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andres is recommended by cram (1/21/2019)

Andrés es un hombre fuerte y apasionado de la lucha. Le pone muchas ganas e intensidad. Lo pasamos muy bien luchando. Estaré encantado de repetir otra vez!!!!!!


Perseus is recommended by bikermanrr (1/21/2019)

There is no better than the pictures of the profile to describe the guy, muscular, powerful, in good shape. This is very attractive, then we find ourselves in an excellent fight. Me too was in good shape, and it allowed me to resist and try to keep the fighting . His great physic and abilities make the duels exceptionnels A meeting not to be missed. Thank you Mr Perseus


cram is recommended by andres (1/20/2019)

Una lucha intensa desde el inicio, además fuerte para dejarse dominar. Vuelve a la batalla cuando menos lo esperas. Se pasa un momento agradable tanto para el vencedor como el vencido.


umbreon is recommended by heralduk (1/20/2019)

What a pleasant lad Umbreon is. Although small in build is not frightened to take on opponents bigger than him. He's new to the Wrestling scene and willing to learn. He will be a very tough cookie with knowledge and experience behind him.


fghtr is recommended by bikermanrr (1/20/2019)

An outstanding build, obvious sporting abilities i
have a little worried about the outcome of the match, he could have spraying me in a very short time. But he is too kind and protective, so of course he takes the above skilfully dosed so that it is difficult to get out, the expression output 100 kgs (and more) make sense. To recommend also to all those who fear bigboys , often they are Prudent, generous, I hope to gain a few centimeters on my next outing 100 kgs His heart is proportional to his size. Respect my bigboy


heralduk is recommended by andy (1/20/2019)

I have also known Dave for a good number of years,and we always have great matches.really looking forward too be having another good match with him soon.Bring on round 2.And he is also great too talk both on and off the mats too.


AD idf is recommended by Punchbagplz (1/20/2019)

Not only did I meet a great fighter, but I met an excellent teacher. He taught me the basics in one day, 3 different styles of fighting (submission, kickboxing and mma) I loved it. Alain is a great person, has a lot of patience and the breath to receive you. But unfortunately I got tired easy on this day and he won them all. I would love to come back one day and fight him again. It will be a huge pleasure. I recommend everyone from MF


andy is recommended by heralduk (1/20/2019)

I've known Andy for a number of years now, and it's always a pleasure to wrestle him, quite often he's my first opponent. He's tough and can take a lot of punishment, he can also dish it out. Be careful of him.
Would I recommend fighting Andy. Definitely he's a great opponent.


Transatlantic is recommended by jonny innocent (1/20/2019)

Having met Transatlantic in the ring at a couple of training sessions and already decided that he was an exciting wrestle, I was very keen to get my hands on him in a one to one meet. It did not disappoint and was just as full-on and non-stop as our previous encounters.

Transatlantic was skilful, fast, energetic and provided a superb challenge, despite my height and weight advantage. He is tremendous fun in the ring and great to spend time with out of the ring too.

We discussed our preferences before we got to the ring and adapted to each other once the meet was underway, softening our style a bit as the pace and intensity took its toll on us. It turns out that we were too competitive for pro, so the match ended up more promission and was a real test of our stamina.

Transatlantic is an ideal opponent: in it for fun, but keen to take you down if he can. I look forward to testing myself against him again in the future.


kimmetje is recommended by jonny innocent (1/20/2019)

The enjoyment that Kimmetje gets from wrestling is obvious from the smile that is always on his face when on the mats, even when being forced to submit. That he is in it for fun is without doubt, but don’t think he won’t take you down if he gets the chance.

I never quite believed it when I saw someone being scissored and having their attempts to escape cut short by their opponent cranking up the pressure. I do now. Every time I tried to push at those knees or use my elbows, my mind was overwhelmed by the power of those legs. You have been warned.

Despite that, when law and order broke down at the group meet where we met and everyone piled in, it ended up with the two of us against the others and it was definitely good to have him on my side.

If you get a chance to share in the joy that is Kimmetje, go for it.

65823 recommendations