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Competitive, tough, but always safe/sane good natured multi-submission grappling or NHB/MMA. Love real close fought competitive match. Train at Bjj club in Basingstoke and learning more every week so intermediate experience level and looking for competitive challengers though don't mind doing some coaching to help keen guys along if you are genuine and inexperienced. Have own set of proper mats here and can host also lots of mates I train with regular. So drop me a line and I will get back to you with my number so we can chat and arrange something. Hope to hear from you.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship
Fetishes: Jackoff, Gut punching, Rip and strip, Muscle worship


  1. United Kingdom, London
  2. United Kingdom, Basingstoke
  3. United Kingdom, Aberdeen
    Visit usually twice a year
  4. United Kingdom, Bristol (I'm here until 1/12/2018)
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I am willing to travel 300 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 45-year-old Male, looking for Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: MMA shorts/trunks/shirtless

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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UKSubsFighter is recommended by SubsGuy82

John is an excellent teacher, despite his skill level being 100 times higher than mine he was patient and put me at ease instantly. Despite the fact that we were sparring MMA Style, John creates a safe vibe, and you know it's all good.

Seriously knows his stuff! Highly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Mcfight

Another great match against a great opponent. Uksubsfighter is strong, determined, experienced, competitive and always willing to share knowledge. He keeps on fighting and hardly ever tires which is exactly the kind of opponent I like to face. Although he doesn't really need my recommendation, he is still highly recommended by me.



Mcfight is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Mcfight is SO my kind of fighter!
He’s tough, muscled, resilient, and will not absolutely ever give in unless he has to. But always safe and sensible at the same time. We’ve battled several times. Each time is better than the last! There is nothing more than 100% but if there was Mcfight would get it!
If ever you get the opportunity to take him on, you should embrace it, and him with both arms; you’ll need them😂
Can’t recommend highly enough!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by tenacity

I first met UKSubsFighter back when I was still learning the ropes, so to speak. It was a great pleasure to roll with him then. I still remember and use some techniques he patiently showed me that first time. After some time, I met him again on a trip to London. He was (and no doubt still is) as tough as I remember, and he had the stamina to keep going and going! All this time, we've been in touch, and I have to say it's a pity we're on different continents now! UKSubsFighter is a complete gentleman on and off the mat. He also has a terrific wit and sense of humour about him. Some day I hope we'll square off again for round 3. Highly recommended!



tenacity is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Difficult to fully describe this guy and do him justice
His profile might suggest a smaller guy, albeit in great shape, who bigger guys might well think he’s easy meat. But believe me if you approach him with that attitude you’re going to be embarrassed!
I struggle to think of anyone I’ve met who pound for pound is a more competent grappler on this site
Throw in to that he’s an a absolutely charming guy off the mats and you get some idea with what a huge regard I have for “tenacity”!
Added is he’s a great communicator and easy to arrange
I can’t possibly speak highly enough
Plus over the time I’ve known him he’s proven a very descreet and reliable, and dare I say it, a friend
Need I say more?



UKSubsFighter is recommended by battlefox

Second time is the charm. While he was a very nice host and gentleman during our first meeting, it is only this second time i met him on the mats. After long conversations we found a spot and we had a blast of a time. He work very hard on the mat and really proved to me that he quite had a big moveset of different wrestling skills, it proved to be very enduring rounds with him. It was a honor to be instructed a bit and he is very nice to chat with. Third meeting will be a must.



battlefox is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Lovely guy! He stayed with me a couple of years ago but we weren’t able to wrestle then so long wait before we got to hit the mats
So what about when we did get to wrestle?
Turns out great guy on the mats to
Vy strong and extremely stubborn with great flexibility; won’t give way unless he absolutely has to! Totally safe n sane and a great wrestle so queue up fellas! Take him on if you can: you won’t be disappointed
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Satorious2004

Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to wrestling! John was warm and welcoming, he put me immediately at ease. Once we started fighting his strength and technique were obviously very advanced. He is a great trainer and gave me some meticulous demonstrations of some of his specialist holds and general wrestling tips. Using the advice he gave me, our matches started to become more intense, hot and was difficult not to get turned on from his rugged good looks! Off the mats too John is a pleasure to talk to, obviously someone who is very intelligent and has had plenty of interesting life experiences. Hopefully we will meet again!



Satorious2004 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Well what a great meet!
Excellent communications and a doddle to arrange as a result.
Utterly charming, intelligent, and articulate bloke with a very warm smile.
We had a great series of fights and though new to the whole thing he was a spirited, determined, and strong opponent. I sure hope yesterday was the first of many meets to come 'cos this guy was amazing to meet and to roll with.
Definitely someone to meet if you get the opportunity!
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by subwrestler2

Unfortunately the day I wrestled UKSubsFighter he was not feeling well but to his credit showed up as planned and wrestled. Despite how he felt he displayed what a great wrestler he is. He is clearly trained with lots of experience. Moves I can often easily put on someone he was able to anticipate and prevent me from applying making my job of wrestling him more difficult. Since he is so well trained you will find that he wrestles in complete control of his movements making him a very safe and sane opponent. Nice guy on the mat and absolute amazing guy off the mat. I highly recommend him and look forward to our next match.



