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Ok so it's 2019 and my weight may suddenly appear to have jumped by over a stone. This is not due to a particularly heavy night out or even an attack of honesty. It's mainly due to hard work in the gym, honest. I have 13.2 percent body fat which I'm told is pretty good for an old bloke and although my bucket list desire to have visible abs may have a way to go there is definitely less wobbling if I jump up and down. Now on to the rest -

(2017?) As it must be a year since I updated my profile and since admin have not yet introduced a limit on the number words of waffle I can write here, I feel it is time to pile some more on. Quantity rather than quality is always my mantra.

Firstly, confession time. I have given up smoking (well electric fag aside) - wohoo but as a result my site weight is a little optimistic (i.e. a lie) I haven't weighed myself for a while but I had crept up to 14st 6, however before you clamour to get me banned from the site, i should say I have started going to a gym (I had never heard of them before but apparently you go there to get muscles) so my hope is that by the time I next weigh myself I will be able to say confidently that I am whatever stone of muscle rather than lard.

Also in my defence, I don't need to worry about deceiving anyone as I am living in the wrestling desert known as Lowestoft where unless you visit a Suffolk pig farm there is little chance of getting a roll around.

However it is a lovely place to live and i will make the odd visit back to London if anyone wants to arrange anything and I have arranged a couple of trips to put my new muscle to good use (ok, I may not be arnie after a couple of weeks but I am a much better rower than I used to be)

So if any of you pig farmers out there or holidayers want to drop me a line I haven't retired and I am actually getting younger as proved by the blind checkout assistant in M&S who asked for ID when I tried to buy a bottle of wine. Definitely should have gone to Specsavers.

Its nearly the New Year (2014), so time for a profile update. Short, concise and without extraneous detail. It's my New year resolution.

I have been watching wrestling most of my adult life, my preference being a bit more reality than the typical WWF style play acting although I must say I have no objection to American muscle men in case any are reading. I am old enough to remember World of Sport Wrestling and at its best it was very hot and the start of my fascination (sexual and otherwise) with wrestling.

Having found this site in March and discovered I did have a couple of round things between my legs I decided to have a go and since then I have become a bit of an addict. Having met about forty guys and some more than once, I have averaged at least one, sometimes two meets a week. For those of you who have not yet taken the plunge I should say the vast majority have been great guys and I have had great fun. Only two or three have been slightly odd but then I expect for some people I would fall into the slightly odd category, hopefully the odd quirky category rather than the odd, call the police category. I have met guys from 22 to 62 and from several stones lighter to several stones heavier, lots of these encounters have been purely wrestling, some a bit more. However, I do love wrestling and I keep my hands to myself unless something else has been discussed beforehand (and before anyone contradicts me it is very hard to wrestle without ever touching a nipple)

Wrestling styles have varied depending on opponents, some have been straight submission, which I am getting a bit better at, others more trying out pro holds which I also enjoy. If I have to give myself a label I suppose I prefer being a heel and applying some controlled intense holds but I also enjoy a straightforward struggle as long as I don't feel in danger. Not being a spring chicken I am very conscious of safety and expect my opponent to be the same (ok so in forty odd meets I have accidentally provided a trout pout, knocked someones tender region and fallen on someones leg but that is all the more reason why I am as careful as I can be) I am not into being punched or injured or no holds barred but I do prefer a good struggle to just rolling around.

Over the nine months I have been doing this I have learned a bit, lost a bit of weight (or had till the Christmas splurge,I have not had the nerve to stand on the scales since then) and gained a bit of muscle. I am still no gym bunny or Brad Pitt and I don't expect my opponents to be although I have had the occasional treat when my opponent is jaw droppingly gorgeous (no names, I don't want to embarrass anyone but you can guess from my recommendations) but I generally find a lot of fun can be had with fellow mortals.

In that shallow vein, I am not looking for a date or sex and if sometimes a bit more than wrestling happens that is just a bonus, I do love wrestling. If I do have a kink I have a weakness for a nipple but as I say I can behave myself (stop calling me a liar!)

Finally (I promise) if you do message I will reply and I really appreciate when people have the manners to reply to my messages. No thanks is always better than being ignored.

Guess I need to find a new new years resolution, still there are a couple of days to think of one. Hope you all have a great 2014 and if you want to give me a go, get in touch.


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hugefan is recommended by Alan2005sg

September 2022
After 3 years, I finally met Hugefan again. This handsome man is definitely not to be missed. We had a fun round of wrestling in a proper matroom & we both enjoyed so much on our rolling. It was a great wrestling & fun event.

Off the mat, this handsome man has a good sense of humour who can always cheer you up while you are tired. I enjoyed every moment with him. Last but not least, I appreciate him taking the few hours of train from Lowestoft to London for the meet. Hope to meet him again next time.

Don't hesitate to contact Hugefan if you are visiting UK

June 2019
Hugefan has given me a new experience of doing Wrestling in a "shoebox environment". He played it very well & gave me an enjoyable time. I appreciate him taking the few hours of train from Lowestoft to London just to meet me.



Alan2005sg is recommended by hugefan

19th September 22
Alan was kind enough to invite me to a group meet he organised in London on a visit. I thought it was a collection of people he'd met before but it turned out I knew more of them than he did which makes it all the more impressive what a great bunch he got together. Alan claimed he hasn't been able to go to the gym recently but something made his muscles grow, he is a proper hunk. We actually had space for a first proper wrestle and not only is he very good he does great noises, I wondered if I was accidentally going too hard until he explained he was acting. Lovely bloke, great wrestle, fun event and so good to see him again.

First meet - I can't remember who looked at whose profile first but after exchanging a few messages it became clear Alan would be a nice guy to meet and that since he was generally at the other side of the world I might need to be creative to find a slot that suited us both on his work/wrestle flying visit to London.
That is how I ended up wrestling after ten oclock at night in the smallest hotel room I have ever seen. While space may have limited the amount of full on wrestling we could do, we did enough to let me feel how strong this guy is and how tough, not even a squeal from my best scissors on a body that was already battered and bruised from 4 days of wrestling. And a very hot body it is too. Great firm muscular chest, arms and back with a lovely face to match.
So due to the lack of space we may have had to improvise on the wrestling style. I'm sure nipple punishment wrestling is an Olympic sport and if not why not? Alan's nips had already been warmed up by another mean bully so were a little vulnerable already but he was very cunning at managing to get a hand from any hold I had him in to get his revenge on mine. A lot of fun and some laughs. Well worth a late night trip. Sweet sweet guy who I can tell will be a hard opponent if we ever get the chance to wrestle in a bigger space.
I hope we do although it was great fun and an honour meeting him in a shoe box all the same.
Lovely personality to match rocking body . If you get the chance do meet him.



hugefan is recommended by Chuck

Yes after far to many month Stephen and I hooked up again on one of the hottest (in both senses) days of the year. Having mats now, Stephen has a very nice set up and despite his memory lapsed on hosting, his baby face good looks remain.

You only have to read the first paragraph of Stephen's recommendation to know that this guy has a great sense of humour, and for somebody so tall also has a terrific centre of balancer, making him difficult to pin. Well Stephen's bulk, (a term I used he wasn't best pleased with ;o)) i.e. his slight weight and height advantage, did give him what he needed to gain a sub or two more than I would have liked, but hey, you can't win 'em all. I'm pretty sure that if the mattress hadn't attacked on his behalf I may have gained a lead (possibly), but what I genuinely hope, is that we get the chance to go at it again. His 100+ opponents are testament to his popularity, and rightly so. He's the baby face heel of the site, gently spoken with all the right growling undertones. Watch this space for round two.



Chuck is recommended by hugefan

Update Sept 22, Had the pleasure of meeting Steve at a group meet after far too long and for far too short a roll but it was great seeing him, still a fine specimen, I mean wrestler, ok both.

After far too long, I reckon a couple of years I had the pleasure of meeting Steve again. Re reading my previous recommendation I'm not sure there is much to add, he is still a beautifully tanned Sean Connery look alike who seems to get more handsome every time I meet him. And the wrestling was a great sweaty virtual oil match on a hot summers day. Perfect way to spend an afternoon. Unfortunately my hosting skills somewhat let me down buying meat based snacks for a vegetarian might not be my finest hour but maybe I will remember next time. Hope it will be soon.
What a nice surprise Steven was, not that I had not liked his photo or seen he had good recommendations but the reality was even better than those. Let's not be shallow but he is better looking than his photo, great tats, fabulous pierced nips, a tanned bear of sexy proportion. Ok, I may have had a sip or two of sherry before writing this but it doesn't mean it isn't true. Really nice guy and when I compared him to Sean Connery I wasn't suggesting he looks seventy, in fact he looks fab for any age but younger than his years.
Enough shallow. We had a great sweaty tussle with only my bulk, as he kindly pointed out, giving me an edge. A freak accident involving the edge of a mattress and his eye cut it short but that gave us longer to chat and get to know one another (which hoping the injury isn't serious) was no bad thing.
Beautiful shaped arms and lots of lovely fur (oh dear shallow took over again) Steve is a tough wrestler and if he hadn't been at it twice before this week I might not have been able to keep him at bay.
Charming guy, good fun, completely safe and controlled, a pleasure to get sweaty with, what else can I say but hope to meet him again and hope the injury isn't serious.



hugefan is recommended by mikeswuk

awesome! fit, strong, with stamina and intuitive skills. we wrestled for a couple of hours. he's also a quick learner as i found to my cost! a really nice guy too. he goes straight into my top 5 guys to wrestle.



mikeswuk is recommended by hugefan

Can't even guess how long it is since I met Mike so it was lovely to see him again at a group meet (sept 22) so long in fact I thought he'd forgotten who I was but really who could forget me Ha ha. Mike may be a few years older but what hasn't changed is that he isn't a great wrestler for his age he's just a great wrestler with his ninja manoeuvres he's not to be underestimated even by a huge lump like me. A pleasure as always.

I am sure this is the fourth time I have met Master Mike but perhaps he tired me out too much on the third occasion for me to write anything. Once again great sweaty battle with a few tips thrown in. Being so mean with giving me an arm I had to resort to giving him loads of hugs, the hard crushy kind of hug involving arms and legs but still it took all my bulk to get the odd tap out of him. its worth saying again if you want to learn about wrestling meet Mike he is not great for his age he is just great.

Met master Mike for a second session this evening, having explained his neck was a little sore i spent most of the evening trying to choke him but only because he makes getting an arm such hard work. We had a great sweaty session with Mike wearing me down in his usual style until he made his classic error - he started to give me tips - sometimes I wonder who the beginner is - doesn't he know the first rule of wrestling, don't tell your opponent what to do ha ha. Having learnt lots of new skills and successfully using some of them I shared with Mike my special skill of nipple tweaking, it wasn't one he had learned at the wrestling club, i think he was impressed. Its worth saying twice or three or four times, do meet Mike if you get the chance.

Mike, like me wears glasses, so not only did i have a fantastic evening wrestling i had the added bonus that with his glasses off he thought i was both young and attractive. Should have gone to spec savers!

Definitely one of the best meets I have had, I am a little heavier and taller so when we began I almost, so nearly managed to get him in some effective holds but class came through, just as I got close he would slowly work me into a a very safe but inescapable hold to which i had no answer. Then he made his big mistake, he gave me some tips ha ha. I can honestly say I learned more tonight than in any previous meet and surprisingly with his advice i managed to get a couple of taps. Mike is a fantastic wrestler and for any of you put off by his age, just grow up, if you are serious about wrestling learn from the master. I should add he is charming and in my usual tradition of being shallow has a great hairy body. looking forward to my next lesson from a lovely teacher.



hugefan is recommended by Crushhhh

I think I might rename this great wrestler, HugeFUN, because I have never laughed or giggled so much during a match! Not that he is odd looking (well, partly), no, he has one great sense of humour and a warm personality.
We'd been chatting on and off for 2 years but never got around to pinning down a suitable date. I feel now like that was valuable time lost.
It all started off so well, the room was cleared and the mats put down and we went to work on each other in speedos and boots. It was quite competitive with much heaving and straining and strong submission holds being exchanged until disaster struck (for me at least). Hugefan found a weakness I didn't know I had and went in for the attack. As much as I would try to shield myself, he kept coming back for more...reducing me to a giggling wreck. This move of his is highly effective in rendering an opponent defenceless...but in me it induced a mixture of pleasure and pain that I hadn't experienced before.
We exchanged a few pro holds...and then chatted, laughed, and chatted some more through the remainder of the match.
I can't think of a better way to have spent the afternoon. Thoroughly recommended...we won't leave it so long next time!



Crushhhh is recommended by hugefan

Must be seven or eight years since we met but lovely to see Paul again at a group meet (sept 22). He gave me some guff about operations and not being in shape then turned up like a film star and crushed me like a fly, he definitely broke my arm and leg but the jury is out on my neck as that was a group effort. Good laugh and safe, hope to be his practice dummy again sooner.

Crushhh and I had exchanged messages since July 2014, not those long indepth messages some people like before meeting but more along the lines of -
fancy meeting sometime?
yeah that would be good
.....two months later
still up for a meet?
yeah, that would be good
.....6 months later
still alive?
yeah, must meet sometime

Not that I am suggesting he is a hard man to pin down (although he is very hard to pin down on the mat) just that with one thing and another it took a while to fix a date. Was he worth the wait..... oh yeahhhh
Having been picked up from the station we had the normal introductory conversations about how we got into wrestling, who we had both met, what kind of match we liked, any odd experiences and as this went on it gradually became apparent that Paul hadn't actually read my profile. The clue being he opened it while I was sitting there and started looking at it as if for the first time. Now I do appreciate that he would need to be considerably older to have read my entire profile, recommendations and blogs but he seemed slightly sketchy on, well , any of it.
But I am not complaining, I rewarded his lack of safety research by bumping him off and burying him in his lovely garden (only joking Admin!)
Anyway after a long afternoon of chatting and wrestling he probably knows me better than he wants to.
As his previous recommendations highlight he is pretty gorgeous, super buff, strong skilled and a very nice guy to chat with and as way of a compliment I reminded him that one past opponent said he looked like a movie star, Paul being a gent did his best to return the compliment by saying I also reminded him of a movie star - Paddington Bear. I mention this only to illustrate the fact that handsome men can be funny to.
In fact although our wrestle started in a very serious muscle testing, sporting contest kind of way, we did have a lot of laughs. He may have illegally large biceps and a lovely thick wall of chest muscle but he does also have a funny bone. I may have been on the receiving end most of the time but I am sure he tapped once just to get me to shut up.
When we were both feeling his age he was kind enough to let me put him in a few pro holds and I was very impressed that even with all the rock hard muscle he is mighty bendy.
So after a long, exhausting but great fun afternoon it was time to head back to not so sunny Lowestoft.
Would I recommend this handsome, buff, charming wrestler to you? Not on your life, you think I want to have to wait another two years to meet him again !
PS - kept it concise for you like wanted x



hugefan is recommended by Smother

This is too obvious, I know, but I’m a huge fan of hugefan!
Although a gentle, nice guy off the mats, he was a determined, devious fighter on them. We had an intense and evenly matched tussle with a bit of banter thrown in for good measure.
I can’t wait to fight hugefan again - he gets a high recommendation from me.



Smother is recommended by hugefan

Met smotherpinner at a group meet in London. Most of the guys I'd met before if many years ago, smother was a new face and a very handsome one at that. His photos are good but don't do his lean but muscular body justice. Ok so shallow me was happy and with his claim of being a beginner I thought I'd get him tied up in a nice hold and admire. Unfortunately he is a beginner wrestler like Alcaraz is a beginner tennis player. So after a good sweaty battle with much squealing on my behalf I discovered his weakness, he doesn't like a big lump squashing him. Who knew claustrophobia was my new supermove. I should have been offended that smother started asking how heavy I was but really what's a few kilos (ok stones) between friends. Really nice guy, great natural wrestler and lovely view. Oh and he looks closer to 30 than 50. Top recommendation all round.



hugefan is recommended by tallfitldn

Met hugefan at a private group meet today.

At first, he looks a bit intimidating – very tall and solid. But when you hear the beautiful Scots accent, it’s all good and pleasant to talk to.

On the mats, scissors seem to be his favourite thing and he crushed but not too much so he can savour the moment. I was able to escape a few times, only to be quickly trapped again. At one point, he had an armbar and scissor combo applied on me – brutal!

If it wasn’t for time limitations, I would have happily rolled for a lot longer, so I hope a rematch is on the table for the future.

A very big recommendation from me! Thank ye, mate ;)



tallfitldn is recommended by hugefan

Tallfitldn was one of the new faces I met at a group meet in London today and he was a total pleasure. As it says on the label he is tall and very fit, awesome body. We had a competitive match, well competitive in the sense that he made me think I was in with a chance before finishing me off. But totally safe and a real gent. I discovered how much of a gent when walking back to the tube I managed to trip and sprawl across the road infront of waiting cars. He was very kind making sure I was ok so I would highly recommend him as a top wrestle, ace body and great bloke.



yorkshire-lad is recommended by hugefan

Yorkshire lad very kindly came to visit at the end of his holiday in Norfolk. Lowestoft isn't on the way to anywhere so it was a bit of a detour. Having explained he had broken his leg I did my best not to fall on it, unfortunately it wasn't his thigh bone that had been broken so he was quite capable of squeezing the breath out of me a few times. I may have had a height/ weight advantage he certainly had the age fitness advantage but factoring all that in we had a pretty even good sweaty battle. Very nice bloke and although I'm not the shallow type at all ahem, his body is a real treat. Strong, supple, knows what he's doing, highly recommended.



hugefan is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

I spent a great afternoon with Hugefan yesterday in his home town of Lowestoft - a picturesque, seaside town! As the train approached the station I was becoming more and more nervous but I soon realised that I had nothing to be worried about. Hugefan was waiting at the station for me and greeted me with a smile and a hand shake - this tall, fit Scotsman is very laid back and was very easy to get along with. We had a pre match beer in a local pub at which point I noticed his impressive biceps and my nerves came back momentarily.
Hugefan's account of our match is not quite accurate - when I read his comments I did wonder if it was our match he was reporting on. Despite being laid back and funny, Hugefan is strong and fit and an excellent and challenging opponent - every submission won by myself and him was hard fought for - the match was no way one sided. Fortunately for me I have a shaved head and sweat like crazy which helped me escape some, but not all of his holds. Others have commented on the strength in his thighs - he applies very tight scissors which had me worried a couple of times during our sweatfest. It was an excellent 2 hours of non stop wrestling - a great workout. As he says, we first met for a beer 8 years ago - why we did not meet before now I do not know but I guarantee we won't wait as long for the rematch. A great guy both on and off the mats and a fantastic host. Thank you Hugefan!



