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  1. United Kingdom, Oxford
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


37-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Gear: Singlet, shorts, lycra, jeans, wrestling trunks and kneepads


I am 36 years old, based in Oxford. Looking to meet guys around my age (or preferably younger) who like pro-fantasy WWE style wrestling and see themselves as jobbers. Real-life meets preferred but cyber is cool too.

Especially keen on jobbers getting KOd (fake - nothing dangerous :)). Ideally you'll be smooth and slim as well. If that's you, let's chat!

Happy to try submission and some give / take stuff with the right guy as well. Also one-sided boxing (with me as the guy dishing it out) would be fun to get involved with.




Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a heel
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Gut punching, Trampling, Face sitting, Muscle worship

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marconi is recommended by FighterBoy97

Marconi and I met for a match that I wasn't used to. I said yes to a match in the spirit of trying something new. I was also a bit under the weather when we met so he kept that in mind and accommodated me.

He is a very polite gentleman and easy to talk to. He knows some really great moves, so if you like to be tossed around I highly recommend a match with him. Especially if a jobber vs heel pro style is your type.

Respectful, punctual and friendly.



FighterBoy97 is recommended by marconi

I arranged to meet FB97 in Hobart on the last night of my Tasmanian holiday.

He certainly made it a memorable match! We'd been chatting for some time about various scenarios and moves in the heel v jobber context. Despite the confines of a small hotel room, we managed to act it all out, even down to each having entrance music!

FB was a superb jobber, selling like a champ and playing the whole role really well although he'd not done it before.

Hopefully he will continue to explore his Pro jobber side, if he does and you heels get to meet him, you're in for a treat!



marconi is recommended by Jobbercurious

I had a great wrestle with Marconi who is a fun heel who best of all really enjoys toying with jobbers.. time flew by with a variety of fun holds... I'm stubborn and tried to last as long as I could before submitting... But within seconds my head was back in highly enjoyable scissors.



Jobbercurious is recommended by marconi

I met Jobber Curious at my hotel in Melbourne whilst there on a work trip. And what a glutton for punishment he is! His name may say curious, but only in the sense of him being curious to discover how long he can survive in your head scissors / bearhug / sleeper, etc...

1.5 hours of near constant punishment flew by, and he decent enough to join me afterwards as I scoffed a still slightly jet lagged dinner.

Highly recommended to all heels out there.



marconi is recommended by ShortMick

A great experience. Marconi has a great repertoire of different moves and pins, and is a very good heel.
Had a great time during the match, made my first full match as a jobber easy. He's a great guy.

Nearly two years since our last match and this time around was much more intense. After attempting to hold my own in a stand-up pro match, I was completely owned by this fantastic heel. I figured i could keep the match even as I've improved greatly since we last met, but so has he! He's also much more stocky/dense, Gonnatry was right when he used the work "tank" - we both were punished greatly by this "tank" of a wrestler.

Looking forward to our next match



ShortMick is recommended by marconi

ShortMick came up to Oxford from London for the evening and we had a blast. He's an excellent jobber, learning fast and selling the moves and holds with which I destroyed him extremely well. He makes a great jobber KO victim too! Also a really nice guy, which always helps. Highly recommended.



marconi is recommended by Gonnatry

Had the absolute pleasure of meeting Marconi over the weekend for my first session in a ring.

And what a session it was! First of all he looked the absolute business, (serious build on the man and his trunks were great heel gear!) and the attitude in the match was great. The man really knows how to bring the best out in a jobber haha.

He gave great instruction on how to receive moves correctly, and most certainly knows his stuff in the ring. I was put through all sorts of holds and slams and not once did I feel unsafe. Not many folk find it easy to lift a fellow of my size, so it was great! (Good thing he's a tank also!)

Such was the energy of the match, I felt eager to try anything possible.

Out of the match he was great to talk to, proper quality bloke, and I hope next time we can catch a pint proper!

I'd highly recommend Marconi if you're near him and looking to wrestle, you're really missing out if you don't!



Gonnatry is recommended by marconi

Met Gonnatry at the grove park ring for a part heel v jobber part instructional session.

