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Trained in and BIG into pro wrestling – have loved it since a kid. Very easy-going and enjoy matches with veterans and rookies – like for both wrestlers to let go and have a good time in the squared circle. Also like flexing, cocky jobber heels tied up in the ropes, gut and pec punching, toe-to-toe slugfests in center ring, slams and suplexes, sweat and muscle, mild to wild. I can wrestle other disciplines and will do so on rare occasion with the right opponent – just pro is my first love. Also big into gut punching as a giver. Respectful of limits and can go as hard or as light as you want – light is the default unless you say otherwise. If you can't have fun when wrestling, we are not a match.

As "challenges" are just a push of a button, I don't usually answer them. If you are serious about meeting or want to ask me something, feel free to actually write me.



  1. USA - New York, New York
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Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 240 lbs (109 kg)

Gear: trunks and boots

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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gutcheck is recommended by MasherGER

After 3 years, we finally met in the Toronto Warehouse Wrestling Ring. He is a perfect pro wrestler, who really knows what pro means and how it is done. So after giving me 5 hours pro wrestling lessons together with his partner. Did i mention that they are both sexy and a perfect couple?

Great work Gutcheck, you conveyed the nature of pro wrestling to me like no one does before.

Hopefully meet you again in 2019 big men!



MasherGER is recommended by gutcheck

Met Mashger at Coach's ring in Toronto. He is pretty imposing when he climbs in the ring. Yes, his muscles get bigger every day, but he was also much taller than I was expecting. Made the wrestling more exciting in a way.
I gave him a few pointers about pro, and he was eager to master them. We ran an ongoing match incorporating the learned techniques as we went. Mashger was an intense, fast-learner, and we had a lot of fun throwing each other around. So, if you like towering opponents with thick arms and pecs, you definitely want to wrestle this big man.



gutcheck is recommended by Avalanche

Jim is very professional and open to teach about pro wrestling. Definitely A great guy to talk to in between matches too. Of course he is also a proven challenge (specially since he's twice my size) Over all if you want to have a challenge in pro wrestling, he's your guy! Looking forward to our next match man!



Avalanche is recommended by gutcheck

Finally got to feel the power of the Avalanche, and it felt great. What an upstanding, outstanding opponent. I had 100+ pounds on him, and he didn't even flinch. He first exhibited his flexed biceps and then the power behind them. We rolled for about two hours; me showing him some pro moves, and him letting me cut my knuckles on his razor sharp abs. A start-to-finish blast. Really hope that I can wrestle this stud again. A forced-to-flex rematch would be perfect. Thanks to Avalanche for the amazing time.



gutcheck is recommended by austx36

This big hairy man definitely exceeded my expectations! He's not only muscular, strong, and has a handsome face.... he throws punches like you owe him money.... real and HARD! Aside from fighting, he's engaging and easy to be around. Highly recommend!



austx36 is recommended by gutcheck

After having talked to this hairy buck for years, we finally got our showdown. He had a nice set up that obliged my desire to work him over in the ropes. He took really hard punches and loved to leave himself wide open for easy navel access. He had told me what he loves in a boxing scenario, and he exceeded what was promised. After the match, he talked to his pet squirrel, so you know this guy is more complex than his hairy muscle would have you believe. Hot workover!



gutcheck is recommended by jkhammerd

I had such a great time in my match with gutcheck. This big muscular man is so knowledgeable about wrestling. He really took some time to
talk to me about the scene and was a great teacher showing me promission moves. He really knows what he is talking about, and I felt safe with him showing me holds. Plus, he really looks the part, handsome and major muscles. He was very easy to set up a match with too. I look forward to our rematch.



jkhammerd is recommended by gutcheck

Real fun match with this "newbie" to pro. He was eager to learn some moves and holds and picked them up very quickly. We also traded some promission holds, as well. This man is very flexible. He was also a good sport and offered me a crack at his impressive 6-pack (or 8-pack). He did well taking a flurry of punches, and it was a treat to feel all the ins and outs of his stomach with my knuckles. Outside of the match, jkhammerd was a real gentleman and fun to talk to.



gutcheck is recommended by Sub Pro Learner

Wow. I met Gutcheck this morning. I was expecting something good but I found something simply great.
He’s the real deal. At first he showed me some basic pro skills and then he started to heel. What a fun match! Camel, Boston over the knee... you name it! Always incredibly safe and sane.
And then the gutpunching. He can really listen to the opponent body and adapt himself. I felt incredibly lucky having the chance to meet this man. And outside the mat even though we had a lil time, I found a sweet, funny and incredibly enjoyable guy. Needles to say if you get to NY and you need to fulfill your jobber side go and meet the perfect heel.



