A Shift in Mindset: Training for WrestlingWrestling and Domination

When I started working out in November, I had a fire to get going but very little direction. I knew the basics of a combined strength training/fat loss regimen and got started... and adjusted along the way as I read more about - and discovered through trial and error - what would work for me. And through luck or wit (more likely the former) and lots of determination, that worked for me for awhile.

As for motivation, there was this guy... and a nebulous idea that I might start wrestling. However, even as I saw progress and - with difficulty - got past a plateau, my workout intensity grew harder and harder to sustain, until the last few weeks. What changed was my mindset.

Before, I was "getting in shape," or "wanting to look good naked" or just "trying to be healthier." Those are all fine goals, if a bit nebulous, but none of them really translate directly into an idea of what I should be doing. Now, however, as I'm wrestling several times a week and ever more focused on getting better... I am actually starting to look at myself as an athlete (though expresing the idea still gives me a chuckle) and training for wrestling.

And that shift in mindset around my workouts has made a big difference. The intensity is back. I am starting to notice feedback loops of what I need to work on/work more on, etc. For example, I have added loads of variance into the way I run and added footwork drills to almost everything I do because I find myself lacking speed when shooting for takedowns.

Training to feel good meant more upper body focus because of more readily apparent improvement, etc.... but training for wrestling means never skipping leg day again! Lol...

I still know way less than I'd like to... and the best workout is still a nice long wrestling session with a challenging opponent. But I am grateful to wrestling for my renewed focus during other exercise... and to fellow wrestlers for advice, tips, and of course sparring.

So please, let me know in the comments if you have favorite wrestling drills or exercises that you've found especially helpful in conditioning oneself for the sport... I'm eager to keep learning and keep training!

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Beatdown pt 2 The return of he punching bagblackboxer's blog

Today started out crappy, but now I feel better because my punching bag is coming by to get wrecked for 3 rounds. First I am going to work his head over, next his body, then finally everything!! This is going to be epic!

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So long and thanks for all the fish!JobberLiam's blog

I have made the decision to call it a day with wrestling.

It has been an important part of my life for the last few years but I am now moving on to bigger challenges in my life, including my long term girlfriend Sophie.

I would like to thank everyone who has been so kind to me over the last few years and who have enjoyed my videos. I am sure they will still be around for a little while to come so enjoy them!

All the best,


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Operationthe natureboy's blog

I had the procedure May 10 and will know the outcome May 23.
If it is OK I hope to resume wrestling sometime in June or early July.
My travel plans for trip to South East Queensland fell thru with changes at work which were followed immediately by the operation but I am still hoping to travel there and to New Zealand in [our] Spring.
Thanks to all friends on site for support and good wishes....
Keep strong

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Bending fully down!alpinisto's blog

I had successfully followed the idea of wrestling every calendar month throughout the winter, but after I in March had been wrestling every month since October this aim had been reached, I started to think: why stop here? For it seemed that wrestling not only was good for my body, but I also had had some good experiences with wrestling, so maybe the next aim should be to work for a full year of wrestling. Which should be quite easy, for I had now wrestled every month since July - and actually I could have had the full year done now, for I had wrestled every month since April last year - if it hadn't been because of the strikes in Paris which had forced me to cancel that trip in June last year.

A good help for reaching this aim had been my friendship with kleiner kerl in Berlin, for at his place I not only had a place to stay overnight, but he also had mats to wrestle on and several mates who could come by his place for a mutual wrestle, which I saw as a win-win-win situation. But in my eyes I shouldn't make too much use of his hospitality, I thought, and this May I could see that I would have severe trouble getting to wrestle at all that month, as all this traveling had put some stress on my finances. Again help arrived from a somewhat unexpected side.

A friend of mine had returned to Denmark for the summer and was getting ready to move into his summer house. And when I became invited to spend a few days there with him I saw this as a wrestling opportunity as I had wrestled him there a few times before in the past years. This guy Peter had in former years been working in London and there had attended a local wrestling club, but didn't really felt that he could fit in with the lads there. And after increasing back problems he had stopped wrestling there. Which also is the reason why he is not to be found on this site. But I could wrestle him as long as I didn't gave him too heavy bearhugs.

Yesterday morning we started wrestling, and I usually need some time to warm up - which we didn't do this time. So it didn't take long before he had me under his control in a grapewine. Maybe I should have tried to find a way out of the situation, but I generally prefer to tap instead of spending too much energy in fruitless attempts to move on - so I tapped.

