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Sometimes nothing happens on this website and it gets boring. Still gonna be on this site, but I just want a little excitement. Someone to challenge me at boxing, IRL or cam.

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"Un Poyo Rojo" De la lutte au théatre / Wrestling in theaterfrenchcat's blog

Français (english version follows):

"Un Poyo Rojo" ("un coq rouge") est un spectacle Argentin qui est actuellement en tournée dans toute la France. ils sont passé en OFF à Avignon il y a qq années.

<< Deux êtres se cherchent, se jaugent, se provoquent, s’affrontent, se désirent, se rejettent, s’unissent dans les vestiaires d’une salle de sport. « Un Poyo Rojo », c’est une expérience sensorielle étonnante : compétition sportive, combat de coqs ... >>

<< De ce combat de coqs se dégage une sensualité voire même une tension sexuelle, car on sent derrière la violence apparente les désirs de l’un et de l’autre. Quand l’un se rapproche, l’autre s’éloigne, comme dans un jeu amoureux où personne ne veut céder devant l’autre. >>

Les dates de la tournée sont là:

Preview sur youtube:

je vous conseille ce spectacle très sympa.

In all France right now you can see: "Un Poyo Rojo" an Argentinian theatrical performance with wrestling and hot sensual tension:

<< There’s a twist in how this Argentinian production explores masculinity, and it comes out in the sexual attraction that builds up between Luciano Rosso and Alfonso Baron. Wrestling tussles turn into seductive grapplings, “contact sport” acquires new rules of skin on skin engagement with a live radio as the umpire. >>

Preview on youtube:

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Alpha Male contest in "The Epic of Gilgamesh"blog de Wrestlingfan14

Another of my favorite texts is "The Epic of Gilgamesh". This beautiful poem from Mesopotamia describes an amazing fight between Gilgamesh and Enkidu before they become friends. Here is one of my favorite parts:

“The men rejoiced: ‘Now Gilgamesh has met his match. This great'one, this hero whose beauty is like a god, he is a match even for Gilgamesh. ’

In Umk the bridal bed was made, fit for the goddess of love. The bride waited for the bridegroom, but in the night Gilgamesh got up and came to the house. Then Enkidu stepped out, he stood in the street and blocked the way. Mighty Gilgamesh came on and Enkidu met him at the gate. He put out his foot and prevented Gilgamesh from entering the house, so they grappled, holding each other like bulls. They broke the doorposts and the walls shook, they snorted like bulls locked together. They shattered the doorposts and the walls shook. Gilgamesh bent his knee with his foot planted on the ground and with a turn Enkidu was thrown. Then immediately his fury died. When Enkidu was thrown he said to Gilgamesh, ‘There is not another like you in the world. Ninsun, who is as strong as a wild ox in the byre, she was the mother who bore you, and now you are raised above all men, and Enlil has given you the kingship, for your strength surpasses the strength of men.’ So Enkidu and Gilgamesh embraced and their friendship was sealed.”

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2017-11-09wrestler78's blog

"If you would face me... take up arms, newly Arisen!"

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A week later, ready for action!Wrestling and Domination

So the wrestling practice last weekend was sadly postponed, but now I have a weekend full of wrestling to look forward to, as the Philly Spartans practice has been rescheduled for this Sunday....

... and I've got a full day of wrestling shaping up for tomorrow... if everything works out, hoping to get some time with each of four different opponents. Definitely gonna pace myself so I have plenty of fight for each (and hopefully not too much recovery to do before Sunday, lol).

Hope everyone has a great weekend - especially any vets out there whose service we celebrate this weekend. If you're in the Philly area, hope to see you at the Spartans on Sunday! :)


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Steady Training Partners WantedSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

If one expects to become a good wrestler, and remain a good wrestler, he should engage in matches or serious training a couple hours, two or three times a week. This is precisely what I want to do; but so far has happened rather rarely.

