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Age 49
Height 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Looking for Male or Female
Gear Shorts, g string jock strap and naked
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Last update 7/07/2021



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  1. USA - Massachusetts, Boston
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Hello I'm looking for discreet wrestling partners in the New England area which
include coastal NH and of course BOSTON

LOOKING FOR fun submission, and pin type matches.

Not out for blood but like hard fought sweaty matches. I enjoy the skin on skin
contact face sitting smothering trampling
Scissors camel clutches and Boston crabs

Love smack talk

wrestling for some stakes such as loser sucks cock, massages the
winner various body parts

Not looking for a boyfriend Already have a partner just looking for some fun safe discreet matches. Ok with girlfriends or wives watching.

I’ve done this a couple of times so freakin. Hot!!


Metapoutfighter has no cyber opponents.

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Metapoutfighter is recommended by superjxm

To start, I had an amazing time locking up with Metapoutfighter. I am so glad he reached out and am thankful I heeded the call.

He is handsome, fit, personable, and was a very welcoming/considerate host. And although he had some considerable size on me, we were able to trade holds and go back and forth. He even taught me some holds along the way!

That said, There was simply not one moment I didn’t fully enjoy with this stud. I recommend him to anyone looking for a fun, playful, and competitive match!



superjxm is recommended by Metapoutfighter


Met up with superjxm

What a handsome clean cut young stud.
This guy is the real deal. His pictures don’t due his body justice. And wait until you see his face. Wow!

Also highly educated and Articulate

Oh I so remember those days when I had the energy and glow that he had today.

We had an awesome back and forth match with many holds until tap out over and over again.

Such a smooth body and great smile. Loved hearing him laugh as I tortured him

Can’t wait to wrestle him again. I highly recommend you reach out to him if visiting Seattle



Metapoutfighter is recommended by Natwing

Sometimes, appearances are NOT deceiving. They are exactly what they appear. Metapoutfighter is impressive. Large muscular arms, pecs and legs, the man is in great shape. He is strong and has a background in several fighting techniques, so he is quite familiar with leverage and reversals. It is among the things which make a match or even an exchange of holds with him so enjoyable.

He also happens to be a great guy, both on and off the mats, intelligent and fun.

He may be new to this site, but he will soon have many guys looking for the opportunity to test him. I strongly recommend that you get in line. I also look forward to a rematch whenever our schedules mesh and will give him a chance to try and get his revenge.



Natwing is recommended by Metapoutfighter

Natwing is an awesome guy

Very friendly respects your limits.

Very strong sexy long legs. Once he wraps those legs around you there is no escaping

Finished me off with a long school boy pin while his friend watched and enjoyed the show

Will be getting my revenge in the future



Metapoutfighter is recommended by Leanmuscle

I have had several matches with this wrestling stud and have never been disappointed. Despite his size and strength advantage we always have an enjoyable exchange of holds and action. He's got the muscular physique of a Greek god, and without question, is the best wrestler I have ever met. He is a great guy both on and off the mat. Don't miss the opportunity to tangle with him.



Leanmuscle is recommended by Metapoutfighter

I have had several matches with LeanMuscle

Awesome guy and fun wrestler

Always have a hot sweaty match with great endings.

We go back and forth torturing each other in our favorites holds

Highly recommend him if you are in Illinois or Florida