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Genuine guy looking for matches.

0 crop medium build likes wrestling boxing scrapping,polite manners cost nothing.
Can't understand guys who chat on here then block you,bizarre!
Lot of good guys here who chat or meet still don’t understand the guys who you message once then block you.



  1. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Joebloggs Scrapmerchant_1 YoungScot


tartanmac is recommended by Joebloggs

Met tartanmac today and had a great session. He is honest, genuine and a hospitable host. We grappled and his bear hugs were too much for me. We boxed and he was skillfull yet went easy on me - he certainly took a pounding from me back. I look forward to seeing him again.



Joebloggs is recommended by tartanmac

Joebloggs is a real nice down to earth who put me at ease right away.
We were fighting in a very small space but quickly got into some tight clinches.
He quickly adapted to the Boxing gloves and gave me some good punches that Inhappily returned,the sweltering heat was a bit of a challenge and we did have to stop for breaks when the heat became too much.
With me having the weight advantage I did get in a fair amount of bear hugs but Joe was good with the odd foot work and got me on the floor a few times but I need manage to pin him down a few times.
We were fairly matched think due to the heat it was a 50/50 match but looking forward to round2.



tartanmac is recommended by UK Alex

Genuine, friendly guy who likes to give lots of bear hugs. We did some light boxing and some trading holds and I really enjoyed his sadistic side. 😈 Thanks mate. Until next time.



UK Alex is recommended by tartanmac

Sorry I deleted this in error Alex is a true gent very patient when we wrestled a true genuine guy highly recommended .



tartanmac is recommended by Essex

Messaged quite a bit before we met and he's a lovely guy to finally meet and wrestle.
Open on style of match/gear and I enjoyed a good grapple with him.
Off the mats, a very easy going and nice bloke to be around.
More than happy to recommend him and I would meet again when I'm back in Edinburgh.
Cheers fella 👍



Essex is recommended by tartanmac

This is a great guy and a very good host,I relaxed with Essex very early on and was very flexible with the style of grapple we both wanted and we had an enjoyable blokey grapple.

Highly recommend him and would happily meet up with him again,cheers Essex!