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Age 55
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 215 lbs (98 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
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  1. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
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Specific wrestling styles: Mud/oil wrestling

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Genuine guy looking for matches.Like a wrestle ,scrap or wrestling with body
Became a gym bunny and lost at least two stones, trimmer and fitter.
Like a match we’re both guys respect each other’s limits if I feel uncomfortable in a particular bout, unlikely to meet again.


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tartanmac is recommended by FitGlasgowguy

I had a good match with Tartanmac the other day when he kindly made the effort to come through to Glasgow. Great communication before the match, and good chat before and after. He's a friendly sane wrestler. I had the upper hand but he put up a good fight and if he carries on with his gym sessions he'll be a much tougher opponent next time!



FitGlasgowguy is recommended by tartanmac

James looks great in his speedos and was a very welcoming host and I felt relaxed in his company .
He’s very strong and agile and I was outclassed but all done with good humour and manners .
I highly recommend this gentleman .



tartanmac is recommended by robroyscotland

Met this tough lad some years back on a very hot Manchester day but he knew his stuff and I look forward to round two sometime. Lovely fella Too!



robroyscotland is recommended by tartanmac

I met Robroy when Manchester based think about early 2006.
Very experienced and strong and agile wrestler ,very nice guy too.
I remember it was a boiling hot day when we met !



tartanmac is recommended by IzzyRIzzinty

Greg is a wonderful man who I had the pleasure of having my first match with. He was incredibly welcoming and a great guy to hang out with. Looking forward to meet him again. Highly recommend.



IzzyRIzzinty is recommended by tartanmac

I met Rob today ,such a nice guy and keen to learn we quickly got involved in wrestling and was more than happy to use my Boxing Gloves for some gut punching on me .
Rob is handsome tall ,fit and friendly and made me at ease very quickly.
Rob is keen to learn and advance and will soon be an experienced fighter ,good man!



tartanmac is recommended by Pops72

Tartanmac is a gentleman. I was a bit nervous with this match because tartanmac’s stats give him a significant advantage Over me and I am carrying a niggling injury.

I am very glad I did make the effort though as tartanmac fully respected my injury and put me at ease immediately with a good bit of banter during the wrestle.

It was very good and tartanmac was an excellent host . We did a bit of subs and a bit of punches (no head and gloves). Totally safe and sane match.

Hopefully get a future match organised too.



Pops72 is recommended by tartanmac

Pop72 is a real powerhouse very fit ,fast but a gent.
It had been a while since I’ve had a meet so was a bit nervous but was quickly put at ease with Pops72.
He is very fit and quick and soon got the better of me ,although enjoyed our mutual bear hugs session.
We also put on the boxing gloves and sparred,no face shots though.
I have to address my poor fitness as I was done in after a while and know Poos 72 could keep going.
A really decent down to earth guy whose a good wrestler and can get a few punches on,highly re immediately hi ,he’s a good guy!



Edwrestle is recommended by tartanmac

I met Edwrestle a few years ago was a great host very kind.
Great fighter,,good wrestler and enjoys a punch up.
Won’t disappoint.



tartanmac is recommended by Catalan Boxer

I finally got to meet this man after so many years and he was worth the wait. He is a very good puncher and a nice lad. I really enjoyed my time with him. Looking forward to our next session.



Catalan Boxer is recommended by tartanmac

I met Catalan Boxer today,what a very pleasant good looking man he is.
He met welcome,I felt relaxed right away,he certainly enjoys his gut punching and I certainly enjoyed punching him in my grey gloves.
Happily recommend him highly and look forward to our next meet.



tartanmac is recommended by Joebloggs

Met tartanmac today and had a great session. He is honest, genuine and a hospitable host. We grappled and his bear hugs were too much for me. We boxed and he was skillfull yet went easy on me - he certainly took a pounding from me back. I look forward to seeing him again.



Joebloggs is recommended by tartanmac

Joebloggs is a real nice down to earth who put me at ease right away.
We were fighting in a very small space but quickly got into some tight clinches.
He quickly adapted to the Boxing gloves and gave me some good punches that Inhappily returned,the sweltering heat was a bit of a challenge and we did have to stop for breaks when the heat became too much.
With me having the weight advantage I did get in a fair amount of bear hugs but Joe was good with the odd foot work and got me on the floor a few times but I need manage to pin him down a few times.
We were fairly matched think due to the heat it was a 50/50 match but looking forward to round2.


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