subwrestler2 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Well we'd chatted along time before meeting and when we did I found myself totally outclassed!
In great shape and muscled beyond his pics; huge arms!
Great physique coupled with good technique!
Awesome guy and totally recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by vj777

Being new to Meetfighters, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. I was definitely outwrestled yesterday but the whole session was just stacks of fun. Furthermore, he is such a friendly easy-going guy and we had some great chat off the mats. Highly recommended and hope to repeat!



vj777 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Never before have I met someone off here with greater ease. Communications great and straightforward: hell he only put his profile up here yesterday!
Wasn’t disappointed either. Feisty and fierce on the mats, but always safe ‘n’ sane; we had a great battle! He’s toned, agile, and up for the fight every inch of the way!
Off the mats a lovely guy and really hope this will prove to be the first of many matches to come!
Highest recommendation!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by pndfighter

Met up with John in Basingstoke on my penultimate day of my UK trip and it couldn't have been a better start to it.

John's a great force on the mats, skilled and with plenty of techniques to make you reconsider every choice twice! We've battled to a 2 hour stalemate until we decided that neither he nor I would get anywhere today and we decided to stop!

A true gentleman on and off the mats and very highly recommended!!



pndfighter is recommended by UKSubsFighter

What a truly great encounter with a great lovely fighter!
We grappled for two hours with small breaks but was unable to make him tap once, or he me! We fought to total stalemate but great all the same
The quality of the fight isn't in winning or losing, it's the quality of the fight and this guy is top or the league that way!
I want more fights from this guy! Truly a great guy both on the mats and off them!
Massive recommendation!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Midlandsbloke

I had the good fortune to meet John today who generously gave up three hours of his time to coach me on his mats. He was so patient and instructive and his knowledge and passion for wrestling shone through. I obviously have a great deal more to learn but I feel like John taught me a lot today, just hope I can remember at least some of it! On top of that he is a very interesting and fun guy to be with. Thanks for your time John.



Midlandsbloke is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Charming guy on and off the mats and so easy to arrange to meet with
Great physique and clear thirst for wrestling knowledge that am sure will propel him to become a great grappler
Hope we can meet again and wholeheartedly recommended



UKSubsFighter is recommended by tapout

Do not let you frighten by his appearance, he might not eat you, but he might make you tapping after having put a choke, an armbar or a triangle on you (just to mention a few possibilities out of much more). Seriously, UKSubsFighter has good submission wrestling skills but knows where to take you on - he always starts at your level.

He is an excellent host and open to receive other wrestlers too. I spent a weekend at his place and we rolled with wresto and him one day and with a friend of him and him the other day. This was the absolute highlight of the weekend: His friend has his own mats in his garage and is definitely a charming muscled submission wrestling god with tattoos and cauliflower ear, ready to show you some more techniques.

In short: If you meet UKSubsFighter, you will not only have good company and learn a lot from him (on and off the mats), you might even get to know and train with some more wrestlers who are at the same wavelenght as you!

Highly recommended!



tapout is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Well what can I say? Tapout stayed for the weekend and was perfect house guest both charming and funny.
We had great fun rolling on the mats too. He's tough, technical, and strong with a never-say-die attitude I like.
A great guy all round. My only regret is he's moving so far away:(
Come and visit anytime m8!
Well and worthily recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Andrew83

I am glad that I met this guy. He is really ethusiastic and Technical wrestler, who likes to fight but every time pay an attention his opponent. Moreover he is inteligent, communicative, genuine, so not surpringsly we have had a good time. Thanks for everything m8. Híg hely recommend You.



Andrew83 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

I can endorse what's been said before about this great guy
Super easy to arrange with, cool guy off the mats; huge strong presence on them with particulalry massive arms.
Was a hoot to wrestle him and would recommend anyone having the chance to do the same
Wholeheartedly recommended



UKSubsFighter is recommended by BENJAMIN FIGHTER

very very very skilled ; many techniques in sub but open to many styles, open minded and adaptating himself very safely to his opponent; a genuine great guy on off mats!! come on bring it on:)))



BENJAMIN FIGHTER is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Massively muscled guy who's awesome on the mats and charming off them. We've become good friends as a result and hope for many more matches to come. My highest recommendation!! Meet him if you can you won't be disappointed!!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Fighter UK

After a number of years we met again

John is more technical than before having spent time to hone his ground fighting skills which as more advanced than mine.

A good long match which we will repeat, hopefully take it up a level with more aggression as well next time and I am sure I will even things out in time



Fighter UK is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Met Mark again after many years since last we did and hasn't lost any of his fiestiness. We engaged in a really hard fought battle with little held back and tough, as he's intimated in his recommendation of me, I ultimately won I had to fight him every inch of the way during which he absorbed some punishment and kept coming back for more.
So if you wanna tough full on fight FighterUK is your man!
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by coedyuk

Been talking off and on since I joined the site so we were more than due a match.
Easy to agree and arrange anything and definitively worth the wait.
One of my toughest ever matches, this guy is strong and quick and knows his stuff. He was all over me and deserved every tap he reluctantly got out of me.
Highly recommended, great guy, great wrestler and one a hope to meet again soon



coedyuk is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Been chatting on and off for years and finally managed to meet up.
Wasn't disappointed! We got straight down to business. Coedyuk gave me one of the toughest fights I've had for a long time. He's strong, tough (yeah he really does hate to loose), and skilled on the mats. Off em a charming, articulate, intelligent, and personable guy. I hope this will be the first of many such battles between us for sure!
My highest recommendation!!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by badladuk

John gave me my re-introduction to punchy grappling today and it was great.. I've REALLY missed it.