Sub Pro Learner is recommended by gutcheck

Had a great match with this sexy fireball. Polite and funny, but when the bell rang, his boundless energy took over. Because of our size difference, I could easily put him in a lot of lifting moves. He sold fantastically, exuding a lot of energy into his suffering and sometimes shooting across the room when thrown–I really appreciated that kind of commitment. Then he offered his gut to me, and we were totally in sync. Amazed at how much he took. Loved putting this man in bearhugs and scissors and headlocks, anything that pressed his muscles into mine. Had a great time and look forward to a round two. Rocambolesco!



gutcheck is recommended by j2047

Having been able to meet this American tank was a fantastic experience; not only for the fact that he had the patience to explain the basics of Pro wrestling in a few minutes, believe me knows exactly how to put you at ease even if you have never practiced Pro.La his palpable passion and knowledge has allowed both ( I wish) to have fun practicing moves and projections and an expedited course of "how to make a bad face". Summing up: the impression was to be live in a meeting of pro wrestling just like those in the '80s -' 90 broadcast on TV; remember? Sgt Slaughter, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage ... the only difference is the hairstyle that in our days is more about Golberg style.
Rematch is a must; Thanks snowflake ;-)



j2047 is recommended by gutcheck

This guy's the total package. Handsome, built, great attitude, fun – and he cooks! He switched to pro mode like he'd been wrestling it his whole life. And since he came all the way from Switzerland, I made sure he got to taste a little of everything: suplexes, slams, bearhugs, nelsons, bostons, camels, ab stretch, arm drags, and a pier 66 brawl. He was eager to take and ready to give, making it a nice back and forth match. Had a great time with him and can't wait to pound him through the canvas for calling me snowflake.



gutcheck is recommended by lspowerhouse

This beast of a man I love it .... Why I wait sooooooo long for this match with him !! Great friend can go hard or. Anyway you want the match to go. He worked me over and even let me take charge for a while. Racked me camel. Suplex you name it and he did it all with skill and at the up most safety .. The hottest thing is having a muscle bb. With 250 lb do push up on you. And. Slam his bod into your bod. Would love a ring match .... Can't wait for a rematch . Thanks. Gutcheck



lspowerhouse is recommended by gutcheck

Finally clashed with The Powerhouse from Pittsburgh. He's been after me for a pro match for a while, so I made sure his muscles got the pro beating they deserve. He had some good comebacks as we ran the gamut of holds and moves – too bad there wasn't a ring. LS is great with attitude and selling. Fun match.



gutcheck is recommended by adidaswrestling

This guy is great at what he does, and that's being a Heel! Great guy off the mat. I can't wait to meet him on my mats again.



adidaswrestling is recommended by gutcheck

Had a great time wrestling this bull. He knows his stuff and knows how to make a match memorable. And he’s a thick, hot, tank. And he’s a genuine, nice guy. All you could want wrapped up in one hulking package.



gutcheck is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

GutCheck is a total muscle bear that I would love to step in the ring or mats with him, he knows tons of holds (even after few meals of mexican lunch) he plays the role of heel well, he bends me in different variations possible, only to blame is space too small otherwise we could have done more bodyslams but learn tons of stuff from him, on and off the mats. getting owned by gutcheck with pec smashes, gut and ball punches, tight headscissors, i am already missing them holds on me already!! def worth meeting up again and again, if i am based in NY, i get him into my free time wrestle all the time



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by gutcheck

Rasslin BB is thick and quick and knows his stuff. Had a lot of fun wrestling this muscle tank, flipping between pro and promission. He can certainly take a lot of punishment and sells very nicely too. Very enthusiastic wrestler here.



gutcheck is recommended by Dawson33

Had a great time! Very nice guy in and out or wrestling. Nice big hairy powerhouse that I would wrestle or hang out with again in a heartbeat!



