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  1. USA - Georgia, Milton


64-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 172 lbs (78 kg)


I love to armwrestle!Love to see how strong other guys are.



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Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling

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woodd43 is recommended by mlevitr

Woody and I go back years. Years of back-and-forth. He is powerful as hell and a world classed STUD.



mlevitr is recommended by woodd43

Mark is a great guy and lots of fun to armwrestle! I , highly , recommend him to anyone that's into armwrestling!



woodd43 is recommended by MuscChamp

Two sexagenarian legends of arm wrestling finally met today to determine who was "king of the table"! Woody possesses a calm demeanor and friendly personality that quickly vanish when our elbows hit the table. He even brought his professional AW table to my hotel room for this epic battle. It could not have been more fun and more competitive, as two studs (with shirts off) flexed, compared and tried every trick to gain the upper hand. In the end, the Champ was "master" with the right arm, and Woodd43 was "master" with the left. Each of us tried our damnest to win a single match with our "losing arm", but to no avail! By the end, he won every lefty match.....I won every righty match. We are itching to do it again! Needless to say, Woody is the gold standard for anyone seeking to compete in arm wrestling.



MuscChamp is recommended by woodd43

I had a great time meeting the MuscChamp. He was visiting nearby , so I had to go test those big guns out! I have to say , he looks even better in person! We had a great time armwrestling both left and right. As he said he won right, I won left. I am ready to take him on again and conquer that right arm , too! Hope it will be sooner than later. He is a very nice guy and highly recommended.



woodd43 is recommended by Musclematch

Very skilled arm wrestler and great guy. Hope to cross paths again’



Musclematch is recommended by woodd43

Great guy with a great body! Super nice! Had a great time



woodd43 is recommended by DenverWrestler

This guy is an armwrestling powerhouse! I think I'm reasonably strong and have some AW technique, but I was worse than a 90lb weakling against this AW master. He's also a very nice guy, shared some tips with me, arrive exactly on time, and has a great body. I'll never be a match for him with either arm, but it was definitely a pleasure meeting him and watching and feeling him demonstrate his power and skill. Any arm wrestler who things they are good need to challenge this guy!



DenverWrestler is recommended by woodd43

Had great time with Denver Wrestler! What a nice guy, did some armwrestling, had a good time! Meet up with him if you can!



woodd43 is recommended by Biceptor

He is the man! Super strong arms, as if they were made of steel. Rock hard forearms and biceps which were made for arm wrestling. Very technical and stubborn too, making it hard to beat him. Tho my right arm was still too strong for him, by next time he will have to work on that ;) all in all definitely recommended!



Biceptor is recommended by woodd43

Had a great time with Biceptor! We arwmrestled for a long time and had a blast. His right arm is super strong, I had a hard time putting it down! The left hand was mine, the right was his! If you get a chance test out his huge arms! He is a very nice guy as well, and took time from his busy schedule to meet me. Highly recommended!



woodd43 is recommended by PSBBO

Woody is an awesome guy on and off the mats. Was my pleasure to meet an old friend that I FINALLY was able to catch up with. Better than my expectations, too. I guess I will be working on my arm wrestling for a rematch!



PSBBO is recommended by woodd43

Had a great time with PSBBO. Super nice guy with great guns! Highly recommended!



woodd43 is recommended by dag

Woodd43 does not only love arm wrestling (as written in his profile) but he is an excellent technician and has very strong arms. I did not have the slightest chance against him. He was kind enough to show me some technics. But a lot of practice would be the magical word to just stand against him a few seconds. He closed our session by saying, 'You are not weak'!



dag is recommended by woodd43

We had a nice time armwrestling, DAG is a very strong guy , and with a little more time would be a formidable armwrestler. He is a good wrestler as well, very strong.



woodd43 is recommended by WrslMscl

If your passion is armwrestling, you cannot not challenge this guy. If you got any guts (and balls), that is. He is one of the strongests men I competed against. He trains for armwrestling, and unless you do too, my money is on woodd43 when you dare to plant your elbow opposite his on a table.



WrslMscl is recommended by woodd43

Nice guy, we had a lot of fun. He was generous when we did a bit of wrestling!