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Hey Men,
I'm looking for submission and erotic wrestling matches. Love the body contact and challenge of a good match. Also get into CBT, cockfights and stakes. Live in near west subs and work downtown. Have access to mats on occasion.



  1. USA - Illinois, Forest Park, Cook, IL
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Texas, Henderson County
    (I'm here between 4/09/2019 and 4/14/2019)
    Hilton Lake Las Vegas
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I am willing to travel 40 miles


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedo, singlet, jock, nude

Submission Submission

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irishwrest is recommended by toughjob

Got a message from irishwrest that simply said, "Are you available?" and thirty minutes later we were throwing down some sweat! Love it when a match comes together so easily! Big, handsome and strong guy who is certainly no pushover on the mat. Great way to spend part of my afternoon with a great guy! Glad you enjoyed the gun show, boss! Come back and get it again sometime!



toughjob is recommended by irishwrest

Where to start? First of all, Toughjob is a powerpack full of energy and muscle. Easy setup for a match, literally had zero notice and this guy is in “let’s roll” mode! Great host! Did I mention the muscles? He could have dropped me at anytime but kept to my level. Found a fun new way to be tapped out. Looking forward to more.



irishwrest is recommended by LatinoPro

The best matches are the ones with the least planning and talking. This guy contacted me, said he was in town, and within hours we were going at it. Strong, fun, funny, handsome. I had a great time and really hope to see him again. I owe him for some jokes he made whilst he had me in a hold!



LatinoPro is recommended by irishwrest

Had a great time with Latinopro. Easy to set up match. Never met such a passionate wrestling buddy before. What a great resume of experience and fun guy to wrestle around with. This guy looks great in his pro gear and was kind enough to share some gear. We shall meet again.



LockUp is recommended by irishwrest

Had a fun hotel match with Lockup! He is a solid guy, lots of back and forth. The guy got some nice muscles packed on. Love to meet again.



irishwrest is recommended by 27bcd

It took just a few message to set up our match. Punctual, nice mannered, good looking, fun, sane, strong. I had a good sweaty time.



27bcd is recommended by irishwrest

Had a fun time wrestling 27bcd. Lots of good back and forth action. He has some strong legs, nice scissors! Enjoyed speaking with him before and afterwards. Highly recommendable.



irishwrest is recommended by jacketwolf

Had a sweaty match with irishwrest in Chicago. The match was competitive and hard and always keeping safe and sane. I enjoyed the match. The guy was very nice off mat. Highly recommended.



jacketwolf is recommended by irishwrest

Had a great time wrestling this scrapper. He packs a lot of energy and is a quick mover. Very easy to set up a match without any bs. Super sweet guy, highly recommend.



irishwrest is recommended by wrestleinsocks

After talking for a couple years we were finally able to get our schedules to match. Irishwrest is strong on the mats and easy to talk to off the mats as well. If you get a chance to roll with him I recommend you take it. I look forward to hitting the mats with him again in the future.



wrestleinsocks is recommended by irishwrest

Very happy to meet up. Had a fun time. He is a strong one. Great host. Most accommodating to my level. Very nice guy both on and off mats. Hope to meet up again.