Is It Strictly an East Coast (I-95 Corridor) Anomoly?Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Wonder what it is about the east coast? When the match is over (and any attendant "playing"), guys leave and go their separate ways right away. Go a couple hundred miles inland and all the way to the west coast, the guys socialize a lot more after wrestling/grappling – going out to eat, taking in a movie, whatever or just hanging around on site. Wonder why we very easterners are so different?

Another East apparent anomaly is that regardless what the profile says about back and forth, practicing holds, developing skills, it's strictly competitive. There isn't the back and forth, practicing holds – only exception are relatively few guys who like to teach. Or (on the dark side) is it that guys just like to tear into me from the onset, and frack all the other things in the profile? Could be the latter as even my mother used to say "You better learn to fight or be a good runner; because your very looks would make a guy want to smash-in your face."

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H e ycougarman67's blog

Live in concord nh area an am looking for someone seriously interested in gut punching me, will let you kick my belly and trample it my belly button abused and tortured also....poke whatever you want deep and hard into it....even use my belly button for an ash tray

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2017-10-16Jman77's blog

In spite of all the negatives surrounding me at times, life isn't so bad, really. We all have the choice to decide what affects us and what doesnt. Things just don't happen to us that we can't control. Things happen to us based on decisions we make. Our decisions determine our actions and reactions. We alone are responsible for those.

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Memorie d'autunno - BodyscissorBlog di Niubbo

Avvinghio le mie gambe alla tua vita.
Sono quadricipiti potenti, duri, inesorabili.
Sempre più forte.
Ti dimeni. Digrigni i denti. Cerchi di alleviare il dolore.
Non puoi.
Più ti muovi, più la morsa è inesorabile.
Più ti muovi, più il dolore aumenta.
Tendo i muscoli.
Sempre di più.
Il dolore diventa un tormento. Impossibile da alleviare.
L'aria inizia a mancarti.
Le costole iniziano a cedere.
“Sei pronto?” domando calmo, con la voce bassa, quasi sussurrando quella che pare una minaccia.
Aumento di colpo la pressione.
Due pitoni che vogliono la tua disfatta.
Un grido ti si strozza in gola.
Vorresti battere la resa, ma non puoi.
Ti tengo le braccia. Saldamente. Impedendoti ogni movimento.
“Chiedi pietà”. Sussurro calmo.
Vorresti. Ma non puoi. Dalla tua bocca non esce neppure un fiato.
“Cedi… o muori” ora il tono è basso, minaccioso, senti davvero la fine che si avvicina.
La vista si appanna.
Il dolore ti pervade.
Solo ora, in un moto di pietà, allento di un poco la presa.
Il sangue e l'aria tornano a fluire normalmente.
Sei imperlato di sudore.
Senza posa.
Mi guardi.
“Tu sei… il mio… padrone”.
Ti lascio andare.
Crolli su di un lato.
Ti bacio.
“Sei mio. Ricordalo”.

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The Cost of Wrestlingosakarob's blog

Seems like all hobbies require a bit of cash. Wrestling might be "free" in the sense that it requires no equipment but your own strength, but the reality is a bit more nuanced.

A semi-serious question that I'd love some perspective on:

"What is the most amount of money that you have spent for a SPECIFIC WRESTLING ENCOUNTER?"

(Maybe you traveled some great distance to meet a new opponent and had to pay for flights, accommodation, etc? Or perhaps you shelled out some cash to rent a ring for a match? Or maybe you participated in a wrestle fest and invested some $$ to give yourself that opportunity? Or maybe you wanted a larger hotel room for plenty of grappling space? Invested in some gear for a particular opponent?)

Other than those of us who have invested in mats and mat rooms...what is the most amount you have spent on a single match and what did that money go towards? It's helpful to know because it puts into context our own match expenses, doesn't it?

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Intense BattleDetective Mask's blog

An intense lock-up battle is brewing up between the fighters in my illustration series. Who will ultimately win this bout?

I originally didn't plan on posting this illustration here, since I wanted to wait until the illustration series would be finished before I post again. However, this illustration impressed me so much that I thought it was worth sharing here.

I hope you guys enjoy this. In two weeks time, you'll get to see the conclusion of this bout.

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Video: Flexing my arms and pecs!ronaldb1974

I've made a new flexing video! Check it out here:

If you enjoyed it, let me know. :-)

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Kampftreffen im November nähe Nürnbergoilklaus's Blog

Hallo an alle,
am 18.11.2017 möchte ich ein Treffen mit mehreren Leuten veranstalten. Da wir ein haus haben gibt es auch keine Platzprobleme. Geplant ist ein geselliges Treffen mit Kämpfen und gutem essen. Zwischen und nach den Kämpfen kann auch gern unsere Sauna genutzt werden. Wer von weiter her anreist, kann nutürlich auch bei uns übernachten.
Falls Interesse besteht ist gern auch ein Bummel durch Nürnberg möglich.
Gerauft werden kann trocken in short oder auch in öl. wenn es passt auch gern nackt in öl - wie es sich ergibt. Wir freuen uns auf euch.

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November wrestlingRay83's blog

In the ideal sinario where I can accom for the month of November, offer is basically anyone who can get to my place for a wrestle is more than welcome to stay the night.

Pro wrestling with subs in preferred style but open to try anything once.

Can guys who are genuinely interested let me know so I'm not double booking or anything like that

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Outdoor fight in Berlindamon's blog

Last night I had my first outdoor fight for years. Though I have quite a lot of fights under my belt, I almost didn't get the chance to have an outdoor fight. The last one was probably about ten years ago. Don't even remember how did we get to the idea, but this guy I was talking to on GR suggested it. Well, more or less, I encouraged him to have a fight and he suggested we meet in the park. The original plan was to meet on Monday morning in Hasenheide which is quite a big park with lots of hidden corners. The fact that its a sunny week, also helped. We decided for sports and sneakers and fixed the hour and meeting point for the challenge.
Somehow last night (Saturday) I felt bored and decided to contact the guy, asking him if he wants to move it to the night before (Sunday). The idea seemed to be appealing to him and he even suggested to meet now. One o'clock at night, meeting a guy I never saw before in the park for a fight with no real set rules? You can imagine my pulse went sky high, It can be very good or very bad, but probably not just OK. I thought about it one minute more and agreed, lets have a fight now, meet you in twenty minutes at the entrance to the park. I had in mind that the guy is not very experienced and not much bigger than me.
Got in to the car and drove to the place, keeping in mind that I might find myself alone in the middle of the night, as it can happen that he just won't show up. But he did, he was already waiting for me at the entrance, with his gym clothes and all.
We met, shook hands and went inside. The park was totally dark and quite with some fog lying already on the ground, perfect atmosphere to have a fight. We went a bit inside and off road, space was definitely not a problem. It's a new feeling after you get use to your 2x2m mats, to have all that space to role around. We left our things near the three, stretched a bit but really for a short time and went at each other. As I expected the guy didn't have much of technic, however he was my height and though also slim, he has quite a rigid body, as he practice sports quite often. I managed to take him down quite fast with a leg scissors, but after a few rounds he started to ware me out. We rolled around about one hour of back and forth submission wrestling with some nasty tricks, like shoving the other guy's head into the grass and it was lots of fun. After one hour we decided to call it a day and headed back to the car. Damm I need to work on my stamina.
My first wrestling experience was at the park, many years ago and it was totally different. This was really excellent one. So good that I've asked myself, how come I didn't do it before? Well, definitely going to try that one again. Seems like that wasn't my last fight in that park :-) Hopefully also not the last match with this guy.

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