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  1. USA - Colorado, Denver
    (I'm here between 7/11/2018 and 7/01/2020)
    denver home
  2. USA - Michigan, Rochester Hills
    (I'm here between 5/18/2019 and 6/21/2019)
    Jobber looking.......

I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


68-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: underwear, jocks, shorts, naked, singlet


Safe and sane, just about any style. Long sweaty matches, enjoy the struggle, submissive to erotic various holds, tag team. Not into cyper. All fun! Prefer guys under 230#. Speedo, singlet, naked, barefoot or.....
Have good endurance, some skill and a...nice guy! Want to learn more holds I usually have fun at any level.
Let me know if you ever come out to Denver...I am a great tour guide!
Can travel or host.
Don't be shy...say HI!
Heading to Prague and Budapest in Sept 17.....wrestlers in the area??



Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 4/09/2020



CHUCKCHALLANGE is recommended by royboy

Had a fun sweaty match with Chuck. He definitely knows his way around the mat and can turn up or down the level of intensity. Nice guy in and out of the ring and he looks hot in his speedo!!



royboy is recommended by rochroll

Had a great time wrestling with Steve. Very fun match that allowed for some give and take. Also had a great conversation after our match. Look forward to meeting again. Definitely recommend to others.



rochroll is recommended by royboy

Although he was smaller than me, Randy is strong and has great technique. (he wrestled in high school). It was a challenging match and fun entailed. I cannot wait till the next one. Post match we had a good conversation. I am looking forward to round 2. If you are in the Detroit area,.....make time to wrestle Randy.



royboy is recommended by Leanmuscle

I had the opportunity to host Royboy and a couple other wrestlers while he was visiting Florida. We had a great match with a fun exchange of holds. He is a very good wrestler and I thoroughly enjoyed the time on the mat with him. I would enjoy wrestling with him again.



Leanmuscle is recommended by royboy

The name Leanmuscle is a perfect name for Brad. we had a fun match with 4 men he was a great host. The wrestling area with mats was good and the it all began when he welcomed us at the door wearing a hot speedo. He is a skilled wrestler, strong and he knows how to dominate his opponent and yet can adjust to the level of the other person. If in the area, be sure to lock in with Brad. He is also a nice guy!!



lanefour99 is recommended by royboy

Fun match today. Worked up a sweat and had enjoyed wrestling lanefour99. If you have an opportunity to wrestle this it!!



royboy is recommended by synxiec

This roll was a lot of fun. He happened to be in the city and, on recommendation from a mutual friend here, we met up.

Wonderful guy and a straight-shooter when he talks. Super easy-going.

== ON THE MAT ==
We're both the playful type, so that worked out. It was light sub (mostly sub) and we worked up a good sweat. It was a good hour and change; dude has stamina.

Fun conversations about all sorts of places we've seen and want to see. We talked a bit about a bunch of business topics and the work we do. He's just affable; you could spend an evening talking about almost anything with him and he's chill about it.

Get yourself to this guy and have a roll. I'd recommend it. 5/5.



synxiec is recommended by royboy

Don't let his pictures fool you. His leg scissors are fatal and he is strong and when he gets you into a sleeper etc, he doesn't let up until you tap. Had a fun sweaty match with Sean and if you are in the area...don't miss an opportunity to tangle with him. He is also a fun guy to hang with after the match.



royboy is recommended by JayXMuscle

Had a great time fighting RoyBoy, good strong skilled wrestler, he won some, then I did do. Was ready and set when I knocked at door too. Was real good safe fight.



JayXMuscle is recommended by royboy

In addition to a tough wrestler, Jay is a nice guy out of the ring! He has a ripped body and will insure that your match which includes a lot of give and take is hot and sweaty. Don't miss an opportunity to wrestle Jay and he definitely looks hot in his singlet!! I look forward to our next match.



royboy is recommended by wrestling in LA

Had a great wrestle with Royboy. Tought opponent and cool guy to hang with. Looking forward to a rematch asap.



wrestling in LA is recommended by royboy

Great guy on and off the mats.....
Enjoyed wrestling him, strong and tough. I look forward to another sweaty match when I am in the area. Don't miss an opportunity to wrestle him....he can be aggressive...and spunky.



royboy is recommended by SFFight

Hot and fun - played to a level that we could both enjoy. And a nice guy off the mat.



royboy is recommended by jobberjayse

Fighting Coach Roy was a revelation ! He obviously had me outclassed (out- muscled and out-skilled) ; but he understood that sometimes the jock son has to get the upper hand with the coach dad in order too feel like he is becoming like his alpha male opponent. So taking down this daddy hunk - and having my way with him - was as pure and powerful a position as I have ever been in. Especially knowing this daddy hunk could have done the same to me at every twist and turn. Wow, indeed, sir - and thank you !



jobberjayse is recommended by royboy

Jayse was a hotttt and tough opponent. He is aggressive, strong and is a really nice guy. Good sweaty match...he definitely liked to be the jobber but I had to work for it. If you have an opportunity to wrestle it.



