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  1. USA - California, Los Angeles


30-year-old Male / 5'6" (168 cm) / 234 lbs (106 kg)

Gear: gi no gi speedo


im a yellow belt in karate i dont have much experiance but i would like to gain more by sparring with some good fighters



Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

Fetishes: Jackoff, Foot fetish

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Last modified: 3/24/2020

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BeTrayedBetrayal BJJWrestlerLasVegas tkdboy

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karateboi is recommended by BeTrayedBetrayal

A super sweet guy and enthusiastic about kick and punches, and he's willing to learn new skills. If he goes back to training, he can be a nightmare to others. He claims he's rusty, but I don't really think so; if you are prepared, they can still be killers.

Meet him if you can and I'm sure you will have a blast.



BeTrayedBetrayal is recommended by karateboi

Very awesome guy! Very courteous and respectful , wonderful host , this guy is tough and well versed with holds and can really take punches and kicks. With enough training will be one of the toughest to meet .



karateboi is recommended by tkdboy

Nice guy, showed up on time and worked a sweat. Thanks for meeting!



tkdboy is recommended by karateboi

Great spar match! Awesome techinques ,strong blows using kicks and punches even a couple of grappling holds and throws , well worth the time and visit!!



karateboi is recommended by BJJWrestlerLasVegas

Karateboi was very attentive and interested in learning jiujitsu. He will do well as he learns more technique and has additional mat time. He was there to meet me right on time and ready to learn.



BJJWrestlerLasVegas is recommended by karateboi

he is a very well trained and experienced fighter, has lots of patience and great advice. it is a trip worth visiting if your ever in his neck of the woods


[4] (15 votes)
karateboi 5/04/2019

second part to my room practice

Watched 241 times.
[4_5] (14 votes)
karateboi 4/30/2019

just random strikes and kicks

Watched 280 times.
[4_5] (13 votes)
karateboi 1/07/2018

Me kicking at the camera

Watched 221 times.