I had a whale of a time! Gonnatry was game for taking all kinds of holds, bumps and moves, from long held submission techniques to falling off the top rope and even a choke slam! For a newbie, not only did he have a great singlet and boots, but he certainly sold like a champ.

He also lent me his MMA gloves, which made for some fun gut punching with Gonnatry trapped in the ropes!

Gonnatry is also a very nice guy, intelligent and fun to chat with. Highly recommended if you're in his area he's in yours.



marconi is recommended by Wersling

Good wrestling match



Wersling is recommended by marconi

We met at a hotel he'd booked in Loughborough. He arrived when he said he would and we had a short but fun Pro style heel v jobber match. He makes a great jobber with a bit of guidance and reassurance along the way!

Also went to the pub afterwards, lovely guy, take the chance to meet him if you can.



marconi is recommended by MDWrestle98

Wow. After months of planning, we finally got to meet and I gotta say it was worth the wait. Marconi is funny and overall great guy to be around. We ended up spending a day together and it was a day well spent.

I've never really done a pro squash match with me being a complete jobber so this was new ground. However, Marconi helped me feel comfortable in this uncharted territory.

For anyone looking to be jobbered, Marconi is the heel.



MDWrestle98 is recommended by marconi

Had two fantastic matches with MD whilst visiting Washington DC. The first was a total squash, the second a total squash for round 1 followed by a short, but intense competitive section also involving dcwrestler.

MD certainly lives up to his reviews, both a first rate jobber, excellent at selling and also at the KOs I love, but also a scrappy, powerful wrestler despite his small frame.

He has the added bonus of being a lovely guy too, we chatted a lot, ate Thai food and went to the cinema in between wrestling - the perfect DC host. I hope we will meet again in Europe or here before too long.



dcwrestler is recommended by marconi

Had a really fun, two part match with dcwrestler at my hotel in DC. First part was a squash match with dcwrestler teaming with another jobber, then after that was over we moved on to a bit of competitive fun, which proved extremely sweaty and energetic!

Really nice guy as well, easy to communicate and make arrangements with. Highly recommended if you're visiting the DC area.



marconi is recommended by TopWrestle

Good quality, nasty heel who knows how to destroy his opponents. Even in a 2 on 1 scenario. He likes learning wrestling and how to execute moves safely with style.

He understood the story and psychology of a 2 jobbers vs 1 heel match and wasn’t afraid to dish out punishment such as tieing up his opppnents in the ropes, ab claws and low blows.

A nice guy too. Would meet again.



TopWrestle is recommended by marconi

Managed to coincide with TopWrestle in Manchester over the Christmas break and I'm very glad I did!

He's an excellent jobber who clearly has some experience and training to fall back on. Sells moves and holds superbly and has a penchant for low blows, which are always fun to dish out!

He's also very happy to go limp and be a nice ragdoll, which is my preference and he also did that part really well.

Highly recommended to meet and wrestle this lad. We didn't have long to chat after but he seems like a lovely guy too.



marconi is recommended by TotallySquashed

In my first ever pro-style debut match, I showed up at Marconi's hotel room and I could have not have asked for a better heel.

Highly experienced, professional, patient and knowledgeable, Marconi patiently guided me throughout the match and gave excellent verbal and nonverbal cues for me to properly sell the punishment that he dished out to me, as well as to anticipate what moves were coming up next.

Definitely recommended as a heel, especially to newbies just getting into pro wrestling. Plus, overall he is a very nice guy to talk to!



TotallySquashed is recommended by marconi

Totally Squashed came to my hotel in Flushing for his first ever pro style match and he didn't disappoint!

He has some excellent pro gear - red is his colour! He's thought deeply about what moves and holds he enjoys and is more than happy to be a total jobber and take whatever a heel wants to throw at him.

For a newbie his selling and knowledge was excellent and he's got a nice, smooth jobber body which always helps.

