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Here for a Good time & a challenge! Love learning new moves and holds. New but can hang, like nice sweaty matches, usually with stronger/more experienced opponents but always down for fun. I respect a good facepin/faceseat hold, but won't just let it happen.



  1. USA - Maryland, Baltimore
  2. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
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Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 177 lbs (80 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

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Smelldefeat is recommended by nycwrestler

Scheduling was a problem but we made it happen. Had a blast wrestling him, and trash talking each other. It's all about smelling defeat with this wrestler, and we went after each other from go. He's tall and flexible and has good strength. Once he gets some experience he will be dominating no doubt, so I was glad to get in on the ground floor so to speak. I got my shots in early in his development, and I'll find a reason to be "busy" when he gains more experience lol. No, great guy, lot of fun and we worked up a good sweat battling. Look forward to as many fights as we can schedule.



nycwrestler is recommended by Smelldefeat

My first match ever, and it surpassed my expectations by far! We had some issues with schedules but it all worked out. I was definitely outmatched by a long shot, but enjoyed every minute. We had been messaging for a while, trash talking, and it spilled on to the mat. He dominated the entire match, as I urged him not to hold back, but gave me some leave way as a newbie. Sharp. Very strong, great stamina. He struck fast and had me pinned in no time! Aggressive yet considerate, and funny. Worked up a sweat, falling victim to bear hugs, headscissors & more.. when I wasn’t trying to squirm out of schoolboy pins and long facesitting. He made sure I “smelled defeat” lol but often took time to ease up and check on me. Great guy, great wrestler! My body’s still sore but I can’t wait til our next match.