I had a spinal injury in 2013 and haven't done this for several years - he played me just right and managed to work around my caution with intensity, skill and understanding.

I might have had weight and size on my side but this didn't stop him giving me plenty of hits and holds. The best thing was we didn't do anything that concerned my back in any way but it still felt like a proper aggressive session. He's experienced and it really showed.

A great afternoon and I'll see if I can work on my stamina to give as good as I get for a bit longer next time ;-)



badladuk is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Big, strong, and well up for the scrap!
Simon was kind enough to allow me to be his reintroduction fight after some time off through injury which in itself was an honour
We traded punches like there was no tomorrow!
Loved fighting him on the mats and lovely guy off em
Can't wait for next fight!
Totally recommended!!👊🏼
Did I mention those monster arms?💪🏼



UKSubsFighter is recommended by SammyUSA

I met UKSubsFighter few days ago and we wrestled on a mat inside a large tent at his residence! Immediately, I found myself completely outclassed by this strong, fit, very skilled opponent. Despite that, it was still a sweaty and fun match. Off the mat, he's a very nice guy! Highly recommended.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by latinwrestler

I met and wrestled UKSubsFighter today for the second time and like the first time we met it was a pleasure rolling with him, he brings a great combo of technique and stamina to the match, plus he is a complete gentleman outside the mats. I had an amazing time and recommend him highly if you are looking for a good match in London.



latinwrestler is recommended by UKSubsFighter

We met a good few years ago and was seriously hard to wrestle him then
We met a few days ago and found this guy as massive and skilled as ever he was!
Hugely muscled and vy skilled!
Off the mats a charming guy, on them a demon!
Totally recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by eastcheshireguy

Met this fit guy at his place for a session on his tented mats! He's done many years of pretty involved training so i was expecting a tough time and so it proved as we sweated it out despite the unseasonall temperatures! Even with his cold limiting his aerobic fitness his wide armoury of holds had me tapping. Happy to talk me through them after applying them though! Great experience and all safe and sane despite the intensity over a couple of hours.

Off the mats a very hospitable guy with lots of interesting tales - a great guy to spend time with.

I'm looking forward to more sessions with him - definitely recommended by me.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Had a fantastic weekend in this guy's company when he came to stay last weekend.
We fought on my mats and wasn't disappointed. Awesome physique, really strrong guy, and really intense hard fight, justs the way I like it!! The rest of the weekend was spent taking on and socialising with a couple of visiting wrestlers which Andy had arranged to perfection.
Andy's company throughout was a delight. Definitely hope this is the first of many more encounters to come!
So apart from thanking him for a memorable weekend I wanna let everyone know he has my highest recommendation!!



21mjob is not recommended by UKSubsFighter

  • Unreliable / no show



UKSubsFighter is recommended by razkal

Finally had the opportunity to meet UKSubfighter. Very keen to teach me some basic holds. My first fight in a year I think, but definitely hungry to learn more. His seize and weight were in his advantage, but he didn't overpower me at all. Enjoyed it thoroughly, and definitely looking forward to meet him for a rematch. Very social off the mats. Top host, highly recommendable!



razkal is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Completely charming guy and in awesome shape!
With some training this is a guy is gonna be a force to be reckoned with. Already he's a natural reaction to my attacks that was remarkable
Vy much recommend!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by fitguy2

This was the fastest arranged match I've had on here - opportunistically things just fell into place so quickly, and it was definitely worth it! UKSubsFighter's experience and skill shines through when he starts rolling, and his coaching ability also surfaces in that he asks pertinent questions and provides some good tips. He is an extremely friendly guy too and we could have stayed talking for the day except for the time constraints. Was definitely glad to have meet him, and next time want much longer session!



fitguy2 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Met this guy at very short notice and with little time sadly but was very easy to arrange and a short but intense battle all the same
Though smaller than me fitguy2 is not to be underestimated. His defensive skills will tend to neutralise most attacks and his guard is damn difficult to get out of. Found he has a natural ability and tends to react instinctively with the the right counter or move.
Off the mats a nice and very personable guy so all in all wholeheartedly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Brentford

Gentleman off the mat, pro on the mat. Was a great introduction to wrestling in London. He was very generous with his time and expertise at no benefit to himself. Taught me some basic survival skills and taught me a few lessons too, of course! He's tough as they come but knows how and when to make his point. Was a great experience for someone new like me but I can see how he is a formidable opponent for you more experienced guys. Regardless, great guy and worthy of your time and attention. But don't say I didn't warn you!