Added to all that he's a lovely guy who was patient and fun to chat to. Had I not been so jet lagged we'd have certainly gone for a beer after - next time! Highly recommended.



marconi is recommended by untouchable1

Great heel with some fab trash talk. Fun slams, and one hell of a clothesline!
A gentleman who kept nice and relaxed, and great to chat to afterwards!
Definitely recommend :)



untouchable1 is recommended by marconi

Met Gary at a hotel in Birmingham. Time and space were limited but Gary was nonetheless a fantastic jobber! Flexible, light, easy to throw around and carry and happy to be put in a variety of submission and KO holds with little resistance - the perfect jobber boy basically. He also took and sold my pro moves, including one overly vigorous clothesline, extremely well!

He also looks great in his short singlet and is thoroughly nice guy to boot. WWE super fan too - and I thought I was keen! Highly recommended to all heels out there.



marconi is recommended by mchaeljams6

Marconi and I organised a meet in Oxford after chatting for a while.

As he says, I have had some previous jobber experience but nothing extensive. He came into his own when it came to the wrestling, becoming a dominant heel who KO'd me several times over the course of a few hours with tight sleepers, scissors, and other submission moves. He gave me plenty of practice of getting knocked out, I didn't stand a chance!

Other than that, he was a really lovely, open-minded, chatty guy who was kind enough to provide lunch as well as a lift to and from the station. Looking forward to meeting again and would highly recommend for any jobbers out there!



mchaeljams6 is recommended by marconi

Michael came up to Oxford once we'd been chatting for a while and arranged a date.

He has some prior experience from filming wrestling videos so I knew I wasn't facing a total novice jobber, but that made it all the better as he knew exactly what to do in terms of selling holds, grimacing and groaning at all the right moments.

We had several hours of fun interspersed with lunch, some chit-chat and lots of my favourite knockouts! Michael has a lovely, smooth jobber physique and is lean and pliant for dominating! He can struggle and fight back too if the mood takes him, not that he stood a chance against me anyway 😊.

Highly recommended to all heels out there! Also Just an extremely nice guy and fun to talk to.



marconi is recommended by jakes stud

a friendly guy on the mats and a tough beast when fighting, this guy is strong, fast and deadly. Watch out out for this man ;D!



jakes stud is recommended by marconi

Jakes Stud joined me at my hotel for a short but intense heel v jobber bout.

Undaunted by limitations on space, I set about bringing this good-looking, well-spoken jobber boy down to earth!

He's got a nice, slender and silky smooth body (watch out, pretty tall!), perfect for torturing in lengthy scissors, sleepers. Camels and bearhugs. Only wish we'd had a bit more time to prolong the holds...

There might have been a few low blows and ball grabs in there too - he loves to suffer those.

A pedigree and 30 count pin finally put him out of his misery!

Highly recommended, looks awesome in speedos
I hope this will be the first of many matches.



marconi is recommended by Jobber415

I caught a bus up to Oxford in order to wrestle Marconi - and what a great decision that was. I learnt whole host of new moves in a squash-style match, ate pizza and drank beer and everything everywhere was OK. If you're a jobber in search of a work-over; look no further!

Update: we upgraded! Round 2 was ring-based and added a whole other element. Corners, ropes and a bouncy canvas were all used to maximum effect for our best (and most devastatingly one-sided) match yet. The pin count to 30 was far too short!



Jobber415 is recommended by marconi

Jobber415 came up to Oxford for me to host him in what was his first match. He made an excellent debut, totally getting the pro-fantasy / wwe style I like and selling the moves and fake KOs exceptionally well. We wrestled for about 3 hours and then had a couple of beers, which is a how a match should always end! Thoroughly recommended, do try to meet this guy if you can.

UPDATE ROUND 2: we both made our ring wrestling debuts in our second bout on Sunday 4th February. Jobber415 excelled himself once again, selling brilliantly as I destroyed him with all the pro wrestling moves and holds I could think of, in particular taking advantage of the corners of the ring to squash him, and the ropes to clothesline him brutally on numerous occasions.

Long before the end he was a limp ragdoll and when i finally pinned him for the stipulated 30 count it could just as easily have been 300!