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by hugefan

2013 in a distant galaxy (London) I met scrap for a drink and we arranged a meet. It didn't happen and I would never suggest he avoided me for the next eight years but some things are worth waiting patiently for.
My first wrestle for two years probably and a great reminder how much fun this all is. Traveling for a good couple of hours scrap came to see me, stepping off the train dressed for Hawaii when unfortunately Lowestoft was doing an impression of your average Scottish summer day.
Scrappy doesn't want me to say he's a nice guy, he has his reputation to think of but despite his love of potty mouthed pre-match build up he is a really nice guy and we enjoyed a pre-match drink and post match bit of grub before his long journey back.
You will note I am waffling to avoid discussing the match. I am not trying to avoid mentioning having my arse handed to me on a plate, oh no. I am not embarrassed that being a bit younger, taller and heavier I ended up feeling like a ninety year old that was run over by a hairy bus, oh no. I will claim I'm rusty but truth is for all his talk of scrapping, scrappy is a really good wrestler, very strong, I found it really hard to get a grip of anything and then he'd break my neck or something equally friendly. He is all muscle, looks 40 and has a mysteriously good tan and a nice rug so easier to look at than wrestle.
I forgot to mention the sweat, let's just say I had tried oil wrestling before but this was my first experience of pool wrestling.
A really good fun few hours slipping around, heaving and sweating (I only glow rather than sweat of course) Highly recommended and even though he's planning to move hundreds of miles further away to avoid me, we will meet again...



hugefan is recommended by calebluegrappler

This was bound to be (as my mate Marcus5678 so kindly put it) a David v. Goliath match, but it was not until I found myself standing nose to chest with all 6’3 of this muscular, lightly bronzed (how does he do that?) giant in his tight blue square-cuts, that I realised what I had let myself in for! It began auspiciously enough - he offered to warm up my back and my muscles with a lovely massage. What a kindly gent, I thought. But his ulterior motive soon became clear, as he subjected me to a series of inescapable, long-held holds - Headlock, Boston, camel clutch, backbreaker... At one point I surprised myself - and him, I think - by accidentally nearly sleepering him and gaining a submission. But that was clearly just a fluke. The rest was basically a lesson for me in how to be his little jobber!
Having said all of that, HF is totally safe and (very nearly) sane. Plus, as anyone who has met him will tell you, you will spend nearly as much time laughing as wrestling with this hunky joker. I enjoyed every moment of being wrapped up in his (slightly suspiciously) golden muscles and thanks to his careful respect for my injured arm and the extra back rub after every hold, I didn’t even ache the next day! If you haven’t yet wrestled this friendly giant, what are you waiting for? You will have a blast!



calebluegrappler is recommended by hugefan

So Clive first invited me to a birthday group wrestle which unfortunately I couldn't make but resulted in him being entered in my little black book of people daft enough to want to meet me.
So eventually when I was coming to London I thought I would see if he was free. He was!
Clive was able to host this weekend and treated me to a large matted area in a beautiful house. He explained he was suffering with a shoulder injury so I kindly set about hurting every other part of his body so the shoulder didn't feel too lonely.
As his photos show Clive has an inspiring body for a mature gent, I really want to be his age, which isn't that far off and have a flat hard stomach and lean fit body. What you might not see from the photos, unless you zoom in very carefully is what pert protruding nipples he has. (Not that I have any interest in nipples, you understand, just in case anyone else does ahem)
So we spent a good few hours wrestling and he may not have been at it long but Clive certainly understands how to apply a hold and attempt to counter mine. Seven inches and three and a half stone might have given me a small advantage but ...Clive had asked me to teach him one thing so I felt 'how to be a jobber'. was a useful lesson to learn. We also did a fair amount of lying about chatting and trying out some holds. For someone claiming not to be super flexible he took a camel for a loooong time and my over the knee backbreaker hurt my knee before his back ha ha. Very fine he looked too stretched out. Lovely proportions.
In summary, I wish I could have stayed longer which is a good sign, he's an engaging guy and not just physically (because I'm very deep you know) and he's just a lot of fun. Don't be ageist if you want a quality meet Clive is your man x



hugefan is recommended by Mikeywrestles

Had a great time with Hugefan in a London mat room.
I was pretty exhausted from a very busy week when we started and there hadn't been much time for discussion before hand but we got into things really easily and I soon found it was better to surrender to Hugefan's strength and skills as I had little energy to draw on.
He locked me up in many holds & gut-punched me senseless (which I was pretty pleased about). He's a great guy, handsome, with a terrific build. Highly recommended.



Mikeywrestles is recommended by hugefan

So Mike is a little mysterious, not one for endless long discussions about what kind of wrestling he likes or favourite holds or in fact anything so I was a little unsure what to expect when we met. He had sent me a face pic so I knew I would not need to keep my eyes shut during the wrestle, he is a handsome guy.
When we locked up I realised he is also a strong guy, he kept telling me he wasn't feeling at his strongest after a hard week at work but that was my good fortune because he was still a handful.
Luckily having done my due diligence I knew he had a taste for gut punching and once I started he liked it so much his resistance slightly dissipated. He would let me put him in a hold and pummel away at his very hard abs until I got tired or was overcome with guilt.
I am no gut punching expert so it was hard to gauge whether his very convincing pain noises were play acting, exaggerated for effect or totally genuine. Sounded great anyway. He told me if I went too far he'd let me know so I believed him. He also let me indulge my fondness for a nipple and put him in some quite intense holds. Not that I had things entirely my own way, he would quite suddenly put on (I think) quite a scary revenge face and come at me full steam. Luckily I generally managed to use my few extra kilos to keep him in check, not always possible to keep his potty mouth in check though. My goodness I nearly blushed ha ha.
I had a lot of fun, a good view and I think he enjoyed himself although he might change his mind tomorrow if he can't get out of bed. Mike is a very affable guy even if he isn't quite the gas bag I am. If you want a good sweaty wrestle with a hot guy and he says yes, go for it, you can sort out the details later.



hugefan is recommended by Squashlad

It's always intimidating to meet a guy who's much bigger than you, who's had more past opponents than you've had hot dinners and whose profile lists his heel's enjoyment of applying intense holds and (just some of!) the injuries that he's inflicted. And sure enough in no time at all the big heel had me pinned to his mats, bleeding and helpless, while he toyed with me and made idle comments about disposal of the body parts. But actually no, hugefan's probably the worst heel that I've ever met! His "merciless evil laugh" as he clamps on a hold is more of a sweet chuckle and he's far too nice to hurt anyone, and spent as much time giving me a very competent massage between holds as racking me in them. A strong, in shape and enthusiastic gentle giant who knows his holds, hugefan is a friendly, welcoming host who's discovered the elixir of youth, who wrestles safely and sanely and who ensures that his guests (and their nipples!) have a great time. Very highly recommended and I'm very much looking forward to the rematch!



Squashlad is recommended by hugefan

2019 Nov Craig once again proved to be a star making the long journey from London to sunny Lowestoft and thankfully trains, weather and seagulls all behaved themselves on this occasion. Neither of us realised quite how long it had been, over two years in fact and it would have been good if the visit had been longer which is always a good sign. We may have spent more time on the well known wrestling moves of eating and drinking than Boston's and armbars but it was a very enjoyable time non the less. When we did get down to it, Craig's nipples may have suffered due to my increased appetite but he seemed to like it and whimpers beautifully. Hopefully it won't be so long till my next feast.

After far too long I had the pleasure of Craig visiting me in my new home town. Unfortunately he had the pleasure of weekend rail disruption but he braved trains, coaches, riding pigs bear back and possibly swimming finally he made it to the most easterly town in the UK.
When we finally got down to it Craig had changed from a compliant jobber to being competitive and he is a strong guy. Although he claims to never go to the gym I think those muscles came from somewhere. We had a great sweaty battle and thankfully when we were both dripping Craig remembered his true vocation and let me enjoy my tiny cruel streak.
Lovely guy, lovely guest and strong wrestler. Hopefully not so long till next time.

Having spoken to Craig some time back (ok not really that long ago) when he got back in touch I really flattered him by confessing i had forgotten we had spoken. In my defence, I don't have one, thankfully he wasn't so petty as to let that stop him visiting me and what a great time I had.

While we competed to see who could be the most self-effacing about our respective bodies and discussing the mega hotties we have both met I had trouble convincing him that he is a hotty. I liked his profile photos but the reality was even better, furry chest, great strong legs and fab nips, not to mention handsome with dreamy eyes.

Most of us have little quirks on this site and fortunately Craig and I have complimentary ones, occasionally I like to just hurt someone and i always like nips, he likes being hurt and having his nips played with. Bingo! He suffered beautifully, and seemed to enjoy all I could throw at him (apart frrom the tickling ha ha). He may have said I was the worst heel he had ever met but I took this as a compliment because I think he meant that I enjoy providing pleasure and pain.

Lovely guy, great afternoon hope to repeat soon,



hugefan is recommended by Blackwrestle

It was definitely an age in coming and at times it seemed like it would never happen but sheer persistence on both sides finally synced up our calendars.
Huge does seem at first like a shy guy but he soon warms up. No more so than when you strip down and hit the mats. Luckily as we was kneeling due to venue the height difference was a little easier to manage so a bit of a plus in my favour there for sure. Once this man gets going he is very much the Duracell or is it Ever Ready bunny he goes on and on and on. He is definitely a persistent bugger and made though he probably doesn't think so strong with it. He is as he says stubborn and will not submit easily so you have to work him that bit more. All in all a definite thumbs up from me and a guy to meet which a good deal have.
Looking forward to next time



Blackwrestle is recommended by hugefan

So after 6 years of talking about meeting, almost meeting, moving to the other end of the country to make it even more of a challenge, finally I got to meet Blackwrestle.
After we got changed to wrestle it became obvious that Leslie was going to be a challenge. He may be slightly shorter but his photos give no impression how big his arms and legs are and how broad his shoulders are. I have been trying hard at the gym but I think two of mine would make one of his. So I was pleased that I managed to get him underneath me a few times but the problem was trying to do anything when I was there. Heaving and straining and raining sweat, I couldn't get an arm free or an arm round his bull neck. Apart from the danger of giving myself a hernia and sounding like I was suffering from constipation I could get nowhere. Eventually Leslie got so bored he let me get one sub. He on the other hand had me squealing like a girl and I'm not sure if he was being kind or I was being stubborn but he should really have got a mountain more subs than he did. Although it was a tough challenge I really enjoyed trying to move his tree trunk arms and hopefully giving him a challenge.
Lovely guy to chat to, super strong, not hard to look at, well worth the wait.



hugefan is recommended by kingj

I met Stephen for the first time at a meet at Walthamstow with two other members from Meetfighters.
Stephen is a great guy to be with. He really enjoys his wrestling and is strong and skillful.
Our first encounter was on the mats. He was kind to me and did not use his weight to advantage. But his body scissors are strong and I can still feel the effect one week on. There was no escape.
I then partnered Stephen in a tag which we won but it was all too short as we needed to think about leaving. Was pleased to have Stephen on my side !!!!
i would recommend Stephen 100%. a strong, fun and safe opponent.



kingj is recommended by hugefan

Jon was part of a mini meet in Walthamstow I attended. Never having met or really chatted before I am pleased to report he was warm and charming. We enjoyed some submission floor work and were partners in a short tag match ( not that it's polite to brag but we were the victors and hopefully Chris will be organising the trophy for us soon ha ha)
Jon is a strong slim guy with good skills and again I had to make use of my few extra pounds (OK stones) to keep him at bay. Great guy to meet and and wrestle, give him a go if you get the chance.



hugefan is recommended by Sam London

Hugefan was a great guy. He was easy to get on with right from the start. He takes a perverse pleasure in writing the longest recommendations on this website, so I'm going to give him a run for his money.

I soon had him squealing like a little girl and begging for mercy - all right, that's a fantasy in my head. In reality, his four stone weight advantage flattened me soon enough. However, he's no bully - well, hardly at all : ) - and no sadist. He was happy to let go as soon as I tapped, but took a certain amount of pleasure in testing my patience. I was often stuck in a hold, while he grinned and cracked jokes and watched me flop about helplessly until I gave in and tapped.

Before we knew it, it was 9pm, and having swapped a chunk of our life stories, we decided to hit the nearest decent watering hole. I managed to take us the long way round, but he was very forgiving about the unexpected tour of Walthamstow's back roads and we soon found ourselves propping up the bar. If you ever need to get a round in with him, note that he prefers spirits to beer.

We compared life in our respective towns and jobs, and meditated on the meaning of life, and after we had suitably impressed each other, made our unsteady way back to the hotel (him ) and the station (me).

As soon as I'm 4 stone heavier, I look forward to flattening him. Cheers !



Sam London is recommended by hugefan

Having arranged to go to a group meet on a Friday morning in London I decided to see if I could find a meet the night before when I was staying in a Travelodge in sunny Walthamstow. Rather than post a match request I thought I would scour my past chats and see if I could find someone who had previously shown an interest. A bit of spear fishing later and I hit Sam. He was an easy fish to catch, free on the night happy to wrestle in a Travelodge and his main demand was that we find time for a drink after. As drinking is pretty high on my list of hobbies I didn't struggle with that one.
Sam was a little late escaping the dreaded work but he kept me in the picture and turned up when he said he would. As I often find he looks much better in the flesh than his photos. Slim but with muscles and handsome when he isn't doing his scary wrestling psycho face which I must admit had me checking my phone was within reach. We got straight down to it and although he later questioned if his wrestling has improved over the years he had nothing to worry about. Strong with good defences I pointed out all he needed for a more competitive match was someone who wasn't four stone heavier. Still he was hard to subdue and we had a good few sweaty hours, me being a big bully, him proving very resilient, making great noises and practicing his anglo saxon. Potty mouth, no wonder i had to ask him to say sorry. We ended up having a great work out and very enjoyable body contact. I would love to have given him a massage but had no oil. Damn!
Great company with interesting if 'unusual ' tales to share we made it for a drink in a great pub he suggested. The evening flew by and if the group meet had been cancelled I still think my flying visit to London would have been worth it. I think that's a recommendation in itself.
Don't say no if you get the chance to meet Sam.



hugefan is recommended by Chris Flashman

I was delighted that Stephen could top the bill (well, at 6ft 3in he would, wouldn't he) at a mini meet I had arranged. I could tell from his blogs and the conversations we had had that we would get along fine, and I wasn't disappointed. In short, he helped make this one of the best meets I have arranged, as well as being great company at the snackery to which we adjourned at the conclusion of proceedings.
He clearly enjoys his wrestling, and he's an absolutely top bloke to climb in the ring with. Yes, of course there was a size difference, but he wrestled down to my level (about four inches down), as indeed he did with the other group members. Unsurprisingly, his legs and thighs are lethal: having my ribs squeezed through my eardrums was a whole new experience. All done in a sensible and measured way with what I can only describe as infectious humour.
Admittedly, I didn't quite toss him over the top rope: I'm saving that for next time. And I hope I don't have to wait too long. Top guy. Top rating. Thanks, Stephen!



Chris Flashman is recommended by hugefan

Chris was kind enough to invite me to a mini meet in Walthamstow. I haven't been to many group meets but Chris sounded like a nice guy and it was a chance to see the Walthamstow matroom for the first time and hopefully get a few extra meets in one go to thwart the conspiracy between admin and flakey drop outs to steal my star (sorry almost off on my favourite rant)
To the point, Chris was very good making arrangements for where to meet and finding two other good guys to meet, he might have been a little over anxious checking I was still coming, once or twice or...a few times, but I understand paranoia.
He is as nice a guy in person as he is on the page and when you see him without a wrestling mask there is no desire to ask him to put one on. Skinny isn't quite the right word, wirey maybe. Let's say he isn't carrying any emergency food reserves if we have to dive in the bunkers. I was a little worried about the weight and size difference and accidentally snapping him but he is a strong guy, what weight he has is all muscle. I didn't have to treat him like a fragile ornament because he certainly isn't. We had a good couple of tussles in the ring which was a lot of fun, throwing in some pro holds with some submission ground work too. Chris knows what he wants to do and although bulk may have been more of an obstacle than my skill, I think he had fun trying. I certainly enjoyed myself.
A pleasure to meet and wrestle, don't be put off by the mask, hit him up. And thanks for the invite and organisation Chris.



hugefan is recommended by danwrestle

I met Stephen at Walthamstow in small group wrestling meet He got me a few submission holds especially body scissors which he seemed to have great pleasure putting me in I gave him some verbal back which made he put the hold tighter on me. I did tap a few times which was all good and safe. He a very friendly guy and highly recommend a meet with him. Thanks Mate



danwrestle is recommended by hugefan

Dan was part of a Walthamstow group meet of four. Having met at the tube station and within 5 minutes mentioned my stomach was sticking out (it was what I was wearing honest) I realised two things, firstly he is a cheeky bugger and secondly he was going to pay for it.
Dan really needs some new pics, he has lost a lot of weight himself and looks good for it. A bit of a contrast in height and weight but he is a feisty fighter and I learnt something from him. I had never realised there are so many variations and combinations of use of the words fuck and bastard, I think there was, fuck, fucker, fucking bastard, bastarding fuck, fuck bastard and I could go on. I had a lot of fun squeezing and lifting him and seeing what new groans and swear words I could bully out of him. I think he enjoyed it too.
Dan is a lot of fun in the ring and good company, he may need a little soapy scrub of his potty mouth but he gave me a good laugh. (I mean that as a compliment you cheeky little bastard x)



hugefan is recommended by dan9692

After some trash talk online, i finally decided to go visot this gent and sort him out.

He's an imcredibly gracious and welcoming host, who made me instantly welcome. Despite his old age, stephen is strong and powerful and I had great fun trading holds and exchanging subs with him. If i didnt have to leave due to time comstraints i would happily have carried on!!!

Strong, decent wrestler, excellent host, id definitely meet again!!!



dan9692 is recommended by hugefan

After my last meet with a 5ft 2 10st guy I thought it was only fair I went for someone I have to look up to. As if I get to plan these things, Dan just happened to be the next guy stupid enough to agree to meet.
He was also kind enough to travel through to my humble matroom. Admittedly it is a small room but generally there isn't as much requirement to shuffle into the middle of the mats as there was with long limbed Dan.
After exchanging a few bits of trash talk on line I wasn't disappointed by Dan's fighting spirit. Lots of sweat, ok mostly mine. I might have mentioned a few times that he is half my age, we had a good to and fro with subs on both sides. It was a lot of fun and he is a lovely guy when not threatening oaps ha ha. He did laugh at the ineffectiveness of my scissors but he also said I was built like a tank so I will forgive his youthful cheek. I think the tank thing was a compliment but no doubt he will correct me and tell me it's because I'm slow and rusty.
I could have wrestled longer and would be happy to meet again which I think is recommendation enough for stretch Armstrong aka Dan.



hugefan is recommended by ShortMick

Such an enjoyable time! True to his name, Hugefan is very huge in size. A whopping 13 inches taller than me, I knew this would be an interesting match. He is such a nice, charming fellow with a great sense of humour - I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in a match before!
Trying out plenty of moves, hugefan showed his varied skills and great strength. Was very aware of possibly "breaking" me at one point, though it was he who ended up unconscious during a (safe) sleeper. He has a knack for finding sensitive places to poke and prod whilst stretching you out, making some of the moves almost cruel, haha.
All in all, I had a great time, he's a great chap and extremely easy to get on with.
Hugefan is someone I'd highly reccomend and I'd happily arrange another match.