Brentford is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Super nice guy with excellent communications; was a breeze to set up a meeting and wasn't disappointed either
Huge power from massive legs, shoulders and arms makes Brentford a force to be reckoned with even at this early stage in his wrestling career and with experience he's gonna be a true force to be reckoned with!
Meet him if you can; you won't be be disappointed either
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by MMAniac

Un unexpected meet that turned out to be fantastic. UKSubsFighter is an amazing wrestler, a great teacher and a fun guy to hang out with. Looking forward to future rolls!



MMAniac is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Spur of the moment meet with this big strong guy who is charming off the mats and fiercely competitive on them. Though new to Bjj it's obvious that with time he's going to be a very formidable contender
Wholeheartedly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by gokiddo

Great guy! Very strong and advanced. Only the second match I've had off here but learnt loads and looking forward to meeting again soon.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by headlock07

I am one of those blessed guys who got to meet and wrestle this fighting legend ... I can hardly add anything meaningful to the impressive string of recommendations on his profile, except that he is an absolutely great guy, his muscles and techique are packed into a hell of a fighter, virtually unbeatable. Strong, technical, reliable, safe, friendly, and charismatic! If you think you are good at wrestling, postpone your judgment until you have met him :-)



headlock07 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy!
Fantastic host at his place in Brussels (as then was)
On the mats massively strong guy who with some techniques will be unstoppable
We arm wrestled too and he beat me hands down! Literally😃
If you get the chance to meet this intelligent,articulate, charming guy don't pass it up!
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by BraUk

By a stroke of luck, I met this knowledgable fighter that I trained with over the weekend. He is a friendly approachable person with good people skills. On the mat he is a strong opponent. As I am new to the sport, he gave me good tips and techniques and with that I could resist his holds and only tap once during a very long session. I do feel comfortable training and fighting with him and I strongly recommend him.



BraUk is recommended by UKSubsFighter

What to say about this guy?
Great physique, strong, and with great endurance
Though he might be new to things his natural ability will give anyone with any experience a really hard time. Underestimate him at your peril! He can block most moves I tried and left me struggling to find something to use against him
But both on an off the mats utterly charming, charismatic, genuine guy!
We've met twice now over the last few days and I so hope that will be the first shots in many battle to come; can't get enough of him!!
Highest recommendation without reservation!!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by SPWrestler

Latest encounter with John this time at Walthamstow with a couple of other guys. He's a great grappler, very skilled and real challenge. Always highly recommended.

Great guy very friendly, good wrestler, plenty of stamina. Made me work hard. Had 2 matches so far but will definitely fight him again!



SPWrestler is recommended by UKSubsFighter

A great guy on and off the mats. On them technical, skilled, strong and keeps going and going! Enjoyed both out matches so far and hoping they'll be more to follow! Definitely recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by santiago38

Great fighter and above all a great man . I liked all the time spent with him in and out of the carpet .... my ego less :-) .
Jokes aside He is more more skilled than me and I had no chances on the mat but I was really happy for fighting with him and for what I learned .
Out of the mat He is a very friendly man and a great communicator which is really nice to stay.
If you are in London he is one of the first wrestlers that have to try to meet.



santiago38 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Strong, fit, skilled guy with great energy and enthusiasm on the mats
Very good communications and a breeze to set up the meet
Off the mats a charming and genuine nice guy but fierce on them with a definite will to win
Definitely recommended
Meet him if you can!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by legin

UKSubsFighter is a very good teacher and knows how to adjust to accommodate any skill level. A strong, skillful and intelligent fighter, I definitely want to meet him on the mats again.



legin is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Big very strong guy with great physique and though new to wrestling he picks arm locks up with such speed that, if that's any indicator, before long he'll be unstoppable especially given his keenness for it!
Very easy communications and to set up the meet was a breeze
Charming, good humoured guy, and very easy company, both on and off the mats, so very much hope this will be the first of many matches to come
In short wholeheartedly recommended without reservation!! Meet this great guy; you won't be disappointed!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by ts1976

John made me feel completely at ease, as soon as he arrived with a big smile on his face.

I am most grateful that John brought the wealth of over 10 years of BJJ experience here; he inspired me very much.

He is one of the kindest guys you will meet, with a great personality. - I am already looking forward to meeting him again soon. He is, for sure, one of the best guys around here.



ts1976 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Well he might be new to this but he's a quick learner, extremely strong, and stubborn as hell with a great physique! Lovely guy and utterly charmingly polite with faultless manners off the mats but relentless and determined on them
Perfect combination of etiquette and fierce fighting skills
Love this guy!
If you can meet him you should; guaranteed a good fight and charming company!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Judomonkey

Finally persuaded this chap to roll with me... As expected he knows his stuff...

Happily do that again... Something a bit more properly competitive once his knee is fixed...



Judomonkey is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Big strong stocky guy. No way could I get close when it comes to power so long drawn out relentless submission match
Everything I tried he blocked; everything he tried I blocked
Was a long stalemate fight that I think I only won when he got bored and gave me an opening
Highly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by innerspace

Met John in Basingstoke and what a great guy, friendly and welcoming off the mat and very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable on the mats. In fact I want him to be my mentor. I'm still raw and a bit tentative at times, but John was patient, took time to explain and demonstrate moves and then got me doing them - I couldn't ask for more.

