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Age 56
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 310 lbs (141 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear shirtless, barefoot, speedos, nude, chains, singlet
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  1. USA - California, Culver City

I am willing to travel 750 miles

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No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel

Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, CBT, Foot fetish, Trampling, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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Greetings guys, my name is Tom and I’m a stocky, masculine muscle bull type of guy that is into pretty much all forms of wrestling in addition to stomach / gut punching.

Holds that I enjoy giving and receiving include bearhugs, full nelsons, piledrivers, scissors and nerve holds, plus anything abs or stomach related.

During our match, if you’re not careful, you might find me wailing on your gut until you cry out in pain asking for the comfort of your first stuffed toy animal!

While you’re holding your gut from pain and discomfort, gasping to catch your breath, I’ll progress onto working your nips and then seek out that “mushroom cap” that laughably passes for your penis, upon which I will taunt you further.

Then, since it’s all about me, I will probe your belly button with my fingers and/or tongue until you feel thoroughly violated, embarrassed and ashamed. Then I’ll take your bare feet and...🤔

Seriously though, I’m a competitive and fun opponent that does have a strong fetish drive. I’m very much into nips, pits, feet, etc. I only do things that are consensual and that you enjoy too and your limits are respected. I work well with newbies and I can guarantee you a fun match plus a good workout.

Other things I enjoy include mismatched squash matches and older/younger matches and Dad / son. I’m open to all kinds of opponents and wrestling styles. I am also an equal opportunity destroyer of both the smooth and the hairy (discrimination sucks).

Competitive wrestling is awesome, and I do enjoy it, but I’m really not much more than a very experienced novice (albeit a bigger and beefier one). If you are looking for a true challenge I won’t roll over and If you win then I suppose you’ve earned bragging rights for taming a big bear/bull like me.

I’m safe, drug and disease free and looking to expand my friendship base. I absolutely love jacking off to pro vids with another guy too so if you’re looking for a bate buddy I’m your guy.

Hit me up and let’s set up a match,

Q&W with "the Bull":

Q: I hear you're an "agonophile", is that true?
A: Yes, I am an "anglophile" and do love everything English, the guys with their beefy, pasty white skin are so hot, the fish and chips are tasty, and love the accents. Oh wait, you said "agonophile", not "anglophile"... yes, this is true. I do badly suffer from "agonophilia" (sexual arousal derived from, or practicing in or observing a combat sport, such as wrestling, boxing or kickboxing, martial arts, etc.).

Q: What is your favorite wrestling hold to apply?
A: This is a tough one. My full nelson is almost unbreakable and I love working a shoulder lock while my belly is pinning their belly down. I also enjoy incapacitating a guy with sleeper holds. From a rarely used perspective, I like to apply some unconventional holds such as nerve holds, ab claws, and the like.

Q: I hear that you have an eating disorder?
A: No, fool, I have a “beating disorder”; I love to beat jobbers senseless!

Q: What humiliating hold do you like to see wrestlers apply?
A: I love seeing the dragon sleeper applied to a guy. I think it is particularly humiliating because one wrestler's sweaty pit is in the face of his opponent. There is something visually primal about this.

Q: I hear you wear your fetishes on your sleeve and love to explore these with your opponents.
A: Yes, this is true. Right, wrong or indifferent, a lot of things turn me on sexually. The more skimipier the ring attire the better. I prefer wrestling in a speedo and barefoot. I also like to explore my opponent's body with my holds so you will see me working his nipples, feet, neck and and even his belly button. I don't know, something about a guy's belly button is hot to me. I think it's because it's an under appreciated part of the body. If you didn't have one you wouldn't be here. Something about being smothered by one, inserting fingers into it, etc. It can also cause a lot of pain and discomfort to your opponent. And the barefoot wrestling is just hot to me having grown up watching kickboxing and lusting after Kevin Von Erich.

Q: Who is your current pro wrestling man crush?
A: Well I'm "crushing" on a lot of indy pros these days and it seems like every day more and more are joining the ranks. I think that Stu Grayson is very hot.

Q: Tell me about the gut punching in your matches, does that seems to scare a lot of guys off?
A: Unfortunately, I think it does. The gut punching is so hot to me because it harkens back to the golden era of pro wresting (at least in my mind) in which there were hardly any of these stupid high-flyer moves off the top of the ring (or arena) and the wrestlers just basically brawled with each other and they beat the hell out of each other (or looked like it to me as a kid). The costumes of that era weren't flamboyant and many of the wrestlers looked like my best friends dads (regular Joes going to shows as jobbers and taking bumps so that little Johnny got that bike for Christmas that he asked for).

I respect anyone's limits and I'm not going to hurt anyone. But yes, there is something erotic about beating on a guy's abs and seeing how much he can take.

Q: What is one of your dark sadist fantasies.
A: That’s easy, myself and a beefy tag partner (preferably one trained in martial arts) are double-teaming on an opponent with a well developed six pack. We are working his stomach over with relentless punches, stomps, kicks and chops - wearing him down as he struggles to breathe. We don’t let up methodically going after each of his well developed “bricks” of stomach muscle until they are tender to the touch and he collapses at our feet.