ShortMick is recommended by hugefan

Nearly twice his age, not quite twice his weight and occasionally felt like twice his height it was never going to be a super competitive match but it was great fun.
Mick is small but perfectly formed and has a lovely personality to match. It's one of the pleasures of wrestling that you get to roll around with hot Twinkies without getting arrested. I was slightly worried about snapping a twinky but Mick was still walking at the end of the bout and I was the one who was choked unconscious during the match. I was also stretched in a camel and sat on in a Boston crab. Mick is strong for his size and has a rock hard body of muscle and doesn't lie when he says he is a talented wriggler.
We had a lot of laughs and it is fun having someone I can lift without worrying about my old back.
Great company, loads of fun, good wrestler, cute and top recommendation.



hugefan is recommended by Boston Tap

It was a good 5 and a half years ago that I first hooked up with HF and I remember it was a bout full of laughter in-between him tapping out in one of my submission moves. I remember he was particularly fond of trying to get a 123......... pin. If you want a safe, sane enjoyable wrestle which is full of humour then look no further. He has finally hit a gym and has packed on some muscle so we may well be having a catchweight bout this summer to see if he can get his revenge!



Boston Tap is recommended by hugefan

BT must have been one if my earliest matches on meetfighters. He was charming, funny and I remember laughing and sweating and trying to do pro with very little clue but it was a lot of fun. I probably couldn't do a photofit of his face now as I am getting on a bit and there have been so many since but he certainly wasn't hard to look at.
Highly recommended for his pro expertise, charm and humour.



hugefan is recommended by London Wrestler

Met hugefan after a short chat here, it was very easy to arrange to meet and very reliable.
What a great wrestler! He is well built and strong, he is very experienced and knowledgeable; he applies moves to put you on holds it is difficult to escape from. His power and strong upper and lower body make it impossible to get a submission out of him! Excellent physical condition and lots of stamina to keep wrestling for hours! Wrestling with him is an opportunity to learn and train. Definitely one of the best wrestlers I have met in this site!
Nice person off the mat, a very friendly guy to have a chat with and a good company!
Strongly recommended!



London Wrestler is recommended by hugefan

Having done my usual trawl and stalk of potential victims before one of my visits to London, without success, I decided to post a match request. Two minutes later London wrestler offered his services and offered to host. Result! It turned out to be a very fortunate offer.
London stuck to his word, was very communicative and a great host.
He is a strong guy with a good solid build, broad shoulders and impressive arms. I may have had slightly more success getting on top , so to speak but once there it was a real battle to prize an arm or neck from his defensive position.
Gallons of sweat and a few breaks lying around filled a good few hours. Very enjoyable it was too. Lovely guy to spend time with both wrestling and chatting. If you want a good sweaty battle with a nice guy this is the man for you.



hugefan is recommended by Wrestleme

2nd meet

It was really nice to catch up again after quite a long time.

Huge fan doesn’t change but I don’t suppose that’s a bad thing! (Well apart from bigger biceps maybe).

Was great to catch up and had an enjoyable match and evening.

I would still happily recommend you meet him. Especially as he always like to have more than 100 past opponents!

PS. None of what he says about my nipples are true.

Well, where do I start?! This guy is a fake, unreliable, no show!! HA HA.
No, not true at all. Yes, I was stalked for a very long time but I hadn’t realised it was quite that long. I am sure his stalking records are very accurate though!
It was very kind of Mr HugeFan to travel all this way. I do think it was quite an Epic journey to be honest and at times he must have thought about turning around and heading home but I am pleased to say he didn’t.
I met him of the train and I have to say he was in better spirits (maybe G&T ones) then I would be after such a long journey. He was smiling and chatty from the start which was good. It did feel like we had known each other a long time. I soon found out he never stops chatty. I am sure he can even do this in his sleep!
Yes, I was initially offended by the George Clooney thing but he managed to recover it well. HF is tall, good looking and quite muscular to be honest (please do not tell him I said that!). He has very good arms (even triceps) and very strong legs.
Through only chatting on here I had forgot he has a Scottish accent but unlike him with my accent, I didn’t attempt to copy it! Although, I think it is fair to say I would do a better job. He needs to watch more Emmerdale I think!
He warned me he was a nervous car passenger so I drove within speed limits. At times, I drove like an old lady and this “heel” easily scares ha ha. But I did get him to the mystery location in one piece.
You soon feel relaxed with HF. Whether is from all his stalking and so I feel I knew him or just his character, I wouldn’t like to say.
So, I was a terrible Jobber!!! RUDE!! I did say I was a jobber with attitude. Why should Heels have all the fun, I felt I needed to fight back and not let him have all his own way. It was quite a fight though. He is strong and knows his stuff. I did manage one submission and I was quite smug about it. I think he was then determined I wasn’t going to get another one!! Nasty Heel Man!
The match was very enjoyable and we had a good laugh during it. He makes a nice heel, you know his main aim isn’t to hurt you although he does have the power to if he wanted to. He does constantly want you to say sorry though. I did he mentioned it once or twice (or a million times) but I had nothing to be sorry about!! Erm Sorry about that!
The massage was great. No training apparently but he did a great job. Enough to send me to sleep anyway! In fact it was so good he managed to sleep like a baby too or maybe that was from throwing and moving me around.
As he mentioned we had a pleasant walk and evening and the next day a bit of sight seeing. My tour guides skills needs some work though as he wasn’t good at acting interested LOL.
If you are thinking of meeting HF then you really should. He is a very nice guy who happens to also be a great wrestler.
Thank you for my presents and lunch on the Sunday by the way. You make a better “visiting” host than some people!



Wrestleme is recommended by hugefan

Sat 4th Aug
After what must be two years, memory or maths not being my strong points I finally got to meet wrestleme again. Perhaps that should be his new name wrestlemeagain. So having survived or respective multi train journeys we rendezvoued in Peterborough. Seemed like we had seen each other very regularly. Wrestleme is a lot of fun and despite calling me smug one of my favourite meets. He will insist on being feisty and again I had to battle hard to get him in his rightful jobber position, squashed beneath me ha ha. I do enjoy his fighting spirit but don't tell him that and what he mistook for smugness was just me smiling when I would finally get all his limbs under control and still have a free hand to go nipple hunting. Despite their recent lack of training they were still as sensitive as ever with gleeful (I like to think) spasms resulting from the softest brush. I can be gentle honest. After a sweaty few hours in a hotel where aircon worked thankfully we spent a nice evening in downtown Peterborough. A lovely reunion and hoping it won't be as long till the next.

After 21 months and 77 pages of messages, Wrestleme was one of my most long term stalking projects. Finally, when the opportunity arose to meet him, did I let three trains and a five hour journey put me off? Obviously not. Was it worth the effort? Oh yes. It would have been worth it if I had to walk all the way on broken glass.
Having spoken to WM for such a long time, I felt like I knew him fairly well but obviously meeting him in the flesh certain things become apparent that you can't learn from the written word and still photographs. Although he doesn't have a face pic on his profile he had sent me one, however in reality he is even more handsome. I did compare him to George Clooney but of course he chose to take it that I was putting twenty years on his age when I actually I just meant he was hand ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssome.
Secondly I had never heard his voice and if you like a good northern accent you won't be disappointed, you might not understand what he is saying but you will like the sound. Finally, although he had told me that his nipples were sensitive I had no idea what that meant in reality (of which more later)
So, after my epic journey, WM kindly met me at the station in York and whisked me off along unlit roads through magical mist into a mythical village whose name escapes me, I am sure it was a location in the Harry Potter world but wherever it is I am under a magic spell never to reveal the location.
So down to the wrestling. May I say that WM is a dreadful jobber. I mean what is all that fighting back nonsense and even making me squeal on one occasion. Really is that in the jobber handbook? He also refused to play along and although he did tap, did I get a single apology? Nada. But apart from those obvious failings WM is a great wrestle - very stubborn, quite bendy and and fab body. Not a huge muscle man but beautifully proportioned and fabulously furry. When we had finished he also said the magic words that all good heels long to hear - you made me feel sick - I took that as a compliment on my crushing skills rather than the sight of me in my trunks but WM is not one for elaborate explanations so who knows. At least, unlike Ted he didn't grab a tyre iron and say 'back off Susan Boyle!'
And of the nipples? Well in my sicker moments I have had dark fantasies about putting electric currents through nips and I discovered with WM that somehow my fingers had developed an enormous static charge. The meerest
touch resulted in a jolt through his body equivalent of a thousand volts. I thought I had found every type of nipple for my new book - 'Nipples of the World', but no, these were unique. For a nipple lover they are the ultimate and although he may have appeared to be having convulsions he did claim he enjoyed it (not that that is my primary concern obviously).
After a very sweaty couple of hours I rewarded my victim with a massage, he was so impressed by my technique he fell asleep, as I did shortly afterwards.
In the evening we had a nice country walk, very good pie and chips and a good film. Sunday we did a little site seeing round York and then back on the first of three trains to sunny Lowestoft.

It may have been a long journey but I have no regrets. For various reasons I may never have the chance to meet WM again but although that makes me sad I have no regrets about making the effort. In another world, at another time, with different circumstances I would be hoping to persuade WM to be my regular wrestling buddy (and in my dreams maybe more) but life is a bastard and you just need to make the most of what is available. So, if he is available and you you like handsome, hairy, fit jobbers, get your hands off ! He is mine!



hugefan is recommended by Greenwich

Hugefan's a great wrestler to meet, easy to arrange set a date and just had the anticipation of waiting for the big day, makes you feel relaxed and at ease straight away nice friendly guy off the mats, he deffo loves putting on some good submission holds and ramping up the pressure but never out of control and always felt safe getting bent around haha, did call him thicc but in a built like a rugby player or a weightlifter sorta way. really nice genuine guy 100% recommend and well worth meeting happily do it again.



Greenwich is recommended by hugefan

In my hunt for wrestles for my weekend visit to london Greenwich turned out to be the easiest catch. Agreed a date early and stuck to it. No dithering about whether he might be away or he might get a better offer. The only slight complication was a months worth of messages from him telling me he was nervous about meeting me. Really I need to reread and rewrite my profile. I am not a scary giant! And 26 year olds who are taller than me should be making me nervous.
When we did meet Greenwich turned out to be a nice friendly giant himself. His initial reaction to seeing me dressed for battle was that I looked like a boxer (and no I wasn't wearing silk shorts) I took it as a compliment because my nose isn't that bashed and I didn't punch him just to fit the image.
Having tried to convince me he was a virtual novice and then confessing he had been on the site before it became obvious that he was being modest. Strong guy, even longer limbs than me, viciously strong legs, loads of stamina I had one of the hardest fought couple of hours wrestling I have had for a long long time. Knackered but in a lovely satisfied way after. He is also extremely stubborn so any subs cost me more effort than a near fifty year old can afford to use up. But I'm not complaining, Great battle with some laughs and a bucket of sweat. Perfect.
Greenwich has promised me a four line recommendation and I promised him a book ha ha
One final chapter- while we were having a breather Greenwich mentioned he hadn't expected me to be so 'thick . I initially thought this was a strange comment as although I hadn't been discussing Einstein I had strung several sentences together with words of more than one syllable. However he explained 'thick is young people talk for well built. Suitably flattered it was only when I went home and googled this word I discovered it is more usually used to describe a curvy woman who isn't fat but has meat on her bones. Think Beyonce perhaps. So Greenwich either has a wicked sense of humour or wanted to ensure he has a good reason to apologise next time we meet.
I do hope there is a next time. Fabulous wrestle. good company and ok he is young and good looking, not that I notice such things.



hugefan is recommended by Bluey 77

I have been looking to arrange my first match for the last few weeks, trying to find the right opponent at the right time and place for my first bout. After chatting with Stephen, he seemed a good guy so at last I was able to get started.

And a great opponent Stephen turned out to be. Whilst yes, I struggled with his size advantage (which I rolled out as an excuse for my tapping on several occasions) he was a gentleman, friendly, patient and a great teacher. Actually he said I was a newsreader so I respond that he could look like a teacher hehe.

I enjoyed a couple of challenging hours on the mats with Stephen and certainly picked up some knowledge, whilst also having a fun afternoon with some laughter at my attempts to avoid the BFG.

I'd certainly recommend Stephen, a really nice guy but also very strong with an impressive muscular frame and arms. Definitely a challenging opponent for anyone.



Bluey 77 is recommended by hugefan

After weeks of scrabbling about looking for people to meet on my weekend in London and going through the tortuous process of trying to pin people down - wrestling being much easier than arranging meets - I had the good fortune of snarling Andy at the last minute.
While initially he was slightly nervous that I was a cruel evil giant I managed to persuade him I was a BFG.
I had the honour of being his first meet on this site and felt it was my duty to give him a gentle introduction to the world of wrestling. He need not have worried. While I did have a 'slight' weight and height advantage as he more than once reminded me, Andy is a natural. He took on board the meagre tips I offered and used his own instincts to defend against my octopus limbs, getting me in awkward positions on many occasions he seemed a bit nervous about going for the kill. Time and practice will lesson his aversion to making the most of a good position and as he may have mentioned a few times I am humongous ha ha.
Seriously good fun and good company he is also very serious about wrestling. He is gym fit and very strong (and not at all hard on the eye) . I feel guilty even mentioning the last detail because he is a wrestler first and foremost so even if you are very tempted by his chest adornments you mustn't be distracted. Oh no!
Smashing guy, Great addition to the site and keen to get better. With his natural instinct and fit bod he doesn't need to worry about being embarrassed even when he takes on huge long limbed Scottish giants.
Hope we will meet again and sure he will be even more of a handful next time.



Northern wrestler is recommended by hugefan

Met northern wrestler several times under his previous name a few years back. Really nice guy who I met both in London and spent a great weekend in Brighton with.
Good wrestler, good company and good to see him back on the site !



hugefan is recommended by jonny innocent

Hugefan was extremely patient as I faffed around trying to tie down when I would be able to meet him during my time in Lowestoft. He is either very accommodating or completely desperate due to a lack of wrestling.

Having had the awkward “I’m into pro”, “Oh, I’m into submission” conversation, we headed upstairs for some submission fun (he is not the only accommodating one). Hugefan has a nice mat room set up; I gave the mats a close inspection. Repeatedly. Yes, despite the mild-mannered exterior, he was more than happy to take advantage of my lower level of experience and skill.

Hugefan doesn’t seem to have the terminology right, just because I am a jobber he seems to think I will give up every time it gets a bit tough. Not this jobber.

After a really fun, sweaty, relaxed, painful session, I tentatively asked about a return the next day. That must count as a recommendation all by itself, surely? (No, apparently “It has to be longer.”) So I got to do it all again the next day, only this time I turned up with fresh bruises.

Unlike some, Hugefan is more than happy for a recommendation to spill the beans on how he looks. Well, the much touted gym work has certainly paid off; he is both fit and strong (and physically distracting). And he appears to have made a terrible mistake when entering his date of birth. Either that or we have found the real reason he has moved to Lowestoft - the fountain of youth.



jonny innocent is recommended by hugefan

It may be the equivalent of seeing a pig flapping past the window but Jonny actually contacted me saying he occasionally visits lowestoft and would I like to meet. I agreed thinking it might happen before lowestoft disappears due to coastal erosion but luckily it didn't take long at all for him to come knocking at my door.
Jonny is a relative newbie and heavily into pro wrestling and even pro fantasy wrestling so to oblige I pretended to put some holds on him and he pretended to be in pain. OK so I may be using the word pretended loosely. In my defence he did say he was a jobber although still hasn't quite mastered the terminology as there was quite a serious fight back going on.
Jonny enjoyed being a pretzel so much he came back the next day for more.
He is a strong guy and very easy to get along with in fact choking him was virtually the only way to get him to shut up. I mean that in a nice way, he is great company. He is also one of those annoying people who claims not to go to the gym but still has muscles. I'm not supposed to mention he is handsome too. He doesn't want to attract shallow types.
Jonny is really keen, learning fast and no pushover so do meet him and help feed his new found obsession, you won't be disappointed.



hugefan is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

We had been chatting for some time, but when we actually got down to arranging a match it was very easy to do, and Stephen arrived on time and ready for our match.

Our match took place yesterday, we had a good couple of hours battling it out on the mats at Barnet. Stephen proved to be a strong opponent, making me work from a defensive position a lot of the time. No more than expected he is both taller and nearly 4 stone heavier than me so I expected to have to work hard, especially given his previous recommendations. It's true that his legs are strong, not enough to break my core and force a submission from his abs scissors but after a couple of extended attempts we were both sweating and having to gather ourselves for the next move.

Strong legs are matched by strong arms making it impossible for me to get some of my favoured moves, he was just too strong and his good stamina level means we will need a much longer match to see who is the man on that front. Time constraints meant that we were both still up for more when we had to finish.

I am looking forward to the rematch already, another opportunity to own the big man!



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by hugefan

31/5/18 Over three years and several hundred miles from our last meeting it was lovely to see Marcus again. I remembered he was silly strong for someone who doesn't have a huge build but had forgotten his little quirks like keeping a record on his computer of all his match scores. I won't reveal the tally of this round but have to confess I did get a few slightly, how can I say, cheating subs but hey when your wrestling iron man you need to bend the rules a little.
Lots of sweat, lots of moaning and straining, great match all round. He is a stubborn fucker if you will excuse my anglosaxon.
Very grateful for the effort of driving down to see me and hope we don't need to wait as long for round four.

18/12/14 second meet with mighty muscles Marcus . this time he let me gut punch him before we started and i was left wondering who was weirder him for enjoying it or me for enjoying doing it. the weirdos had fun anyway. then after proving he is indeed a fine armwrestler and i am shit we started to wrestle

my bleeting about being constantly being beaten up paid off as he let me have the upper hand. lots of fun with the hot action man who is Marcus .

Marcus is another guy with whom it has taken a long time to find a mutual date for a wrestle but he was well worth the wait. Adding to my recent string of defeats I learned three important lessons.

1) Three stone extra and five inches taller don't count for much when your opponent really knows what they are doing and has been taking secret mighty muscle supplements or wrestling Norfolk pigs since he was five (ok so i made all that up)
2) I must have a face that says please break my neck, choke me, take my head off or alternatively I am just not very good at keeping it out of the way.
3) I really don't care because it was an excellent wrestle with a very tough opponent who was careful and skillful rather than a wild tazmanian devil.

I may have spent a lot of time seemingly with the upper hand but when it came down to it Marcus was just too stubborn to give much and too good at defending for me to keep him down for long.

Really enjoyable, excellent body, nice friendly guy and if his computer record of our match gets corrupted he says he has a terrible memory so it was a draw! (in my dreams)



hugefan is recommended by HalfGuard

Not embarrassed at all buddy - I'm just infamously slow at writing recommendations!

We finally got another rematch over at Steve's matroom. hugefan is pretty much a great all rounder and would be a good challenge to anybody.

He honestly didn't need any sneaky cheats (I'll have you know he was putting himself in a better position when we stopped to move away from the walls) as I was pretty much outclassed. Very deep offense and defense meant we finished off without him giving away a sub at all! He might say he was in trouble but he certainly didn't look it - good bit of bluffing then too!

Great bloke both on and off the mats - would gladly meet again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend (except for my usual recommendation delay faff in actually *writing* one). See you next time!



HalfGuard is recommended by hugefan

1st Oct
At long last the rematch. When we first met sub aqua was a gangly youth and now he is
a fully grown man with very nicely grown up arms and impressive legs , however as he pointed out over and over and over again I am apparently still heavier and therefore cheating. I must say for a strong man his balance could do with a bit of work, so I generally managed to get on top first (so to speak ) I did then have a lot of trouble getting any apologies out of him. Very stubborn defences and very big arms. Now he may claim I resorted to cheating to get beyond the lying on top of him sweating a lot stage but I stuck strictly to the queensberry rules ahem.