I might be fit, but I'm aching a bit today - just the kind of workout I like. I doubt I'll ever be as good as you buddy but it'd be great to learn from you. See you again for lesson 2.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Crushhhh

This match had been a long time coming. After meeting up once (but not having time or space to wrestle) we finally made it to the mats. And it was worth waiting for! UKSubsFighter is a skilled tactician with an arsenal of BJJ holds to apply. I found myself on the defensive more often than not! He's also such a gent, he will take time out to demonstrate some of those holds. Great company off the mats too. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon which I hope we will repeat soon.



Crushhhh is recommended by UKSubsFighter

After chatting for quite some time finally got to take it to the mats with this great guy!
Wasn't disappointed! Fantastic physique that guys half his age would kill for. Strength in abundance and real grit to win; perfect. Added to this Crushhhh is utterly charming, charismatic, engaging and great company whether on or off the mats.
Totally safe n sane and to be honest pretty much the ideal all round package who I would unreservedly recommend to the max!
I sure hope yesterday was the first in a long line of matches with this great guy!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by ImtiazAli

I met UKSubsFighter outside Basingstoke Railway Station - drove to his matted room, which is massive and in fantastic state.

We did submission wrestling with body punches. He is strong, very skilled, tough, competitive, but at the same time extremely safe, sane and gentle, and disusing his weight. Naturally instinctive smart, charming man. He is happy to teach new moves too, to less experienced wrestlers.

I really enjoyed our roll, one of the best ones on this website. Tough bout, but I feel good. A perfect yin and yang compilation. Very highly recommended.

Update (14/05/2016) thanks to grappleruk for introducing us.



ImtiazAli is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Re-instating lost recommendation
Can only echo what subwrestle said in that Imran is absolutely not to be underestimated! Though he may be light, he's also strong, lean, wiry, fast and feisty. Also technical and scrappy at same time. Loved our fight and hope for many more. Off the mats a charming guy who's articulate and intelligent.
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by davey123

It was a privilege to meet up with UKSF. I must say, having read his previous recommendations, I was a little nervous about meeting this obviously very accomplished BJJ fighter as I have zero formal training in that style (, very little training in any style really!), but UKSF put me totally at ease and was great to talk to, immediately seeming to understand where I was at. I learned a huge amount in a relatively short amount of time from this master-grappler who was unbelievably patient and tolerant in giving instruction and showing me some extremely useful stuff that I had previously only kind of half understood. (Now......who can I practice on.......?) In the short bursts where we went a little more competitive I rapidly found ( I had thought.....!) that I had much to learn. If I could, I would get regular lessons from this man - he is a natural teacher and considerate when trying things out. Though he could have mangled me in a sequence of never ending submissions quite easily, I felt entirely safe and would highly recommend that if you can get a meet with this guy you take the opportunity. He is a mannerly man and (ahem, cough cough) rather sexy with it, though our session was focussed very definitely on me improving my wrestling skills. A very kind man, but if you get caught in his RNC you will discover his talent for that is exceptional. Also a very good sense of humour too.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Kevin24hours

It was one of the hottest fights that I have ever had. I fully enjoyed every minutes of fighting John.
He was really strong, and his fighting skill was superb. The best of all, he is very patient with me, since I am new to wrestling.
John was really hot in person, also nice and sweet. I can't wait to fight him again in the near future!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Sleeper13

John is a truely amazing guy, met a few times now in Basingstoke.
Had my very first match with him on a very cold night. He taught me a few things which i took away and learnt from. On our second meet we also met milksandwater.
My skill had improved slightly but John has skills which i could only dream of having. Great guy on and off the mats. Highly recommend :)



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Londonpino

Great guy for teaching me basic holds etc.... thanks for the intro class in wrestling will definitely meet again once your healed up... thanks :)



Londonpino is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy off and on the mats
A newbie but very strong and great physique
With time and technique he'll be a true contender
Very recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by beatdowntime

Really fun, really good guy. Takes his training seriously but is also a big hearted, very cool guy. One of the best guys around



beatdowntime is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Big strong guy! Technical and knows his stuff. Very hot to compete with him and totally charming off the mats. On them tough strong but totally safe n sane
Wholeheartedly recommended and hope this was first of many matches to come!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Antho1984

Wrestled with UKsubsFighter yesterday and i enjoyed that moment so much. Very skilled, i wasn't a match for him but he took the time to show me some moves and explain to me how to apply them.
He even make me pass out at some point which happened so quickly that i didn't got the time to tap :-)
If you have to chance to fight him don't miss it.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Brawlerb

I had a great time with this man .
He's a full package , strong, polite,reliable,very skilled and a killer machine .
Hope we could meet each other soon and fight badly but next time i'm gonna win .