The next rounds were better. In one I successfully had him headscissored with my legs and in another one I managed to do the 'schwitzkasten' hold which my Berlin friend kleiner kerl often used to defeat his opponents. But in the next round he made a counter-attack which I was not prepared for.

In order to keep the fight under control on the small size of the mattress I always start in the kneeling position, and this position has some advantage as I then hardly get any unexpected falls, but it also has disadvantages, which I soon was to learn. For when I was in the kneeling position my knees were locked in position on the mattress, so when Peter unexpectedly moved forward to bring me out of balance my body tumbled back, thus bending my knees fully. A jolt of pain sprang through my body, for my knees had not been bent like this since my youth, so this became a sudden end of our match.

After a few minutes relaxing on the mattress I could stretch out and conclude that it seemed that nothing seriously had happened, but I still had that dull pain in my right knee. It was somewhat similar to the January match I had had with Xxlbear in Berlin, with the exception that I then had been able to pull him with me so that he became the guy mostly affected by my fall. Maybe my knees had not been locked in a similar way then - and probably I should stop kneeling down before the start of a match and squat down instead. Which I also have been working on with the physio the recent month. Apparently a squat start is more safe than a kneeling start.

I will have two weeks to find out, for June will probably give me the most serious wrestling this year, for not only will I attend the international wrestling camp in Lindow in the Pentecost weekend, but also I plan to meet a guy called horti when I two weeks later am spending a week in Dresden. And this 300-pound guy will not be the heaviest guy I will encounter the next month - I better get my knees prepared before then!

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Beat down (aftermath)blackboxer's blog

I think I've become quite attracted to beating on my punching bag. We didn't have as much time as I would have liked to have but the rush was incredible. I have a goal to bust his nose wide open and make him unable to breathe as I break his body down. I love the way his face turns red as I smack him in the face. His eyes get watery as the glove smashes into his nose. The color his abs turn when I work them at way less than 100% and the look in his eyes when he knows I can go harder!

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13.5.2017 Johns meetSteeleyes's blog

Had the best meet yet at Pippas organised by John Cotterill;bunch of great guys to meet;lots of humour; ImtiazAli obviously had his"destroy my trainee"button pressed(only joking )but he really made me work hard.Luckily 2 others treated me to sessions at my level!

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Peaceful Easy Feelinghephaestion2014's blog

So I've been a bit AWOL/MIA of late. See my last blog. Needed some time away.

But am back now. A good friend invited me down to come and wrestle. Bit nervous at first but everything seemed settled at home, and he understood that if the phone went, I'd have to be on a train leaving for home as soon as possible. That didn't happen, and the occasional sneaky looks at my phone meant I could relax.

And relax I did. Well as much as you can in a headlock fighting against your limbs being bent at weird angles :)

I won't go into the match. Suffice to say, I'm not getting any better but I'm also not getting worse - and that to me is the important part.

I missed wrestling.

Now, I'm not pretending I'm one of those people who live and breathe wrestling. Who train day in and out, can do push up on their knuckles and bridge on the top of their head. My game is very amateur. It's a hobby.

But like most hobby, I enjoy the happiness it brings. The feeling of turning off your mind to everyday problems - Work, Corbyn, Existential angst - and just being in your body and not your mind. Being present in an actual moment. Connecting with a more aggressive side of yourself that civilisation encourages you to swallow.

I really recommend to anyone on this site who likes watching wrestling videos etc but hasn't given it a go to try and do it. It is nerve racking that first time, but if you're worried about safety and the like - try the more public meets at the UK wrestling spaces in high barnet, Walthamstow or even go to the wilds of civilisation and dare to brave the flatcaps and ferrets of the north and Manchester ; )

After wrestling, I ache, bruise and am sore. Mainly cos I'm unfit, stubborn and don't pace myself - but more importantly afterwards for a few seconds, minutes even longer - I get a peaceful easy feeling.

For a moment or two, the world is different. I'm different. I'm Hephaestion the wrestler not Hephaestion the no-one drudge.

Its nice. And as recent events have reminded me, you meet great people along the way. Always more good than bad..

Plus it's handy when a customer tries to start a fight with you, you're a bit more able to defend yourself :) The stance and even trying to emulate a couple of opponents deathstares can sometimes dissuade - but if not, I can even dodge punches now lol

So yeah, ignore the gripes and groans - wrestling is great. Go do it now, if you haven't already.

Be safe, have fun and bring it on.

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Beatdownblackboxer's blog

So I get to beat the living hell out of someone today! I am so excited. It gives me an opportunity to work on how to deliver the most pain/pleasure while controlling that person. I'm debating if I am going to try and knock them out, or see if I can see their eyes start to go glassy, and then work them over some more. It gets me excited just thinking about what I am going to do to him!