Lots of sweat, lots of laughs and hope our next match won't be another four years away. Oh and I did promise I would write enough to make sure no one ever gets to his other recommendations so I suppose I should say do meet him if you have the chance.

Met sub aqua at a group meeting at Pippas. He was even younger then but a fab wrestler despite giving away a bit of weight. He may be embarrassed to say he met me now but I am trying to tempt him to have another go and if he doesn't agree I might have to turn this recommendation into war and peace.
Great wrestle, nice guy and until he puts a photo up you will just need to believe me when I say not hard to look at.



alexxwrestler is recommended by hugefan

It's a rare and pleasant surprise when someone half your age and twice as good looking asks you for a wrestle.
Alex seemed curious to feel my scissors as some of my past opponents had commented on how strong they were. We started at a frantic pace unfortunately I accidentally injured Alex not long into the bout so our wrestle was cut short.
So all I can say, apart from sorry to Alex, is that he is an excellent enenergetic and super fast wrestler with a mean scissors. Oh yes and if I was the least bit shallow I might mention he is very handsome and has a great body. He is also a sweet guy.
So apologies for being too 'big' and hope you recover soon.



hugefan is recommended by eastcheshireguy

When I heard this guy would be heading back from Scotland a meet was suggested. In no time he had a venue booked which was very efficient.
The day finally arrived and turned out to be very hot. A quenching pre match beer was consumed while we chatted but we were soon ready to roll. He's a tall guy with strong shoulders and legs so we rolled for ages through scissors, headlocks and attempted arm bars to no result apart from pools of sweat. Very tiring stuff and after 90 minutes we ground to a halt with a sub each - and my realisation that pre match beers aren't a great idea!
Once he'd regained some energy he went to work giving an intense massage - very strong and relaxing at the same time. Great end to a hard session.
He's an interesting guy to chat to too so well worth a meet if you can catch him near civilisation!
Definitely recommended.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by hugefan

One of my longest arranged meets but well worth the wait. Andy being at one corner of England and me on the edge of the earth known as lowestoft we had to find a time when we were both passing through the same part of the world.
Having spent the previous week being stuffed like a goose to produce fois gra , by my mum, I didn't feel at my svelte best ( ok so that's an excuse I can eat chips without much coaxing ) I did feel a bit lardy beside the body that is Andy.
As he is a little older, that's becoming rarer these days, he is an inspiration that a rock hard bod might still be possible ( yes yes cut out the chips and booze, I hear you)
Anyway back to Andy the Body. Great chest, lovely v shaped torso, big arms, sexy calves and did I mention a nice bit of body hair. Unsurprisingly all the muscle did make him annoyingly strong. On an exceptionally hot day I huffed and puffed and sweated buckets but I couldn't blow this brick shit house down. It was the best I could do to stop him from making me squeal like a big girl.
Having sweated to a stalemate I thought it was only right to give him a massage. And don't even think it was just an excuse to feel all that muscle ha ha.
I should mention he is great company as well as being a very naturally skilled
wrestler. A great meet which I hope we can repeat.



hugefan is recommended by Scissorvictim

I met this fine gentleman. I say gentleman but really I mean brute.......I was abused from the moment I stepped over the threshold, like a lamb to the slaughter. Me being an innocent, young, naive and inexperienced wrestler of course and if you believe that........seriously though, Huge is a very friendly Scotsman. I wonder if I'll get more abuse for calling him huge.
I think we must have picked the hottest day of the year to wrestle. Any sensible person would have relaxed but not us daft wrestlers. The sweat was literally dripping of us as I was manhandled and flung around Peterborough travel lodge.
I should mention that HF has a bit of a nipple fetish. I think he's a nipple tart but he reckons he's more of an addict. Someone needs to invent a nipple chastity device. Beware the nipple beast of old Lowestoft.
All of that said, I hasten to add that I had a thoroughly enjoyable wrestle with Stephen. He has a very good sense of humour and he's not a bad wrestler really........i'll get more abuse for that. Whether you're wanting competitive or to job, he's your man. He's friendly, easy to talk to and puts you at ease or maybe that's to lull you into a false sense of security. Stephen is entirely safe and sane. in fact he'll abuse you and then ask if you're okay which reminds me of a joke. What do you get if you cross a Rottweiler with a St. Bernards? A dog that rips you to shreds and then runs of for help.
He is well worth meeting. I would definitely wrestle him again and have no hesitation in highly recommending him.



Scissorvictim is recommended by hugefan

In my hundred plus meets I had strangely only met one fellow Scot and then oot of the mists of the Highlands via Leeds another appears. Not that we spent hours discussing tunnocks teacakes and irn bru, oh no, we were too deeply engaged in trying to satisfy each others particular wrestling tastes. Ok, so scissor victim likes scissors (doh) which is admittedly more of a regular wrestling hold than the nipple tweak but he was kind enough to let me indulge my particular tastes and I did my best to squeeze him between my thighs as often as I could in repayment.
SV is not only a handsome guy, he also has the most fabulously perky set of aforementioned nips. Not that I am obsessed of course but they do appear very high on my wall chart of best nips ever.
On one of the hottest days of the year we peeled the wallpaper with sweat in a delux travelodge, it could have been worse as initially victim was fighting back, I had to explain to him the meaning of victim as he really has quite a mean scissors himself and it was hardly fair to try too hard.
I do worry he may now have been admitted to A&E with a severe case of nipple erosion but I did ask him if I was going too far but either he was just being very kind or I couldn't hear for the electric fan - in any case I had a lot of fun and I am pretty sure he had some.
A lovely bloke, fab nips, suffers well and not hard to look at x



hugefan is recommended by Superfly

Feb 2016:
Again, another good meet with Hugefan, this guys seems to have gotten more stronger and boy did he make me work. His tall frame and impressive grappling skills continue to make meeting him a joy and looks good in his square cuts. Im sure I will be seeing more of him this year.

28/07/14: Third meet. This guy continues to get better and better, he got a few subs out of me and one was from a scissors. Those legs are strong. As always, good stamina and his strength in his arms are better too. Remains great company and no time wasting while meeting up. Always good to meet this guy.

28/02/14: second meet. Meeting this guy for the second was marked difference, he has come along leaps and bounds. Continues to have good stamina, strong arms, applying subs which are not only effective, but bloody agonising. His scissor has become more lethal as I nearly tapped out every time he applied them (not complaining as I enjoyed being scissored by him), strong legs there mister..! Continues to be great company, good banter while we was grappling for domination. I def want more matches with this guy..

Met with this wrestler a couple of days ago and I was pleasantly surprise about his ability. Good at executing pro holds, had good stamina. He applied the chicken wing (which I hate lol) and got a few subs out of me. Always safe and sane, reliable- match was easy to set up and was great company. I would deffo meet up with this guy again. Highly recommended!



Superfly is recommended by hugefan

meet 4 - 2/2/16 After a few near misses I finally managed to get my hands on super muscles again, As previously I totally dominated him with my skill and strength. Ok, so my nose has just grown three feet, he had me squealing like a girl and sweating like a suffolk pig but at least I made him sweat too and slithering around with his chest pressed in my face was a punishment I was willing to suffer for the art of wrestling. Or at least for about an hour until I had to use distraction techniques to get some revenge. Lovely bloke, awesome body and a real treat to see him again.

meet 3 -28/07/14 I won't write a book, just a small chapter. Wow, bigger muscles, bigger chest, bigger arms, if you are a shallow git like me and like a v-shaped torso, this is your man and such a nice man too. Just to make you think I am a serious opponent i will mention I did squeeze one tap out of him, i will keep the number he got out of me as our little secret, lets just say it was a few more than one. But he is seriously safe and a gent and obviously not too fussy about who he meets ha ha. My arms aren't bad, I'm not a twiglet but both together don't add up to one of his, I need a leg to get close. He must enjoy me huffing and puffing as i try to move one of his arms or having a heart attack trying to squeeze his waist with my legs, apparently there is a weak spot which i found once, I will need to draw a map to try and find it again

meet 2 - 28/2/14 So after it must be six months I had the pleasure of meeting Superfly for a second time and what a pleasure it was. Somewhere along the line someone has made a mistake, while our profiles say we are the same weight, even my belly is not big enough to match the extra weight in those muscles - barrel chest, arms like my legs, legs like my waist (ok the last one is an tiny bit of an exaggeration because my waist is fairly large) Having convinced me the first time we met that his impressive body was all down to wrestling, the new double sized muscle superfly confessed he has been cheating - going to the gym! In fact he described me as his aerobic workout before he went off to hit the weights. Never has an exercise bike been so happy as me. So how did I do? Well occasionally I got Rob in a hold and he would let me squeeze and go red and puff and strain and just before an ambulance was needed, I would tire and then he would throw me off like a rag doll and make me squeal. (happy rag doll) Despite slapping me and calling me a bitch, mr super was a gent, obviously containing himself and not roughing me as easily as he could but I enjoyed being controlled by his amazing arms and did i mention that chest. So two hours flew by and while mr muscles looked ready for the gym i looked like I had been trapped in a washing machine on the spin cycle. Rob is a smashing guy, great wrestler and in case i forgot to mention it hot as hell.

First meet - I was showing someone my lovely recommendations and I think they may have accidentally removed mine for Superfly, fat sticky fingers on a smart phone, which is a real shame because it was a good one ha ha, so let me try again. Robin, is not only super skilled and super fast he is also a super hunk. Not often i get my hands on a body like his and although he made me feel like a ten stone weakling he was very controlled and safe. Lovely guy, great fun and did i mention super hot. If you get the chance to meet him grab the chance with both hands. We spent a great few hours with me straining and trying not to be too much of a push over and think i did just about enough not to bore him as he said he would meet me again - wohoo. He was good enough to let me try some holds on him after our wrestle and loved every minute of it. If you just love a great wrestle this is your man and if you like the bonus of a great body this is definitely your man. Not superfly but superman. I should also stop being shallow and say he is also super company.



hugefan is recommended by liftme20

I finally met up with Steve after ages and ages of banter going backwards and forwards and it wasn't a disappointment. Steve is a very warm, friendly, easy going guy.... until the trunks come on. Mr Mild then turns into Mr Sadist - I can only assume he keeps a bottle of Dr Jekyll's Sadism Boosting Elixir in his bathroom cabinet. In all seriousness we had a lot of fun, it was all completely safe and arthritic old man limits were respected. Steve obviously knows what he's doing and didn't have an awful lot of trouble applying holds, although I like to think I didn't disgrace myself too badly and at least put up a show of resistance! All in all a really fun way to spend a couple of hours - I hope to be back in his teeny-tiny attic again soon :-)



liftme20 is recommended by hugefan

Having spoken to Colin for a few months and having a near miss before Christmas I finally managed to lure him into my penthouse matroom ( ok so its actually a mattress on the floor in a loft room in the 'dolls' house I share but Colin doesn't take up a lot of space) Wee Ted aka Colin is a strong little beast, barely had we got up the apples and pears and he was trying to crush me in a vicious teddy bear hug, I had no choice but to lie on him and squeeze all his puff out with my legs. He is a funny guy and his photos don't really do him justice as you can't appreciate his lovely eyes, in fact I had to tell him off for running out of puff and lying on his back looking pretty but he did look mighty pretty and lets not forget the fine furry chest and super nips. In order to make sure he didn't forget they were there I was forced to pay them some attention and he does whimper beautifully. So perhaps there was more playing than wrestling but Wee Ted is no push over, he puts up a good struggle and he is a good laugh, hope to get to play with my new toy again before he heads of on his summer adventures.



hugefan is recommended by Peteuk

I had the pleasure to meet the hunk in the trunks Stephen yesterday on my mats. We had a great give and take battle with dirty tactics both ways. The match lasted for over 3 hours and we both could have continued.
Off the mats he is a good laugh and great company. Meet this man if you get the chance. Looking forward to round 2



Peteuk is recommended by hugefan

After a few near misses our eventual meet was quite last and all the better for it.
As his other recommendations state Pete is a great host, picking me up from the station, nice mats, friendly, offers of drinks and a shower, what they forget to mention is to bring your ear plugs. Only jesting. Pete does like to talk but he is a funny guy and even if he did suggest I may be a tad heavier than my stated weight he also paid me some nice compliments which is always wise when you meet an insecure psychopath, he had to find some way of stopping me sitting on him with my hippo arse (I believe that may have been the favoured name but there were so many).
We had a great sweaty tussle, Pete is a strong guy who knows what he is doing. On the shallow front his photo doesn't do him justice, he is looking good (trying ever so hard not to use the phrase for his age but failing) I don't know if he is drinking chicken blood for breakfast but something is keeping him fresh faced (botox? he is an essex boy) and he does have a lovely tan with some great arms and shoulders as well as the incredibly well developed voice muscles. Did I mention he likes to talk?
I think he probably could have gone rougher but sensing I am a big marshmallow we had a nice even paced wrestle and very enjoyable banter, as well as 'serious' wrestling we both allowed the other to put the odd hold on because we trusted each other not to do anything OTT. Although I feel I do need to mention that tickle escapes are not in any of the text books for any wrestle style, those are found in the book called - How to be a Big Cheat - but it was all done in good fun.
Sometimes you meet guys and have a good wrestle but it is nice when once in a while you have a good wrestle and feel totally comfortable with someone. A lovely way to spend a saturday afternoon, well worth a train ride and definitely to be repeated.



hugefan is recommended by Traithe

I had a great match and a nice time with Hugefan. It was very good of him to make the quite considerable trek down here, and I'm certainly glad that he did.
He's a strong and skilled wrestler, more so than he likes to let on, and has a lot of stamina, which made things rather tricky for me, to say the least. He knows what he's doing and I was largely out-matched for the most part.
He's also a really nice fellow, and easy to chat to and get along with.
I'd be happy to meet up with him again, and I'd definitely recommend him.



Traithe is recommended by hugefan

So now that I live on the edge of the world I need to cast my stalking net further than I normally would have but luckily J was an easy opponent to make arrangements with, likes to wrestle and was well worth a little jaunt to the leafy suburbs of Ipswich,
The original plan was to share my vast experience with a young relative new comer to wrestling, five minutes after we started I had to go to plan B, tell him nothing, he is far too good to be getting tips from me. Only my longer limbs and weight advantage saved me from being a completely squashed grandad. Who brings up children these days to be so mean to their elders? Seriously, J is a great wrestle and a very nice young man. I wasn't saying that when he tried to break my arm but he is a very safe wrestler with a lot of skill. He may have kept moaning about having cycled home from work about how he wasn't as fit as he was when he was younger (give me a break!) but he gives his all and we had a good sweaty battle. I know I will feel it tomorrow and in a nice way I hope he does too,
We did pretty straight subs but I think the nasty twisted leg move he had me squealing with was one of the secret moves he learned when he used to do a mysterious martial art that I had never heard of, some kind of kydo or jitsu or something, grandad didn't catch it.
We also tried an interesting rule change where we weren't allowed to go for neck holds which really added to the fun I think and saved my creeky old neck from more suffering although my bruised arm may have been the price to pay.
So on the upside J is a really nice bloke, easy on the eye, great arms and chest and laughed at my feeble jokes. On the downside he annoyingly wouldn't say sorry and would instead keep a stony silence till eventually he would say, that's enough, what a spoily sport ha ha.
But over all, good wrestler, nice bloke, young and fit, I don't think he needs an advert from me but here goes anyway - really worth a meet. even if it involves a bit of a journey



hugefan is recommended by Grinder

Met Steve in Ipswich on Thursday for a wrestle,felt very comfortable with him right away.After a gin&tonic each we got down to it!it soon became apparent I was well out of depth!but Steve is both safe and sane and took his time with me.Steve is strong and very skilled with a great sense of humour I would strongly recommend this guy(your turn for the g&ts next Steve).



Grinder is recommended by hugefan

Grinder hasn't had the chance to meet a lot of guys and he managed to scare himself by reading all of my 80 plus recommendations. I don't think he read the ones I wrote or he would have sent himself to sleep.
Always wary of meeting people who need to be a bit discreet and don't like giving out phone numbers, he turned out to be 100 percent reliable, turned up on time, came half way to meet me, him from the land of the white teeth and blonde hair (essex) and me from the land of fish and chips and a big windmill (lowestoft) and we collided in Ipswich which is not a bad venue for a wrestle at all.
I must apologise because although I made noises about taking it easy with a relative newbie, it had been a month since my last wrestle and I may have been, how shall we put it, a little hungry for a wrestle. So although Grinder is no push over I may have slightly put him through the mincer but I think he enjoyed some of it.
Very nice guy, top notch nips and furry bod and laughed at my jokes, what more could I ask for after such a long break. he even bought me a G&T before we started which to me is a virtual marriage proposal.
But seriously, well worth a meet, not nearly as inexperienced as he makes out and makes fantastic noises (ok I am weird I like noises almost as much as nipples) so give him a go, he is great fun.



hugefan is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had great fun wrestling Hugefan – his years of tennis show up quite clearly in his strong legs and butt, and he is quite fit and solid. Alas, he still can't get over the fact that we Yanks won the revolution back in 1776, so I continually had to punish him for trying to get revenge on me personally, and punish him I did. But we Yanks can be very magnanimous, so I only submitted him slowly and gently – no need to be rough and mean now that our countries are back on friendly terms. He is a wonderful host, 100% reliable, and an overall good-guy, in spite of still being a sore loser about the War of Independence.



DenverWrestler is recommended by hugefan

Mr Denver flew all the way from America just to see me (and the dozen other guys on his wrestling holiday) and I am delighted he managed to come to visit. He may be even older than me, I realise that is hard to believe but my what a finely preserved specimen he is. Great hairy pecs, shoulders (not hairy) and big bicepts, not bad looking either although I didn't pay too much attention to his face.
Of course despite all these good qualities I have to point out he is a dreadful cheat, all those years of training. Is that fair to an enthusiastic amateur I ask myself? So, although I was raining sweat on him I managed very few apologies from him for being American and a Republican but I learnt an important lesson -
there is such a thing as a nice Republican. Very controlled, safe skilled wrestler who choked me with great care and took all my insults with good humour and allowed me to pay his very fine pec adornments some attention which is always a bonus.
Youngsters don't be put off by a few years and for the middle aged like me, proof there are hot olders guys out there. Apart from his political views highly recommended.



hugefan is recommended by beefyprowrestler

Don't know why I haven't hit the mats with this wrestler sooner. Had a great rumble and as he said before we met "I won't just roll over" and he didn't. Was a good sweaty wrestle and the Falkirk fighter was a good feisty opponent.
Good laugh on and off the mats.



beefyprowrestler is recommended by hugefan

I was a little wary of meeting beefy, as he is three stones heavier I worried I might just be a squashed fly on his mats. However having lured many ten stone guys into my thighs i thought it was only fair I gave a big guy a go and I needn't have worried. Great sweaty wrestle with a lovely safe guy.

