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lutteuractif is recommended by Macrophile (5/27/2017)

Quoi dire ? Sous son apparence de gendre idéal, bien sous tout rapport et qui ne semble pas avoir la moindre once de "heel" à l'horizon, lutteuractif cache un jeu de lutte soumission assez exceptionnel ! Quasiment impossible de se défaire de ses prises, un gars tenace qui ne se laisse pas déconcentrer. J'ai fini K.O sans pouvoir rien faire ! Super rencontre, avec quelqu'un d'intéressant dans nos discussions.


JFighter is recommended by Wrestlg (5/27/2017)

John is a Tough guy!
Rough and tumble on the mats!
But that means he is a Blast to wrestle with!
Rolled with him Multiple times, and he Always Brings a Tough match!
No easy win, that's for sure!
He's a great lil brother in our big wrestling family!!


AD idf is recommended by Pecador (5/27/2017)

After months of chatting, I had a pleasure in meeting ad_idf.
We had a very very good time rolling around for hours
Very nice guy in and out the mat, strong, skilled and a great person
Looking forward for a rematch
Highly recommended


elephant8859 is recommended by Grakoda (5/27/2017)

Elephant and I connected a few months back and have been friends since. Besides being funny and fun - he's stacked. He has a big barrel of a chest, which is, sensitive ;) The man doesn't skip leg day either. He fills out his posing trunks well and unfortunately too well for his own good. Couldn't ask for a cooler person.

He's strong.. but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. I've heard him submit multiple times now - you should try too.


wrknprogress is recommended by g24lsa (5/27/2017)

Had a fantastic grapple with this beefy wonderful guy, who is not only built like a tank, but very capable with it - had me tapping a few times, dangerous whether choking you with arms or legs!

Looks (and is) very imposing, the kind of body singlets were made for.

A pleasure to hang out with off the mats, really good company and a good laugh.

Very happy to recommend and hope to wrestle again sometime, one of the best I've wrestled.


gigromeo is recommended by musclejudo (5/27/2017)

A+ , great , nice & reliable guy, we had a long bjj gi match in Vienna, very technical, he has excellent bjj blue belt skills - "very recommendable if you are looking for an experienced bjj fighter"


tomphila39 is recommended by ProFantasyJobber1 (5/27/2017)

Great guy all the way around. I am a talker and I found someone who talks as much as I do! Talk a while (about wrestling.) Wrestle a while. Practice holds. And repeat. Look forward to seeing him again. For anyone who likes to wrestle for the heck of it........he is your guy.


Dean20 is recommended by mason brooks (5/27/2017)

This guy never disappoints. We've wrestled a few times over the years and each match is more fun and more intense that the last one. On top of that, he's a great guy to hang out and grab a beer with. The bf and I can't wait for our next match.


Black Titan is recommended by gemtown (5/27/2017)

Beast on the mats and a great friend off em. Will wrestle again and again. Always a treat when he comes to town. Definitely wrestle the titan if ya get the chance!


Bill Parker is recommended by razorfish (5/27/2017)

Very strong and solid, good host, would recommend to anyone.

46984 recommendations

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