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I live in Liverpool, can accom and have mats so drop me aline if youa re interested in meeting up love judo bjj submission wrestling in judo GI singlet jock trunks always barefoot

Update January 2017 recently taken up ninjitsu and loving it learning to punch and kick effectively along with throws groundwork and locks



Match structure: Play wrestling, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling, Foot fetish


  1. United Kingdom, Waterloo
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Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 254 lbs (115 kg)

Gear: judo gi singlet jock

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Sumo Sumo
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

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chubbyjudo is recommended by Big Ape

Neil is a great guy on and off the mats
We wrestled at his place yesterday and although he is much heaver than me he adjusted his style accordingly
He is strong and is well versed in holds/ moves and we had a first rate fun time
He is most friendly and hospitable
I strongly recommend him



Big Ape is recommended by chubbyjudo

John is a really nice guy on and off mats we wrestled for a bit with a bit of give and take and also had a good chat afterwards he is worth meeting if you get the chance a real gent



chubbyjudo is recommended by The Enigma

The Enigma and Chubbyjudo have battled a couple of times now, the latest being at his place in Crosby last week. He's a good Scouser and a big powerful wrestler, makes you work hard



The Enigma is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met the Enigma and had a great time on the mat, really strong and skilled wrestler and ended up deep inside him would defo recommend for a bout. Hopefully we can meet up again sometime



chubbyjudo is recommended by Hairybear

Met Neil a good few times over the past few years. This guy is big, friendly and made me feel are home in his place.

Have done a bit of judo and wrestling with him and even with his size I've won each time! Thanks for a great few bouts mate.



Hairybear is recommended by chubbyjudo

We have met a fair few times over the years and always have fun and a good wrestle. He is a strong guy and always a tough competitor and I can highly recommend safe and sound guy can't wait to get to grips again



chubbyjudo is recommended by BRIT PRO HEEL

I met neil earlier this year at home in Liverpool we had a good rough and tumble judo style wrestling match, safe and sane HIGHLY RECOMMENDED



chubbyjudo is recommended by Lomandlad42

Met with Neil when I first started out, safe sane experienced wrestler who took me down with ease. Good lad to wrestle ......arranging round 2 to even the score😀😀



chubbyjudo is recommended by JOHN1953

27thSEPTEMBER 2013 MET NEIL AT IS HOME TO WRESTLE HE MADE ME VERY WELCOME AND A VERY NICE GUY BUT HE SPECKS IS MIND AND THAT I LIKE IN A PERSON WE WRESTLED FOR SOME TIME I GOT TWO SUBS ON HIM BUT HE GOT ME IN A BODY SISSORS AND I HAD TO SUB AS HE AS VERY STRONG LEGS I NO HE IS MORE INTO JUDO BUT HE IS GOOD AT WRESTLING AND NEXT TIME ILL HAVE AGO AT JUDO WITH HIM BUT DOINT THINK ILL GET FAR AND I WOOD RECOMEND NEIL TO ANYONE HE IS SAFE AND SANE AND FUN A TOP GUY ALL ROUND I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT TIME NEIL 30th may 2016 met neil again at his today after a long gap neils still the same as he was the last time we met very strong and alot bigger than me but is still the a top grapperler the mistake we made was it was a red hot day and it took its toll on both of us so it was short but i look forward to next time hope its ccler cheers neil and thanks



chubbyjudo is recommended by Indomable

the red man from liverpooooool . . . You must have a big balls to face this man in a close room without think perhaps it will be your last match. He is big and strong. Skill and with more stamina than you can think. But his wild side turns to frienship and care in the bar. He was one of my first fights in manchester but dont will be the last.



Indomable is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met at Pippa's and had a great time on and off the mats he is a really friendly guy and very funny without knowing it on the mat he is a bull and very strong I had no chance whatsoever but had a really great time would love to have a judo bout in GI with him next time even though I know I would lose if you want a tough hard Sweaty bout this guy is your man



ikf is recommended by chubbyjudo

After many years of talking to ikf we met in Manchester at pippas. This guy is a really nice guy and total gent on and off mats he is extremely kind and generous and went out of his way to get me some kick boxing boots in his own time which I appreciated. We will defo be meeting up again next time he is in the UK for a good grapple and kick boxing session. Ikf is a one of the true gents on this site and am now happy to call him a good friend



chubbyjudo is recommended by Warrior Brother Stephen

I trained and learned alongside chubbyjudo last week in Manchester. He was really patient and helped me practice what I had learned in an earlier training session. He also worked around my shopping list of injuries which was much appreciated! Really friendly off the mats too. I look forward to talking music again soon!