I think Grizzily Adams as i decided to call him is very considerate, handsome and reminds me of someone famous although couldn't quite place who, he is a lovely big bear and it was a pleasure trying to get to get on top of him (so to speak). I did have to remind him that it was only polite to let a guest feel like he was winning and I think I managed to drill that thought into his head or maybe he is just a good guy. He certainly left me feeling tired in a good positive way rather than deflated.

If you get an invite don't be intimidated by his size, Grizzily is a lovely guy, good company and a fun wrestle.



hugefan is recommended by patlutte

Excellent wrestler, agile and technical, strong and sometimes soft, and in addition to that, a very lovely guy with excellent manners ; I would warmly recommend him to everybody !



patlutte is recommended by hugefan

Patrick came to visit on his wrestling trip in London. Lovely guy, brief wrestle but he had a lot of skill and was very good at defending, I had to resort to squeezing him with my thighs a lot as getting hold of an arm was nearly impossible.
Do meet him if he asks on his next wrestling trip.



hugefan is recommended by SqueezeNW

Had a very fun grapple with this big Scot! At first meeting, this affable bloke's cheery disposition is a bit misleading as to what sort of opponent you'll be facing. He is big and strong - just how many babies do those Scottish guys eat each day? He also has some real grappling skills and actually all enjoys using all that to dominate his opponent a wee bit. I'm always up for taking on strong skilled bigger guys, so needless to say, I had a blast.



SqueezeNW is recommended by hugefan

Having been lured to a hotel in Shoreditch which was so hip it hurt I had the pleasure of meeting Joe. Not only a very charming guy but a hot package of American beef. Not a huge American steak but a lean perfectly formed fillet with great hairy chest and fine chest adornments.
With it being a small group meet I didn't get long enough with anyone on their own but I very much enjoyed my wrestle with Joe, strong and skilled but thankfully a bit smaller so I could make my bulk count. He recognised my accent as Scottish so I didn't have the excuse to make him say sorry for calling me English so I just had to make him say sorry for being a hot American, coming over here stealing all our wrestles ha ha.
Great guy, completely safe and hot bod. What else can I say?



hugefan is recommended by Wrestletowrestle

Had a great time with Steve. A good and considerate host. Very strong and good skills. I am a Yank so can't always identify UK accents properly. Calling him English by accident did add to the fun!



Wrestletowrestle is recommended by hugefan

Having attempted to meet Wrestletowrestle on one of his previous visits to London it was a pleasure to finally manage to co-ordinate diaries. Unfortunately a fairly short wrestle but of high quality and WtoW had a very high quality body, great chest and things associated with a chest although no more will be said about those.

He was such a nice guy it was difficult to think of a reason to make him apologise but he did make two faux pas, firstly calling my large tiger cat, fat, then mistakenly calling me English. Even for a New Yorker that was unforgivable so I had to squeeze him till he said sorry and once I knew what his kryptonite weakness was I was able to avoid getting in too much trouble myself.

Lovely guy, great bod, only complaint is that I wanted longer.



hugefan is recommended by wrestle fun

After reading all of Hughfans great recommendations I wasn't sure what more I was going to say that hasn't already been said.

After driving to London to meet Hughfan he greeted me with tea and biscuits, making me feel very welcome and introducing me to his two lovely cats who got gelious if you gave one more attention than the other.

I had alot of fun wrestling with Hughfan and had a really good match with him, he is a strong guy that you need to control to stop him getting the advantage on you. At one point a scab on an old wound came off, I soon got him patched up and the match went on. Did someone mention me cheating? lol really! never! lol All in good fun, I called for the pin count from the ref whilst hughfan called for the ropes.

Hughfan was a really good sport both on and off the mats and a really nice guy to meet up for a wrestle, anyone thinking about arranging a match really should arrange a match, not one to be missed. Looking forward to our next match with Hughfan in the new year.



wrestle fun is recommended by hugefan

John drove a great distance to visit me in my humble abode and after getting stuck in traffic I imagine his road rage had to find an outlet on my poor body. I shouldn't make that my opening line incase someone reads no further and thinks he really is a big beast when actually he is a gent.Even putting his first aid skills to good use when I started spurting blood over the mat and bandaging me up. I must clarify, as he pointed out this was a previous war wound that opened up rather than anything he did.

I having perhaps overindulged in my wrestle therapy recently am a bit of a bruised and crippled peach but although he did seem to enjoy making me suffer he was very safe and a good guy to wrestle. I can't claim being fully fit would have really helped me, his huge hairy chest and arms, not to mention tree trunk thighs were really too strong for me, when I got him in a hold once in a blue moon he giggled, as if to say when are you going to start applying some pressure. I may not have been a match for him but i think he enjoyed tying me up in various holds and i didn't altogether mind being smothered in his big hairy pecs.

He does have a somewhat Mick McManus view of the rules of wrestling but all his cheating was done with good humour and care. Somehow after being further crippled I felt i ought to massage him, ok so it was only an excuse to get a hold of his chest again.

Friendly guy, strong as an ox, hairy as a gorilla and lovely tan, he can come back and do me over anytime.



hugefan is recommended by readyforit

Had a great bout with hugefan. Just as well it was short as I managed to hold on for a while. The man is solid and knows how to get the better of his opponents. He also was mindful of the weight difference and didn't tear into me which made for a satisfying encounter. Go on challenge him he's a worthy opponent.



readyforit is recommended by hugefan

I had the pleasure of a very brief wrestle with Readyforit at a small group gathering. While i may be twice his weight and a head taller he made up for it with skill and wiry muscle. He obviously never eats a bar of chocolate, he is the epitome of a ripped physique, like a lean steak, in fact as our bout was near the end of the meet and I was getting peckish I could quite easily have eaten him. Very tasty indeed. And the accent, oh la la. Enough dribbling. I would love to have a long one on one session with him but perhaps I am just too large for his tastes? Ou peut-etre non?



hugefan is recommended by markuk

Met Stephen for the first time today at a small event in Hackney.
He was very easy to make arrangments with and was on time for the meet. Always good signs.
This guy really loves his wrestling. He is fit,strong and has long legs that are difficult to escape from once he has you trapped.He knows a lot of holds and employed most of them on me. I did my best but its no secret that he was too good for me. He is safe when applying his holds and does just enough to make you submit.
I watched him have a number of other matches and he gave 100% in all of them, despite getting kneed in the face by an opponent virtually twice his size.
We had a drink afterwards and i found him to be a thoroughly decent and genuine guy, who i would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.



markuk is recommended by hugefan

Mark was good enough to arrange a little meet for some guys and let me join the party although we hadn't met previously. It turned out to add a whole lot of new experiences to my wrestling adventure.

First time visit to the matroom near Hackney Wick, entrance like a scene from the new york badlands but nice venue inside. First time to have a referee and very funny she was too, a pro wrestler herself she gave a running commentary on each match, going from admiring my trunks to giving tips and suggesting my opponent stopped hitting me in the face (not Mark i add hastily) and she really added to the fun of the event.

I had a decent length wrestle with Mark and while its very bad form to comment on the appearance of a straight guy, shut your eyes Mark, he does have a very nice hairy bod which always adds to my professional sporting pleasure. I also makes fab noises which is another of my favourite traits.

He is also a good wrestler and I really enjoyed our encounter, I may have slightly come out on top but he was certainly no push over and lovely friendly guy to boot.

Thanks for a lovely morning Mark, chance to meet new people, have new experiences and in return you can have a big fat recommendation from me.



hugefan is recommended by Perseus

For a relative newbie the boy done good. !
When I asked him to start on his knees and he preferred to attack from his great height advantage I knew I was going to have a real cockie tussle on my hands. We are quite evenly matched in weight so his ploy of sitting on me - unsurprisingly didn't work -:) there was lots of power moves too and fro grapplong and slithering sliding on the sweaty mats to get advantage ,
He kept coming back on the mats against me trying all sorts of holds some unconventional till he was successful with a great head scissors triangular choke combo. Think the boi has potential.
Off the mats plenty of laughs and good conversation and I'm pretty sure the rematch will be on coz I know he wants to beat me - top recommendation



Perseus is recommended by hugefan

2nd meet dec 14
If anyone ever gets as far as reading my recommendation for my first meet with Petros you may see (reading between the lines) I was a little unsure if I had enjoyed myself or not. Having discussed this with the lovely man and after a few near misses we finally managed a second go and so glad i did. The skill and the great bod were still there but he took it much easier on a big softie like me and we had a great slithering wrestle where i managed to wriggle out of some of his holds aided by buckets of sweat. I think I might have got one tap out of him which may have just been sympathy but I think I gave him enough of a challenge to keep the greek god happy. Really knows his stuff, very strong and a good guy to chat to and as I learned you just need to explain what you are after and he can adjust to your level. Olympian recommendation.

Perseus has been one of my favourites for some time but i had always been rather scared of his mean looking photos so had chickened out of asking him for a meet. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when his friend Essexwrestler told me he was a softie really so when P got in touch I thought why not, he must be ok. My mother always says trust your first instinct.
This is a recommendation by the way, just an honest one. It may be that it was my scottish accent but somehow he misheard give and take as, 'I want to be your jobber' and 'I get nervous about being choked' as 'being choked is my favourite hold' Not quite sure how the accent was so thick in the written word but guess we scots use different words too. I am not for a second suggesting perseus is dangerous, he is very safe and knows exactly what he is doing.Exactly what he is doing. Perhaps i should take it as a compliment that he didn't feel the need to take it down a notch, possibly the one accidental tap i got convinced him he had no choice but to relentlessly put me in hold after hold or was it my killer scissors that managed to illicit a silent but deadly counter attack that made him feel he had to keep me in a succession of painful holds. I am sure there is some vague convention about letting someone up after they have tapped but what do I know I am only a beginner.
So did I enjoy this wrestle - honest answer is I have not made up my mind yet. What I can say is that I am very glad to have met Perseus, he is a lovely guy, very hot body, good company and if he will meet me again after this review I would certainly like to, not sure whether to wrestle or not but he has other great attributes. If you want a heel this is your man and I am sure if you don't have a scottish accent he will take it easy on you.



hugefan is recommended by scissors4newbie

A really nice Scottish guy i met on a trip to London. Very accommodating and nice bloke to chat with. Despite a slight injury to myself (of my own accord) was a really great match. Very strong with a good technique. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for either a fun match like myself or a more serious competitive one. You wont disappointed :)



scissors4newbie is recommended by hugefan

It is a bit early for Christmas but I was visited today by a young Australian Jesus. Cute doesn't really do Daniel justice, most definitely handsome but enough of the shallow. He claimed to be more of a jobber but was certainly not a lie down and take it jobber, at one point nearly taking my head off with his strong legs. Very nice guy who made an interesting variety of noises in a hold, sounded like he was imitating an animal from the Australian outback. Unfortunately our wrestle was cut short as a recurring buttock injury forced him to stop and before you ask i wasn't even touching his bum when it happened.

Not likely i will live long enough to ever be in the same part of the world again but if i was i most certainly would like to meet him again which is a pretty good recommendation.



hugefan is recommended by Tanker

DEC 2014
Shocking!!!! never vist London without factoring in a scrap with one all my all time fav opponents. He feels like an old friend, but in fact its just over a year since the first vicious beating he gave me. Yes I can confirm Stephen's weight is 13.10 st. I apologise for ever doubting it. Also like to point out I did not demand porridge & honey when I arrived at Stephen's Penthouse (Nor was I offered it) But still had a very nice cup of coffee. Was also introduced to Stephen's cats. ( One of whom stuck his claws into my leg & winked at Stephen as he did it)
We digress , eventually the cats were kicked out. I found myself trapped under sir, all 13.10 of him, honestly feels far more like 20 st plus!, could hardly breathe, but was on the whole it had a nice gentle match on this occasion. Not sure I appreciate being described as a " Man Mountain" especially as the night before a very nice young Persian man told me with a straight face I only looked 32 & claimed to be astonished when I told him my real age! Hugefan btw has touch of Dr Who as played by Matt Smith about him. He is a lovely guy, excellent wrestler & if you could be bothered reading all of this recommendation to the end, am sure you realise how much I enjoy our meetings
PS Noticed a couple of tennis trophies on Stephen's bookshelves. Surprising for someone who claims to do no exercise.....

JUNE 2014- Its not just a wrestling match you get with Big tuff Stephen(Is apparently hurt by Maiden Aunt comment in earlier rec) But you get to go to a nice restaurant & tour of London thrown in. in our latest meeting on a boiling hot Summer's day at the Stockwell mat room. As he said we decided to not to do anything to strenuous & had quite a nice ( for sir) gentle wrestle. (Tho I was badly bruised ) followed by a walk over the Thames, past St Pauls , Down thro Fleet St (Treat for a newspaper addict like me) Thru Covent garden, to a Brazilan Restautarant for a meat fest, followed by dessert at a Tapas bar, followed by Bearoke( Karaoke) at the bears pub in Poland st) Thrown in with Stephens non stop wit.
As regards the long running saga of does he weigh 14 st or more. I suggested he hopped on some scales. For some strange reason he was reluctant to do this in front of me. Can't think why………..

April 2014 ..Second vist to Planet Hugefan, which is a cross between Alice in Wonderland & Doctor Who. The sole inhabitant appears to be a kindly gentle humorous soul who greets visitors warmly , tells them he is a beginner, does little of or no exercise, practises a gentle enlightened form of wrestling where no one gets hurt & he weighs 14st(196lb)………… But as in all the best stories things are not quite what they seem…..The bout begins, in the Barnet Mat Room (Always lovely & warm there, bit like being in the womb)The visitor finds himself in a vice like grip, he is suddenly aware of the strength in the well developed biceps, he is trapped in the lethal thighs which are sharp & stong enough to cut wood, the sort of thighs you only get through regular & sustained exercise….you are under constant attack , Huge fan is smiling at you in a kindly way, but is behaving like a vicious evil heel, he is on top of you squeezing the breath out of your body, I have had people of all weights on top of me, this feels like a lot more than 14st he claims to be. … but if he says he 14 st I accept he is…Blow this for a game of soldiers you think…. You begin to fight back in a similar manner, rather than a wrestling match it becomes a bit like a James Bond style fight of desperate hand to hand combat ( Great Fun Btw)…..

But your opponent is't happy, its seems you are breaking the rules, In fact you are CHEATING!! & he is very disappointed in you !! This is delivered more in sorrow than anger , it is quite a performance, a masterclass of the genre in fact, reminds me rather of a female relative of mine who likes to amuse herself by playing mind games with her 3 children. It was all great fun, afterwards we repaired to deepest Soho & tucked into a 3 course meal, then decamped to the Kings Arms in Poland St, & spent a cozy hour people watching. Had a lovely time thank you bud……. But will I be asked back ???

Nov 2013
If you find yourself in London I strongly recommend you meet huge fan. Lovely lad ,has the sardonic Scottish Sense of humour, very good company & if my experience is anything to go by he will know a good restaurant to go to afterwards. He was very easy & straightforward to deal with in arranging the meeting (A big plus) But what is he like as a wrestler ?
Before we met, other people told/warned me about how strong he is in somewhat awed tones. The gentlemen himself was concerned to tell me he was a beginner, nothing too rough , was't any kind of gym bunny … When we meet at Kings Cross , he was very quietly spoken & when we shook hands , his was so gentle & ladylike it would 't have disgraced a maiden Aunt ! As we we entered the Matroom he said in his soft Lowland brogue " Now remember no rough stuff'" (Accompanied by a shy smile) " No " I said " of course not" Phyically he is taller than me , but slighter build, tho not skinny. I was not prepared for what happened next..…

Instantly when we locked up I realised he was far stronger than me , before you could say Ock aye the noo , I was on the floor, submitting to a vicious choke (Sir btw is never in hurry to release a good sub) A succession of subs all from me followed, mainly chokes & equally lethal arm bars, I think I managed to get one in this period. T hought you where a beginner I wailed . I am he said with a straight face . He then proceeded to do one of the best executed moves anyone has ever put on me, forget exact sequence , but was swiftly turned over locked in single leg bosten , all in a single movement & was submitting. All these moves were done in totally safe & sane fashion, another indication of his skill & I was never worried about injury. My enquiries into where all these skills, not to mention his strength had come from in such a short space of time , met with uncharacteristic reserve (Had he done wrestling at school, no he had't , never done any other form of martial art, no def not ) Obviously a quick learner! (Or perhaps he had been in the SAS or MI5 & was governed by the official secrets act!)
Indispersed between all these submissions we were happily trading insults & mimicking each others accents (His Yorkshire is rubbish , more Lancashire lol ) Really enjoyed our fight & Stephen is great company, hope we can do it again. But don't believe a word he says



Tanker is recommended by hugefan

01/12/14 Teddy was passing through London and obviously all his hot offers had fallen through so he turned up on my doorstep demanding honey and porridge. I managed to provide a cup of coffee and a nice slow wrestle. Carrying on his usual tradition of insisting that I felt heavier on top of him than the twenty stone guys he had wrestled I was forced to carry out a weigh in and although slightly over the 13.5 stones on my profile (heavy weekend) i was pretty close. Now teddy was a little more than his stated weight but did I call him a liar or moan when he was lying on top of me, oh no, well I might have moaned a bit but that was pleasure. Lovely big man mountain, great way to spend a morning.

21/06/14 having met tanky at pippas a few weeks ago but not having actually wrestled (he had to leave early as someone scratched his fluffy ear) when he said he was coming to London and did i want to meet I thought why not. Short term memory syndrome. The nightmares involving being lost in a dark wood and hearing growling in the distance had faded. Luckily on a hot day we both subliminally agreed to have a nice gentle wrestle, tried out a few holds, did a little nipple hunting and generally took turns to be mean to each other. More playing with a teddy bear than wrestling in the woods. We won't mention his assertion that i am more than 14 stones and in his opinion closer to sixteen. I'm not bitter. The fact that he couldn't move me when I had him pinned I prefer to think of as more down to my skill at using my FOURTEEN stone than his assertion that I was LYING in more way than one.

Having wrestled we had a nice tourist walk, with highlights including, crossing the millenium bridge without pushing him off it, passing the high court without getting him locked up and having a very nice meal where i discovered the bear pulling technique. Any good looking waiter, barman or manager was asked for detailed receipes of anything we ate. Unfortunately they didn't have a clue but top marks for effort. Drinks and music then home. Great day and apart from his problems with eyesight great guy.