Brawlerb is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy!
We first met through a mutual friend and I'm so grateful for that introduction
Tall, slim, strong, and loves to fight
Just wish we lived closer or maybe it's as well we don't cos would fight him every day if I could
Wholeheartedly recommended!!
If you get the chance meet him and fight!!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by swiss75

What a nice guy, he could not hurt a fly, but he shows a pure funfighter with no fighttrainingbackground that it's useless to even try to put a hold on him!
Nice workout for me, probably an easy warm up for John ;)
Even when he tapped once i knew he could have gone out of the hold if he wanted! Well he does make u feel good no matter what ur skills are, as long as u like to fight ;)
Great great guy



swiss75 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy both on and off the mats.
Easy reliable communications
On mats stronger than he lets on and some good techniques. Fun to roll with and great company with wicked sense of humour
So if you get the opportunity to meet this charming guy jump at it; you won't be disappointed.
Wholeheartedly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by johnbray

John is a fantastic guy who gave a truly great session! He is generous in playing at a level that one can handle yet keeping the action intense! His experience really shows and thanks for the advise you gave matey, I'll be back soon to try it all out. Despite an intense session, I won because I tapped the most.(Is that right John?) He is reliable, honest and one of the best, without a doubt.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by NYleanmuscle

Though I had been in contact with UKSubsFighter for many many years, it finally took a train ride to his home town to make it even more worthwhile. A terrific fighter who is skilled but understands his opponent's capabilities. You will get your workout even when he is not in 100% form. He has great space to roll in too. Just can't say enough about this wrestler....a terrific guy, handsome too, and an opponent in every sense of the word.



NYleanmuscle is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy both on and off the mats!
We'd exchanged messages on and off over the years and wasn't a disappointment to finally meet
In great shape and with good skills
When we did wrestle he was my first after recent knee surgery and was totally safe and respectful of this
Good company and great to chat too as well do wholeheartedly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Fitbloke

Being new on this site, I consider myself very fortunate to have met John at this stage.
He's skilled... And that beats strength. He's a gentleman.
I'll look to progress and then... Round 2 😈



Fitbloke is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy!
Very big and strong so don't even think you might be able to go strength to strength with him. We had a great fight an with more technique he'll be unstoppable!
Off the mats a charming guy on them a tiger
Wholeheartedly recommended!



Sparing is not recommended by UKSubsFighter

  • Unreliable / no show



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Milksandwater

Very good, tough session with this talented and strong wrestler, and natural teacher. We tried guards and holds then fought multiple submissions, all mine- way too good for me but adjusted his skills to keep us both going. His BJJ made it easy to exploit my moves to his advantage, always steps ahead. This was a great meet: totally wrecked but an exhilarating experience! Learned loads from this high quality guy- great wrestling, great company. Hope we can meet again soon! 100% recommended.



Milksandwater is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Awesome guy!
Great physique and very powerful "grapplers" build plus desire to win are gonna make this guy a very tough competitor!
Had fun rolling with him and showing him some moves and utterly charming guy off the mats
Hope this is the first of many such encounters
Wholeheartedly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Fitwres

He is keen to explain and a good teacher of basic grappling skills. Thanks!! We hit it off and Immediately put theory into practice. He is very skilled and caught me out many times. Technique certainly wins over power. But he can apply the power too. Look forward to more matches with him and other good fighters



Fitwres is recommended by UKSubsFighter

New to grappling but one of the strongest guys I've ever met!
Keen, sane, and sensible with it though and with time he'll be unbeatable
We had a great session and hope to have more
Off the mats a very articulate, intelligent, and good guy
Wholeheartedly recommended
Meet him if you can for sure!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Jay219

Second chance to meet Uksubsfighter and it was just so dam intense! Ranger boots was gracious enough to host a re-match between the two of us as well as ref the fight. We went round after round and i think we must have drawn stalemate just as much as we got actual submissions on each other. He is a great fighter and recommend to anyone that wants a good educational lesson in sparring, you won't regret for a second



Jay219 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Last Saturday was the second time we've taken each other on and have to say Jay's improved hugely. We had a great, tough, even, competitive roll that was hugely entertaining! Great guy on and off the mats and highly recommended!! Hope this will be number two of many more



UKSubsFighter is recommended by rangerboots

Saturday I had the privilege to meet UKSubsFighter, a gentleman and a scholar. He is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. A perfect coach who has been willing to spare his time to help me on my continuing initiation into the world of combat.

UKSubsFighter explained things perfectly, each time I struggled to grasp the movements involved he tolerantly allowed me to try them on him, and try them on him again, until I felt a little confidence in what I was trying to do.

We then put some of the theory into practice with some gentle grappling. I think I got one sub - only because he uttered the words "Oh dear, looks like I just made a mistake - and my brain then jumped into action and 15 seconds later worked out how I could get the advantage" LOL

I know that UKSubsFighter reined back about 99% on what he is capable of so that I could gain a bit of confidence on my 15th day of being a member of MeetFighters.

A thoroughly enjoyable few hours of theory, practice, sparring and a great chin wag about anything and everything.