Warrior Brother Stephen is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met this guy on the Friday of his weekend of wrestling in Pippa's a really nice guy and would defo recommend. He had learnt a few judo and jujitsu hold downs and escapes earlier in the day and we practised these on the mats I was only there for the Friday but appreciate the effort he had put into the event over the weekend a very nice guy indeed



Rutland is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met Rutland in Manchester had a great time he is very strong and has good technique on the ground defo like to meet up again for another wrestle sometime off the mats he is a really nice guy defo recommend for a good grapple



eastcheshireguy is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met eastcheshireguy in Manchester and he is a really nice guy both on and off the mats we had a good grapple and defo up for another wrestle sometime he is a really friendly nice guy and proper gent



chubbyjudo is recommended by farmer1977

I would like to say chubby judo is a sound guy I met him and it was my first wrestle bout of this site and in general and it was brilliant and he made me feel really welcome at his plus the use of his singlets which was cool as never wore things like that. He is good at what he does plus is safe at doing it to so I recommend any body to go and see him as I no you will have a good time like I did and I'm looking forward to a rematch with him.



farmer1977 is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met farmer1977 and had a really good time, he is fun and very eager to learn and wrestle. He is a lovely guy, down top earth, friendly and safe and sane, had a really good time wrestling and would recommend to anyone and he looks very good in a judo gi looking forward to meeting up again for round two



chubbyjudo is recommended by liftme20

I met up with Neil at his flat today after chatting online for a couple of years. Neil is a lovely guy and a terrific host, he made me feel right at home before beating the crap out of me! I jest, of course. I managed to not make myself look like a complete dick, and actually got a tap out of him, though to be fair I think he felt sorry for me! I was completely outclassed and am happy to admit I lost big time to the better fighter. Maybe next time....



liftme20 is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met Liftme20 today for a grapple and had a great time he is a lovely guy on and off the mat and was so easy to get along with. Although I won he certainly put up a struggle and had a great time would recommend for a play fight anytime and looking for ward to meeting up again



chubbyjudo is recommended by bikerskinnw

Enjoyed a good wrestle with local fighter Neil at his house today. He is an experienced judo man and readily blocked my novice BJJ moves, although I did manage to get a tap. At times it felt like being pinned under a block of granite and it was certainly exhausting wrestling in hot room in the gi, which soon had to come off.
Neil is a smashing guy off the mats. Looking forward to fighting again soon, and we plan to use Rochdale in the future. Happy to recommend Neil.



bikerskinnw is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met Mark yesterday for a wrestle he has just started BJJ and even at this stage has grasped the basics and after a few more lessons will be a good fighter bringing his BJJ to the fight. Mark is really easy going off the mat and very good company would defo recommend for a good wrestle especially if you do judo or BJJ



chubbyjudo is recommended by lancsguy

Had a good wrestle and workout with this friendly judo guy today. Had a go at wearing the gi which added a new element to the wrestle. Happy to recommend this guy for a friendly, safe and sane match and happy to meet again myself. Cheers



lancsguy is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met Lancsguy today had a good wrestle he is strong and good wrestler and all round nice guy on and off the mate, would recommend him to anyone who looks at his profile. Really looking forward to meeting up again for round two :)



chubbyjudo is recommended by southerngrappler

Had a great wrestle a while back with Neil Although my Sub wasnt a strength we had a great time and his Judo skills were used well against me - Must meet up again soon Steve



chubbyjudo is recommended by Vanman

We fought for about 2 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. I did make him tap a few times but not as many as he got. Wrestled in a variety of gear, his strength is realy good and he made a newbie very welcome with loads of advice.

Fought Chubby again recently and it was a much better match from my point of view. Looking forward to next time mate, but on mats in Rochdale.



Vanman is recommended by chubbyjudo

Good strong fighter who can last the distance so got stamina we wrestled for 2 hours plus today and had a great time plus a really nice guy, look forward to next time, bring it



Mike1122 is recommended by chubbyjudo

great guy had a really good hot sweaty wrestle, very easy to get on with and a good strong partner to get to grips with



chubbyjudo is recommended by nwukcub

Finally met Neil today for my first match. I was impressed, he is strong and fast with excellent stamina. A true gent, easy to talk with and loves to wrestle. I hope to have a rematch in the not so distant future.



chubbyjudo is recommended by Freenote

Finally got together with Neil after a couple of months of chatting and postponing (my fault!)
Generous host and very patient with a middle age novice like me. Kindly lent me a singlet to wear,....... but he did seem to want it back off me rather soon after ;)
Would love a rematch, but I need to be able to offer some "stiffer" resistance. His judo skills and strength made it difficult for me, but a safe, sane and thoroughly decent guy - oh yes, horny too! Would love a rematch.



chubbyjudo is recommended by Leglocklover

Neil is accomplished in Judo which concerned me slightly before we met however he made me feel completely at ease and I had a great wrestle with him. We had a good submission session and he is a gentle giant really. Completely safe and sane and we had a good old chat after the match.



Leglocklover is recommended by chubbyjudo

really nice fella and a good match he knows how to use those legs hence the name, he is a real gent and really nice fella would defo like to meet up again



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