30/03/14 Second meet and public transport was behaving well unlike Tanker. My memory of him being a nice cuddly bear was quickly dispelled by the new big bad bear. Not that I want to use the word - rhymes with eating, starts with ch, but there were definitely some dirty tactics going down. How could he to a beginner i ask myself? But despite (or ok partly because) he was being a tad world of sport heel we had a very enjoyable afternoon wrestling and chatting followed by a big bear meal in town. Now i think next time we meet I might have to ask for an apology, particularly for questioning my 14 stone weight when i was gently lying on him - some bears have no manners x

Having smoothly traveled several hundred miles down from Yorkshire Dave experienced the wonders of weekend public transport in London, not only was the Northern line having its regular part closure but the Piccadilly line decided to break a track so we had the joy of a replacement bus to High Barnet. Still, Dave enjoyed seeing the sites of the suburbs of London and it gave us a chance to have a nice chat and what a pleasant guy he was until he hit the mats.
Like a vision from the days of WOS Dave cut a fine figure in his boots and trunks and had the strength and attitude of a good old fashioned heel. If only I had a brought a granny or two with me to swing their handbags from the sidelines and hurl abuse at him, the scene would have been set. Now Dave may write some nonsense about how i was the dominant heel and he spent a great deal of time trying to convince me this was the case after, however I feel the evidence of my bruised and aching body suggests otherwise. Great wrestle with a big strong hairy guy (I was only joking when i suggested I had discovered a yeti honest) and that was only in retaliation for his suggestion that my stated weight of 14 st 2 was not entirely accurate. For anyone in doubt a pre-match weigh in is perfectly acceptable.
So after being yeti mauled we took the long journey back into town and had a suitably large meal for two hungry big men. Why you may ask would I want to spend time with a guy who had so blatantly broken all his assurances about being gentle with a beginner, well i think they call it Stockholm syndrome. But seriously he is good company and we had a lot of laughs. If you want a real taste of the WOS experience with an amusing guy then Dave is your man and when I find a referee and a few handbag swinging grannies I will be happy to go for round two.



hugefan is recommended by finest

Big tall guy, we had a good match for a couple of hours!



finest is recommended by hugefan

Having studied my Derren Brown text book for guidance I managed to persuade the hunk that is Finest that wrestling me might be a laugh if nothing else.

As i sit here in my wheelchair trying to master the breath control typing (difficult with a crushed windpipe) I may need to consult another source in future. ONLY KIDDING!

True I did spend a great deal of time being crushed between his fabulous thighs, being sat on looking up at his bulging chest (not to mention his lovely nipples), having my arm stretched and my neck choked in his taut biceps but he is a very careful guy. What can I say just much better and stronger than I am but good enough to share some tips (yes that isn't a typo for nips- although he was generous with those too) and it was a pleasure being manhandled by him.

He is, as you guess incredibly popular, getting more messages in the time it took him to take me down than i get most weeks, so if you do manage to get his attention, grab his hot bod with both hands.

Hope I get the chance to go for round two, although with his fan club it may take a while (if he doesn't have a fan club I am setting one up) I should also add he is a lovely guy.



hugefan is recommended by JobberVHeel

A good heel with a great selection of holds applied well and safe. Easy to arrange and reliable. Good fun all round



JobberVHeel is recommended by hugefan

Having arranged to meet and met tony on the same day, I was struck that he reminds me of someone famous, hoping for the opportunity to blackmail him it unfortunately turned out he wasn't a TV presenter so i just had to enjoy the wrestle and the view.
Handsome guy and great hairy chest, i could have done with longer to bend him into more torturous shapes but I did enjoy our session. He made responsive noises which I always appreciate, i don't like my work to go unnoticed and i think he enjoyed it, he certainly held off apologising for much longer than he had to. So if you like a responsive jobber and a good view hit him up.



hugefan is recommended by Wrestlertoo

Met this huge guy for the second time, when he insisted on visiting me and eating his way through my fridge...he ate the food too.
It appears that he has a great empathy for the Outdoors and this was especially noticeable whilst viewing it through the car window.
On the positive side, he claimed that after writing his recommendation I can expect considerable bookings for b and b next season.(Forty quid per night guys, extra for bacon and egg).
It was a pleasure to host him however and three days passed in a haze of site seeing, food and drink ....
What? ....Oh, the wrestling? Well, it was slow paced and at the same time, really hot....cant wait for round two. Enough said.



Wrestlertoo is recommended by hugefan

Having met John for breakfast on one of his jaunts to London he had somehow persuaded me to visit his house in the country. Although i had explained that to me countryside is something to look at from the train window or put on a postcard somehow he hypnotized me into arranging a trip.

So having been picked up from the station and driven into the middle of nowhere where the closest thing to another car we saw being fast moving pheasants, we arrived at his lovely house, an ex station workers house i was to discover along with most of the history of the entire line being added during the weekend. I also had the pleasure of meeting Danielibre, not to wrestle unfortunately but as a fellow house guest.

We spent a lovely weekend going between Scotland and England, from seaside to abbeys, up hills, through rivers, walled towns and fireworks. Countryside isn't too bad I suppose and the food and hospitality was great.

I should say something about wrestling I guess, as this is supposed to be a wrestling recommendation rather than an advert for the Borders and John's hospitality and ability as a tourist guide.

Ours was a fairly gentle affair as John is slightly injured but with a tight lean bod and very strokable tiny nipples he was fun to tie up in various holds. Lots of fun, and highly recommended for any number of things. Meet him if you get the chance.



hugefan is recommended by blackwrestleruk

After much communication between myself and Stephen we finally met.
I'm glad I met him and was not in the least surprised that he turned out to be much better than he led me to believe. Stephen is a tall very strong and has a lot of skill. He certainly knows how to put me through my paces in many different holds. We did a little competitive wrestling I found myself being his jobber which I really enjoyed. If you wanna meet a tall, strong skilled guy with a great sense of humour then Stephen's your man.



blackwrestleruk is recommended by hugefan

3rd meet with Ken 12/10/14
having a bit of a dodgy back I would have cancelled with anyone else but I knew i could trust Ken to take it easy and he was very kind letting me squeeze him and admire his very impressive chest. Lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

2nd meet with Ken and when I asked if his match request entry was open to me and he replied there might be someone else there, I thought why not, half a ken is twice the wrestle you get with most guys. In the time since we met I think he has been swimming in the fountain of youth, looking as hunky as ever but trimmer and what can I say younger. Still thankfully able to persuade him occasionally to let me play the baddie, what can i say looks great, great guy, great wrestle.

Met Ken after we had been talking about it, on and off for a good few months but with one thing and another it had taken a while to get down on the mats, but it was well worth the wait. We started in a semi serious competitive mode and it quickly became obvious that he was just going to be far too good for me so being a little hungover from the night before it was time for plan B. Somehow I managed to convince him, without actually saying anything (my psychic powers are immense) that he fancied exploring his jobber side today. He let me crush him and stretch him and generally be a big bad heel. I say let me because with his muscles and skill he could have turned the tables anytime he chose. Very good body, great chest and lovely things on the chest which will never be said aloud again. So I obviously have a love for those things we won't mention. Ken did find something he liked about me, could it have been my inane giggles, my long legs or my stunning personality? None of the above but we will keep what it was as our little secret.
Ken is a very gentle guy which with his build was my good fortune, friendly and hot. Hope to meet meet him again and maybe I will try wrestling properly for a bit longer before I hypnotise him into being a jobber. If you like skilled wrestlers with great bodies then Ken is your man.



hugefan is recommended by jayboy0204

Stephen who prefers being a heel played the jobber role and alliwed me to dominate him and apply my favourite holds. Very friendly guy who I would recommend



jayboy0204 is recommended by hugefan

Jay was a nice easy match to arrange, nice guy, no messing about. He is a through and through heel so when we realised give and take wasn't really going to work, seeing as he had come a fair distance i thought it was only polite to let him have his heel fun. He certainly knows his holds and although being a jobber isn't really my cup of tea it wasn't a bad experience being done over. Jay is careful and stops when you ask, so if you like being on the receiving end of a multi-hold heel this is your man.

I should also mention I had my first experience of wrestling with a mask on, which Jay promised wasn't because he didn't want to look at my face and it did add a new dimension to things especially when it slipped and I could see nothing at all. Now i know how spiderman feels.



Pinned Down is recommended by hugefan

I met Gareth many moons ago early in my big wrestling adventure when he travelled under a different name. As his name suggests he likes being pinned down. Still not entirely sure I managed to satiisfy his desire to be sat on but there are much worse places to sit. Very nice guy, great hairy chest.



hugefan is recommended by GrappleFun

I can't believe it has taken over a year to arrange a second match! How could I have been so neglectful and allow Hugefan to gain so much experience from his packed diary of meets! And that's not the only thing that's packed....! He looks just as good as ever in his squarecuts ;-) His scissors are even more deadly and there is no escape from those thighs of steel - nor from his brawny biceps! A most pleasant meet full of laughter! I certainly won't leave it another year for round 3!

What a lovely guy! Had a great match with Hugefan - a really good wrestle and a good time exchanging holds (I think I owe him a few holds though!!). He's a strong guy who evidently has learnt a lot and puts it into practice to great effect! Killer armbars and armlocks, and impressive legs with which to scissor! Some good close grappling and lots and lots of laughter!! A perfect mix. He looks very fine in his squarecuts too I might add!!
I can highly recommend Hugefan, it is well-worth meeting this chap if you get the chance and I look forward to our next bout of the giggles!!



GrappleFun is recommended by hugefan

20/09/14 Second meet with Grapplefun, I think. Have to say it is over a year and i think he may have been replaced by aliens. Not only did i walk past him in the street at our meeting point, only the lovely baritone voice and laugh giving me a clue that it was him. Beardless, lighter and with bigger muscles it took him to take off his shirt for me to recognise his nipples. I never forget a nice pair of nips. It took hours before finally he confessed - he has been cheating - started to to go to a GYM! The beast. Must admit he did look lovely for it and we had a great sweaty tussle with a lot of giggles. My mind hadn't been playing tricks Grapplefun had been one of my favourite meets for a reason. Lets just hope I don't have to wait another year or I won't recognise him at all.

Had a lovely wrestle with GrappleFun tonight. His name describes him completely, lots of grappling and lots of fun. We were quite an even match and he was very careful with me despite having more experience. I didn't think i would find someone who laughs more wrestling than I do, my giggle verses his base baritone chuckle, if you can imagine wrestling a much better looking version of Brian Blessed in a pair of spice girls speedos you might get the picture. I have not had such a good laugh in ages - I mean that in a very good way. Highly recommended if you get the chance, i will certainly be hoping for another go once the surgeons have moved back the kidneys which got swapped with my liver when he was crushing the life out of me. Great, strong body - watch out for the shaving rash though, might be tricky to explain at work tomorrow. Lovely guy, great wrestle, what else is there to say.



hugefan is recommended by wanna roll

Had a great session with Hugefan, or as I like to call him Sir Stephen, Knight of the Nipple. Stephen is an accomplished wrestler so this wasn’t really a match; it will be a long time, maybe never, before I am a match for him. But he was patient and attentive in showing a newbie some stuff whilst making sure it was fun. Odd to have been laughing so much being subject to his ‘tortures’. Learned quite a bit but mainly how much more there is to learn. He is a great guy too, generous and welcoming and would recommend to all levels.



wanna roll is recommended by hugefan

Mike is unique. He is the only person who reads every word of waffle I write here. I know because he quotes bits back to me. So I feel duty bound to write a few words for him alone. Firstly as he likes to remind me, he is a true beginner, I think the implication is that I am a sham beginner but we will let that pass. Secondly as he even more frequently reminded me he is quite a bit lighter than me. For both reasons I thought it best to give him a gentle co-operative introduction to wrestling and share what little knowledge I have. So I taught him how to keep his arms close together and his legs wide apart and particularly how to keep his arms close to his chest as this can be a vulnerable area for attack (from me). I also kindly let him try out lots of holds on me although I felt it was important to demonstrate them multiple times on him to make sure he learned them properly.

But he taught me something too, that I am definitely tickilish, not that for a moment I am suggesting this was an underhand low life cheating form of fighting because he did apologise for it afterwards once or twice or threetimes.

In case anyone takes this seriously I should say we had a great fun afternoon with a lot of laughs and Mike is not a push over, he is a strong guy and with a bit more practice will be giving everyone problems (without the use of tickle fingers ha ha) Really nice guy and safe reliable and a good laugh.



Jayboy is recommended by hugefan

I have the feeling the enigmatic Jay won't appreciate one of my books so i will keep it brief. Short notice, short wrestle but high quality . Strong, good looking (yes shallow me) and knows his stuff and how to be a meanie when he needs to be. Really want much longer with this guy which i think is a pretty good recommendation.



hugefan is recommended by ChineseGrappler

Stephen's profile and recommendations speak for themselves, and it's true that I'm not a chatty wrestler during a match (but who is compared with s "hugefan"?)...

I could talk about taking on a bigger guy in a small room, or how I wasn't as prepared as I could have been, but the reality is that despite the unassuming and friendly attitude, he is determined to win. And that makes for the best type of match.

I may have been critical about some of his holds, but I am in no doubt these are things he will work on over the course of his countless future matches. He has both defensive and offensive techniques, and I can only imagine how quickly he's going to improve. And I'll be happy to find out personally in a future match.



ChineseGrappler is recommended by hugefan

Such an easy match to arrange, that as much as Stephens other great qualities is worth a recommendation. No faffing about, he booked the matroom (unheard of) and he turned up on time (before me infact) and he even asked me in the first place i think (such a change from endless stalking)

So what of the wrestle - when we locked up he was obviously strong and I knew he was fit (ok that was a shallow slip) and it took a lot of sweating and straining before either of us got anywhere in terms of submission. He got me with a vicious ankle lock and I managed to squeeze out a tap just before I had a heart attack. Stephen has buckets of endurance and is incredibly stubborn, not a groan to give me a clue if my holds were having any effect, only a slight grimace now and again giving me a clue. As he kindly pointed out I have some good moves but don't always apply them properly, from someone else i might have been offended but from Stephen i knew he was just being honest and with mr inscrutable its hard to know if you are doing nothing or are on the verge of breaking a bone. he has some great moves, particularly wriggling towards the wall when he is in trouble so you have to stop ha ha. He was a great wrestle and good fun, putting up with my giggling oaf antics. One of the best wrestles I have had and he may say he didn't have as much energy as usual, all I can say is thank goodness, he was a handful as he was.



hugefan is recommended by Midlands guy

Hmmm. How do you answer that? It's the first time I have been mistaken for a chubby Santa Claus. Mr Bean on a wet Monday morning I can understand. Note to self: time to update photos.

Stephen is a larger than life character 14 stone ish with the emphasis on the ish. He is very strong and has an infectious giggle of which you can take advantage and generally a really nice guy. It was a pleasure to have him around.

He also likes cats which says a lot to me. Really hope we can meet again before too long.

Oh, he can wrestle a bit too!

Cheers, my friend until your next visit to the Black. Country.



Midlands guy is recommended by hugefan

John has been a chat mate on the site for sometime now and when i worked out that the Midlands wasn't middle earth I suggested I could make a visit and i am so glad i did.

Having had a smooth journey, i was collected from the station and taken to Johns place. It would have worth the journey just to see the secret garden. John had mentioned the model railway running round the garden but not the water features and fifty foot trees.

So never mind the garden, what about the wrestling? Well going off tangent for a moment again, i must say John's profile photo doesn't do him justice, my mental image was completely off base. Not that I imagined he was an ork but I did picture him as a chubby faced santa claus whereas he is a handsome bloke with a fantastic chest (no use of the N word as promised). We had a great even paced wrestle, a bit of give an take where the kind gent put me in some mean pro holds and I squashed him a lot (got to make use of the extra weight somehow) I did also manage to bend him around a bit which was a lot of fun.

So how to top off a great wrestle. How about a lovely roast dinner? Great host, good company, fab wrestle and amazing garden, so not much of a recommendation at all ha ha. If you like wrestling and the other bonus features, get on the train!



hugefan is recommended by Churd

As I waited on the platform at Stoneleigh Station, it struck me! I was here to meet Hugefan but I had not seen a face shot. How would I recognise him? I had no need to worry. The train pulled in and the people got off and all started walking towards the station exit. As I scanned their faces I noticed Hugefan, looking seven foot tall he rose above the crowd, a mighty monolith of a man with a grin like the Cheshire cat.

After the opening small talk we got down to business! I had a fantastic wrestle with Hugefan, loved to play the heel. I did have to remind him a couple of times that it was not going to be all one way traffic.

I was further impressed that Hugefan could not only hold a conversation but also a knife and fork. Most people I have met can do both but there are some who cannot do both at the same time and often stab themselves in the face with the fork.

I am very pleased that I have had the pleasure of meeting Hugefan and I look forward to our next encounter (made it soon). I am very happy to recommend him to you.



Churd is recommended by hugefan

3rd meet 12/07/14
So after a couple of dry weeks on the wrestling front I was pleased to hear from the churd. he doesn't appreciate my long winded recommendations so I will keep it short. Good fun afternoon. How is that!

2nd meet 15/0614
Once more lured into the lair of the churd, a fairly small furry creature that makes you laugh, provides alcohol and then lets you indulge your sadistic side. What's not to like. He may have the mouth of a carry-on script and not like overly long recommendations but he is great fun and despite a big weight difference he still managed to make me sweat like an orc and really tired me out. Great way to spend a sunday afternoon.

First meet -There are a few members on the site who are legends both in terms of pure numbers of meets and longevity. Churd may not quite have started like some members with Noah but he certainly has a few decades of experience on a beginner like me and perhaps that is why I had delayed asking him for a meet. But I shouldn't have worried, Rich greeted me at the high street to nowhere known as Stoneleigh which was quite an achievement considering I had forgotten to send him a face picture. Luckily he didn't duck behind a bin when he saw my smiling mug and we made our way to his flat, the venue for years of group meets - follow the link on his page for some nice pics of men in speedos.

Rich is a very warm and funny guy and I am not just saying that because he plied me with alcohol while we chatted about his past exploits before getting down to action. He was kind enough to let me play the heel for most of our encounter and he does look great in a hold, particularly over my knee, great rug and top ten things on his chest which will never be mentioned. Occasionally he reminded me he was being co-operative by sneaking a painful hold on me but generally he let me indulge my sadistic side and work up a good sweat. I may not have been quite as frisky as he would have liked but i think he enjoyed it.

And afterwards he was kind enough to feed me so for the other Scots out there, free wrestle, free feed, a good laugh what's not to like.

So don't worry about meeting a legend just get on down there and enjoy the hospitality.



hugefan is recommended by speedowrestle

First of all: Don't fall for the crap about "I'm just a beginner, don't hurt me"! Hugefan has a rather large repertoire of moves, and also has the strength to carry them out. "I don't go the gym" he says, but he then lets slip that he is a serious tennis player, which explains the killer arms and legs... and the competitive streak!
If these warnings haven't put you off, I'd like to say that I didn't know wrestling could be so much fun until I met Hugefan. A real giggle from start to finish (helped by a couple of gin and tonics). Nevertheless, this was a proper sweaty struggle, with few submission but lots of pain (safe though), followed by an exchange of give-and-take pro moves (or rather "take, and take some more..."), and then a massage of my aching shoulders as a bonus.
I definitely recommend Hugefan for skill, strength, personality and fun-factor. Looking forward to the next one...