Anyone nearby seeking regular training partners? I could stand to have enough to ensure up to six hours of practicing holds, sparring, etc. Wrestling, light MMA, whatever. Demographics don't matter; Prefer those who take care of their bodies, reasonably HWP and within a feasible weight range (about 0-30 Lbs) for sparring. Check out my profile and recommendations for more info re: me. While I welcome very much travelers into the local area, for steady training purposes it is local men that I need, who can come enough so we can work out and become better at it.

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Come Join Me HereSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

This is the matroom here at the house. Ten by Ten with a double layer of Dollamur[tm] mats on the floor and single-layer Dollamurs on the sides. This provides a safe area for most intensity levels. I like to have a balanced mix of trainees/opponents. 1/3 brand new members and others with fewer than 4 or 5 past opponents; 1/3 quite experienced with 20 or more; 1/3 the guys in between. Open to hosting very small groups provided everyone wrestles (grapples) everyone else present and are willing to share tactics so everyone leaves knowing more than when they arrived. Be clean, safe, sober, and in brotherhood. (Private space in the backyard in mild weather)

PS I need to find more local DC area guys to wrestle/grapple. Very difficult iincenting many to take me on.

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Seasonally Adjusted WrestlingSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Hey guys. We are coming up to (or already into) that time of year when a lot of guys are scarce until after January first. Maybe the more fussy amongst we serious wrestlers should relax the "standards" not relevant to actual wrestling a bit; so it will be easier for us who are here often to get matches. We real wrestlers need to hit the mats at least a couple times a week to stay in good wrestling "shape." Who knows, maybe some will find out that those who are not quite so young 'n' sexy make for good or great wrestling after all.

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Wrestling and working weekendsLymoJobber's blog

I've never wanted to write one of those MF blogs that's actually just a big moan - unfortunately, that's just what I'm doing now!

However, I am kinda writing it so that people who have a good look around my profile might be able to avoid stumbling into this when messaging me. And so that I can have a big moan.

I am currently, and have done in the past, finding it very frustrating organising with people who work the "normal" Monday to Friday, 9-5.

I work in sports (as an video analyst, not a sportsman) and have done since I was 18 and I'm highly unlikely to be doing anything else with my life. That means I am contracted to weekends, Saturday and Sunday, every weekend. This year I've had 4 Saturdays and 3 Sundays to myself where I have not had to work. I get 24 days holiday but have only used three of those on a weekend.

I also work three days & evenings in the week. My current pattern leaves me with Tuesday and Friday as my weekend whilst I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

So, if you are still with me on this, I have two very big frustrations at the moment.

No.1 is that people who work "normal" weeks are finding me extremely difficult to organise with and some are accusing me of being inflexible.. I work the same hours as them, over the same amount of days and get the same holidays off (Christmas, New Year and bank holidays). I simply have two working days over a weekend instead of in the week.

I've got no problem with a person asking if I'm free. That's fair. What upsets me is when they begin to accuse me of being inflexible or difficult. "Surely they don't make you work every weekend!" "You must be free in two months time, we can book in advance!" "I'm really trying to organise something but you're not helping."

If you can't meet me midweek because of your job, I get that. I won't ask you to change it or accuse you of being difficult just because your way of earning an living takes place when mine doesn't. Just don't expect the same of me.

The second is assuming that because I work weekends, I've got plenty of time midweek. This is less of a frustration and is actually caused by people trying to adjust their schedule to suit mine. If they can book a Tuesday off and are willing to do that, then I'm all for it. But if they can only get a Thursday off, that's a shame but still not my fault or a product of me being difficult. I would never ask someone to waste a paid day off for a match with me just in case I went sick, got injured or the train was cancelled etc.

If, therefore, you are retired, part-time or are simply working the same kind of weekend patterns as me, I'll be able to meet you with relative ease. Otherwise, if you are on the Monday-Friday shifts, we'll need a bit of luck.

