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The Professor is recommended by Akrongrappler (4/23/2024)

Had a great time wrestling the professor. He's very new to training and knew my favorite moves. I think he's a tough competitor (I just was just outside his weight class :p) ... lots of fun wrestling, lots of fun talking


mcic is recommended by grapplegrunt (4/23/2024)

Being someone entirely new to wrestle fest and unskilled I can't recommend Mike enough. I spent a good amount of time rolling with him and he's very easy to work with and will go at your pace to make sure you understand a hold/movement well. He likes to give playful holds/strikes as well but all in good fun. ;)

Hoping I can get back to a fest and definitely recommend him if he's into your area or visiting.


PHXGrappler is recommended by Stoic (4/23/2024)

Great match!
He's strong, skilled, and has great stamina.
He dialed down the intensity, and it was a great workout for me, and he's generous in offering input on holds, et cetera.
Highly recommended. If you have martial arts experience, you will find it both challenging and fun.


The Professor is recommended by grapplegrunt (4/23/2024)

We've chatted a bit before wrestlefest but I just knew that meeting TheProfessor at fest would be a treat and I wasn't disappointed. Not only is he a blast to wrestle, I had various stimulating and pleasant conversations with him during our breakfast/dinner outings.

This is very much a man I would without hesitation befriend, even outside the context of wrestling. I'm very much hoping to be able to get back to future fests and enjoy his company again. 100% recommended!


Crash is recommended by hansanyan (4/23/2024)

Crash is out of the ordinary.

He had a nice pair most mesmerizing eyes and Strong Abdominal muscle.

He's energetic Energetic on the mat , and Easy-going off the mat.
I get along with him , highly recommend .


hansanyan is recommended by Crash (4/23/2024)

Had a great match, several rounds of wrestling with body punches. He is smart with his body, his moves were unexpected and he always seemed to get me trapped when I least expected. Friendly and easy to organize with.


herve1390 is recommended by kevinbelgium (4/23/2024)

Very nice and skilled guy. We had a very nice fight in his personal fight accomodation. It was nice to meet him, very skilled he can learn you a lot . Strong and fast and respectfull.


kevinbelgium is recommended by herve1390 (4/23/2024)

Kevinbelgium is new on this site . He is a very friendly guy , willing to learn, open to receive advices in submission wrestling, bjj, without violence. English-Dutch-French speaking. We spent a great but too short time. 100% recommanded. I hope to meet him again .


Iceman10000 is recommended by Adam J (4/23/2024)

Met up with this guy well over a year ago, unfortunately due to timing it had to be a short session.
Would definitely recommend. Iceman1000 is a decent fella all round and am already planning Round 2 with him


Akrob is recommended by grapplegrunt (4/23/2024)

Although I didn't get to spend as much time with Rob as I'd liked, his introduction to gut punching was great and he's an amazing listener. He helped me out at an unexpected but very important time and I can't thank him enough for that. I do hope I get a chance to meet him many times in the future.

97214 recommendations