Dawson33 is recommended by gutcheck

Dawson33 is every bit as built and handsome as his pics. But what really stood out for me was how genuinely nice he was – just a friendly easy-going guy before, during, and after the match. And he's an ex-gymnast, so a lot of fun to stretch! Had a great time and hope to collide with him again.



gutcheck is recommended by millzaj

I had an amazing match with this guy. Extremely good at gutpunching and will go as hard has you can handle. Learned a lot about pro from him too! Can’t wait to meet again one day!



millzaj is recommended by gutcheck

Had a blast with millzaj. He’s handsome and hairy with a nice physique. He was fearless, telling me to go all out on him even though I outweigh him by 100 pounds. And he was tough, taking some big time stretching and pounding. Just a great attitude on him, and I very much look forward to round two.



gutcheck is recommended by Latinamericanguy

Nick and James were amazing!!! I learned a lot from these two great fighters during our match. Both of them very skill and strong!!!. If you are planning to go to NYC, you most meet these guys. Out of wrestling, very nice people to talk.
200% recommended



Latinamericanguy is recommended by gutcheck

Had a lot of fun with this hairy, thick Venadian. Although LAguy was over 50 pounds lighter than me, he came out strong and aggressive each time we locked up. We had over two hours of high-energy sweat-swapping–great fun. Very nice guy and look forward to an opportunity to wrestle him again.



gutcheck is recommended by Loxerdude

Really awesome massive friendly dude. Great safe sane fun vibe and taught me a lot about this world of wrestling etc. He can be serious and joke around, and be extremely tough depending on the opponent’s level of experience (I basically had none and just run my mouth) but he was a great guide, destroyed my pecs and abs, and also let me try some moves too. fun first experience and highly recommend this cool guy. Look forward to the next smackdown with this beast bro!



Loxerdude is recommended by gutcheck

Don't you hate it when a young cocky heel comes along, shooting off his mouth and flexing his guns. No? Well, then you're gonna love Loxerdude. Incredible instincts for wrestling, able to take a punch, flexible, fun, and aggressive. He's also not above using his baseball biceps to distract you. When he gets some experience under his belt, he's gonna be one fierce competitor. Had a great time with this handsome man and highly recommend.



gutcheck is recommended by hiwrestling

Gutcheck and his partner are some of the most fun I've had wrestling yet. Big, strong, knowledgeable - this is a wrestling power couple. Being friends off the mat and outside the ring is a huge bonus too!

This beast really knows his craft, whether it's suffering from another heel, slugfest outside the ring, or destroying a jobber on the ropes. He was always respectful and careful and knows how to make the match enjoyable. Can't wait for the next match.

Definitely meet up with this guy and his partner whenever you can!



hiwrestling is recommended by gutcheck

Had a great time with hiwrestling in the ring. Have always wanted to pound on an opponent with a mohawk, and he obliged. He's very skilled, can take a lot of punishment, has a great ring personality, and a great overall attitude for having fun with pro.
Possibly nicer than the wrestling (but not as hot), was how much fun my partner and I had with hiwrestling's partner and him under calmer social situations. Certainly number the both of them as friends now. And looking forward to Round II. (BTW, hi, both the cub and I are hitting the gym hard and furious to keep up with your gains!)



gutcheck is recommended by Galifter84

Met this guy and wrestlecub a while ago but enjoyed the meet up with them immensely! Showed me some pro moves and both were very friendly and great to chat with. Glad to call them both friends and definitely recommend them!!



