So this isn't really a blog it's an update of a recommendation. I know, hell fire of meetfighters accuracy protocols will rain upon me but hey I am a rebel and for various reasons it makes sense to continue my short recommendation of a certain unnamed wrestler in this location -

a) because as unnamed wrestler pointed out, I write so much no one can see his other recommendations from better wrestlers (no hint of bitterness)
b) just in case any other fans of unnamed wrestler get jealous he meets me so often and no one ever reads blogs
c) I can write even more bla bla here
d) Since an updated profile always pops to the top, a quick glance might suggest unnamed wrestler only ever meets one person i.e. me whereas he is spreading his wings (very nice lats) all over the matrooms of a certain unnamed Eastern European country.

Anyway I very much enjoy my wrestles with whoever he is, so I set off early to get some extra time in wherever it is. Unfortunately due to only having two hours notice to do his hair he was a little late picking me up. Fortunately he is worth the wait. So a whole day of wrestling, admiring and a bit of socialising followed. I worry that he will get bored of trying to move me around - think determined tug and aircraft carrier but he says he enjoys the challenge and I enjoy his ever improving skills. I also know he could use more, how shall we say - violence against me, but he is too much of a gent to do that. So what's not to like, if this was a recommendation I would tell you to meet him but it's not and you don't know who he is and I want as much of him as I can get, so don't.

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Pinstride (32 silver) 1/14/2017 1:58 PM

I can’t imagine who this mysterious wrestler is…..but I’m sure he would have a Huge list of positive things to say about you, such as:
A) Your ability to make your opponent suffer in the nicest possible way is unique and very much admired
B) You are a great challenge on the mats and push his physical limits and ability….always in a safe and reasonably sane way
C) He is unlikely to ever get bored in his matches with you and probably wishes you could wrestle more often
D) He would be highly recommended you as an incredible wrestler but greed prevents him from doing so ;)


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