Jobber wrecked on turnbuckles

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Uploaded on 1/02/2019 by Vegas rassler

Vegas rassler, beat in corner by ruthless Heel

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Comments (8)

ordjbr (20 platinum) 9 days ago

Awesome vid man....impressive the hits you took to the pecs! Keep them coming!


King Alpha Beast (0 bronze) 10 days ago

Really awesome video man!!


Ebsteel (3) 11 days ago

Ruthless that is what I am talking about..good job.


Birdman (1) 19 days ago

Great video


Framateur (12 silver) 19 days ago

Lucky jobber!


BamaJDon41 (0 gold) 20 days ago

Great view of the big jobber. Need to see the ruthless heel.


catchbear1 (24 platinum) 20 days ago

Great torture
Like this


Royalb (19) 20 days ago

Hot corner work!