Just had a rematch with hugefan. Once again lots of fun and giggles...but also a serious workout. Most of my body is aching, but in that good way... thanks for a great evening!



speedowrestle is recommended by hugefan

2nd meet with Stu-pendous. Having taken the best part of a year to tie him down my memory wasn't deceiving me, he is one of my favourite meets for a reason. And its not just his fabulous fur fest of a muscular chest, he is also a lovely guy and a great wrestle. This time we managed to get a few more subs out of each other and my he looks good in a hold. I don't want any of you reading this to wrestle him, just make up excuses so I am the only option going x

Having agreed a few basic ground rules like no hitting tender areas, i managed quite accidentally while trying to get my leg over (no i don't mean like that) to knee Stu in the balls not once but twice, have to say he took it in very good spirit when he had finished rolling around clutching his crotch for five minutes. Apart from these mishaps we had a very even sweaty wrestle with stu stubbornly refusing to submit to my best holds while doing his best to take my head off with his legendary headlocks. After a good long wrestle he was kind enough to let me try out some holds on him of the more pro variety and even when practicing he was very stubborn at asking me to stop. Stu is a lovely guy with a great sense of humour and I don't want to turn a wrestling recommendation into a body review but mmmmmmmmmm,, he has a great set of arms, chest, shoulders and fabulous fur. If, like me you are a sucker for a good rug, this man has a great rug. Suppose I should say he is a great wrestler too and despite my best efforts to distract him by nipple hunting in the forest, he managed to stay focused and put my arms and neck in some seriously strong holds. Fab bod, great wrestle, not much else even old waffle pants here can say. I do hope I get to meet him again although not entirely sure if he wants to as I did make him agree when I was trying out a camel clutch on him. Strange man seemed to enjoy being stretched a bit. I'm not sure if its politically correct to say but if you like wrestling manly men then Stu is top of the list. Hope you can tell this is a top recommendation whether you are only into wrestling or like me have a very small shallow streak. It is also possibly worth confessing that this was my first experience of wrestling after having a small alcholic tipple which is definitely not to be recommended (oh no) but made it an awful lot of fun.



hugefan is recommended by Gloved wrestler

Met Stephen today. Had a brief wrestle as I was bit tipsy lol. But was good. Some nice headscissors. And great company after! Thanks for the vodka too :o)



Gloved wrestler is recommended by hugefan

So after a few near misses and a considerable time corresponding finally I set off to see mr gloved werewolf. Not wanting to visit someone empty handed i had politely inquired what he liked to drink of the alcoholic variety, not that this was part of a cunning plan to get him inebriated and defenseless. If it was it may have slightly backfired as after a few drinks and a lot of chatting when we eventually got round to wrestling it was slightly short but quite explosive. I can say the gloved one is a lovely guy, good company, great host and very easy on the eye with lots of fabulous fur. Not that I am suggesting he can't wrestle just that I think we need to have another longer session so I can fully appreciate him. Please do take the chance to meet if you can, well worth the trip but maybe wrestle then get sozzled ha ha x



hugefan is recommended by matworker

I had a great time wrestling this guy at the event in Manchester 10/05/2014.
He is strong and skilled. Those body scissors are real crushers. It was towards the end of the session and I was getting tired after so many matches. Well... that's my excuse anyway :-)
I hope we get a rematch.
Thanks again for the match.



matworker is recommended by hugefan

Met Dave at pippas yesterday and what a lot of fun he is. It may have been a short wrestle (and I am not referring to his height) but it was long on entertainment value. Lots of teasing, running commentary and cheek but don't be deceived he is no slouch when it comes to knowing his wrestling moves so he offers the best of both, good wrestling and good banter. Great company off the mat too. He helps organise these meets so do go along and take advantage of him (I mean that in a purely innocent wrestling fashion ha ha)



hugefan is recommended by Lomandlad42

Finally got down to taking on Stephen at a group meet today after meeting him a month ago. A quiet softly spoken fellow Scotsman who is a big tough lad to wrestle. Knows his stuff and doesn't tap easily. A stubborn fighter with a great attitude, highly recommended and look forward to next time cheers mate :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by hugefan

Had the pleasure of going to my first group meet and wrestling Jay for the first time at Pippas in Manchester, having met Jay socially before. Although Jay was a little the worse for wear after a late night out it unfortunately wasn't enough to tip the balance in my favour. He truly is Beauty and the Beast rolled up into one, a beast on the mats and well you can look at his photos yourself (I often do - apologies to his also very handsome bf) Unfortunately, or probably fortunately for the sake of my body we only had a relatively short wrestle but after making me squeal a few times and whirring round me like a tazmanian devil I somehow persuaded him to let me try a couple of pro holds on him - he hates losing but think he quite enjoyed a bit of voluntary pain. I do believe that he said oh f*ck when I sat on him although it did somehow echo round the small matroom and come out sounding like fat f*ck but not to worry. Hope we can have a longer session soon. It was a real honour and a pleasure to mix it up with someone who really knows what they are doing and is a lovely guy too.



hugefan is recommended by dadwrestle

Don't be fooled by the innocent approach! Strong, determined wrestler here. Over the year or so he's been wrestling he has picked up LOTS of technique, especially strong defense. We had a good hard wrestle, and he got some ace submissions off me...
Well, he used to call himself "only a beginner"! He can't use that excuse any more! Our second meet showed that this wrestler is fast gaining in technique and is using his powerful arms to good use. His defense is good and he regularly turned my attack to his advantage. As ever, good fun off the mats, with fun chat and conversation.
Don't bother with all the claptrap on the profile about weight! This is one tall, well built, strong guy who wants to wrestle! He has amazing upper body strength....great arms, too. And don't fall for the "I'm only a beginner" line!! He may be a rookie time wise, but he is picking up skill by the minute. Reliable, fun, safe and sane! We had a long, tough wrestle and the rematch is promised. Good sense of humour off the mats, too. SO...make sure you challenge this wrestler soon!



dadwrestle is recommended by hugefan

April 14 My third visit to the kindly gentleman near Victoria who I fondly remembered serving cucumber sandwiches and earl grey after a gentle sporting contest on my previous visit. Wake Up! Bastard beat me up again ! He denies i am a beginner but as his first wrestle was with Noah i think I will always be a beginner compared to him (I feel that comment may induce a sulk but am I sorry?). But it was as before a great wrestle and for those of you looking for a challenge and the chance to learn do accept a challenge and if you are scottish - its also free but you need to take your own sandwiches ha ha.

Met dadwrestle for the second time tonight. Having a bit of a sore back i nearly cancelled but having discussed my ailment dw agreed he would take it easy and so he did - easy on my back, just worked over my neck and arms, he seems to particularly like one of my arms and i take it as a compliment that he likes to look at as he nearly breaks it ha ha. Musn't make him sound cruel because he is a lovely guy and I did get the odd moments revenge, he was also careful with my back and despite his flagrant disregard for the rules of a fair fight he is a gent if a very naughty one. He is also a fine wrestler and good company so if he asks you, do give him a go, you will be glad you did.

If you read one thing on my pages of waffle otherwise known as my profile please please read and believe that you must not be put off by the age of dadwrestle. I have friends my age who look older but more importantly his years have been spent learning how to wrestle so if you are serious about having a good wrestle and learning something about wrestling then jump at the chance of meeting this man.

Met at his place this morning and not only was he charming, good company and kind of dishy (oops shallow slip) he also illustrated what someone who knows what they are doing, can do and was good enough to give me tips on how I could apply holds better I was struggling to get on him, now if that's not generous i don't know what is. So ignore the age, gain from his experience and bask in his warmth. Oh dear, gone all poetic, how about - highly recommended you will have great fun and learn loads - simples.



hugefan is recommended by je999

Funny guy with a great sense of humour. Also a great host. I enjoyed the wrestling session. A very skilled wrestler who likes to put his opponent in some tough submission holds. He was kind enough to teach me a few things as well. Looking forward to meeting again.



je999 is recommended by hugefan

Je is being very kind saying I am a good host as I took him on a wild goose chase through the heart of pollution laiden Sidcup, where he was kind enough to be a stand in for a cancellation. Having lost us comprehensively, the choice of going one way or the other from the station being a fifty fifty option i got wrong (should have phoned a friend), I even managed to lose my way in the hotel. Thankfully after not such a good start we did have a very enjoyable wrestle and tried out the odd hold. Je999 is a very friendly, chilled guy, new to all this and very enthusiastic. I would love to say that my year of intensive practice tipped the balance in my favour but as he kindly pointed out (more than once) it was more likely the four stone weight difference. Having said that, he is a strong guy and no push over, he may not be heavy but what weight he has is solid muscle. He might not thank me for saying it, sure he doesn't want to attract the wrong kind of attention but he has a rock hard hot bod. So hoping once he has worked his way through the 500 or so offers he is bound to get he will come back for a bit more David vs goliath. A very enjoyable encounter and sure he will be a big hit on the site.



hugefan is recommended by Shadow Knight

I think Stephen should change his name from hugefan to squeezefan as all he did when we met was squeeze and squeeze and one stage he squeezed so hard my eyes nearly popped out! Lol

Seriously, wrestling Stephen was an honour and a privelige and I would recommend him to anyone

I am sorry I kept saying sorry all the time....oops, there I go again!



Shadow Knight is recommended by hugefan

Ian is even more of a newbie than me and quite a bit smaller (as he kept pointing out). I think he was a little nervous that I was a clumsy ox who would do him permanent damage but he was definitely still walking by the end and not even with a limp. He has a mean set of head scissors and figure fore headlock and not bad choke hold. Seems to be a theme here. Was it something i said that made him want to see my face go purple? or was he just trying to shut me up?

Ian was a little self-conscious that he has a little belly but he has nothing to worry about, my cat has a bigger belly. However being a kind and generous soul I did my best to squeeze it flat for him and I think he appreciated my efforts, I'm sure it was thank you he kept saying rather than sorry.

He is a lovely guy and (serious wrestlers avert your eyes now) much cuter than his photos with a very fine pair of chest buttons (I have vowed never to use the N word again). He is obviously learning fast and if it was wasn't for the fact that I am a lot bigger i would have been in even more trouble. He might need to work on his puff factor as he did need to take a lot of breaks but he is not a bad sight to watch panting on the mat and i guess wrestling an elephant takes it out of you . So do meet Ian, he likes to wrestle, he knows some good moves and he is obviously a fast learner, he is good company and very easy on the eye. (And he has lovely buttons)



hugefan is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Meet this fine, fun and unforgettable guy this afternoon. Despite beginning a "Beginner" (his own words) Stephen is a powerful wrestler. One minute I was on top, then the next He was. His ability to control his strength, skill and Knowledge is the making of a great wrestler. We both after a few hours retired exhausted and satisfied with the outcome. I will certainly keep Stephen on my list of regular meets, and would recommend to anyone who loves to wrestle a safe and sane wrestle.
Thanks mate!



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by hugefan

I was slightly apprehensive about meeting Megrapple, suspecting he might join the ever growing list of big guys who mash me into a sweaty pulp on the mat. However I can say, not only was he very safe and quick to stop when asked, I managed to put up a respectable show. Perhaps my long gap between matches (over ten days thanks to some last minute drop outs) gave me a bit more energy. It only occurred to me on the way to the matroom that I hadn't seen Phils face or if I had it was so long ago I had forgotten it and that was another pleasant surprise that he has a very handsome face to match his broad strong body. We had a great few hours of very sweaty tussle with me sometimes managing to get on top (don't snigger) but then being unable to prize out an arm, only occasionally managing to get some joy with my panda thighs. It was a real battle of wills, with the first one to tire paying the price. Phil is a lovely guy and great company and an excellent wrestler and if like me you have a little yellow streak running down your back don't be put off by his size, he is a really safe and fun guy to wrestle. He also showed me some unusual moves that I am not sure are in any wrestling hand book but were a lot of fun. A real pick me up for someone suffering from wrestling deprivation syndrome. Meet him if you get the chance.



hugefan is recommended by london sub

Met HF for the first time yesterday. Lovely guy, great attitude and for someone who has been into wrestling for such a short period of time, great potential.

We were both a bit worse for wear, so perhaps a rematch is in order (in a bigger location also) to get a fair judge, but on the whole it was a fun session and I'd do it again :-)



london sub is recommended by hugefan

London sub did ask why I wrote such long recommendations. I am not sure it was exactly in admiration, more an inquiry into my mental health. Sometimes there is just a lot to say. Firstly having suffered =with patience -my endless paranoid inquiries as to whether he would turn up, he also treated me with patience when we wrestled. I think I have won the battle of who recovers from a hangover better but not much else. Despite being a little beery eyed Simon certainly had the measure of me but hopefully I made him sweat enough to think that I am worth another go. His years of experience told when I repeatedly found myself being crushed between his very impressive thighs. The rest of him is pretty impressive too and his current photos don't really do him justice. That is shallow code for he is a hotty. He had explained that he only likes subs wrestling - the name may give a clue - and it was great fun to be outmaneuvered and outskilled - sure eventually I will get better but maybe I will try to fit in a few ten stone guys between the well built experts. Lovely guy to chat to (and to look at) and really careful to stop when you ask and not cause any damage. Probably not the guy for your first meet but if you know a bit and want to get better he is a really great guy to learn from.

I wasn't really keeping score and i think he may have lost count along the way but lets just say it wasn't close but I did get the odd tap, perhaps aided by the hangover but a great experience nevertheless.



hugefan is recommended by Wrestledad

Stephen is fit, strong and full of endurance. He has definitely moved beyond being a novice now and really made me work for the subs I got from him. He was also very adaptable and equally comfortable doing sub wrestling, promission or practicing holds. Off the mats he was very friendly, helpful and approachable. I would definitely wrestle him again.



Wrestledad is recommended by hugefan

Where to start? Wrestlecub has not wrestled for about a year, so I had the honour of getting him back into the swing of things. Unfortunately prior to his year off he had wrestled for about twenty years and is an expert in judo and all sorts of other martial arts i was too scared to even ask about. This expertise combined with a great body of muscle resulted in me having a session of being his warm up dummy for the real matches where someone can do more than just squeal a lot. I think he was impressed or perhaps just getting tired that i managed to stretch about a minute between taps to about three by the time we finished the 'competitive' part of our match. I was going to list all the broken bones in my body but someone might take that seriously and I should say I have never felt safer being manhandled and contorted into weird positions. I am aching but although I was no jobber by choice I must say I did really enjoy being on the receiving end and hopefully he got something out of it, I am sure he doesn't get practice dummies that manage to give him a laugh between screams, every day. He seemed to particularly find funny that after each submission i would say - you're in trouble now!

Not sure where the name wrestelcub comes from, he is certainly no boy scout. Is cub the name for a junior muscleman? Did I mention he is handsome and has a great body, i probably don't need to, you can look at his profile and see for yourself.

After making me submit more times than I think either of us could keep track of, I kindly offered to let him show me some pro holds which I then equally kindly tried out on him. As this was the only way i was going to get him to tap it was a very generous offer from me. It was quite thrilling being in some holds and although my pain threshold may not be enough to make me the best practice dummy he has ever had I do hope he will meet me again. I might never be strong enough to really worry him but maybe i can get enough technical knowledge to get the odd sub.

In summary, great experience, learned some stuff, had a very good view and would recommend Wrestlecub to anyone although you will need to be pretty darn good and very strong to give him a competitive match.



hugefan is recommended by steve50a

For a relative novice (so he says) hugefan was by no means a pushover. In fact he wasn't a pushover at all. I had to be on the defence with some good resistance to keep the scoreline respectable. Definitely worth a meet and watch those legs of his.



steve50a is recommended by hugefan

Can't believe Steve has changed his profile and made me rewrite his recommendation, does he think my short novels come at the drop of a hat? He was a great meet, very skilled, impossible to get his arms apart, seem to remember only my thighs seemed to have some success. I also recall he has a very fine hairy chest, strange the things that stick in your mind ha ha and he was very patient with me blowing my nose through the tale end of a cold. Do meet steve50a he is the new improved version of steve50 although the original was pretty darn good and a lot of fun.



hugefan is recommended by marks

Met Steve at short notice and he arrived as scheduled,. Great guy, who is surprisingly skilled and stronger than he first appears.

Had a great wrestle , although he took most of the submissions but quite a lot af laughter too and a great guy off the the floor too

Hope to meet again soon



marks is recommended by hugefan

So what could be nicer than lying in bed catching up on tarting (I mean meetfighters business) and the missed episodes of all the Christmas programmes mum talked the whole way through, than getting a spur of the moment invite for a wrestle. This has happened before but generally the people fade away when you actually say you are up for it but not Mark

Mark was reliable, picked me up from the station in Colechester, plied me with alcohol and then set about me like a tornado. he is not lying when he says he has a rugby players build, broad shoulders, big arms and nice chest. Plenty for me to get hold of. He did make some lame excuses for my relative success - too tall - he said which I don't see as a great advantage on the ground - long walk had tired him out he said but actually he had loads of energy and we had a great sweaty tussle. Great to get back in the saddle after the Christmas break. Very nice guy too and while he might not have loads of technical moves he certainly has lots of strength and determination. A lovely surprise last minute wrestle, do meet him, he is a lot of fun and will give you a great work out.



hugefan is recommended by Jay219

Met Hugefan with Mark Robert England in our first serious tag match.Had been talking online for a while and got the chance to meet up. He wasnt the most skilled but he was surprisingly strong, which caught me off guard. was a great laugh especially when accidentally intimidating him when standing off against each other. Great guy to wrestle and chat with and im sure he's learnt alot since then, highly recommend



Jay219 is recommended by hugefan

Had the great pleasure of meeting and wrestling Jay & Mark with Robert England as my partner today in a tag. This sentence is pretty much the equivalent of saying Posh Spice had a singing competition with the Three Tenors but they were good enough to make me feel like I was not completely out of place. Jay is charming and has a fantastic wrestling face (lets be honest he has a fantastic face full stop) but when he stood facing staring me out and waiting for me to make a move, my main thought was of a nipple manoeuvre I would like to make. Now, as anyone knows I do not have a shallow bone in my body but Jay is strictly objectively speaking gorgeous. Ok so now down to the serious business - Jay really knows how to wrestle but was careful not to go too hard on me and I really enjoyed our stints in the ring and loved watching him wrestle Robert as well (sorry shallow slip there again) Hope to get another chance before he gets even better and I fall to pieces. He does not need a recommendation from me but absolutely top bloke.



musclemarkuk is not recommended by hugefan

  • Unreliable / no show



amex2 is recommended by hugefan

Amedeo has been a constant source of abusive messages for many months - variations on I will beat you English (knowing that calling a Scot English is tantamount to declaring war) so to shut him up I invited him to visit.
Meeting him, he had his best Sherlock Holmes outfit on, all he needed was a pipe to complete the picture. So straight from London Bridge I whisked him to Barnet where we had a long sweaty wrestle, helped by his tiredness after travelling I was just about able to subdue him. Although much smaller he is incredibly strong in his upper body and only my bulk helped me to control him. He certainly came out on top arm wrestling. He may need some tips on using his legs and my panda thighs seemed to be my best weapon. Very fit and fat free he is a fun but fair opponent. We may not have completely understood each other all the time but by the end of the weekend my Italian has improved enormously, he never lets the lack of an English word from stopping him talking. My ears most definitely submitted over the weekend. He is a lovely guy, very friendly and after giving him a guided tour on Saturday we had another go on Sunday. It was a similar result he is the champion of arm wrestling but I am the panda thigh champion. If you do get the chance to meet him you will be impressed by his strength for his size and he is good company and a very fair fighter. Top recommendation for the Italian German.



hugefan is recommended by Rik

Hugefan is my meetfighters friend since the moment that I started on this site. I had the opportunity to stay at his place for a weekend and get to know each other better, which was great ! Hugefan is really nice guy with a lot of humour and a generous host. During this weekend we practiced his favorite holds in which he seemed to be very creative. After that I could not resist to behave as a dominant heel and put him into a couple of nasty holds to return the favor. We still are very good friends :-) Thanx for having me as your guest and it was a real pleasure for me to spend the weekend together !