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4 @ the HotelClack's blog

"Hey, look over there!" Frank turned to his right... "The table at the window!" Joe pointed to the table where two muscular men were sitting, busy talking to each other. A dark-haired and a blond guy, both with three-day-beards. "Wow" Frank wispered when he saw them... "where do I know those faces from? „You remember the 2 vs 2 group" on the fighters web page?“ Joe responded. „Right!“ Frank had another look to the couple… „let’s find out if they really fight.“
Frank and Joe selected the hotel due to it's nice beach, the positive recommendations and even more important... it's well equiped gym. Both men were as muscular as the couple they just discovered, exercizing almost every day and... they loved wrestling.
So the gym was agreed to follow the breakfast.
Back to their room they got prepaired for their daily workout. "Really interesting couple" Frank said with his dark voice while he put his red tank top over his blond hair. "...definetly hot for a fight." "I haven't seen them here before, they must have been arrived recently." Joe responded. "What about sending them a challenge?" Frank's answer was immediate "do it!" Joe's cock started to swell when he clicked the challenge button.
After a while in the gym their upper bodies were pumped, Frank’s red tank top and Joe's blue tshirt were wet. They decided to finish exercising and spend the rest of the day at the beach. After one week their bodies were already tanned.
They were about to leave when the door opened. The couple they saw at the breakfast was entering, both wearing tank tops. Frank and Joe recognized their well defined pecs and biceps. As Joe, the dark-haired haired had his chest hair trimmed. "Hi guys" the blond guy said. "How's the gym? "Well, actually very good." Joe responded with a smile. "Challenge accepted", Jack, the dark haired stated after a moment of silence. What are you guys into?" he added. "Wrestling" Frank responded, "and some boxing" Joe added while punching Frank's left pec. Steve the blond guy eyeballed Frank's and Joe's bodies before saying with a smile "we too.“ "What about a match tonight?" Frank asked, also smiling with a touch of predominance. "Just where?" Steve was looking around "it will be difficult to find a place within the hotel."
"Well, there is a room behind the gym..." Frank was pointing to a door. "No windows, but mats and the door can be locked." "The gym closes at 8. So... what about half past 8 tonight?" Jack said, while feeling his cock was semi hard… as the others also.
Quickly the four men agreed to have a 2 vs 2 match. During the day the two couples chatted and checked each others profile. It turned out that the fight would be pretty rough with just little rules. Only heads and kicks to the groin would be excluded.
It was 08:32 when Jack opened the door to the back room. They found Frank and Joe in their blue speedos sitting on the mats. "Hey, ready to lose?" Jack asked with a smile while Steve was locking the door. "Be careful man" Frank returned while smiling also and rising his clenched right fist. The arrivers stoppend in front of Frank and Joe, looking down to them with straight faces and flexing their pecs. Silence followed for a few moments. A slight kick of Jack's right foot to Frank's left shoulder pushed him on his back. Joe immediately got on his feet and in a fight position in front of Steve. "Wait!" Frank stopped his partner. "Let the loosers undress before they get their lesson."
Adrenaline was now flowing trough bodies and blood was pumping into cocks. Jack and his partner undressed, threw their tanks and shorts on a pile and came back to the mats, both wearing red speedos. Meanwhile Frank got on his feet. The two couples eyeballed each other... Their now hard cocks were clearly visible. Frank was the smallest, with about 6 cm difference between him and Steve, the tallest with his 1,87 m. His hairless upper body was nice with well build abs. Jack's dark chest hair was trimmed and his abs were equaly build. Joe had the biggest biceps. A big vein was as visible as on Jack's arms. His abs and pecs were covered with equally trimmed light-brown hair. "Okay" Steve broke the silence "everything goes, except head shots and kicks to the groin." He repeated the rules they agreed on while chatting earlier that day. "Fight takes as long as needed to have clear winners." Jack added.
„Until both fighters of one team give up or are KO." Frank followed while facing Jack's eyes. The four brought themselves in a fight position. Joe's hands were ready to grab Steve who clenched his fists. Both started slowly circling...

