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  1. USA - California, Los Angeles

I am willing to travel 40 miles

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Profile of The Day for the new year - Jan 1, 2021. Definitely a flattering way to start the year. I have a fitness coaching startup that serves global clients and authored my fitness book at age 25. However, I currently work full-time corporate in the aerospace industry as an engineer.

Mix martial artist who is fit, good-looking, competitive, charismatic, and professional into and have competed in various sports. Started karate at age 7 and wrestling by year 2018. Also into bodybuilding, crossfit, and calisthenics. Looking for fellow in-shape, strong wrestlers preferably 5’10” and above who are more straightforward and have plans to head to Los Angeles, preferably. I have a US Military background as reservist, and was consistent top performer for platoon's fitness trainings. Appreciate the match invites but not everyone's reliable and/or of my interest, thus I can't say yes to everyone.


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greatrook is recommended by LAbackBreaker

Had a great time with this guy. Don’t let his dashing looks fool you - that muscle is not just for show. He really enjoys demonstrating his confidence, strength, power and endurance, and has come a long way since we first met in his early MF days. His body was strong back then, but now it is even bigger and stronger making him a force to be reckoned with. A sight that needs to be seen (and felt), definitely recommend him if you get the chance.



greatrook is recommended by rdf8760

Our match was a lot of fun. Greatrook is really well built and very sexy. I think this guy is a headturner wherever he goes. Perfect example of brains and brawn and personality, such a rare find. I couldn't keep my eyes, and hands, off his big arms, shoulders, and handsome face; glad he was willing to show me lots of them :P.
He was very reliable with communication when negotiating our meet, which was much appreciated. He showed up on time after the gym, and came pumped which further enhanced his appeal. We hung out for a few hours and chatted a fair bit after our match. We had a great connection, and he was great to hang with. He’s the coolest guy, and he looks even better in person. I hope to meet up again in the near future.



rdf8760 is recommended by greatrook

Our match was totally superb and one of my best experiences ever — and a cool host, too with a great taste of music. His very lean and fit physique matches well with his strength and stamina. Great chemistry and sportsmanship — he’s flexible enough to take multiple holds and even lead on the offense. He’s totally my type when it comes to movement preference and energy exchange. Outside of athletics, I was very impressed and glad to know that we have shared similar profession and mindset with this dude. Definitely will roll again as he’s often in LA 😎🤙🏻



greatrook is recommended by grapplingguy

WOW just wow. Greatrook is a true athlete 💪🥇🏆, with fantastic focus on fitness and healthy life. He is easily one of my top 5 best wrestling matches, a total package guy, A+ in all aspects. He built very well balanced and harmonical muscular body and his pictures do not lie and his muscles are felt great when you grab him on holds or wrestle against. He is strong and determined, it was very fun to mess with him and toss each other even in limited space that we had. Grearook is very intelligent and smart person, and in addition to all his qualities he is very handsome 😉. Greatrook definitely gets my highest recommendations and I look forward for round 2! I will update this as I meet this stud in the next coming matches.



grapplingguy is recommended by greatrook

Oh man - grapplingguy is a force to be reckoned with. His gorgeous body complements his strength very well. It was super fun and I think one of the best matches I’ve had since starting my lifestyle in wrestling. He knows the technicals so well, but also knows how to poke in the fun aspects of it 😉 A great mix of adventure and some pain, this fit stud is a bro I can always call to meet up on the regular. Exchanging holds and knowing limits is one thing I admires, especially when we really dominated and tried to prove who’s the real alpha 😏 it easily become one of my sweatiest encounters even with the AC turned to the lowest. And on top of these, he’s also very cool, handsome, and polite - lending me his sweater while I was walking on tank in the cold night.



greatrook is recommended by Fig4LA

This guys is incredible! A body of solid muscle and model good looks. This only tells half of the story though. He is also genuine, sincere, smart and really cool to hang out with in between bouts. During the match he is safe, sane, and devistating with his endurance and crushing holds. Muscle on muscle we had an epic battle with lots of flexing and straining. He arrived already pumped and vascular from his workout at the gym. An impressive sight to see and in spite of this, he still had the energy and strength to make me submit more than I wanted. Well earned and well deserved. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to roll again!



greatrook is recommended by john42854

I don’t meetup guys a lot from this website and am very picky, but this guy is just different. This stud is a real strength powerhouse! We had a solid freestyle match for a good 2 hours. He tried and can take a lot of holds with his great strength and focus. Although I have been wrestling for a lot of years already, I consider this match a great deal. He’s respectful, handsome (better in person definitely) with good endurance and defense skills. The best match I’ve ever had so far. Looking forward for another one soon! ;)



greatrook is recommended by a victor

I’m so glad I met of the most charming guys from the site. Both of us were tired due to our activities during the day, but still, we had a very nice meeting hehe. Easy to talk to, handsome, respectful on and off the mats. He has a nice built, skin, and veins which are only going to get better, so I look forward to a future meeting going at each other at full power!



a victor is recommended by greatrook

One of the more niched interests under fighting, strangulation and choking are Victor's expertise. Although I was new to such techniques, we were able to pull off a solid, strong evening match - mainly because of our superb muscularity and dexterity. He's one of the strongest guys I've ever met from this site. He even invited me to be a cast for his thriller films ;)



greatrook is recommended by natureboyesq

Greatrook was suffering some injuries when we met up so we couldn't go full speed for long, but he's a strong, handsome dude and I'm looking forward to rolling with him again. Even with the injuries he was a tough match and neither of us had the upper hand for long. Definite recommendation for guys new to wrestling or others who want to roll with a respectful opponent.



greatrook is recommended by Scrapper147

Greatrook is a super stud who gave me a solid match. He’s gonna be really good when he gets some more technique training and combines it with that great physique. Nice, polite guy who was direct and easy to set a match with. Highly recommend and looking for a rematch.



greatrook is recommended by Klassysax

What a sweet, strong, wonderful wrestler. You better hope he doesn't want to wrestle you hard, or you're in for it.


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