Dec 2013
Again I felt very welcome to stay a couple of days with my friend Hugefan. A varied programme of seeing the city, going out eating, discussing our wrestling experiences and of course some wrestling. Bad me I could not behave and put this nice heel in nasty holds. I had too much energy at that moment I guess. His ninja cats were almost to the point of attacking me because of me being so nasty. Next time I will behave and then we’ ll have a good two-sided practice / match. As always it is fun to be with Hugefan because of his humour. And he is a kind and generous guy. What a treat ! Thanks for having me, you made me a huge fan !



Rik is recommended by hugefan

Rik has been my best friend on Meetfighters virtually since I joined. For some reason he made the mistake of sending me a message and then replying to my reply and then replying to the next one and the next one and then the next one... you get the picture. Having made him submit to my constant messages he felt that it was important to get his revenge in the flesh. I should be clear that we did not have a full on wrestle but rather a practice session so he could hone his heel skills before the other meets on his wrestling tour of London. After demonstrating a few of my favourite holds on him he demonstrated what a proper heel can do. If you have looked at his photos I need to tell you they are not a true representation of him and they verge on being fake as he so much bigger and stronger then the photos make him look. I joked that I had ordered a muscle god from a dutch website and I certainly was not disappointed. I don't want to be as shallow as I usually am but
if you have ever had a fantasy and then it actually comes true you might understand half of how I feel. Lovely, gorgeous, very generous, uber hot and a great pal, Rik is a very rare creature to be treasured if you get the chance. Btw he forced me write this when I was in a headlock but it is all true anyway.

So another couple of days with the muscles from brussels (ok I know brussels isn't in the netherlands but the muscles from Arnhem doesn't sound so good) Since our last encounter Rik has unbelievably gained more muscle while I equally unbelievable have lost half a stone. I have also had endless meets so when we had a practise session I was able to use my new found skills and completely dominate him and make him squeal like a huge muscled girl. What's that noise - oink flap oink flap - so I may be slightly lying, he tied me up in painful holds big time and with anyone else I might have felt squashed and small but when you look up at Riks body whats a little pain between friends. Lovely as ever, hungry as ever and even more muscle mmmmmmm. Great honour to be his practise dummy before he sets off on his serious meets.



Rugby guy is recommended by hugefan

Had the pleasure of meeting Mike tonight after a few near misses previously. It was a bit last minute dot com so we didn't manage to book a mat room and had to do sweaty battle in a hotel. I was slightly apprehensive that Mike might be a bit uber competitive for me and my giggles and he did have a very good scary wrestling face but although we did have a great sweaty submission bout he is a very careful guy and respectful of my low pain threshold. Think I did enough to make him think he had a struggle and we both agreed a next meet in a matroom would give two serious pros like us the space we need. he seemed to think being able to stand might give him a better chance to use his tree trunk like thighs to good advantage but I think he forgets that standing I would havea bit of extra height on my side. Very enjoyable wrestle and quite competitive by my standards. Oh and if I have not mentioned anything about what a great hairy body Mike has its not because he is an ork but because he said i was not allowed to make silly shallow comments just before he choked me and scissored me at the same time. But I am safe now, ha ha. One small technical detail although I have to give Mike the victory there was a hint of rule bending as well as arm bending, while I would stop like a gentlemen when we were too close to an obstacle he would stop once he had made me squeal. Needs to brush up on the hotel wrestling rule book I think.
Seriously nice guy and seriously good wrestler and as usual seriously long recommendation.



UKAndy99 is recommended by hugefan

Ok, so I can't give Andy a wrestling recommendation because he doesn't wrestle anymore but if my good friend Admin will indulge me i would just like to say what a great massage he gives. Feel like a feather floating on a breeze which is quite an achievement for a big lump like me. Lovely man too.



hugefan is recommended by Playwrestling

Just met Stephen for the 2nd time and all his training has paid off and he is leaner and more muscular. I was extremely lucky that he had a really busy weekend of wrestling so by the time he met me on Monday, after a while was running out of steam and tried to take advantage of the situation.
Once again had a great time and he is a real character.

Having read Hugefan's profile and blogs was intrigued to meet the Fredrick Forsyth of the wrestling world. He is taller and heavier than me and we had a very sweaty grapple. I felt totally safe when he pinned and twisted my body, and at the end felt my new hobby could be a contoursonist. Off the mats he is a genuine great guy with plenty to say although sometimes had some difficulty understanding his strong Scottish accent. A definite recommendation.



Playwrestling is recommended by hugefan

So meeting 2 and mr mystery has been eating steroids for breakfast and getting very energetic and stubborn about saying sorry, I am forced to subdue him with... you can guess the rest I am never using the N word again. Great tan btw

Playwrestling is an international man of mystery, no face picture, no mobile number, he gave me a name but who knows if it is his? Why so discreet I wondered? I must admit I was slightly disappointed when we met that he wasn't an actor from Eastenders or a secret agent but having said that he did have a bit of Grant Mitchell about him so I can't complain too much.
Now down to business - I am a bit of a giant compared to, what shall i call him, let's say Grant but he is very energetic and quite a handful even for a lumbering giant, I found myself doing a somersault at one point which was equally alarming and exciting. I must admit I did spent a lot of time using my bulk to squeeze, crush and bend poor Grant into odd shapes but he made such good suffering noises I couldn't help myself. Pause for shallow - handsome guy with a great set of shoulders and fine furry chest - not that i spent a lot of time tormenting his nipples, only short spells out of politeness as he seemed to enjoy it and i felt he deserved some compensation for all the fun I had being a big heel, I didn't enjoy the nipples at all (ahem). Personality profile - lovely guy, good company and very tolerant of nipple obsessives.
If you like a great hairy bod with bundles of energy and sweat with just a hint of naughtiness then do give Playwrestling a go, he is far from just someone looking for a roll around, he will give you a good wrestle and he has a top notch rug.
Highly and mysteriously recommended.



hugefan is recommended by slpt

Where to start? From the beginning of course: hugefan's comically big profile and blog posts caught my attention and had me laughing heaps, plus he was very welcoming as we started to exchange messages. But I wasn't prepared for the live version: very tall and well buillt, super strong and versatile, besides being a tremendous cook (best breakfast I've had in ages) and an excellent tour guide. Incredibly funny and charming too, and he will go out of his way just to make sure you're having as much fun as you could possibly have. He is so nice that it's impossible for him to play the mean heel, as he keeps checking if you're ok and taking easy on the pain out of fear he might hurt you, and trust me even though he never will, he has the strength to do so! With a body that made me look terrible in comparison being nearly half his age, I will never understand why he undersells himself so much, I guess he's just modest but DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! He is an absolute must meet, incredibly warm person, plus he woke me up two days in a row with a rear naked choke and a good squeeze session (pictures to come) so what else can I say? Set up a match with this man right now!!!!! I know I'll definitely be coming back for more :)
P.s.: he will attack your nipples relentlessly but he's very good at it. Don't let him near your belly button though!



slpt is recommended by hugefan

Evidence that the pen is mightier than the bicept, Slpt having read my profile decided that he would cast aside his love of big muscles and contact me because he liked the waffle. Lucky me. Having beaten him senseless with long messages for many weeks he finally decided he would come for a visit to london in an attempt to shut me up. I am not a shallow person but it has given me wry pleasure to let people know that I had a twenty-six year old Brazilian coming to visit me for the weekend. And what a great weekend it was. Between acting as a useless tour guide we managed to have a few sessions of sweaty tussle. A very handsome young man (I won't mention the gorgeous eyes because this a wrestling recommendation) he is strong with great hairy legs. He has a particular taste for neck related holds so out of the kindness of my heart I did my best to oblige. He seemed to enjoy my efforts and allowed me to introduce him to the fact that he had nipples. They may not yet be fully trained but with a bit more work I think he might appreciate them as much I did. He speaks perfect and very entertaining English, is great company and despite taking photographs like a Japanese tourist, he is easy to keep entertained, show him a phone box and he thinks its a major landmark. Having finally waved him off at platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross, it did cross my mind that if it wasn't a completely inappropriate thought I might have fallen a tiny bit in love with him. Luckily being old enough to be his dad I slapped my self about the face with a wet fish to banish the thought. Very fine young man, on a mission to become a gym bunny so if you get the chance to meet him before he becomes too hot to handle jump at it and hug him warmly around the throat. He likes it.



hugefan is recommended by pshawfocus

What a lovely, congenial guy. Makes a nice change from all the flakes and idiots that are out there in (notactuallyupfora)meet fighters land. We had a nice introductory session involving a bit of gut punching and a fair bit of nipple play (if like me you're into that, he's highly recommended!).

I think he undersells himself on here with his own body description, in reality he's a tall, muscular guy with a respectable pair of arms. I'm sure he can hold his own during wrestles and was able (once he'd overcome his concerns that he might do some damage) to deliver a number of solid punches :-)

Aside from the gut punching he was an engaging chap, humorous, witty and genuine. No doubt he'll be in high demand from the wrestling fraternity. Get in there now!



pshawfocus is recommended by hugefan

Met PSF tonight for my first full on try at gut punching. I had explained I was curious and he was kind enough to let me experiment on him. After he explained possible positions and tapped me in the stomach a couple of times my suspicions were confirmed that i wanted to be the doer rather than the done to. So apart from being very kind letting me try this out what can i say about PFS. For the natural gut punchers amongst you, he has the most amazing abs, like steel, my hand was in more danger than he was from puny punches and for those (not mentioning anyone) who also like nipples he has a fabulous pair set on a great hairy chest. I don't want this to turn into a shallow body description but the rest of him is very hot too, not that i am implying that investigated below the abs, no i was very well behaved. Lovely guy, very warm and friendly, just be warned, he has only two modes, complete silence as you hit him, not a moan or groan to be heard, think i managed an exhaled breath and the other mode which you might need ear protectors for. Only kidding, he can talk but he is a super guy and I would recommend you meet him for great company, great body and a great time.



hugefan is recommended by Mark uk

29 Sept 13. Jay219 and I made a trip up north and get the chance to squeeze in a tag match with Steve and Robert England. Steve is a great guy and far strong than he looks. had fun with the guys and would def do it again. a top guy



Mark uk is recommended by hugefan

Having spoken to Mark about having a meet it was a stroke of luck then when he happened to be in the same neck of the woods as me and I had the pleasure of having a tag team match with Mark & Jay vs myself and Robert England. Having spent the morning being coached (aka battered) by Robert and only succeeding in getting some revenge by tormenting his nipples I did wonder how I could deal with Mark without having that option open. As it turned out Mark was very much a gent and took it easy with me. Great strong guy, fab body, charming and careful with someone who does not know their arse from their elbow. I t certainly was a case of 'Who is the Weakest Link' but rather than saying goodbye to me Mark and Jay both lowered their level for me and I had great fun watching the other three doing the proper stuff. Hope I get the chance to wrestle Mark again, I will keep practicing.



hugefan is recommended by reslograppler

It was a short match as we spent the first hour chatting and Hugefan is a skilled wrestler. He is no longer a newbie and he has plenty of skill and tricks up his sleeve! I can confirm that one of his specialities is the nipple either by sucking or biting and so should change his name to the nipple killer!! Hugefan is friendly and is well worth meeting.



reslograppler is recommended by hugefan

Good fortune brought me a brief wrestle with reslograppler while staying at Robert Englands. It was a novelty for a weekend of wrestling where I had been thoroughly battered to find that sometimes a few stones and a few inches in height does help. Lovely guy and stubborn fighter but best of all, fantastic noises, well worth a meet even if he does tell porky pies about me going for his nipples, I may have accidentally brushed against one but no more.



hugefan is recommended by andilupi

Me not trying? Some scissors are just too tight to get out of lol. Not a bad bearhug either. Very nice guy n enjoyed dinner after. Long sweaty match with lots of subs. Stephen is a safe, fun, strong and skilful wrestler. Well worth the drive to meet up and can't wait to do it again.



andilupi is recommended by hugefan

Met Andilupi in the salubrious outskirts of Reading, as this was a compromise location between the two of us. I sit on a train for half an hour and he drives for three which sounds like a good deal to me. He is a lovely guy and we had a good few hours of slow hold wrestling as we had discussed. He did keep commenting on how strong I was but looking at his arms he is no lightweight and I think on some occassions he might not have tried as hard as he could to get the better of me, I have a sneaking suspicion he rather liked being crushed and worked over. I think there may be a jobber lurking in there.
Good fun, good guy and good stubborn wrestle who won't give up easily although I now have very sore legs as he took a lot of crushing before he would tap.



hugefan is recommended by steviebak

I wrestled Hugefan this morning and what a treat it was. He says he was late and true he was but he did keep me informed of his progress. I now feel that my navigation skills are comparable to a locals. We started with a roll around and my lack of experience showed though most of the time I spent defending my nipples. He then practiced putting holds on me. Not sure why he needed the practice he seemed to have me submitting frequently though he did stretch and stress my somewhat inflexible 61yo body. As a wrestling opponent he is well worth wrestling and as a character he is so funny. If he challenges you accept. And if you ever get the opportunity to challenge him do.You will not regret it.........and on a purely cosmetic note what beautiful blue eyes



hugefan is recommended by Zibi

Had an awesome time with Stephen, he is strong, skilled with plenty of stamina to take whatever you throw at him on the mats. Great coach if anybody want to learn some holds! Had a great time with him on and off the mats, looking forward to our rematch. I highly recommend him!



Zibi is recommended by hugefan

Zibi does not want me to write a book, so in return for the beastly way he treated a poor old beginner I am going to fill his entire page. Revenge is sweet.

Met Zibi at Barnet (10/08/13) and in all honesty had a great time with him, he may not have been on the site for long but he has been wrestling a lot longer, very strong and fit and in comparison to me young so spent a great deal of time on the receiving end. He is more of a sub wrestler than into pro moves and left me feeling like a sack of potatoes, that had been mashed then pureed, if you get the picture. Just as well we had the benefit of meeting in a matroom as this was my first experience of actually being thrown to the floor, not once but repeatedly, it was quite exciting although a little nerve wracking for a stiff old fart like me. He had me in a lot of painful locks, head, arms, ankles, you name it, it got worked over but he always stopped when i had finished squealing oh f**k oh f**k ow in a very manly way. having been on the receiving end for 96.5% of the time it did give me exceptional pleasure to squeeze, i think possibly three taps out of him, so three to about 97, not bad really.

I know I am now becoming a recurring body profiler but give me a break, I have filled half a page about wrestling - very handsome, great hard body, strong arms, legs, young, fit - bastard. how is that? I wasn't entirely sure if Zibi would want to meet me again or if I had not been enough competition to keep him interested but as we parted he said he would and I saw a glint in his eye, yes I think he does want to do me over again and to be honest he is very welcome to. Very nice guy off the mats and total wild ball of energy on them but very respectful of limits and safe. Highly recommended if you like a bit of a thrill.. Have I filled his page yet. I do hope so - revenge!



hugefan is recommended by paul london 150lb

Was great to see Stephen in another guise and in his trunks. He went to great pains to explain he was a beginner before putting me in repeated chicken wings, camels, scissors, and single leg bostons (one for each leg as Stephen also explained he is very fair), and complained bitterly when I understandably evaded the double leg option.

Stephen is a very begun beginner, applies the hold well and is great fun to meet and wrestle. Recommend you meet him I will again.

Having wrestled on hottest day of the year like true athletes we replaced lost fluids with wine for a fine end to a fun evening



paul london 150lb is recommended by hugefan

When I first contacted Paul a few months ago and he sent me a face pic, I was shocked to discover I knew him from another life (no he wasn't cleopatra and me julius cesar in a past life I mean I already knew him a bit from somewhere else) and at first I thought it would be just too weird to stand in my trunks with someone I knew but I am so glad I changed my mind.

Met Paul tonight and had a great wrestle, felt the odd twinge of guilt that I was taking advantage of my three stone weight advantage but that didn't last long, particularly after he crushed me in his very impressive legs. He was a little mean in letting me play with his legs so I was forced to play with his arms, oh and occasionally his furry chest and nipples. Not sure that was exactly in the agreed rules but he does have a nice rug. I must stop sounding like a perv because we had a really good long and very sweaty wrestle followed by a couple of very refreshing glasses of wine. Paul is very good at escaping holds and I needed all the skill that pure bulk provides to make him moan. Must say, he makes the best noises in a hold of anyone I have met and I think he quite enjoyed elephant wrestling, he must have as he said he would meet again as he ran away from me up the street. Seriously, if you are the same weight as this sexy werewolf he will give you great competition and if you are an elephant on the rampage he is no pushover, so do meet if you get the chance. Lovely guy and good fun on and off the mats.



hugefan is recommended by boston kid

Strong sane nice guy with a great sense of humour. He might make you submit from his tight scissors, cruel hammerlocks, crushing bostons or his infectious laugh! I can guarantee a great time, try him!

Our second meet: He did warn me he had put some weight on but I was surprised to hear the lift cables strain as he arrived. As he squeezed through the door frame I'm sure he grunted 'where's the fridge?' But I may have misheard. Anyway soon we were getting down to the wrestling. I remember Big Daddy well but never thought I'd be meeting his
Doppelgänger. Anyway a great time was had. That weight is useful for the Boston so I enjoyed that. I was a bit taken aback by the frequent trips to the loo as I'm sure I heard the fridge door open each time.... But hey. Was a fun match and as Stephen waddled off down the corridor afterwards I felt glad to have met him. But seriously - a great guy with a nice body - enjoy him - just make sure you have plenty of food in.



boston kid is recommended by hugefan

Met Mike for a second time this evening, and I was delighted to say it was fifth time lucky for me as I had a run of four cancellations in a row. Not that I am trying to imply the best thing about Mike is that he turns up, its hard for him not to as we met at his pad, he is also great fun, let me have great fun and is very hot. He was equally impressed by my BMI maintenance program, he kept offering me food because he was worried I might eat his furniture. Luckily he offered plenty to keep me otherwise occupied. Do meet him if you get the chance.

Mike is a great guy, very hot, great host, lovely personality, puts you at ease and let me explore my sadistic side, very safe, for me at least ha ha, not sure about sane he is as mad as me. If you get the chance do go for it, unless i am free then I bagsy him. I could write more but i am working on my concise side just take it that Bostonkid has a hugefan.



hugefan is recommended by dean1972

Met Hugefan a couple of nights ago. He claims to be fairly new to wrestling how ever knows a lot of moves. He has his height and strong legs in his favour. Really great guy on the mats and off as well. Looking forward to our re match.



dean1972 is recommended by hugefan

Deans photos don't really do him justice, he not only has great runners legs, he has a very strong (not to mention pretty hot) upper body. As I found to my cost he is very good at getting you pinned to the floor, even if you are taller and heavier. I have multi-coloured bruised arms to prove it. So I have two options, keeping eating till i get too heavy to topple or hit the gym hmmm its a tough one, I hear the chips calling. Seriously very lovely guy on and off the mats, had a really good long session with my arms bearing the brunt of the punishment. Strangely after he made me suffer somehow he ended up getting a massage?!? But I do enjoy giving massages and I think he enjoyed it too. Hope I get to have another go when i have followed either plan a or plan b or maybe plan c - learn to wrestle better ha ha