LA Bull Wrestler has no cyber opponents.

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Tom is the total fantasy kind of guy; thick, masculine, hot, and passionate! Love getting together with him!



Beto and I wrestled recently and while he’s new to the wrestling scene he’s really adapting to it well. He’s in great shape and enjoys body punching too. He’s also very friendly and outgoing. I’m sure as he continues to have more matches he will become a force to be reckoned with on the mats.



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by Roughmatch

Here is a super-heavyweight wrestler that loves to use his knees and feet in a wrestling match. I hooked up with him at the OKIE Rumble. During part of the match, I got on my knees with my hands behind my back and allowed him to use his big feet to kick me in my midsection. He also likes to apply the Full Nelson and claims his is unbreakable. It was a hot time we had. He likes it rough, as do I. Am hoping for another limited rules bout with him sometime.



Roughmatch is recommended by LA Bull Wrestler

Rob is a great guy and he is strong and quick and he can take some intense punishment. Our match was a lot of fun as we tried to out maneuver each other. I can’t wait to wrestle him again.



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by cgilm2526

The man is big. I mean, really big. I made the mistake of trying to lift him off the ground. Wrong!!!!! I became a human pancake. But, it was a blast. La Bull is a fun wrestler who knows how to tone down a match to meet his opponent. For that, I am very grateful. I look forward to our next meeting.



I had an amazing time wrestling this beast! His strength is amazing and he had me almost tapping in his holds. But honestly he is a great conversationalist, gives the most amazing advice, and is one of the best on here. If you get the chance to wrestle him be prepared to be dazzled by his strength and poise!



Jobber boys Seth brought the goods to our match, but like so many others he was tamed by the LA Bull.

Seth is quick, strong for his size, and he has a wicked bearhug that will get lesser men to tap. He’s a heck of a nice guy and if you get a chance to hook up with him you will definitely enjoy it.

It’s always fun putting the newbies into painful holds and that’s what this guy seems to crave. He’ll be contributing many years of jobbing to our wrestling community.

His legs are long and lean and he wears his speedos very well… very well indeed. 🍆



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by wjones

Bull_wrestler is exactly what his name states and enjoys rolling around as much as his videos show. His thick body matches it all: it can prove quite challenging to reach around him for bearhugs. His arms and his thighs are naturally thick and strong. It was truly enjoyable wrestling him !!!

Outside the physicality, he is quite eloquent and intelligent. He is truly reliable and very much for real. His immensely pleasant personality perfectly complements his love for wrestling and raw physicality. What can be better? Definitely highly recommended, and should not miss your chance to meet him.



wjones is recommended by LA Bull Wrestler

I had the pleasure of recently wrestling wjones and it was a great experience! First, he's much stronger than you might think he would be and he knows how to use his leverage and center of gravity. In fact, he's an expert martial artist in Aikido (a fact that he conveniently forgot to mention) so I found myself trying to mount an offense but it was not as effective considering his expertise in throwing, joint-locking, striking and pinning techniques. So, by the time it was said and done this Bull got a bit humbled but it was a fantastic experience.

Against the drama of our struggle, I really enjoyed hearing about his travels and career as he's one of those uber smart wrestling opponents that has both the brains and the brawn. His legs are super strong and his pictures are very accurate and you'll have a good time meeting him. I'm looking forward to a rematch and an ongoing friendship.

Oh yes, and one of his other unfair advantages is that he would pften rub his hairy chest and gut into my face instantly immobilizing me because, let's face, who doesn't succumb to the sexiness of getting a hairy chest and belly rubbed into their face. As it was happening to me, I kept thinking to myself, "this is what it must have been like to have Nick Bockwinkle's torso in my face" because wjones bares a striking resemblance to him. As they say in the bear community, woof!



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by ordjbr

I’ve had the pleasure to roll with this great guy a few times. Always a gracious host, safe and sane. His power is over the top with that barrel chest and those massive arms....if he clamps a bear hug on you look out! My abs were sore for days as we both enjoy GP and he showed me who was in control. Terrific wrestler and great guy in and off the mats. Cheers to a rematch on my next trip to LA!!!



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by hellcatedy

LA Bull Wrestler was a fun squash match! He is a huge muscle beast that worked me over and destroyed me. Match was short, but well worth it. We wrestled here in Chicago when he was living in the area.



hellcatedy is recommended by LA Bull Wrestler

Hellcat is a tenacious opponent that is very scrappy and doesn’t get intimidated by size differences. He’s strong and agile and will quickly apply a hold if you don’t constantly keep on your toes around him. He’s also a heck of a nice guy!



To conquer the mountain: that was probably what went through my mind when I met this monumental wrestler a few years back in Chicago . He’s quite built and definitely very strong. He also had a great and confortable thick ample dark green mat at his home that was top notch safe and confortable to grapple on. We went at it and at first I thought all that hot weight all over me and thought I was going to pass on but I pushed forward. We wrestled for several hours both times and we countered each other with another hold . I remember how sweaty the mats were but I remember most how much fun the grappling was . This great is a superb host and a great gentleman off the mats and a great friend to have . Don’t hesitate ever to take him on or accept his challenges . You’ll be on great hands . He also has some very hot wrestling videos laying around on the underground sites that are awesome to watch . I want him them often...ufff. Can’t wait to meet this hot bull head on again soon .