Galifter84 is recommended by gutcheck

This man is a very good wrestler, who's pictures do not do him justice. Had a very good time wrestling and flexing with him. He also happens to be a really sweet guy off the mats.



gutcheck is recommended by oneatatime

Great guy – really understands pro wrestling and the jobber-heel dynamic, and he was patient & generous is showing me more moves and holds than I can remember. he's very good, very careful, and as strong as he looks – and fun all at the same time. looks great in gear, too. happy to recommend gutcheck, and looking forward to meeting again



oneatatime is recommended by gutcheck

This guy missed his calling – he's completely a pro wrestler. He sold great; fearlessly took high impact moves; Plus look at his mug and abs–how could you not want to tie him up in the ropes and punch away?
Had a great time wrestling The One, and hope we can get a ring sometime and roll for hours. Looking forward to our next match.



gutcheck is recommended by sleepermuscle

I learned alot from this well trained pro guy! Very fun and one big sexy beast for sure!



sleepermuscle is recommended by gutcheck

Real nice guy who has a lot of energy (I think I was his fourth match of the day). We had a fun pro match and some good conversation to boot.



gutcheck is recommended by bowolverine

Gutcheck one of the nices guys !!! Trained me in pro wrestling and show me the ropes "literally"
He know his stuff and man he is a awesome fight , freaking strong .
Gutcheck wrestlecub and I wrestle for 3 hours . Had a amazing time .
Wrestlecub and I got some sub wrestling in too. Got my ass kick. Great fighter and strong as a bull.
Both are true sportsman respectful and just awesome dudes . If you want to wrestle and have a good time I definitely recommend this two !!!!!
Definitely looking forward to more fight with these two



bowolverine is recommended by gutcheck

Bo was a lot of fun and looked just like a hot pro in the ring. He sold really really well for his first pro match and gave his fair share of smack talk. He's also built like a tank, so a lot of fun to roll with. Wrestlecub, he, and I had a great 3 hours of matches, and it's always fun to show a willing participant how to run the ropes. Looking forward to pounding on this thick man again some day.



gutcheck is recommended by WGA-Rassler

First let me point out that I'm writing this recommendation for both wrestlecub and gutcheck as I am lazy and going to copy and paste on gutcheck as well. I met wrestlecub and his partner gutcheck and the honor was all mine. Both guys are a class act both on and off the mat. Both are very strong and can meet you at any level that you want to roll. Wrestlecub is so polite, easy going, and smiles all the time so you want have any problem feeling at ease around them as when I entered the room and seen all the beef and muscle, I was feeling a little small. They are both very entertaining off the mat as well and I hope to have many more opportunities to meet both of these guys. Only disappointing thing was they live so far from Atlanta.



WGA-Rassler is recommended by gutcheck

This is the highest compliment I've ever given to anyone on this site (or any other), even though it may not sound like it: "WGA-Rassler works light."

In wrestling him, I realized that I'd almost forgotten what it was like to work a real pro match – how it is supposed to feel and be executed – and I was a little embarrassed by my snug, if not stiff, moves in comparison. This man is the real deal with the added bonus that he looks just like my favorite pros – thick, muscled, and ready and able to sell. Had a great time with him considering the constraints of a hotel room and sincerely hope that we can find a ring to host our future string of feud matches. Fully recommend.



gutcheck is recommended by turnbuckl

Had a wild hot match with this brute years ago- he knows his pro moves and is a great opponent. We wrestled in a hot room and went at it so hard, there was steam rising from the mat from us sweating so much!!! Highly recommended for pro fanatics.



turnbuckl is recommended by gutcheck

I had known turnbuckl for a while without having any idea that he liked wrestling–so it was a very welcome surprise to discover that he was a huge fan of pro style. Looking like a young Argentina Apollo, he went all out during our match, clamping on holds and selling incredibly. He was also one of the first rec wrestlers I met who was really into pec and gut work, leaving quite an impression on me mentally and physically. A great guy.



gutcheck is recommended by MT59801

Total stud..he work my abs like an export....they aren't sore's going to have to be harder next time...skilled big strong nice guy.



gutcheck is recommended by ILFIGHTER

If you have a pro match you've always wanted and want a safe, strong and skilled wrestler GUTCHECK is the way to go. I had the pleasure to lock up and have a great match with him. He is strong, imaginative and friendly as well. Very strong recommendation for a great wrestler and guy.



