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Always interested in wrestling. Wrestled a bit in high school then friends, BG Contacts. In shape solid guy into match-ups with other in-shape guys. Submission, Pro, Promission, Intense to just horsing around, I like real holds and challenging opponents. Long held constricting holds and holds that work the opponent and vice versa.
Limited Pro experience but looking for it!


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  1. Bahamas, Mount Pleasant
    (I'm here between 10/01/2019 and 9/01/2020)
    Home Port - Nassau The Bahamas
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I am willing to travel 2000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Square Fronts, singlets, boots, jockstraps

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Wrstlxrob is recommended by bowolverine

Simple a awesome guy. It was easy to setup a match with this muscle guy . I had a great time rolling him. He is strong and fast and his legs are killer strong . We roll for a couple hours to we both where exhaustion.he is on and of the mats a nice guy . Besides having a great wrestle afternoon, it was fun hanging out and have a great conversation too All around a cool and fun guy. I highly recommend him 👍



bowolverine is recommended by Wrstlxrob

Strong wrestler! Bo liked to come across as a threat to wrestle and he held that right, awesome wrestler and a good guy to roll with.
We matched up on a Sunday afternoon, just as we'd planned in messages no lengthy calls or texts... Easy!
We had some back and forth but all of it was led by Bo, I hadn't wrestled in awhile (no excuse just reality) and he definitely made me work, we both were out of breath a couple of times.
Not just a great wrestler, we had some good conversation as well then wrestled some more.
I definitely recommend meeting up and wrestling Bo if he's in your city or you get to FLL. I plan on matching up again!



Wrstlxrob is recommended by armwrestler85

Met Rob couples of times and it’s always great wrestling him. Rob got big solid body with a very strong huge legs . Fighting him was tough, brutal and dirty sometimes and that what I like the most in our matches.

This bull is Highly recommended!



armwrestler85 is recommended by Wrstlxrob

This guys i Solid! He is Big and he is Strong. Beginner wrestler but he's got the full body strength - arms, legs and back! We wrestled on a couple of occasions and each time it was a good match on the mats. Off the mats Armwrestler 85 is a decent intelligent guy who you can share a laugh with. Highly recommend looking him up if your in that region. You won't be disappointed.



Wrstlxrob is recommended by wrestling82

Rob is a wrestler you love to roll with.
Strong, massive and powerful built that makes the fight with him really competitive. He is powerful and if you make the mistake to be under him you are done. Enjoyed our match and we had great time. Both a good fighter on the mat but also a great guy off the mats.
If you have the chance to meet don't hesitate.
Looking forward to our rematch big bull.



wrestling82 is recommended by Wrstlxrob

Wrestling82 is a strong assertive wrestler. I thought I had him at first but he's a solid build and his legs are really strong. We had a great evening match. I thought he'd be tired from working all day but I couldn't have been more wrong. A lively match, he managed to get me to submit a couple times and like I said those legs can squeeze the breath out of you! Really personable wrestler, fun to talk with, great competitive wrestler on the mat and then friendly guy after the match. Highly recommend Werstling82 for any wrestler wanting to wrestle and work up a sweat with a strong competitive wrestler that knows his stuff and a good guy off the mats as well. I'm sure we will match up again later this summer.



Wrstlxrob is recommended by musclechris80

A great strong solid muscled man to wrestle with! Also experienced and well trained! He gave me a tough submission fight with a lot of rounds. In some he defeated me in others I did. But wrestling men like Rob, is the most important think. Loosing or winning isnt the main issue! I enjoyed every single moment that I spend with him and I m sure we ll meet to define the final winner! Dont miss him! Thanks buddy for the wonderful work out!



musclechris80 is recommended by Wrstlxrob

Chris and I met for a second time and I have to say he's Grown!
It was a great match up even though the hotel space wasn't the best, I'd like a matroom to really throw him around in but... I'll take what I can get.
He's hit the gym hard since last summer and has become a bit of a Beast with Big arms and even Bigger legs which are dangerous when he gets them around you. He's learned some more holds and has good stamina. He took the wind out of me with those legs of his and got a couple submissions but I managed to get a couple as well. It made for a great wrestling session. If your in Athens and want a match with a wrestler who loves to wrestle, Chris is the wrestler. Looking forward to matching up again later this summer Chris, have a good one.



COACH is recommended by Wrstlxrob

Great guy excellent wrestler. Had wanted to wrestle Coach for a number of years but it just never came about... Glad it finally did! Looking forward to another chance at mat time with him. Incredible wrestling warehouse set up, he's a "pro".