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mintaka is recommended by jeff20 (4/01/2023)

Vandaag tijdens het FIGHT event in den haag mintaka mogen ontmoeten een hele aardige en sterke man met veel technieken we hebben wat potjes leuk en leerzaam gevochten en heb wat techniek kunnen leren van hem. Volgende keer gaan we opnieuw de mat op. Voor herhaling vatbaar


GrapplingHB is recommended by fghtr (4/01/2023)

I could write the best recommendation and it still wouldn’t be good enough. I’ll do my best.

It was an honour to meet GrapplingHB. This guy is so experienced and skilled. He knows what he’s doing, how to do it.
Moreover he is polite, respectful, strong, friendly, safe and sane.

Just meet him, you will not regret a second of it.


AgentPoseidon is recommended by Redmond40 (4/01/2023)

Round two many years later. Great to get reacquainted. He’s had significant training since the last time. So had to up my game. 😈 We both had a blast. Look forward to future meets.


Amazing experience. Very knowledgeable and experienced grappler. Learned a few new moves and had an enjoyable evening. Very nice guy to talk with too, especially about our shared interests in wrestling. Very much recommended.


wrestler dj is recommended by fghtr (4/01/2023)

A great match we’ve had.
This is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Kind, strong, safe and sane and he has a fab smile.
As soon we got on the mats I knew he’d be hard work. And he was. His will is amazing. He is something else on the mats and I was very lucky we met. Highly recommended guy. Hope we meet again soon.


Tallman is recommended by ROULE44 (4/01/2023)

Bon gabarit , belle puissance maitrisé , sortir de sa garde fermée est un peu compliqué , veut mieux éviter :-)
Demandeur de techniques et de conseils , heureusement pour moi il est débutant , mais il devrait apprendre assez vite , et vu son physique va devenir vite compliqué.
En dehors des tapis , une personne fiable , volontaire et qui n'a pas hésiter à faire le déplacement pour fouler mes tapis
Recommandé , il n'abuse pas de son gabarit ;-) et à refaire


Deepgo is recommended by Macrophile (4/01/2023)

Deepgo en deux mots : la force tranquille. Il a eu quasiment toujours eu le dessus sur moi et il fut difficile de le contrer. Difficile de se défaire de ses prises. Lutte soumission forte sympathique au demeurant.


Loganscout is recommended by AlphaRookie (4/01/2023)

Loganscout is a bad ass wrestler, and a really great guy. He's very strong and has an intense grip - if he gets your arms locked in, you're done for. We had a quick but fun hotel match and I can't wait to take him on again. Also connected before and after the match to get to know the wrestler beyond the mats. He's an authentic guy at his core, and easy to get to know. He's also very good looking and has the muscle to back up all his trash talk. Happy to have made a new friend and future fight buddy.


Michael35135 is recommended by ROULE44 (4/01/2023)

Un physique bien"fit" pour de bonnes roulades viriles sans prise de tête, on a bien rouler et transpirer !!
Pour une rencontre avec un mec fiable et décidé
Débutant mais n'hésites pas rentrer dans la mêlée
Recommandé et à refaire en fonction de nos plannings ;-)


wrestler dj is recommended by jeff20 (4/01/2023)

Vandaag eindelijk een leuke ontmoeting gehad met wrestler dj een sympathieke en hele aardige man met een goeie techniek in worstelen, we hebben met elkaar geworsteld en gebokst bij het worstelen heeft hij me veel geleerd en laten zien wat voor technieken hij had. Met boksen is hij ook een goede tegenstander. Voor herhaling vatbaar


wildcoyotte is recommended by Yonceshow (4/01/2023)

Super friendly guy. Well skilled in submission wrestling and watch out for his strong legs haha. He couldn’t break my abs tho 🤪🤪

89489 recommendations