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cambridgeuk is recommended by CambsWrestler (5/23/2018)

Had the pleasure of meeting cambridgeuk for a match today. A really nice guy, with a great set up, we had some competitive wrestling and boxing and both finished the encounter tired and sweaty. A genuine and kind host and a pleasure to meet.


Mik79 is recommended by Lookintowrestle (5/23/2018)

Had a fun pro match woth Mik79. Nicely paced and good workout. Niceley paced with good give and take. Easy to get along with, nice guy.


CambsWrestler is recommended by cambridgeuk (5/23/2018)

Cambswrestler is a great guy, genuine and with both boxing and wrestling skills. He is fit and strong and up for a good match. Excellent meet and look forward to the next one.


Mike721 is recommended by mchaeljams6 (5/23/2018)

Mike and I organised a meeting in a hotel in Reading, as it was a sort of halfway point for the both of us.
It was always going to be an interesting match, as Mark is 5”5 and I am 6”2. However, what Mark lacks in height, he more than makes up in strength. He had me pinned several times, with a lot of hot verbal domination. Jobbers better be good at handling sleepers and scissors too, once you’re in this lad’s legs you are not getting out!
I had a really great time with Mark, really nice, funny and open guy, would recommend to anybody :)


lance jeffers is recommended by PhoenixBigBear (5/23/2018)

Wrestling an A+ great wrestler as Lance was a terrific experience for me, and although he soundly beat me I had a great time tangling with him on the mats. He's not only a top-notch wrestler – strong, highly skilled, formidable – but an all-around good guy to hang with. On or off the mats Lance is a real gentleman, one of the best men I've ever had the privilege to wrestle. I hope Lance will give me a chance for a rematch. Definitely the man to beat!


Torrnado is recommended by Big Ape (5/23/2018)

Steve and I had a brief submission bout at Pippas recently
He is a very experienced and agile wrestler and I really enjoyed the experience.
He is a most affable and friendly guy and I very much look forward to wrestling him again when hopefully there will be more time available.
I recommend him most highly!


abs007 is recommended by albyboxfight (5/23/2018)

This fighter has a lot of experience in wrestling and gutpunching and has a strong interest into training and into muscles development. He's a true gentleman too, many thanks! I wait for new meeting and bouts


Gent is recommended by albyboxfight (5/23/2018)

It was a real pleasure meeting Gent for a match. He's very strong, much more than I was expecting! His body is very solid and he developed his big power and his fine wrestling skills during our 3 long submission rounds. I hope to meet him again! Thanks for the visit!


guykent is recommended by Essex (5/23/2018)

Had a fantastic meet with this lovely guy at the ring in Grove Park.
Certainly put me through my paces in the numerous holds he applied and in my place for the cheek he got off me.
Relentless in the holds he got me in and certainly knows how to stretch and immobilise his opponent to get a submission with a few dirty pro tactics thrown in for good measure.
A truly lovely guy both on and off the mats, straight forward and easy to chat to.
Definately looking forward to another match with him.
Diamond geeza 👍


pat44770 is recommended by lutteur174 (5/23/2018)

Voilà un petit mec qui donne du fil à retordre, mais tellement agréable de lutter contre lui! C'est un petit bonhomme qui a une pêche d'enfer et qui la transmet naturellement autant sur le tapis, que dans la vie! BEN OUAI QUOI!
Méfions nous de sa puissance et de son agileté! Je vais pas lui faire une fleur, il est moins bon le soir à 23h ! Je pense lui avoir fait découvrir le parfum de l'herbe fraîche......à bientôt mon p'ti bonhomme et merci pour le rayon de soleil que tu amènes avec toi et que tu as en toi! Ne t'arrête pas fonce....signé LE VIEUX

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