Not long ago I had the privilege of wrestling Ricotewrestler on two occasions and they were both incredible experiences. Foremost, this guy knows his moves and is very astute at submission grappling and plans out his ground game in advance of meeting his opponents. Like a finely choreographed dance, he combines his knowledge of holds with his dexterity and strength to quickly overpower his opponent and then, like a boa constrictor, he immobilizes them so that they can’t mount much of an offense. I outweigh him by a fair amount but his spryness out-foxed my muscle and pillow-like pecs (a shameless plug that I thought I’d throw in). In all seriousness, a skilled grappler that can adjust to any skill level. I did get some solid holds on him, including my favorite weapon, a jarring punch to the stomach, and he absorbed and responded with a relentless counter offensive. By the time each of our matches was over, we were both sweaty, sore and zoned out from working each other over. He is strong, beefy and hairy and a heck of a nice guy. If you are looking for a challenging match with a sane, experienced wrestler than you won’t regret scheduling a match with the world famous Ricotewrestler. With literally hundreds of matches under his belt, he’s earned platinum status in our underground wrestling world.



Chicago Wrestler is a great guy on and off of the mats. Such the awesome wrestler build. He is strong, masculine, skilled and respects your limits. Very easy to schedule a meet up with him. He works up or down to what level of intensity you bring to the match. His gut is a steel ball that can take a huge amount of strong hard abuse. He can also dish out what he receives. You won't be disappointed in meeting up with this big man. If you get the opportunity, you need to do it.



This opponent is lean , strong and tough. He will take and give abuse and he enjoys taking on the big grapplers and loves using his legs to apply painful scissor holds. If you are into body hair he has loads of it and I won't soon forget having my face smothered on in his hot chest. I highly recommend him and am looking forward to our rematch.



If you are near Chicagoland - - schedule a match with this tough big bear man. Sturdy strong takes and gives some solid punching. A bankable good guy.



It’s always fun to wrestle this incredible guy that knows how to throw punches and makes things fun and interesting. Thanks for another great match!



I've wrestled this big man off and on for many years. It's always a pleasure to go beef to beef with CW! He probably has one of the biggest chests I've ever come up against. He is also a sweetheart of a guy and nice to talk to off the mats. I still like to inflict a little pain on him with my Boston crab and bear hugs. He takes the pain well :)



Chicagopiledriver is a hometown legend and a great ambassador to those coming to Chicago seeking a match. He also travels extensively and has established quite a network of guys outside Chicago.

We’ve wrestled multiple times over the years and each time was a blast. He’s got a tremendously beefy body that makes him a well suited heel or a formidable face trying to protect his title. His hosting set-up is among the best you’ll ever find. His group matches over holiday weekends are a tremendous bonding experience.

All that being said, every tine I wrestle him I want to smack that smile off his handsome face; but he always seems to get me pinned before I can do it 🤔.

Enjoy your time with chicagopiledriver who has no attitude and is welcoming to all ages and body types in this diverse wrestling community. He’s one of the best out there.

P.S. Be sure to bring your neck brace, the word piledriver is not in his profile name for giggles.



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by festygoer00

Such a fun guy to be around with! Great strength and a really good wrestler!



Mike86 is recommended by LA Bull Wrestler

What can I say, Mike86 is one of a kind - big and strong and knows how to control in a match. If you are looking for a very aggressive match he is the guy you should challenge. If you're looking to get tested at multiple levels he'll school you. That being said, he won't dish out more than you can take. His elbow smashes to my gut were among the most devastating I've ever taken - I can't wait to receive some more.



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by Ringmuscle

This Beast is the ultimate pro wrestling fantasy opponent. Awesome build and attitude. Also this big man can move so bring your A game.



Ringmuscle is recommended by LA Bull Wrestler

I had a great time and a fun match with Ring Muscle!!! He is both a gentleman and a powerhouse.



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by rassler 315

The Hungarian HAMMER - as i know him...has faced off w/ the Mizzouri Grizzly three times. He is one of the biggest, beefiest, brawling bears you could ever meet.
Strong, good endurance, likes to own the action, but he's found the GRIZZ a bit hard to tame...he get's mauled and still comes back for more.
He's a welcome site on my mats anytime. A true gentleman, competitor, and friend.



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by the123champ

I wrestled him when he was "Atlanta" wrestler, and he was pretty dang tuff back then! Big and strong - definitely difficult to work a pinning combination on. Wish he was still in Altanta, I'd love a rematch!! Hey big man, if you're even in Texas - BRING IT ON!!!

You think I schooled you the FIRST time!? Next time, you gonna swear you back in Kindergarden!!



the123champ is recommended by LA Bull Wrestler

The "champ" loves verbal and can be somewhat of a "chump" on that front but he's a great guy and very skilled wrestler. I would suggest not underestimating him. That being said, our next encounter he will be thoroughly "owned".

Hammer (a.k.a. - Chicago Wrestler)


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