I have two weekend days off between now and 2018: that's Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

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Why I am into this - 25th Birthday StatementTybinola's blog

I have never thought I would be someone that would want to write a blog post on here, but considering today, November 8th, is my 25th birthday, I sort of feel compelled to explain why I am so into this kinda stuff. I had a few moments to just browse the Internet today and I had the crazy idea to just Google "Why men fight" and after reading a few articles on it, I really want to explain my side of this fascination.

I have always been fascinated with wrestling and fighting. I think like so many other guys on here, I started watching pro wrestling (although I don't really watch that anymore), and that evolved into watching the Olympics, then UFC, now on Meetfighters trying to find other men into this the way I am. Ironically, as much as I was obsessed with fighting, I had never been in a fight growing up, not even a school boy fight. However, when boys got into fights at school, I was drawn to them with an incredible curiosity. I think my own testosterone was beginning to rage at that time, but I can distinctly remember getting so reved up by watching two guys fight that I would almost start shaking, yet the idea of me actually getting into a scrap was something that I, nor any of the people around me, would have ever thought would happen.

So why am I now, a 25 year old dude, trying to find guys on here to wrestle with or fight? Honestly, this is the place where I can find guys that understand the beauty of a wrestling match or a fight with another man. It is not always a sexually driven thing (although I certainly have had those erotic tendencies), and it's not an "unnecessary, barbaric thing" as some writer put it in one of those articles I read today. But there is something about the primal instinctual actions of wrestling or fighting someone that truly has made me feel like more of a man than anything I have done so far in my life.

I mean guys we have probably all felt the same thing. When we have met up with our opponents, whether its friends, or guys from this site, there is this incredible rush that is honestly impossible to compare to anything else I've experienced. When you meet face to face for the first time, when you strip down to your gear, or whatever you're choosing to wear, and you can't help but look at your opponent, you just know what is about to happen. The reason I love doing this, is that it's a way of really releasing stress and aggression, and feeling like a primal man, which is an AMAZING feeling.

There is so much that we all go through in our lives that stresses us out, and what's most annoying about the world we live in today is that so many people, I.E. the Feminist movement (sorry ladies), is telling us that we should just talk out our problems, handle stress by doing something creative, share our feelings, hug it out. Where's the option for men to just go and use their built up testosterone doing something masculine? Didn't see it in those options I listed. It's the reason why so many of us (me included) have to keep this part of our lives so secretive, because the idea of two men meeting consensually to just wrestle, or strap on some gloves, or just throw down for fun is confusing and I'm sure frightening to people. But it shouldn't be that way. We men are born to fight. Whenever someone tries to disrespect you, your parents, your girlfriend, boyfriend, wives, kids, whoever, is the instinct for you to just go and say "that's not nice, please say you're sorry"? NO! The instinct, at least in my mind is I want to teach that person a lesson. The role of the man is we are supposed to defend our honor. And I love being able to use this site to explore that role as a man with other men, while having some amazing times in the process.

I always loved watching UFC action. Those guys and girls are so incredibly gifted in what they do and I know I could never be at that level. But one of the things I have always found fascinating is the talk and prep leading to it. Yes, a lot is for show, but the tension when those face-offs happen feels palpable even through the TV screen. Yet, when the final bell is rung and hand of the victor is lifted, the amazing amount of respect seen is so incredible to me. "We just got in a cage and beat the shit out of each other, but this dude is a brother for life." There is no other place that you can really experience that in my opinion.

So I know this was lengthy, and it's crazy that I am writing this, but I have just had an eye opening moment where things have come to a new light of why I love to talk with guys on this site. I like to be in a community like this where I am able to meet men from all over that are intrigued by this, want to do it, get to do it as often as possible, and form a new brotherly bond with them in the process. I hope guys will read this and feel the same connection with this - maybe some of you may want to try and take me on now that you know this about me, HAHA. But now that I'm 25, I am ready now more than ever to explore this world of wrestling and fighting so much more. Hope somebody got something out of this and maybe hope to hear from some of you soon too.

Bearhugs Boys! Happy wrestling. Happy fighting.

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