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H3YB1GGUY is recommended by ny100 (12/05/2021)

His pictures don't do him justice. He's even more handsome and built in person. Size difference was a little too much for me to handle (in good way). Even if he's "new" he definitely has a lot of skill and was fun being naturally man handled. Off the mats, he's an awesome chill guy. Looking forward to getting stronger and testing myself against this guy again.


YoungVancity is recommended by Guy West (12/05/2021)

Riaz his a cute little jobber boy who really enjoy to get work over. I strongly recommended to meet and face him. :)


Will2683 is recommended by Damly (12/05/2021)

Je recommande Will qui est un lutteur efficace à qui il difficile d’échapper lorsqu’il vous a immobilisé. L’on peut lutter plusieurs heures avec lui.
C est un garçon très gentil et très fiable.


Strongarmedhulk20 is recommended by YoungScot (12/05/2021)

Gents. This guy is an absolute unit!! Some guys claim to have the strength…this man backs it up and more!
For someone who claims not to know any holds - the ones he does know are power holds…and by jings are they powerful! When he locks on a hold he locks it on HARD! His upper body is stacked with power - his lower body does need to do some catching up tho ;)

If you enjoy a good hard strength challenge this is your guy…not many will beat him in an armwrestle, or escape his full nelson!


ny100 is recommended by H3YB1GGUY (12/05/2021)

Finally got to meet up with ny100 and was not disappointed. Thick and muscled and super handsome and sexy. He tried his best and we had a lot of fun getting sweaty and rolling around. He wasn’t really a match for my strength but I’d be happy to give him another chance to try! Hit him up next time you’re in NYC you won’t be sorry.


Rasslebb is recommended by DBALSTOM (12/05/2021)

Had a great match with Rasslebb - actually met up several months ago but didn't have time to roll. We were very evenly matched - lots of give and take. He is very strong and a lot of fun. Overall great guy. We christened his new dollamur mats which were great. Looking forward to the next match which may be in a couple days. Highly recommend wrestling with Rasslebb if you get a chance.


gutpunch82 is recommended by sgman8888 (12/05/2021)

Had a really hot match with gutpunch82. His lean and solid abs can take a real beating and you can see he enjoys taking the punishment. He also has some mean punches - for some reason, it feel like he's stabbing your gut with each punch lol. Off the mat, he's a great guy to chat with.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who loves GP. Till our next match buddy!


busterboy is recommended by ukjobberlad (12/05/2021)

We met after chatting for a while about him working me over. I wasn’t disappointed as he is strong and aggressive with a great physique.
Busterboy has really strong legs and I was crushed over and over in body scissors, trampled and punched. Lives up to his name but outside the fight he is a friendly considerate guy.


Gut Challenge is recommended by pnchurgut (12/05/2021)

Such A Great Afternoon!! Lots of exercise and definitely worked up a sweat!!

Gut Challenge is quite the durable man taking plenty of punches! He can go as long as you are capable to dish it out; almost as if he feeds on your energy. You will see he lives up to his screen name as he truly is a challenge.

Communicated promptly and showed up exactly as promised. For any others interested in mixing it up with Gut Challenge I can recommend him. I'm sure we'll coordinate another opportunity to get in a solid workout.


Mucfightsport is recommended by svenmuc (12/05/2021)

Strong and fit! Very good match

80774 recommendations