Choke and strangle

guys who like to choking and strangling

If you like to choke or be choked or strangling with hands or ligatures or just plain HOM

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Skinhead for KO, choke and strangle12/08/2020 3:53 PMSkinheadBox
Sleepered by Superheavy102/07/2020 8:47 PMlaunce
Just love HOM (hand over mouth).2011/30/2019 8:34 PMlaunce
Willing choke victim! 76028311/03/2019 2:20 PMBBWolfe
Jobber looking for a good choke in Paris110/22/2019 8:36 AMEasyToCrush
Anyone in Manila?19/21/2019 10:26 PMscorpioguy
Any truthfully into being choked?489/19/2019 3:35 PMDannyBoy45
Spanish dreamer19/12/2019 5:37 PMCaiet
Choked while school boy pinned in levis jeans19/02/2019 6:04 PMJack3049
KO match49/02/2019 12:23 PMrufffight1979
chain & bullrope matches18/25/2019 11:34 PMSquashlad
Choke strangle match in Sydney18/25/2019 4:58 PMPatrickSYD1998
Choking straddle408/24/2019 4:57 AMJack3049
UK Choke session38/14/2019 2:38 PMJudopete
Who Wants To Choke Me?17/13/2019 11:50 PMChokeMe201
Würgegriff-Kampf in Berlin36/16/2019 11:19 PMhubbi
Flexing when applying chokes45/29/2019 8:07 PMwrestlerspig
Who wants to be choked out in NYC?45/27/2019 6:33 AMRocket
Chokeout match35/15/2019 12:26 AMJcj0033
Los Angeles choke session35/08/2019 8:35 AMhellman34
Looking for a master14/20/2019 11:55 PMFrenchJobber
Choking Session 3/6/19124/13/2019 10:05 AMWrapmeup
jobber in HOLLYWOOD CA need choked out repeatedly24/12/2019 7:45 PMChokestud
Video: Choked And Held92/23/2019 5:11 PMCarlossmith
Video: Younger Caught Older11/17/2019 6:53 AMsnakewrestle
Can you breathe51/04/2019 5:42 PMJayydden
Choke/strangle videos231/04/2019 5:00 PMJayydden
Choke italian111/11/2018 1:52 PMALEXANDROS71
Boot choke311/07/2018 5:38 PMCaiet
Choke lift5011/02/2018 5:57 AMSlookm
Looking to get choked out2810/24/2018 2:43 PM454888qq
Choke in business suit710/20/2018 1:59 PMCaiet
I wanna strangle a muscle guy610/01/2018 6:02 PMmehmetandme
New film for all Fighting tFor Her-, and choking/strangling-fans: 2 guys fight for a girl till almos39/20/2018 1:52 PMsbplooser
New film for WrestleForHer-, schoolboy-pins- and choking/strangling-fans: 2 guys wrestle for a girl 79/20/2018 1:51 PMsbplooser
Westchester NY19/11/2018 9:23 PMChokemate23
Flexing Biceps when applying a choke79/06/2018 10:52 PMRISLEEPMAN
Boot on my neck19/02/2018 6:59 PMnovice04
Muscle Strangler48/22/2018 1:19 AMjwest1111
Manual strangulation and or ligatures chokes and strangles137/26/2018 5:21 PMhantsgut
Choke buddy?27/25/2018 7:41 AMChokestud
Choke you in Memphis27/23/2018 1:27 PMIronWill93
Smother Wrestling (Breathling) New Sport.137/05/2018 11:52 PMJack3049
Tampa Area of Florida - Choke You67/02/2018 2:37 AMChokestud
love to be strangled106/29/2018 5:09 PMlaser3957
Just plain HOM.146/27/2018 9:00 AMhantsgut
Lanzarote -July 201816/24/2018 12:14 PMChokeme
Windsor Ontario16/21/2018 10:37 PMOntguy74
Nude Handsmother & Hom.16/12/2018 12:21 AMEnglish Bob
Any UK guys into give / take sessions?56/08/2018 7:26 PMChokeme
NYC choke me out15/28/2018 6:09 AMLeedle123
Any tall beefy older need to be sleepered/choked?35/23/2018 11:17 PMphillip171
