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I am new to this site and to wrestling. I was introduced to wrestling by my partner, who is also on this site. I am keen to explore and learn all styles until I find what works for me.
Competed in many non-contact sports and started gym/resistance training two years ago, so I'm generally fit.



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Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 212 lbs (96 kg)

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legin is recommended by wrestlingmicha

Legin is a strong but always nice and polite wrestler. We did some relaxed wrestling and i enjoyed it a lot. I was happy this he lacks a bit of technique so for. But i am sure, this will change :). I loved wrestling him, i give him 100% recommendation and I hope we might have to wrestle again.



wrestlingmicha is recommended by legin

Wrestlingmicha is a huge and tough guy and given my limited experience I was not confident it was going to go well for me. LOL. However, he adjusted to suit me and we had a relaxed but challenging few rounds. He is a very strong, competitive, resilient and experienced wrestler. He is a fun guy both on and off the mat and I would wholeheartedly recommend him and look forward to our next match.



legin is recommended by scotsgrappler

He claims to be a newbie but he already has picked up a few tricks and deploys them to effect. He is a fast, fun opponent and a good, reliable guy. He will be formidable soon, I predict. January 2018 update: he is formidable! He remains courteous, careful and up for a bout. Highly recommended.



scotsgrappler is recommended by legin

scotsgrappler is a very strong and determined fighter. He is passionate about wrestling and a fun guy on and off the mat.



legin is recommended by Grakoda

Simply put, the man is a beast. What is frustrating - it seems to take little effort in being dominating. There was a pretty big height difference and it was extremely hot - but I had a lot of fun with legin. My shoulders are a little sore today - and I'm pretty sure it's from he schoolboy pin I was forced in to end the match. Otherwise smartans friendly guy. Highly recommend.



Grakoda is recommended by legin

The meet with Grakoda proved to be fun challenging. He is a determined and energetic wrestler. He learns quickly and always willing. Off the mat he is very easy to get along with and so I recommend him.



legin is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

A great new guy on this site, Legin is a force to be reckoned with already. Super nice, safe, strong with good endurance.
Wrestle him if you get the chance. G



GEOFFESSEX is recommended by legin

Had great time wrestling with GEOFFESSEX. He is a determined and strong fighter with good stamina.
I highly recommend him.



legin is recommended by SPWrestler

Met up with Legin and a few other guys at Walthamstow. He's a very strong with a great physique! Just getting into the wrestling but when he lands some techniques he's going to be formidable. Genuine guy. Definitely recommended.



SPWrestler is recommended by legin

Wrestled with SPWrestler a few times and everytime he brings it. He's a determined, knowledgeable and technically sound fighter, who has great stamina. I highly recommend him.



legin is recommended by Superfly

This guy is a strong and technical wrestler. Reliable, safe and sane and looks good in gear. If he challenges you, definitely take him on as he comes recommended



Superfly is recommended by legin

Determined fighter with lots of stamina. Has years of experience and always willing to teach but still very humble and eager to learn.



legin is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Big very strong guy with great physique and though new to wrestling he picks arm locks up with such speed that, if that's any indicator, before long he'll be unstoppable especially given his keenness for it!
Very easy communications and to set up the meet was a breeze
Charming, good humoured guy, and very easy company, both on and off the mats, so very much hope this will be the first of many matches to come
In short wholeheartedly recommended without reservation!! Meet this great guy; you won't be disappointed!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by legin

UKSubsFighter is a very good teacher and knows how to adjust to accommodate any skill level. A strong, skillful and intelligent fighter, I definitely want to meet him on the mats again.