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slowly is recommended by Shapeshifter (5/18/2024)

This absolute gentleman invited me to meet with him on a visit to the UK and I couldn't pass up the opportunity! :)

Virtually identical in height and weight, we got to enjoy the feel of each other's strength before the fun of holds exchange began >:)

Though I took the more dominant role for much of the meet, alternating between delivering pulsing squeezes and outright crushes around his head and body to pinning him under my ass, I am aware slowly could have challenged and reversed this whenever he wanted. I experienced his own application of scissors, pins and chokes and this man has some seriously strong legs, arms and technique! :)

If anyone gets the invitation to meet him you can rest assured that you will be in for a fun and safe time. I would do so again at the drop of a hat :D

Thank you so much slowly for the opportunity to meet you! :)


HH200kg is recommended by PA Jobber (5/18/2024)

I was certainly no competition at all for him, but I had a very enjoyable time being tossed around and submitted repeatedly. He is very safe and wants to make sure you’re having fun. Also a nice and interesting guy to chat with between matches!


Scrapg is recommended by PSPLuchador (5/18/2024)

Awesome pro wrestler! Heel or Jobber he knows what’s he is doing. Beefy and strong, we worked up a sweat, moaning and groaning, can’t wait for next match! Highly recommend this wrestler!


Tybinola is recommended by Pinmeifyoucan (5/18/2024)

Met with this sexy bear after months of chatting and trash talk. His pictures do not do him justice. We had several competitive rounds and worked up a sweat in New Orleans. Dont let this bear fool you or get on top because he has quite the aggressive streak. I won overall but Tyler can take the punishment and will hold out as long as possible before tapping. If in New Orleans give Tyler a match.
Looking forward to a rematch


barondavis is recommended by Sibeasterus (5/18/2024)

I have to go from Bologna airport to Bolgna station in 7 min by trenino. Instead of this we wrestled with Barondavis for two hours at his house.
He is strong, beautiful, communicative man. Our grappling was all on the ground, chest to chest, muscles against muscles, hot and sweaty. Pinned or submited, he rose again and grappled with me like a hero
Highly recommended! If all Italian wrestlers are similar to him, we (wrestlers from other countries) must disappear from this site in horror

We wrestled with Barondavis for second time. In the year between our matches he became stronger and more experient. It was a real pleasure to grapple for near 2 hours with such indefatigable strong man. But he is not only his great warrior, he is kind and pleasant man. Two hours of tight grapplers' embrace with this good man, our mutual sweating - oh, it's a memorable experience!

Doorman88 is recommended by Atlfighter10 (5/18/2024)

Doorman is a great wrestler who is even stronger than his pictures let on. He also has great stamina. We had a match that lasted almost three hours. After the match we had a great conversation about a variety of topics. I would recommend him to anyone who happens to come across his path.


Mascwrestle is recommended by latinman31 (5/18/2024)

Met Mascwrestler after several months of chatting. He is a very kind, friendly gentleman that has a different side when it comes to wrestling...that's when his fighter side comes out and he goes all out, strong, resilient and definitely knows how to keep it safe and competitive. I had to make sure to not let my guard down because he will not miss a change to attack 💪.
Post match he went back to be a gentleman, we had a pleasant conversation, he is a smart and witty so watch it! He will call you out in now time!
Highly recommended, Don't miss the chance to wrestle my buddy Mascwrestler 👍💪


angel86 is recommended by Tiomorbo (5/18/2024)

Increíble y fuerte luchador. Tiene muy buena técnica y me fue imposible ganarle. Muy recomendable. Con ganas de repetir pronto
Incredible and strong fighter. He has very good technique and it was impossible for me to beat him. Highly recommended. I want to repeat soon


Wrestlerpj is recommended by DenverWrestler (5/18/2024)

a very friendly guy; it was easy to organize the match and he arrived as planned. He's young and very energetic and fit, quite strong in the arms and shoulders with big strong legs. He's also a cheerful sexy guy, so it was a real pleasure to meet him. We didn't have much space but made the best use of it to have a good match. I'm happy I contacted him and very pleased to recommend him.


Tywrestle is recommended by Alyxx (5/18/2024)

Awesome and fun match. He’s incredibly strong and difficult to take down, and very resourceful with moves. Took a lot to manage tap outs on him. Good looking guy, great shape, and fun to talk to as well. Looking forward to keeping in touch!

97745 recommendations