schoolboy pin and hand choking (in wrestling for her)25/01/2018 3:09 AMmike
Challenge to Heavy Weight Sleeper Wrestler14/01/2018 2:11 AMjwest1111
Choke me out or I will choke you out in NYC23/24/2018 8:55 PMEduMor
Looking to choke you out113/06/2018 1:18 PMaussiejobbersqueeze
The Turkish Choker/Strangler33/06/2018 5:36 AMmehmetandme
Madison, WI Choke and Strangle43/02/2018 5:33 PMwrestlerspig
Need to try this12/10/2018 11:11 PMRocket
Choke u out in Okla.City32/10/2018 10:21 PMrob1
singapore choke out12/06/2018 1:19 PM454888qq
New York choke out11/29/2018 9:29 PMChokemate23
Choke victim here for LA early Feb31/27/2018 11:52 AMJobberjockLA
Contact me if you're ever in New Mexico112/17/2017 9:38 PMlaunce
Any of you musclejobbers wanna be choked by 250 pounder .?912/14/2017 2:18 PMChokestud
How do you like to choke someone3011/27/2017 6:31 PMInkedRican
Choke outs in NYC311/20/2017 2:29 AMchokeguy
holiday choke sub211/14/2017 11:22 PMgoldenboy
One handed choke lift110/17/2017 5:41 PMamateur bearhug
Why not just sit down110/03/2017 5:54 PMRocket
young man for choke19/23/2017 8:54 AMJH21SWISS
Choking pins38/27/2017 3:04 PMwrestlpin123
Looking to be chocked38/23/2017 6:27 PMJjwilk
Choking in Brisband98/05/2017 6:03 AMwrestlerspig
Air Force choking 6.3"37/29/2017 2:04 AMgoldenboy
Short-story.17/14/2017 10:42 PMjwest1111
UK choke exchanging126/23/2017 5:23 PMolder noo-b
Choke me46/17/2017 1:03 AMgoldenboy
My neck is ready för you55/23/2017 10:58 PMjudojoe
Choke and Strangle Jersey City15/06/2017 6:21 PMCowboyBeatMeNJ
Choke Me Daddy (Vegas Only)15/01/2017 7:17 AMmman85
Choked while straddle pinned in levis jeans13/30/2017 6:35 PMJack3049
Any one who are in singapore wanna strangle my neck?12/13/2017 8:55 AM454888qq
choke/strangle vs sleeper hold42/05/2017 5:04 PMoneatatime
Leather and Booted Choke Outs Jersey City32/03/2017 6:23 AMCowboyBeatMeNJ
boot41/31/2017 3:50 AMbrutal fight
Chokes/strangles in South Africa?11/24/2017 9:36 PMrufffight1979
Choke out81/24/2017 9:26 PMrufffight1979
scorpioguy HNL chokeout11/02/2017 4:38 PMkoakai28
Looking to be Choked out in Honolulu or Manila21/01/2017 5:33 PMlove muscle guy
looking for muscle guys to play11/01/2017 5:31 PMlove muscle guy
San Diego212/06/2016 4:49 AMwrestlerspig
Choke out in Texas211/01/2016 5:14 PMStarbrand2099
Edmonton Jobber311/01/2016 12:30 AMwrestlpin123
Eastern Washington510/16/2016 8:02 PMimajem
choke or strangle me19/17/2016 4:43 PMrncnotapping90
Choke out in north nj39/14/2016 3:26 PMPA Wrestler
Nude choke109/13/2016 3:07 PMnrboxing
Hosting in Jersey City58/21/2016 3:57 PMferdybear
Have you ever been choked out in a fight.128/16/2016 8:04 PMrufffight1979
London chain choking68/12/2016 11:58 AMrufffight1979
love being choked78/12/2016 11:57 AMrufffight1979
Choke pass out meetup18/07/2016 10:38 PMWrestlerandGeek
Choke out match17/25/2016 11:03 PMTapOutOrPassOut1024
Choke Outs in NYC24/12/2016 2:47 PMNorthjerseyjobber
Choked Out NYC93/29/2016 3:21 PMNorthjerseyjobber
Looking to be choked52/23/2016 4:02 AMPA Wrestler
Choke Out in New York (nude?)32/11/2016 2:02 PMNyfighter10
Washington State211/16/2015 10:50 PMmehmetandme