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Blondjobber is recommended by newstravel (6/24/2021)

Great Oil match with Blondjobber during his recent visit to Alicante. I was very surprise how much fun can be to wrestler this jobber in oil. Next time I am sure it will be even better given all the good qualities that make him a great jobber


Clement is recommended by Damly (6/24/2021)

La rencontre avec Clément s’est organisée très facilement. C’était fluide et en confiance.
Sur le tapis, Clément utilise sa puissance physique pour fatiguer ou contraindre son adversaire. Il Imagine toutes sortes de prises pour se faire. À aucun moment, et de loin, je n’ai pu avoir l’avantage.
J’ai passé un très bon moment. On ne peut que recommander Clément . N’hésitez pas à passer le voir en Aveyron. Il vous indiquera les lieux à visiter.
C’est une personne intéressante et secure.


H2OMuscles is recommended by wrestleRManiac (6/24/2021)

feel blessed to be able to wrestling with H2O.

h2O has a great body and great technique. and you could say I want to compete with him again. the most unforgettable is when I was locked in the neck and lost consciousness for a while.

outside of the arena, H2O is a friendly person and easy to talk. I hope we can wrestle together again.


Akkarin87 is recommended by S-line (6/24/2021)

Nach langer Corona-Pause hatte ich am 22.06.21 das Vergnügen auf Akkarin87 zu treffen.
Ein sehr starker und geschickter Gegner. Insbesondere seine Beine sind imposant und gefährlich.
Abseits der Matte ist Akkarin87 ein sehr freundlicher Kerl und prima Gastgeber.
Kurzum- sehr empfehlenswert und gerne wieder.


dwsun is recommended by Ibearian (6/24/2021)

We both waited a long time to connect in person and so glad that it happened because dwsun does not disappoint. Everything that others say about this titan is right - From the minute I walked in, dwsun is a wall of muscle that has skills to back it up! His arms are even bigger than in the pictures. Ridiculously strong, solid as a bull, and a complete gentleman. Our encounter was a competitive and fun workout with multiple bear hugs, squeezes, and a fantastic bonding time. My only regret is that he isn't local because I want more! Looking forward to having a second, and many more long matches at full power with my new friend. Don't pass the opportunity to wrestle this muscle stud if you ever have the chance!


gutcheck is recommended by Boy2beast1 (6/24/2021)

I had the extreme honor of meeting Gutcheck, somewhat unexpectedly. We had chatted in the past and I had always hoped we'd get the chance to meet, but little did I know he had recently relocated to Florida. I went to the ring to meet up with a group of wrestlers I knew from out of town, and to my surprise, this mountain of a man opened the door to greet me. What a very welcome surprise that was!

My previous experience with pro is little-to-none, so immediately Gutcheck took me aside and walked me through some basics: bumps, slams, etc. It was clear very quickly that he is very well trained - this man knows his stuff. His wealth of knowledge paired with his kindness and patience make him an excellent teacher. We worked through some quick drills, I took some bumps and rools, and soon after my crash course I was getting thrown, slammed, twisted, and pummeled like an old pro!

When I asked for more intensity, he had no problem turning up the throttle. The kindness I felt previously in training gradually changed to sadism as he slowly began to brake my body down. Holds got tighter, hits got harder, and soon I was pushed to my limit.h I finally had to succumb to his seemingly endless barrage of punches to my pecs and abs. Wow!

Outside the ring he is truly a kind and respectable gentleman (and so handsome too!) And the same goes for his husband. Both are so big and strong, the two of them make for one intimidating tag-team! But two of the nicest guys you would ever meet. It was truly a pleasure to meet and wrestle with them both. Hoping to get to wrestle with them again soon and get to know them better. I couldn't recommend anyone higher.

Definitely don't pass on the opportunity to meet this great man.


boltcalbresefan is recommended by Matty Bearhug (6/24/2021)

Had a fantastic time with this guy. Super nice and a pleasure to be around. He's new to pro but boy can he sell the action!! Once we started our match it was effortless. We really got into a good flow. Found myself wanting to job for him just to see how he could sell the part, and he did not disappoint. I am very excited to wrestle him again.


toughjob is recommended by pecs (6/24/2021)

had a great time with tj. was just passing thru so time was short but he was a great host and help getting me to his place. time went by fast and both had a goooood time. thanks bud.. see you again down the road.


SchwanDude is recommended by RNC23 (6/24/2021)

Very excited SchwanDude is finally in DC! Been chatting with him before his big move and knew we would have a great match...and we did!! He is a tough guy and a great host! Couldnt believe how fast the time went. Felt like I met a new friend for sure! Think he wasn't expecting me to do so well, but it wasnt easy getting him to tap. He's a big guy so you'll have to be ready!! Looking forward to meeting up again here soon for sure!


wrsl150 is recommended by MJ1500 (6/24/2021)

Looking forward to a rematch from our first meeting several years ago. Friendly, good-looking, enthusiastic guy.

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