I am really looking forward to the next lesson when we can both see if I remember anything that UKSubsFighter patiently showed me today.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by finest

At last we've met on the mats, and John does have access to great space to roll although it wasn't always needed as he had a very canny knack of pinning me down and popping on a hold or lock!
We spent the afternoon rolling and drilling - perfect, I just need to do it more often.



finest is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Finally met this guy and was worth the wait
Tough vy fit guy with some decent techniques despite his protests otherwise and he'll only get better with the classes he's gonna do
Oh and genuine nice guy too!
Wholeheartedly recommend!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by omr24

John is fighter to the core, you can noticed that the minute you saw him. He is tough and skilful and probably would kicking my ass badly if we wouldn't done oil wrestling when i can maneuver more easily. Wrestling is his true pure passion and you can feel it in his strong manly vibes, i really enjoyed fighting this man. highly recommended!



omr24 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Very strong fit guy with really competitive streak
We had a long tough fight that went back and forth and was great fun
Genuine nice guy too so if you get the chance to meet don't pass it up!
Definitely recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by fitlad35

Awesome guy. Had a great time. Friendly and reliable. Showed be some moves and then used them all on me! Will hope to give him more of a match next time!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by gigromeo

UKSubsFighter is one of the demanding fighters, knows how to fight and has a desire for fight. Very friendly, I felt very good in his company durring the match and after also. I had very good competitive fight with him, if I have occassion to meet him, for sure we will roll again ;)



gigromeo is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy!
On the mats a real handful and very skillful grappler; tapped me out many times over! Off the mats great company and charming guy. Hope to meet many times more
If you get the chance to meet him jump at it; you won't be disappointed
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Mark uk

I didn't realize that I had never given the guy that introduced me to Submission wrestling a recommendation, so for which I apologize now. I wrestled at John's place. He has a great set up, it was like having your own private lesson. showing me holds and the wrestling and putting them into practice. The guy is patient, skilled and well worth the meet. Been around 7 years and a lot more matches have passed. I have to wonder how I would fair now against him. Top guy.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by italian fighter

Very good fighter. Nice person outside the mats. Too strong for me:) but after training, I will meet him again.



italian fighter is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy!
Tough, strong and feisty! Keen to wrestle and with more experience will be one helluva contender!
Wholeheartedly recommended
As other have said if you wanna stand a chance meet now before he gets too experienced!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Mister80

Great match. Good mat grappling and body punches. Great session and up for some more. Recommend for a good scrap.



Mister80 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Tough, resourceful, resilient fighter who is very strong and genuine nice guy off the mats. It was a bit on impromptu meet but none the worse for that and I look forward to many more fights to come
Wholeheartedly recommended!!



mslcd is not recommended by UKSubsFighter

  • Fake profile



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Rik

I had the privilege to stay two days with UKSubsFighter. Before the match I was not sure how this match would turn out to be, because of the impression I had of him being tough, very skilled, competitive and strong. Well all of this is true but UKSubsfighter is also a very communicative, nice and very friendly guy who put me at ease right away. And he is a very good teacher who had no problem adapting to my level. So I had a great time and I really enjoyed our wrestling (mostly practice) in his garden in the sun. I'am very impressed by his wrestlingskills and I look forward to meet him again for another match and practice. Thanx M8 for having me as your guest and I hope to meet you again soon !



Rik is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Great guy and perfect house guest! Very strong on the mats too and with a real thirst for knowledge of grappling. Once he's built that up watch out! Wholeheartedly recommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Kubo

Really nice guy! Skilled and technical on the mats. We had hot matches. I recommend him to anyone.



Kubo is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Strong guy who takes a real beating!
Was great hookin up with him and hope can meet again!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by daniellibra1986

Meet John from another mate, have a really good outdoor roll, our roll are short but nevertheless a good one, wish I could really train with him bit longer. For the people who train BJJ or no gi, even just wrestling, he is a must to meet. I am already miss and looking forward to roll with him again.



daniellibra1986 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Tough resilient technical grappler who's great to roll with and absolutely will not give in unless he has to! Great competition on the mats and gentleman off them
Well recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Versus

What to say? John is definitley a must meet!!!



gareth is not recommended by UKSubsFighter

  • Fake profile



UKSubsFighter is recommended by manunderstorm

well...definitly a great fighter and a great guy ! with a good sense of humour (british) !
i had a good time wrestling with John !



UKSubsFighter is recommended by nwgamuscle

Wrestled this guy a few years ago so I have no doubt he is a much better grappler than when we last met. Great jiu jitsu and I could tell if I wasn't twice his size he would have easily bested me. Great guy as well off the mats. Hope I get to roll with him when I get back to the UK.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by rafalbel

One of the fighters with real fighter soul!!! Always ready for new challenge, good technically and brave. It is not important for him how you looks like but are you real fighter ready for fight ;-)



rafalbel is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Genuine nice guy!
Tough strong and in great shape!
We met and wrestled 3 years ago and am sorry to say didn't realize until now that I hadn't given the recommendation he deserved then. Hope to meet again Rafa!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by athens123

Technical, strong and experienced and also a very good man, you should meet him



athens123 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Well what a guy!
Very genuine, charming man. Very much a Gentleman and a gentle man
Great physique and knows how to use it. Don't let his size fool you! Add 15 kgs and you get a better measure of what he's capable of
Very technical and strong fighter
Real cool guy and welcome here anytime!
Totally recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Blitzkrieg

