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Taming the arrogant boy!

This 22 year old guy at my BJJ centre is incredibly strong and flexible, but also very arrogant. After I saw him demolish three opponents in a row, clearly enjoying making them suffer - keeping holds on after they submitted, on seeing me watching he said to me, “you wanna be next to submit old man?”. I thought for a moment then said, “yeah, you’re fast and quite strong but I’d force you to yield within a minute in my speciality hold.” The cheeky boy replied confidently with a sneer, did I wanna bet. “Sure”, said I. “Ten pounds to you if I fail to make you tap within a minute.” He smiled a vaguely unpleasant smile, “Ok old man, what’s your choice of hold?” Now it was my turn to smile, because I was certain of making this arrogant muscle-kid yelp, “Easy, full Boston Crab.” For just a very brief instant I saw his gaze drop to my thick legs which I was casually flexing, but his eyes then locked with mine, “That stupid pro shit will never make me give” he said, “C’mon show me what you got OLD MAN!” I could already feel a wave of wrestle-lust starting to rise in me, but that “old man” jibe, hardened me in more ways than one. This boy was gonna be humbled in the most humiliating and devastating submission hold that I knew. I was going to grind him into the mats whilst bending him to breaking point. Slowly. With his last remark he dropped to the mat pro-actively ready, with athletic puppyish misplaced enthusiasm.

I didn’t waste any time as you can imagine. I positioned my self over him, grabbed his ankles and elevated his legs tightly securing his ankles in my armpits, clamped there in place by my 17.5” solid arms. “Ready BOY?” I asked. “Fuck you, Grandpa!” he replied. The action then followed quite swiftly. I was taking this lamb to the slaughter house and he had no idea. I dropped heavily onto the base of his spine and immediately pulled his legs way, way, back until his thighs were vertical and I could feel his body starting to reach a point of springy resistance. He grunted. A few seconds later I heard him quietly say “Oh fuck!”.

“You wanna submit now kid?”.
“Hell no, fuck you, you’re weak old man!”
“Well try this then kiddo,” I said and slid my feet away out, transferring all my 97kg of muscle weight onto his 73kg under me.
“Am I still weak kid? Oh! You’re not speaking? I think I need to hear you say you’re sorry you called me old! Say it! Say it, or I will tear you in half boy!”
I heard his ascending siren of moaning hummed sound as the hold started to really crush him. The seconds were ticking by.
“…..yes??” I asked. I was actually quite impressed, by now I was laying the hold on quite hard and I knew what he would be going through under me. My full weight sat on his middle back,in addition to most of his own weight, was being directed through his muscled torso to his upper chest which was being stretched and driven crushingly into the mat. Good for him that the mats were thick and well padded!
All I heard was a series of incoherent grunts from him. I could feel the big spinal rope muscles either side of his spine, hardening and writhing as I also started to turn my hips deeper into the saddle of his back. Thirty seconds gone. I could tell he was now in serious agony. His breathing was stertorously guttural and he was panting shallow breaths to try and survive.
Re-wrapping my hands around his hard rounded thighs I leaned back pulling his legs and raising his nicely rounded bubble ass up and back brutally yet crunching down into the hold.
“Aaaagh, aaaaah, ffffffuck, no, no, no, stop please, aaaagh, unhhh, stop, STOP!!”
I took him just a fraction further and said, “what’s that boy? I can’t hear you!”
With a few slight but cruel bounces there came a sudden frenzy of swearing and tapping.
“If you wanna submit, you have to say it ya stupid little cunt” I ordered.
For about a further 8 seconds he continued to just grunt and wheeze in time to my bounces, but with every bounce I was pulling the hold on ever more. I felt him breathe out heavily and locked down on him even tighter.

50 seconds in…, “Yes, yes, yes, fuck I submit, submit, submit, submit…..pleeeease!”
His voice was compressed with pressure and pain.
“Say you’re sorry!” I commanded loudly, though I allowed him just a little less full pressure in the wickedly painful crab hold. He wailed under me, and I heard a kind of choking, quiet rapid whisper of, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck.”
I leaned back again just an inch more, stretching his entire body into a curved shape from his tight abs which were now lifted entirely off the mat, to his knees. Even though I was submitting him with the devilish, punishing hold I was admiring his stubborn ability to take it, showing incredible resilient strength and courage. “Say you’re sorry boy….say it now or I am going to pull you all the way back!” Three or four seconds later he repeated with vehement urgency over and over…”I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, aaaaauugh….sorry, sorry!”
I let most of the pressure of the hold go and reduced the bend in his spine but continued to hold him in the Boston, slightly shifting my position from his middle back to nearer his waist….which I knew compressed the lower floating ribs very uncomfortably. Several half strangled grunting growls came from him. Though I had heard what he said very clearly, I was enjoying my total control and dominance of this rather impressive young wrestler now and prolonged his agony, saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t quite hear you then,…what was it you said kid?”
“Oh…oh…oh please man, please, I’m sorry I called you old,…please, you got me, you got me…I give, I GIVE!!!’

I let him go and his big legs dropped to the mat heavily. But I continued to just sit heavily on him. “Oh my God, fuck, please man get off, please, uurrgh, you’re killing me!”
I rolled off his athletic frame pushing myself off using his tempting glutes.
He started to curl up, but his raging hard on was completely obvious through the thin material of his singlet chosen by him to vainly display his physique.
There was no-one else around now in the huge mat room.
He sat up a bit and peeled down the top part of his singlet revealing a frankly magnificent torso, slightly reddened under the tan because of the immense effort of surviving the crab hold and with a light sheen of sweat further enhancing the lithe muscularity he displayed. Looking at me direct in the eyes he said with astonishing intimate honesty that surprised me,
“Oh shit man, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever known! Holy fuck! Would you do it again, please, but maybe take it slower, and go for as many multiple subs on me as you think I can take?…….please do it!”
After a whole second of thought, I smiled and nodded.
“But first,” I said, “you gotta try the hold on me and see how controlled you can be applying it, I won’t give unless I really have to. Let’s say you have to make me submit at least ten times.”
“Oh my God, yes, I’ll enjoy that too, he said, “but only if you agree to Boston me for at least 20 minutes afterwards as your revenge. I’ve never discussed this or tried it for real before, but…well…it’s my secret top fantasy. Let’s do it!!!!”

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Sergio-bodybuildermuscle (2 )

27 days ago

Good job using a crab to show him who is the alpha you also could flex your quads to show him who is the alpha


LeatherWrestlerUS (1)

29 days ago

Yes! Older and bolder@


Tallguy998 (10)

5/13/2024 4:48 PM

You teach that young guy a lesson


sjs333 (8)

5/11/2024 9:23 PM

lol.. nice fantasy


H16111960 (13)

5/11/2024 3:32 PM

That makes a difference!! Nobody must see a,therapist doing something both guys want to do!


Lordos (14 )

5/11/2024 2:04 PM

We need to see what happened during the next hour 😈😈. Seems like one minute felt surprisingly well for both of you


H16111960 (13)

5/10/2024 9:07 PM

The only thing to say is, You really see a therapist to get Your revange and failing self esteem under control!!


davey123 (71)

5/11/2024 1:58 PM

(In reply to this)

Er….are you talking about yourself or me hah hah! I can assure this confident young lad enjoyed that session and we are meeting again for more fun.


beverleyboi (16)

5/10/2024 3:20 PM

We need to see this in a match. Do it to me


Blackwrestle (115 )

5/10/2024 2:59 PM

Nice one man
Think it will be something we will be doing to each other soon enough