fun to roll around with. He was a pleasure to chat with before and after the bout. I'll definitely be reaching out when I'm in the area.



Klassysax is recommended by milll36

Meet him while a trip to Panama . He is a cool guy easy to meet , he tried his best but got man handled ! Great guy will repeat for sure



milll36 is recommended by Klassysax

This guy is too good. I was tapping so much it felt like drum practice.



Klassysax is recommended by Ruffheel

Very fun match. He never had been a jobber in a pro-style match, but was a champ at it. Very spry and strong. It was fun to put him through some pro holds Definitely recommend. Look forward to working him over again.



Ruffheel is recommended by Klassysax

Definitely lives up to the name! Ruffheel had me groaning and squirming fast and didn't really let up. Very nice guy, easy to set up with... looking forward to the next bout!



Klassysax is recommended by haha12345678

May 2019
Yes, this guy is a lucky find. Great hosting, amazing guy, amazing … everything. Wicked and wild times, everything from the match to conversation. A must, if you can handle him :-)



haha12345678 is recommended by Klassysax

What a lucky find. This guy is stronger than he looks, has more skills than you'd expect and is also a genuine, nice, interesting guy to chat with. Had a great time.



Klassysax is recommended by pidgeot123

Genuinely great guy, and a lot of fun to roll around with. Wrestling to pin was new to me but I enjoyed it!



pidgeot123 is recommended by Klassysax

Stronger than you'd assume, flexible with styles/gear, safe and fun to wrestle. Very respectful and genuinely nice off the mats.



greatrook is recommended by Klassysax

What a sweet, strong, wonderful wrestler. You better hope he doesn't want to wrestle you hard, or you're in for it.



Klassysax is recommended by ukwrestler

His wiry lythe body means he's stronger than he looks. Good old brawn won the day though!! Very accommodating and easy to arrange a match with. Really nice guy too.



ukwrestler is recommended by Klassysax

Easy to set up, fun wrestling, and a cool guy. A+



Klassysax is recommended by Talldavidla

Tough guy. aggressive and strong. had a great time with him. he's scrappy and fun and I look forward to our next match. definitely an opponent you want to lock up with if you're in the LA area.



Talldavidla is recommended by Klassysax

Really fun wrestler and fun guy. He can dish out the fight and the pain but is 100% respectful and appropriate. He's strong and up for a long match-up.