What a great match! Met UKSubsFighter after an initial match a few years ago and both of us have upped the ante. It was a long, sweaty grapple and he is strong. Definitely on the defensive with the guy who is very skilled and very knowledgeable in the various styles he knows well. Recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by fightwell

Incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about MMA and Grappling. Gave me some good tips. Hopefully next time we will be able to have a longer grappling session.



fightwell is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Genuine nice guy and as name suggests to he does "Fightwell"
Strong determined guy who's great to mix it up with
Deffo recommended and hope to hook up again



UKSubsFighter is recommended by ulx1

Strong skilled wrestler and a good instructor. Showed me some moves where i´m wating to apply them on my next opponents. Nice friendly guy to hang out for a beer too. Definitely would like to meet him again.



ulx1 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Nice guy
Big strong and wanting to learn
With more technique he's gonna be on huge powerhouse!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by wrestle570

Finally I had the chance to meet and wrestle John. He is one of the best fighters I`ve met lately. Technical and experienced, strong and determined but respectful and considerate to his opponent.
Great person off the mats, reliable, helpful and very sociable.
Definitely would like to meet him again.
Fully recommended.



wrestle570 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Real nice guy!
Very technical and fast; I had a real hard time with him and looking forward to meeting again
Totally recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by zed

John is a great guy. He doesn't need this reference to improve his already fantastic reputation but thought I might as well. He's strong, skilled and good good fun.



zed is recommended by UKSubsFighter

What a good guy!
Keen strong and determined I had fun wrestling him and with time and experience have no doubt he'll be quite a handful!
Highly reccommended!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by JUDOMARS

ALL IS TRUE ABOUT HIM! John gave me a HOT and HARD grappling match. He is really TRAINED, and skilled for submit. We roll and roll longtime,cause both we got good cardio and we wanted to dominate... lot of sweat and muscles frottage, believe me... and lot of technics too...was a HOT bald vs bald match..John is One of the BEST grappler around! plus : he is handsome, built for fight, and real friend out of mat. So my FULL and TOTAL recommandation! and need fight him again, sooooooon...



JUDOMARS is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Well what can I say?
Tough, strong, and good technique! Definitely one of the best fighters I´ve taken on! Can´t wait for the next time
Also great guy and great personality off the mats. Wholeheartedly recommended!!
Anytime big guy!!;)



UKSubsFighter is recommended by tigered

in a word or two: he mashed me. Great host, superb outdoor space, relaxed, technical, aggressive, fun and fit. He was great and good. I was just outclassed. Much recommended but be prepared for a ruff tough time.



UKSubsFighter is recommended by wrestling82

Great fighter with a lot of skills and endurance on the mats and very friendly and nice guy off the mats.
Hope next time we have more time to wrestle buddy in order to get my revenge ;-)

Definitely you should meet him.



wrestling82 is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Very strong wrestler and genuine guy who's very personable and good fun!
Hope to meet again!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by grappleruk

Skilled wrestler and a true gent. Was the guy who first got me into training more seriously with LAW. Recommend to anyone.



grappleruk is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Used to train together at LAW and can honestly say one of the nicest most genuine guys around. Very tough resilient and flexible on the mats too! Heartily recommended!



musclemarkuk is not recommended by UKSubsFighter

  • Unreliable / no show



muscldfighter is recommended by UKSubsFighter

This is one of the best guys you could ever wish to meet up and fight with!! No reservations and no exceptions! If you should ever find him in your neighbourhood then do yourself a favour and take up his challenge. A great guy and as a result of fighting him he's become a great friend too! I cannot reccommend this guy highly enough!!!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by blackwrestleruk

A true gent on and off the mats. He is very skilled and a tough opponent whose technique just gets better and better. If you really want a cracking good scrap/sub wrestle he's your man!



blackwrestleruk is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Genuine gentleman off the mats; always sensible and safe on them and also tough, strong, and stubborn as hell! A great guy and good grappler. Wholeheartedly recommended!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by GroundFite

This guy just keeps getting better. A true student of the game and a fierce competitor. More importantly, he is a class guy on AND off the mat. A top bloke!



GroundFite is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Awesome fighter!! Couldn't get near this guy! Ice calm and skilled in all circs. Can't wait to take him on again as definitely a yardstick by which to test myself against! Welcome anytime my friend!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Jorgefighter

If you go to London, I totally recommend you to fight him. One of the hardest fighters I have ever met. Very good skills and very strong. A nice guy to have a beer with, a nice guy to knock you out. I will deffo repeat.



Jorgefighter is recommended by UKSubsFighter

Don't let this smaller guy fool you! Tough, determined and great to take on! Gen nice guy and funny lad off em. Cheeky as they come. Welcome back here anytime my friend!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by FighterGuyy

I met him, he's a genuine, reliable, truthful guy, and I enjoyed my match with him a lot. You can see a part of our match on youtube.



FighterGuyy is recommended by UKSubsFighter

What a great guy! Skilled and technical on the mats. Funny and a genuine nice guy off them. Heartily recommended and would fight again anytime. Always welcome here m8!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by DaveLon

one of the best!