ILFIGHTER is recommended by gutcheck

Got to have a ring match with the hairy, muscled ILFIGHTER. He displayed trustworthy skills, so we went for it: stiff head shots and full out gut punches and pecs chops. Lots of good play in the ropes, corners, and outside the ring; he's cocky when he's in charge, and he sells big when getting worked over. Great pro match and I look forward to pushing the envelope further with him in our next match. If you have an opportunity to wrestle him, go for it.



gutcheck is recommended by elephant8859

If I had to pick one work to describe gutcheck, "Zangief" it is!
He is a real life Zangief, hot, muscular, hairy and strong wrestler.
He has so much knowledge in Pro Wrestling and will teach you a lot.
Had tons of fun wrestling him, definitely would love to meet again!



elephant8859 is recommended by gutcheck

An exception to the usual "true" bodybuilder, this guy is super flexible and can take a great amount of pain. His massive back slowly drooped to ragdoll status while stuck in a long-held rack, and his tree-trunk legs stretched to a near 180 degrees in a banana split. Very impressive. His enormous pecs and muscled gut–which he often left wide open–also made great targets, embellished by his grimacing and moaning. It was also a pleasure to see him show off his muscles, especially when he cocked his impressive peaks. I'll be Zangief to his incredible Hulk any time.



gutcheck is recommended by DarkGnH

Wow, what a great experience! Strong, aggressive, great teacher...and also the true definition of a gentleman. I appreciate his willingness to meet and lock up. Hope to lock up again with this guy. Highly Recommend!



DarkGnH is recommended by gutcheck

If you like your wrestlers thickly muscled and hairy, look no more. If you like your wrestlers handsome too, well that's just being greedy - but DGH has that covered too. Our long sweaty slip-n-slide match was a blast and looking forward to the next one. DGH was very accommodating in meeting for our match, and it was well worth the 3-year wait to finally go toe-to-toe with this juggernaut!



gutcheck is recommended by Lincoln Lad

Wow. A wrestling legend. It was a real pleasure to meet gutcheck and to attempt to wrestle him - and he was kind enough not to laugh out loud at my bumbling attempts at pro. Such a nice guy on and off the mats - good company, intelligent, considered - what's not to like? A real gent. No hesitation in giving a 100% A++ recommendation. Really hope there will be a next time....



Lincoln Lad is recommended by gutcheck

Daz was a little intimidating to wrestle what with his reputation for having soundly defeated the great Andy Moss. Always the gentleman though, he wrestled me as a peer, and we had a great time. He has a sharp wit and was equally fun on and off the mats. If you get to the UK, your experience wont be complete unless you wrestle this Lad!i



gutcheck is recommended by UKBruiser

Met this mat legend recently and had a great match, he is a big guy, but competitive, sane and very skilled on the mats and great company over a beer after. Genuine wrestle, with a real pro background who'd give you a good match. Highly recommended, wont disappoint. Shame he lives so far away ;)



UKBruiser is recommended by gutcheck

Met the Bruiser almost a year ago – and still remember him and our matches vividly. Very handsome and friendly powerhouse - Had a lot of fun wrestling this tank and only regret is not having more mat time with him. Can't wait to wrestle him again, this time adding punching and flexing (right, Chris?). Highly recommended!



Spotland Scrapper is recommended by gutcheck

The Spotland Scrappers experience is easily the best way I've ever spent a vacation. Hearing about SS from a UK friend, it was hard to believe that you could get access to a pro ring AND wrestlers and have tailor-made matches of whatever floats your boat. I organized my matches from the US with owner Phil, who was extremely helpful in mapping out the details.

While SS offers submission wrestling, my matches were pro. Young Ady, my first opponent, is a handsome, well built man with great pro technique. He helped shake the cobwebs off my game (I don't get a lot of ring access these days) and soon we were smoothly running matches. I wrestled Ady twice and both times were incredible - tons of fun and great matches.

My next opponent Samson, aka Sammy Scrapper, is a fun, funny, dynamo with boundless energy (and also quite a well built handsome man). I had an amazing time with Sammy – and some of the gems he spewed out in his trash talk had me laughing out loud (when I was supposed to be horribly offended). I can't express how much I enjoyed wrestling Sammy.

