1886 Episode 3 (A Western Fight Story with some erotic elements.)

It's been almost two years ago now that Big Buck and Little Buck Buchanan were sent off to the state pen for the attempted murder of Sheriff Big Dave Sexton. But there's a new Judge in town by the name of Judge Bill Creed. A lot of folks say he can be bought for a price...and the price ain't too high. Judge Creed heard an appeal from the Buchanan boys and he determined that 20 years was excessive for only attempting a murder, even if it was an attempt on a Sheriff. The Buchanans' sentence was commuted to time served. They're coming back to town and Judge Creed has ordered Sheriff Dave to leave them be. Seems that was part of the deal the Buchanans paid for.

Back in Butte, Sheriff Dave has a new deputy. Deputy Jason has big shoes to fill created by the loss of the previous Deputy Joe who has moved onward and upward becoming U.S. Marshall based over in Billings. But Jason has no problem filling shoes or anything else as he stands a robust 5'8" and 320 lbs...just a little shorter and a little girthier than the Sheriff himself. It's a rare horse that can carry Jason for long so he usually takes the wagon on the occasions that call him out of town.

"The stars...they're on fire!" Sheriff Dave walks up behind Jason as the hefty Deputy is gazing in wonder at the night sky. "What is wrong with you? How much did you drink tonight?" The two lawmen are standing around back of young Jason's small house on the edge of town. "Look at them, Dave. Did you ever see so many stars?" It's after midnight and the whole town has turned in for the evening. So the two men feel safe standing outside in their longjohns. "You're nuts...oh wait! Looks like a shooting star!" "Where? OOOFFFFFFF" Dave drives a fist into Jason's gut. "There...see if that'll wake you up." "Oh, okay. You want to dance, Sheriff Chub? Let's go!"

The two 300 pounders lock up trying to wrestle the other down. Big guys like these need lots of exercise and these two have been giving it to each other since the day Jason pinned on his badge. After trading gut punches and choke holds, the two partners both lay flat on their backs looking up at the sky as they catch their breath. "You're right. The stars do look really bright tonight. Must be a million of them." "Dave...you worried?" "About what?" "The Buchanans...they're coming back. Could be within a few days." "Let 'em come. They don't scare me." "Big Buck ain't the type to forget and he sure ain't gonna forgive." "Well, Big Buck may have Little Buck but I've got you. I like those odds." "I got your back, Dave. And your front." "OOOOFFFFF" Jason's big belly splash leaves Sheriff Dave gasping.

The next day two men enter the Hotel Wonttell and inquire on the whereabouts of a certain Judge. They head up the stairs and find his room. After a knock on the door..."Yeah. Come in." They find a shirtless Judge Bill Creed giving himself a shave displaying a stout but powerful upper body. "So you're the Buchanans, huh? Boy, what you lookin' at?" The younger Buchanan is admiring Judge Bill's arms. "So, you like the look of a strong man, huh? Feel this." The Judge proceeds to flex his left bicep. Little Buck, a man in his mid twenties, gives the arm a squeeze and then gets squeezed. "OHHHH" Little Buck groans as the Judge applies a headlock. "Heh heh heh...don't hurt him....too much, Judge. He's my nephew but sometimes he's dumber than dirt." "OHHHhhhhhh" The Judge easily hoists the 220 lb Little Buck and flips his back onto his right shoulder. "UUUNNGHHhh" "I do enjoy showing a man who's Boss! And around here..." "OHHHHHHHH" "I'm the Boss!" "UUUNNNGGGGHHhhh" "Long as you boys remember that, we'll get along fine." "OOOFFFFF" He drops Little Buck on the floor. "I got you out of the hoosegow." "OOOFFFF" The Judge drops his heavy boot on Little Buck's gut. "And I can put you right back behind bars if you cross me. You got that, Buchanan!" "Yes sir." "How 'bout you, young man." "Yes sir. Can I get up now...please." "Heh, you still like my muscles?" "Yes sir." "Here...let me help you up." Judge Bill pulls the younger Buck to his feet. "OHHHHHHH" And wraps him up in a crushing bearhug. "UUNNgghhhh" "Now, who is the fucking Boss?"

Over in Billings, about a four day ride east of Butte, Marshall Joe Jakes is reading the report of recent releases from the state pen. "Damn! Buchanans released by order of Judge Bill Creed. And I know just which way those two scum buckets are headed. This time that crooked Judge has gone too far. Paul! Take over for me. I'm headed to Butte!"