CRX67 is recommended by royboy

Chris is tough, doesn't give up.....strong and a great guy to wrestle. He has a body of a 39 year old.......If you have a chance to wrestle it!!



sportsman17 is recommended by royboy can tell that my opponent wrestled in high school. He does know and have some favorite holds. He is strong, skilled and fun to wrestle. Recommend you get on the matt with this guy when you are in the area. We are hoping to put together a tag team match very soon.



royboy is recommended by lspowerhouse

Royboy was fun to wrestle great bodies took him to his first pro matches. Love the erotic back n forth. Sub. Next time pro



lspowerhouse is recommended by royboy

Awesome body, strong and skilled and a great guy. Randy knows his way around the ring and his knowledge of wrestling and various holds is amazing. Definitely recommend a match with him if you are in the area.



pittwrestler is recommended by royboy

Pittwrestler is a tough, strong...good looking wrestler. Since he wrestled in school he knows his way around the matt. He doesn't give up and dishes out punishment if that is what you want. Recommend him if you are in the area.



royboy is recommended by capnramrod

I had a really fun match with royboy this evening. Dude is strong, skilled and, well, pretty darn hot. He was respectful of my injury limitations and, despite dominating most of our match, gave me my moments. Totally enjoyed our time together and would love a rematch or three. Post-match, smart, entertaining and a gentleman - even offered to buy me dinner :) Don't pass this guy up.



capnramrod is recommended by royboy

Capnramrod is tough, strong and is fun to wrestle. Love his energy and aggressive spirit. Highly recommend a match with this man.....I would wrestle him again and again...



royboy is recommended by sfbeef

I had a great time with Royboy. Hot man. Feisty!



sfbeef is recommended by royboy

Wow.....sfbeef is tough and skilled. He is aggressive and determined. He knows and uses various holds and knows when to hold off when requested. If you want a fun, rough match...he is the man!



royboy is recommended by antaeusX

Had a great workout with this stud. It was a long 90+ minutes of being worked over and stretched out by this muscle daddy. Enjoyed every minute of what punishment he could dish out. To add to it he is a nice guy after the beat down. Would do it again!



antaeusX is recommended by royboy

In addition to being a very tough wrestler, John has a hot body and is a sexy man. We wrestled for a long time of "back and forth" and he is very experienced and a great guy. Definitely recommend a match with John. I hope I will have that opportunity again and...again. Maybe an oil match next time? :)



royboy is recommended by calilee

Very fun time :)



calilee is recommended by royboy

Jon is an enthusiastic wrestler...he is working with a trainer and is getting stronger and tougher each day. We had a fun match....he wore a hot new red white and blue singlet on Memorial Day. Good Match.... Recommend a match with him if you are in the Berkeley, Oakland area....



royboy is recommended by builtbod

Competitive guy who likes it tuff and rough...can dish it out and take it too....a lot of fun...and a great guy off the matts too...rematch again when he comes back to joisey...



royboy is recommended by iowajoh

Royboy was great fun , good match, good holds, worked up a sweat, really nice guy. Looking forward to a rematch. Great guy to talk to and fun wrestle, open to different holds and action.



royboy is recommended by MuscChamp

Steve and I had a great time wrestling here in Honolulu. Although I enjoyed dominating him and forcing him to beg his master for mercy, I was surprised by his strength and his skill - especially for a sexagenarian! He was more of a challenge than I thought, and pushed me more than most prior opponents. Plus he was a gracious and wonderful guy, who agreed to worship my muscles as I flexed naked in the mirror! We're looking forward to round two on his home turf high up in the Rockies! Highly recommended!



MuscChamp is recommended by royboy

MuscChamp is an awesome,,,hot competitor. Was on time...wrestled naked, and has the body of a 28 year old muscle man. He is skilled but also knew how to let a "novice" have a good time and even though he could have destroyed me in a few seconds..... Definitely recommend Mario



royboy is recommended by jayboy0204

Was the easiest and most straight forward meet to arrange. Steve is a really nice guy. Had to tone it down due to age difference but for a guy in his 60's he is still in real good shape. Thanks for the opportunity Steve



royboy is recommended by Riviera Wrestle

Steve is a fierce opponent who is always going for it and asking for more ! Witty, and funny as well, we had an excellent time !



royboy is recommended by Lkn4awrestletoy

Wow...just a downright plain fun man...what a time we had. I want more and more and more.