When I was at SS, the thought occurred to me what a great opportunity SS provides for people who have never stepped into a ring before. A lifetime wish–wrestling a real pro in a real ring–is easily accomplished through the services of SS. I could tell that both Ady and Sam would have no problem adjusting their skillsets to make a novice feel comfortable and yet learn enough to keep the match going. And both are genuinely friendly, easy going, and, off the mats, very hospitable (hard to say that they are hospitable in the ring when they are driving a boot in your gut).

As an experienced pro, I had the greatest time at SS and intend on returning for rematches with Ady and Sam, and hopefully a tag team match as well. I look forward to seeing Phil again, who really went way above the call of duty to make my Spotland experience singularly wonderful. I fully recommend the SS experience.



gutcheck is recommended by Wrestlecub

I met Jim for an epic long weekend of wrestling which proved to be one of the best weekends I can remember. We did pro style for the first 2 days (yes I do do pro!) and Jim set a tough but fun schedule to prepare us for our matches on the Sunday. He was incredibly patient in showing me the pro moves and helping me to work through our matches together. I was really impressed with Jim's stamina, he had already been wrestling for 3 days straight before I met him and we put in a full 8 hours of wrestling on the Saturday and another 4 hours Sunday morning to record our matches.

Performing the matches on the Sunday was a huge buzz. Jim really looked the part of the classic pro heel - huge, muscular, hairy and sporting his red and black pro trunks, boots and writs tape. We were lucky enough to get access to a real pro ring which made the whole experience even more amazing!

On the last day we managed a couple of hours of light promission wrestling, though by then both of us were running low on energy. It was still really fun and I could tell from the way Jim moves on the mats that he would be a tough opponent if I were ever to try and roll with him in a competitive match, he has plenty of mat skills to go with all that size and power.

I got to spend plenty of time with Jim off the mats too and he is a very charming, witty and friendly guy.

Can't wait for our next match! A* recommendation!



Wrestlecub is recommended by gutcheck

If there were a god of wrestling, and if he was slightly cruel, and if one day he pronounced an edict that all wrestlers could only wrestle one opponent and no others for the rest of their lives . . . then, without reservation, I would choose to wrestle this man.

But there is no god of wrestling, no cruel inclination, and no edict; yet I still want to wrestle this man every day for the rest of my time.

So I guess what I'm saying is he's a bit of all right.



gutcheck is recommended by badladuk

Jim has gutpunching down to an art. You can feel the electricity as he lands his fist and we started light, but built up to an intense session in a variety of positions and gloves, but mainly barefist.

He quickly built up my trust in him meaning I was happy for him to crank up the power, and he's a skilled puncher as well as big, strong hunk of man.

Our session continued on and off for nearly two hours, he was happy for me to set the agenda and we used MMA gloves, 16oz boxing gloves for some playful head shots, and ranged from gutpunching to pec punching and ball busting.

The whole session was magical from start to finish and I can't recommend Jim highly though. Think we're both really looking forward to the rematch which we'll enjoy as soon as geography allows.



badladuk is recommended by gutcheck

Big Si! Just an amazing enthusiastic robust friendly bucket of fun size pieces. From the get go I could tell we were of like mind when it came to gut punching – and upon meeting we had this unspoken synchronicity where everything flowed perfectly. We ran a full gamut of punches and targets and intensity levels. Big Si presented himself fully to me – eager for each punch – and at some point took four of the hardest punches I ever threw in a row – an unprecedented feat. He has my complete respect. On top of all this, he sports a handsome mug and is a thickly muscled powerhouse with the most beautifully shaped muscle gut. Looking forward to next time.



gutcheck is recommended by Physical

What a great guy!!
He gave me my first exposure to pro-style wrestling and I had to say he made it an incredibly interesting and enjoyable experience. If you get the chance to meet - go for it, this guy is the consummate professional. Plus a great guy off the mats, brilliant sense of humour. Hope we get to meet again in the future.