It doesn't take long for Sheriff Dave to bump into Big Buck Buchanan. "Buck Buchanan...or should I say Fuck Buchanan since that's just what I did to you last time we crossed paths." "Fat man with a badge. That's all you are. But the law's on my side now and your time here is coming to a close and believe me it will be swift and final. Speaking of which..." "SHERIFF!" Judge Creed strides up behind Sheriff Dave. "I believe my orders were explicit that you were not to harass Buchanan. Disturb this man again and I'll have your badge! Am I making myself absolutely clear?" "Crystal clear, your honor. I understand exactly what's going on here. The way I see it there's justice and there's injustice. I aim to see that justice is done." Sheriff Dave begins to walk away. The Judge steps in front of him and gets in his face. "Are you testing my authority, Sheriff? Do you think you're man enough to do that? You couldn't take me on the best day of your life, boy. Bigger men than you thought they could take me down. They failed. You'll fail too. Bet on it!" "Excuse me, your honor." The Sheriff's tone is dripping with sarcasm as he walks away. "How do we plan to do this, Judge? Want me to shoot him in the back?" "No, Buchanan. I won't have my authority challenged in broad daylight. That's going to require some real punishment. I'll deal with the Sheriff myself. And I'll do it with my bare hands."

Sheriff Dave walks into his office. "Jason, go to the telegraph office and send a wire to the Marshall in Billings. We're going to need some help dealing with this Judge." "No need. The Marshall's headed this way. Got a telegram this morning." Dave is elated, "Joe is on the ball! I knew he wouldn't forget us. He must have heard about the Buchanans getting set free. We may just fix this mess and remove a crooked Judge at the same time! Hey, I'm going over to see Doc Kent. My shoulder doesn't feel right."

"Sheriff Dave, what seems to be the problem this morning?" "Hi Doc. It's my shoulder. Whenever I raise my left arm over my head I get a pain." "Come sit over here. Take your shirt off." "Okay." The Doc removes his coat. "My, it is going to be a hot one today. I'm sweating already." The Doc feels Big Dave's shoulder. "Does this hurt?" "No. It's just when I raise that arm." "I see. Let me try something and see if this will help. Mind if I remove my shirt? I'm sweating right through it. There...ahhhh...much better! Now, let's see if this will help with your problem mmmmm." "Uh, Doc?" "Yes?" "What are you doing?" "Sheriff, in my studies I have learned that cureing shoulder pain can easily be done through the nipples. Lean back while I do this. I know precisely what I'm doing. mmmmmmmm" "Oh...I don't think I like...oh...oh" "If I sit on your stomach I can access both your nips more easily. Mind if I?"

Uncertain of the procedure, Sheriff Dave begins to get up and go. "My shoulder's feeling better now. I think I'll be going." "You aren't going anywhere til I'm done with you!" The Doc slaps a choke hold on Dave and pulls him down to the floor. With amazing speed for a man in his sixties, the stout Doc wraps his legs around Big Dave's throat. "Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." Dave keeps resisting, trying to break free. "Have it your way, Sheriff. The hard way it is!" "AAARRRGGHH" To restrain his patient, Doc Kent sits on Sheriff Dave's face and continues his nip treatment. "Mmmmmmmm" "OH... OH....OH...." "See? Feeling better already, aren't we? Now this will make you feel even better!" Doc Kent reaches into Dave's pants. "OH...what...what?" "Just relax. I am a trained physician. I know exactly what I'm doing. This will help speed your recovery. Mmmmm...nice..." "Ohhhh...ohhh"

Deputy Jason was walking by when he heard the struggle. Silently stepping into the outer office, Jason sticks his head in the door just enough to see the "examination" in progress. "OHHHHHH" Doc Kent is making the Big Sheriff shoot a load. But to maintain a clean examination room, the good Doc is sucking the load right out of Dave's hefty cock. "Mmmmmm mmmmm there now. You should be feeling much better now mmmm." "You're right. I do feel better. Thanks, Doc." "Don't thank me...I am glad to be of service!" "How did you?" "Fortunately I was a wrestler in College." The Doc sits on the big Sheriff's chest and pins his arms over his head. "It comes in handy when dealing with difficult patients." But just before the Doc expresses his gratitude with some mouth to mouth, Jason can hold it in no longer.
"HAHAHAHAHA" The outraged Doc reacts, "Deputy! What the hell is this? No witnesses are allowed in my office. OUT!" "HAHAHAHAHA" Dave gets to his feet and hurriedly gets dressed. As he brushes past Jason, Dave says, "you saw nothin'." "Yes sir, Sheriff. I saw nothin'. But I remember plenty! Hehehe."
Part 2
Two days later, while at his Jailhouse desk, Sheriff Dave gets an unexpected visitor. Jason shows his contempt, "Looka here. It's half-a-Buck no luck, nobody gives a fuck. What you want, midget?" "I ain't no midget you fat ball of crap! Taller than you and half as wide!" Dave intervenes, "what's your business, Little Buck? You got a message for me?" "That's right. The Judge wants to see you, alone. Ten o'clock, tonite at the Shady Lady Saloon." "That old place? Hardly anybody goes in there. What's this all about?" "I've told you all you need to know. And to make sure you're alone, fatboy Jason here will be behind bars while I hold the key." Dave holds Jason back. "Let's play by their rules until I see where this is going." "But Sheriff, you know it's a set-up." "I'm hoping Marshall Joe will arrive in time to witness Judge Bill in the act of gross mis-use of power. That ought to be enough to cost him his job. And enough to send the Buchanans back to the state pen."

