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into erotic oil wrestling luv a good head scissors
host for visitors BNB and locals also like to set up hotel matches near ohare and my area have mats
5'9 140 57 Bi
my roommate James does sub wrestling Bjj, nhb, muay tai
5'10 185 41 very straight

I rent rooms if needed

Frot is the male-male erotic practice of aligning the erect penis of each partner so that the undersides of the penises are touching, and rubbing them t UNTIL ORGASIM. Frot is not foreplay! Instead, it is the sexual act through which BOTH partners climax. Consequently, Frot is highly and mutually pleasurable for both partners simultaneously. Since the partners lie facing each other, Frot is a very connected and intimate practice. This involves full body contact. Am also passionate about kissing and mutual oral play.



  1. USA - Illinois, Algonquin
    Algonquin IL
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 140 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlet, shorts, jocks, nude in oil

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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headscissorschgonwburbs is recommended by joedocker77

This was the hottest gay sex wrestling I have ever experienced. I lok forward to meeting even though I've been working out and will be on top of him in a hurry next time.



headscissorschgonwburbs is recommended by bibotroc

headscissorschgonwburbs is a great guy. He was true to his word and followed up and responded as we tried to arrange around my busy schedule. We had a fun match.



bibotroc is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Had a fun active match with bibotroc (Frank) he says he is new to this but did not seem new at all. Did capture him in a nice and tight squeezing head scissors twice which felt awesome looking forward to wrestling again and oiling him up this time



little rJ is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Had an unexpected late Sunday match with little_rJ (Ryan) last night it went till 4am. Nice guy and jobber he was in my head scissors all night.
Good time to spend on a foggy humid night. Want to wrestle again



headscissorschgonwburbs is recommended by burbmn

Had an awesome experience wrestling this guy several times in my home gym mat room. He is experienced and definitely put me in my place. He's got a great hairy chested physique. A great turn on. Got a bit erotic toward the end.



burbmn is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Good time with Vince muscled erotic great weight room which i did not use was busy wrestling him into a long head scissors 1 st and 2m meeting



gymrat4 is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Joe is a very nice guy he is much hotter than his pics shown. What a nice bod!!! He is very strong had me for all 3 falls , and then he stripped to briefs (WAY HOT!!), and then we oiled up had slipped out of some of his holds but in the long run he pinned me again, and again. Would highly recommend and invited to come by whenever he is down in my area or on way to Chicago. Would like to have him for some group matches



headscissorschgonwburbs is recommended by ltwtveteran

It is so much fun to wrestle Patrick. He is a lean guy with powerful legs. A delight for another lightweight wrestler to enjoy.



ltwtveteran is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Wrestled Mitch numerous times we get all hot and sweaty and he enjoys being in my head scissors crotch to face



AthleticDad is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Well I was pinned in 2 seconds per Doug but i say 3 seconds he had a weight advantage haha. Doug also wrestled with James and got some lessons on BJJ from James good conversation and good time



briansp is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Had a fun time with Brian he definitely had the upper hand and out weighed me but still had fun. Managed to lock on a tight face to crotch head scissors on him would meet again



matjack is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Met matjack at the train station had a lil liquid lunch and then back to my place for a fun erotic wrestle would recommend



boombambam is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Had a good time with Brian one fall day wish had more time would wrestle again come back for a visit soon



Pecador is recommended by headscissorschgonwburbs

Had a hot and sweaty afternoon with this Spaniard. Jorge was such a good time to hang with can't wait for his return