Tremendous jobber, couldn't be more highly recommended to the heels out there.



marconi is recommended by Invictus jobber


Conocí a Marc en Oxford, RU, ahora que él está en mi país tenía que verlo, es un super amigo y confiable, además de que le encanta tener a un jobber a sus pies y rendirlo con sus brazos!!
Tanto en Inglaterra como en México ha sido un gusto tener un encuentro con él!!! Recomendable para todo jobber :)



Invictus jobber is recommended by marconi

I met Invictus Jobber for the second time in Mexico City (we had previously met in Oxford in May 2017).

He's not only an awesome, adaptable jobber who sells the role perfectly, but also a lovely guy with whom you can have a great, wide-ranging and interesting conversation. We even went to watch the famous Mexican lucha libre straight after our match!

Highly recommended to anybody in Mexico city or visiting Aguascalientes.



marconi is recommended by SlimScrapper

Had a couple of fun nights of action with this guy. No time wasted with this guy, bold and willing to take a chance to set something up if mutual interest is there (he committed to travel to meet up while an ocean away after all). He really plays the heel role well. Brings an arsenal of holds, good with the trash talk, and to cap it off loves good finishers with the dragged out pinfall. Outside of wrestling a nice guy and well-versed in a variety of conversational topics.



SlimScrapper is recommended by marconi

I made my way to Boston from the UK for an Easter break and Slim Scrapper came down from Minnesota. The trip was long in the planning and logistics but totally worth it for both of us. We had two nights' worth of heel v jobber action, with Slim showing himself to be an extremely capable jobber, selling superbly and overall making it a really fun couple of matches. Highly recommended, and a nice guy to spend time with to boot (we did do some tourism, didn't spend the whole Easter weekend in the hotel room wrestling!)



marconi is recommended by Ringerboy94

I met marconi during his trip in Hamburg. He's a very nice guy and knows a lot about pro wrestling. He's also very strong and a good teacher. All in all we had a lot of fun (our session was quite long)!



Ringerboy94 is recommended by marconi

I came to Hamburg partly as a tourist but mostly to meet ringer boy 94 after we had chatted for a while. Was my trip worth it? Absolutely!! Ringer boy 94 was an awesome jobber to squash, our match lasted 3 hours and I enjoyed every second! He sold the moves well and also the KOs I particularly enjoy.

I highly recommend meeting this guy if you ever find yourself in Hamburg. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to chat afterwards, but he seems like a really nice person too.



marconi is recommended by luckyalec

Met Mark during my trip to UK and had great heel-jobber match with him at his house. Enjoy being sleeperholded by him. He's a great heel, very strong yet easygoing in person and a great company to be with. I really appreciate my time with him. Highly Recommended!



luckyalec is recommended by marconi

Luckyalec came to Oxford whilst on a tourist visit to London. He stayed at my place and we had an excellent jobber v heel match with me dominating him as requested.

Luckyalec made a very good jobber. I had to work for my submissions and he also sold the chokes, sleepers and scissors which he loves extremely well.

A great experience and if you're looking for a jobber to dominate I highly recommend him. Nice guy to talk to as well.



marconi is recommended by A1Jobberlad

Really enjoyed my session with Marconi. Despite just finishing a night shift. Loved trying the whole Ko experience. Great strength , great body and great teacher,



A1Jobberlad is recommended by marconi

Alex made the effort to come to Oxford a couple of weeks back in the evening after his night shift, which was very decent of him.

We had a really fun session, with me introducing him to some holds and moves, and then proceeding to squash him for a good while. He got the idea quickly and proceeded to sell the jobber role extremely well for a beginner. I will certainly look forward to meeting him again in future.



Dan89 is recommended by marconi

I met with Dani in my hotel in Mexico City during a work trip. We had arranged everything in advance and he turned up when he said he would. We had a great heel v jobber match with him as the jobber. He loves to take a stomach beating, so knee drops, elbow drops, stomps and punches were used. He's got a great, firm, smooth stomach for destroying!

Dani also sold the KOs that I like really well.

I'm back in Mexico in September when I hope we will meet again.highly recommended to anyone after a good looking, effective jobber in Mexico City.