At the appointed hour, Sheriff Dave heads into the Shady Lady, a bar known for the worst beer in town. There's a small stage where dancing girls used to put on a show. Judge Bill Creed is standing on it wearing his judicial robes. Big Buck is leaning on the bar. Other than a husky bartender and a couple of drunks there's no one else here. "ORDER, ORDER IN THE COURTROOM!" The Judge bellows and pounds a gavel on a small table. "This trial will commence. It is charged that Sheriff Dave Sexton is guilty of gross mis-conduct, insubordination and dereliction of duty and that he is unfit to wear the badge of Sheriff. How does the accused plead?" "I plead that you're out of your mind. This is no trial. More like an ambush. How much were you paid to release the Buchanans?" "SILENCE! By the power invested in me by the State of Montana I find you guilty. Sentence to be carried out immediately."
The bartender rapidly grabs Dave's arms from behind. "Hold him, Steve." "You got it Buck." As the burly bartender holds Dave back, Buck lays into Dave with lefts and rights to the gut and face.

"Payback's a bitch...and so are you, you weak bastard." "OOOOFFF....OOOOFFFFF" "I've been waiting for this day for too long." "OOOOOFFF....OOOOOOFFF" Dave breaks free of the bartender's hold long enough to jab a stinging right into Buck's face. "OHHHHHhh" The Sheriff avoids Steve's fist, takes the bartender off his feet and proceeds to stomp on the big man's gut. But Buck is up quickly and puts his big boot in between the Sheriff's legs from behind. Sheriff Dave goes down in pain. Just as Steve and Buck begin to lay into him, Judge Bill pounds his gavel again. "STOP! Justice is MINE!" Judge Bill removes his robe. He's wearing nothing but fighting trunks and shoes. "Now...justice will be served!"

"Let me out of here you little weasel! When I get out..." "You'll what? Suck my balls? Hehehehe, I hold the key, Chunky and the way I see it...you ain't gettin' out cause your fat-ass boss ain't comin' back. There ain't no two ways about it. He's as good as dead." Desperate times call for desperate measures. "Alright, Little Buck. I see I'm on the losin' end. But hey, I can be useful. Bring your balls on over here! I'll suck 'em, yes sir!" "You will?" "Sure! If Dave's out of the picture, the Judge just might make you Sheriff! Ever think of that!" "Yeah! I ought to be Sheriff. It's time I was boss! And first thing I say is for you to suck my balls! Hehehehe." "Bring 'em on over...mmmm"

"Let him go boys, Sheriff Dave is all mine!" Buck and Steve set back to see what Judge Bill can do. The Judge isn't as big as the Sheriff, but he is a big man. Dave moves in and throws a hard right cross, the Judge catches it and twists Dave's arm hard behind his back. "AAAARRGHH" Bill immediately wraps his other arm around the Sheriff's throat. "UUUnnghhh...YOU'RE BREAKING MY ARM!" "Damn right! Serve me...pledge to obey me and suck my dick and this can all be over!" "NEVER! AAAGGHHHH" Sheriff Dave throws himself back hard enough to knock Judge Bill down. But his arm is clearly injured.

"Okay Jason. You want 'em, here they are." "I'm ready boss! Just unlock my door." "No. You think I'm stupid? You ain't gettin' out tonight. Ain't happening. You suck 'em through the bars." "Okay boss. My tongue's long enough. Come on....closer." "FUCK!OOOOOFFF" The big Deputy grabs Little Buck by the belt and drives his big fist into Buck's gut three times before grabbing the smaller man by the lapels and banging his face hard into the iron bars. "AAAGHH" Little Buck is seeing stars. Jason rips the keys off Buck's belt and shoves the staggering man backward. Once out of the cell, the hefty Deputy pounds Little Buck down to the floor before picking him up for a good hard bearhug. "AAAAGGHHHH...uuunngghh" He then lifts the smaller man up and body slams him onto the floor of the jail cell. "Don't EVER call me FAT!" Jason slams the cell door shut, locks it and heads toward the Shady Lady.
Halfway down the street, Jason sees a rider approaching. It's Marshall Joe. "Jason! Where's Sheriff Dave?" "He's at the Shady Lady. I think it's a trap!" "I'll ride ahead. Run as fast as you can!" "Okay! I'm right behind you!"