Physical is recommended by gutcheck

What a great guy!! And nice (and forgiving). Had a great time introducing this hulk to pro style. He certainly looks like he just stepped out of the WWE and was up and running the ropes in no time. Really a lot of fun and can't wait to wrestle him again. Also, while he wasn't even hosting me, he was the consummate host, inviting me to dinner post-match, supplying me with fresh clothes, and other niceties. Made quite an impression.



gutcheck is recommended by euroman

He s a wrestling fantasy. And real : Not only very strong but very experienced and entertaining in pro wrestling. And very friendly man



euroman is recommended by gutcheck

The epitome of masculinity. Describing time spent with this man as magical is in no way an overstatement.



gutcheck is recommended by wrestler tr

you must meet with him if you want to gutpunching challenge...he is really big muscle man...and his punch is very strong...



wrestler tr is recommended by gutcheck

Testosterone personified. His "in your face" style led to some very aggressive sweaty sub matches and gut punching show downs. He has a great pro look about him - handsome rugged face always sporting some tough snarl or evil grin. And his body is phenomenal – the most amazingly developed hairy thighs and calves – HUGE. Likewise, his biceps peaks are pro BB quality and, luckily, he showed them off on a few welcomed occasions. And a very nice, real man off the mats. My only regret is not getting to wrestle this stud more than once this trip. Can't wait for round 2.



gutcheck is recommended by Davey716

If you're lucky, you'll come across someone who inspires you to give your best effort. For me today, it was Gutcheck. We met for a gut work session, and he really gave me a great experience. He was never unsafe, and actively involved me in the progression of our meet. Along the way, he threw in some pro-style activities, which added to the fun. His love of both pro wrestling and gut punching really came through. He's a great guy, and I'd meet up with him again in a minute! Don't hesitate to lock up with the man...if you're lucky enough to have the opportunity.



Davey716 is recommended by gutcheck

A great guy who pushes to 100% and beyond, Dave is almost – almost – too nice to punch. Very impressive how he was eager to push past all his previous limits, and his powerlifter gut took a few very hard punches (which no one else has done so far). Real nice guy off the mats too. Definitely recommend.



gutcheck is recommended by WarriorMuscle

Imagine getting a wrestling challenge from a built, hairy bruiser who promises to kick your butt.<g> Well gutcheck is that bruiser, but he is far too much of a gentleman to give that kind of smack talk---at least at first. I am far from an expert at Pro Style. But having spent childhood Saturday afternoons watching pro wrestling with my Dad, i know some basics of the game. I know how to sell a punch, but that is about the extent of my knowledge. Gutcheck is able to fill in the rest with his years of experience and make it a fun learning situation! So if you want a fun, built hairy muscleman to show you the ropes in Pro Wrestling, look up gutcheck!



WarriorMuscle is recommended by gutcheck

I wrestle this guy once every 20 years – but what epic matches! WarriorMuscle is a freakin' muscle tank, is ready to throw down hard core, and is going to make you sweat buckets. He's also the kind of guy you'd want to have your back in a fight (except of course when you are fighting him – then I suggest you keep him in front of you unless you want the match to end real quick). Guarantee that you will be thinking of your match with the Warrior for days after.



gutcheck is recommended by GrappleVA

Gutcheck is a great guy on and off the mats. His witty banter is matched only by his knowledge of wrestling.....and he knows how to take a rack quite well! He's a welcome addition to the DC wrestling community - if you make it to the capital, don't miss out on this tough guy.



GrappleVA is recommended by gutcheck

Had a great match with GrappleVA. This young, stud, really surprised me with his advanced levels of control and knowledge. A BJJ expert, he nonetheless had an arsenal of pro holds and really understood ring psychology. On top of that, he provided a completely fun, high-energy, sweaty slugfest. One match with him and GrappleVA earned my complete trust in the ring – ready now to dish out higher risk moves with him.



gutcheck is recommended by nwgamuscle

Met this man in FTL at the ring there. He put me through two intensive sessions of pro training. He knows his stuff and safety is paramount. He's a great guy off the mats/out of the ring as well. Had a great experience. If you get a chance to meet him you should.



nwgamuscle is recommended by gutcheck

Met nwgamuscle in the Lauderdale ring – like a lot of us, he grew up watching pro and decided to give it a go from his usual sub wrestling. He learned the ropes in a short amount of time and displayed a very aggressive, strong ring persona by the end of the day. Impressed how quickly he caught on – complete natural. So if you like wrestling hairy muscle tanks with skill, this is the guy. If you don't – well, what the hell are you doing on this site?