Frank did a kick towards Jack’s left leg but missed his hairy target and Jack's left hand signalized Frank to come closer. Suddenly Frank's right foot hit Jack's left tight. Now kicks and fists found their targets, some caused the fighters to groan. The sound of fists and feet hitting skin filled the room.
Frank's first kick distracted Joe for a second. Steve grabbed his right arm and threw him down. Immediately both got into a ground fight. They were rolling around and arms, abs as well as pecs got the main target for fists and ellbows. Their cocks were still hard, so the balls were easy to hit. Joe's right knee landed the first strike. His own balls immediately had to pay for the attack. Both men were groaning in pain and holding their balls for a moment. The fight continued as Joe suddenly rolled towards Steve forced him to turn and took him in a choke from backwards Steve desperately tried with both hands to take Joe's muscled arm from his throat. Quickly he realized that he had to get out of this soon. His ellbows hit Steve‘s ribs while their hairy legs crossed with all their power taking in accout to brake each others bones. It was a really competition of strenght. Steve was hardly able to breathe. Soon both men were completely sweaty.
Meanwhile Jack and Joe continued their kickbox fight. Their legs showed some sore and bloody marks, bruises were visible on their sweaty skin when they suddenly got into a bearhug. They were struggeling, both seemed to try pressing out the live of their opponents body. Suddenly they landed on the ground... That was the last thing Frank saw before he got unconcious.
The moment Joe realized he had to fight two men was when Jack landed a hard punch on his right arm... his body was hit by fists in a fast row while his own feet and fists tried to defend him...
When Frank slowly opened his eyes he saw his partner undressed facing the ground and groaning with pain. Anger was growing deep in his body. Jack was lying on Joe's back throwing his arms backwards while Steve was kneeing behind Joe, ready to fuck him. His hard cock just touched Joe's butt.
It was too late when Steve felt something gliding upwarts between his hairy legs. Frank's right fist hit it's target. A violent pain was flowing through his body. Jack's balls did almost burst. With a laud groan he lost his ballance and toppled sidewarts, holding his nuts. Turning his face towards that noise Jack had no chance. Frank’s left fist hit his nose. Blood sputtered on Joe's back, whose body was still trapped under Jack.
Now released he turned quickly towards Frank "let's give them a lesson... no mercy from now, no rules.." Steve was still on his knees, his fists clenched. Sweat was running down his face and body and mixed with some blood. He turned towards Frank... "you will pay for this" he added...
Determined to win this unexpected brutal fight Frank and Joe attacked their opponents. It wasn't agreed to fuck losers...
Quickly the four got into a hard ground fight. Steve and Joe were naked whereas Frank and Jack still wore their speedos. It was a real brawl with only one goal: one couple would be ko. Their sweaty bodies were rolling around, got in clinches and bearhugs. Frank's ellbow opened a cut on Steve's eyebrow... blood was flowing out of it and mixed with sweat on bodies and mats.
Joe's left hit Jack's still bleeding nose. Both managed to get on their knees. Jack grabbed Joe's hair and pulled his head down. The right hit Joe's mouth. Pain was flowing through his head and the fist was again on the way to the same target when he grabbed Jack's arm, first with one then with two hands. Both fell sidewarts. Joe started turning Jack's arm, almost to break it when a violent pain spread through his body. Jack's right knee hit his balls. With a laud groan he released Jack's hairy arm.

Jack was about to roll over his opponent when he felt that muscled arm around his throat and a painful impact on his right kidney. It was Frank. Steve was muzzy from a stroke to his chin.. So Frank was free to support his partner.
Desperately and hard breathing Jack tried to get out of this situation. Frank's left hit his body mercilessly again and again finally he ended up lying on Jack's back. Joe treated the black haired legs with his knees.
His mouth was still hurting and a small cut caused by Jack’s fist released some blood. He rubbed his face off from sweat when Steve grabbed him from backwards by his already swollen balls. The pain was intense and caused him to squall. Steve’s face was unprotected when Jack’s head hit it. The balls were released and Joe quickly turned towards his opponent.
Their bodies smashed on the mats. Both were hard breathing, rolling around and trying with their last power to finish this fight.
Suddenly Joe was on top pushing Steve’s arms down, without a chance to escape. His balls and cock were lying on Steve’s sweaty chest when his fists hit Steve’s face again and again. His bloody knuckles stopped punching when Steve’s head fell sidewards.
Meanwhile Frank and Jack were still fighting on the ground. Enervated from the fight their moves and attacks had less power. Both bodies were bloody, marked and scratched from a real hard fight.
The final decision was just seconds away when Joe grabbed Jack’s balls and started squeezing powerful… the revenge for the try to fuck him. Jack’s hands tried to free his nuts… he got unconsious when Frank’s right fist did the final punch….
Steve woke up first. He found himself lying near his partner. Whiping his face he realized a huge load of cum had been shot on it. His and his partners face showed several cuts… cum was flowing of Jack’s face and mixed with blood on the mat.

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