"Come on Sheriff Dave. You can't beat me. Even with two good hands you never stood a chance. Come on. Hit me. Hit me." Dave swings only to get tripped up and fall flat on his face. Judge Bill immediately falls on Dave's back, grabs Dave's left foot with his right hand and Dave's throat with his left. "AAAAGGHH" "Before I'm done with you, you'll be begging me to put you out of your misery. And I will gladly oblige." "Judge! Somebodys riding up fast!" "Guard the doors. Take him as he walks in." Joe rushes in only to be set upon by the Judge's two burly thugs. Joe's gun gets kicked to the other side of the room as he wrestles with Big Buck and Steve.
"Heh heh heh...there goes the cavalry! Submit, Sheriff. Open wide and submit to your master. "AAAAGGHHHH" Dave manages to twist free of the Judge's hold. His shirt is half torn so he pulls it off. The big man is sweating profusely on this hot night in July. The oil lamps lighting the room just make it hotter. "Keep stripping, Sheriff. I want you naked when you finally submit to my authority." "AAAHHHHH" Dave rushes at Bill and takes him to the floor. But Bill immediately rolls over until he's on top and restraining Dave in a grapevine hold and pinning Dave's big arms to his side. "GIVE UP! You've LOST! ADMIT IT!" "NO, NO, NO!" The Sheriff bucks Bill up, grabs him by the face and drives his head into the floor.
Joe is getting his butt kicked by Big Buck and Steve when Deputy Jason comes bursting through the door. He bowls over all three men and lands with his butt in Big Buck's face. Jason gets up swinging and lands a series of big fists into Bartender Steve's upper body. Big Buck attempts to restrain Jason but is spun around, catching a haymaker from Joe right in his jaw.

"Tough break, Creed. Looks like your ambush just got turned into a fair fight!" Growling like an enraged beast, Creed knocks Dave to the floor, mounts the Sheriff and rains fists down into Dave's face. Jason lifts the bartender and powerbombs him into the hard floor. Joe catches Big Buck in a sleeper hold which has the big man flailing in a futile attempt to resist.
Sheriff Dave is struggling to stay in the fight as he is dragged up onto the stage. He catches Bill Creed with a stiff left uppercut to the chin followed by one to the gut. The Judge staggers back but quickly collects himself. He grabs the Sheriff by his head and hits him with a knee to the face. Before the Sheriff can shake it off, the Judge kicks him in the side of the head. Wildly, Dave throws himself at the Mad Judge but all he catches is a knee to the gut. "Now...Justice will be satisfied." The Judge gets an arm between the 300 lb Sheriff's legs and hoists him up. "TIME FOR EXECUTION! JUSTICE..." Judge Bill Creed drops the Sheriff hard across his knee. "... IS SERVED!" But before the Mad Judge can fulfill his deadly goal, Joe and Jason tackle the Judge down. Marshall Joe gets the Judge wrapped up in his sleeper hold and after a short struggle, puts an end to this trial of insanity. Jason tries to revive Sheriff Dave. "DAVE! DAVE! SAY SOMETHING! ARE YOU ALRIGHT? HOW BAD DOES IT HURT?" "Jason...thanks my friend. Hi Joe. Glad you could join the party."

After hauling the Judge and his thugs over to join Little Buck in the Jail House, Jason and Joe deliver Dave to Doc Kent's office. After a night of the Doc's expert treatment, the two men check in on Dave the next day. "Sheriff Dave, DAMN! You look like hell. Hope you feel better than you look." "I'm alright Joe. Just a little sore. One more good night's rest and I'll be fine, ain't that right Doc?" "Sheriff, you stick to my prescriptions and you'll be a healthy man." "And don't worry about Judge Bill Creed and the Buchanans. I'll see to it that they get what's comin' to them." "You're a good man Marshall Joe Jakes. And so are you Deputy Jason!"

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Alecmusc (28) 9/09/2019 7:00 AM

Fantastic Story, love the way you write about the struggle and hte feeling that goes through the wrestlers mind. Great insight. Love your stories, thanks for sharing.


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Thanks Al :) Glad that you enjoyed the story and these characters as they show a little bit of the good and the bad sides of humanity as well as having a bit of fun.


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Very good story as always friend! I hope Sheriff Dave gets his arm back soon for more action


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Thanks Jorge. Sheriff Dave did return in his Epilogue to deal with the evil Judge Bill Creed. Sheriff Dave may be back for another adventure.