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Firoko is recommended by B2Bomber (5/23/2019)

Firoko is feisty fighter and very agile for his size. Tall and lean, at first I thought it would be an easy victory and proceeded to tie him up with leg locks, arm bars, and various submission holds. But Firoko refused to submit and very handily escaped each of my attacks. A few times he expertly evaded my attempts and boston crabs and camel clutches, and a few times when I had him bend like a pretzel, he held on without submitting until he was able to get away. After a while, his true power came through as his stamina and strength stayed strong while I tired after constant attacking. He got in a few good holds and even gained the top position on me, forcing me to the defensive. But in the end, I was able to lock him up in a mighty leg scissors and trap his head leaving his body and chest vulnerable to my attacks. I ended the match with the victory, but we both won that match. I recommend Firoko to any wrestlers in the area looking for a lean, mean fight :)


Prowrestlingdomination is recommended by ShortMick (5/23/2019)

Recommendation from our Match last year:
Finally, after many cancellations and having to reschedule many times due to both of our busy lives, I managed to meet up with this gentleman of a heel. He is easy to speak with and agree on what sort of match we were going to have.
As others have remarked, he is very well built with a lot of strength. I was impressed as how he would easily lift and throw me around. With a wide selection of moves, he seamlessly maneuvered from one move and into another.
A top notch opponent.


NorthNotts is recommended by ShortMick (5/23/2019)

First time wrestling an opponent close to my height, and man it was tough. With a such a small height difference, I had little-to-no room to wriggle and escape. Even though NorthNotts is only slightly taller than me, he's considerably larger and stronger than me with much more wrestling experience and skill. To put it breifly: he destroyed me.
Safe, sane and plenty of experience.
Easy to get on with, and great fun to wrestle, this short powerhouse is definitely an opponent you'd want to wrestle, see if you fair much better than I did.


toprosub is recommended by Pin150 (5/23/2019)

Ever since i found out a couple weeks ago this guy would be in LA, we've been bantering; but it's been years of waiting to be in the same area, so I had to give the hot muscular jock exactly what he said I couldn't give him – another defeat haha. For only being around 10 lbs heavier than I am, he really towered over me and might be even stronger than I am. We were even for about 10 minutes, maybe even his advantage, but he got worn out trying to use those deadly legs to make me tap (close, but mission failed). It was over after that ;) . We were have to see if he does better next time when he's at a full 100% stamina, because he'll need it. As expected since he's Canadian, he's also a really nice guy even after you've humbled him. I have no doubt the rematch with this bigger stud wanting revenge will be just as hot.


NCJockstrap is recommended by bjames65 (5/23/2019)

After years of back and forth banter, I finally got the chance to get my hands on NCJockstrap. Needless to say, I had my hands full. He's one tough stud who can back up his smack talk! He's rough, strong, and skilled. He seemed to enjoy punching my gut, which is something I also enjoyed. He's also a nice guy (despite what he wants you to think). Hopefully, there will be many more rough matches in the future.


007champion is recommended by Zack (5/23/2019)

i had like tow hours wrestling with this huge guy , he is very friendly strong and skilled too, if you like big vs small, jobber vs heel or domination wrestling , this guy is the perfect choice , he is a big guy and he can control you so easily with a pleasure .
totally recommended


Zepheshow is recommended by fitguy2 (5/23/2019)

One of the easiest matches to arrange with minimal back and forth to schedule it. Zepheshow is keen that both people enjoy the match, hence he tried submission wrestling, and he showed me a bit of pro. Easy going guy on and off the mats, no hesitation recommending him


chriscologne is recommended by arniebaby (5/23/2019)

Endlich hat es geklappt mit dem Kölner Kerl auf die Matte zu gehen. Dem Zweitliga-Aufsteiger musste trotz Heimvorteil erstmal gezeigt werden, dass in der ersten Liga ein anderer Wind weht.
Auch neben der Matte ein super Gastgeber und guter( frecher ) Gesprächspartner. Jederzeit gerne wieder auf der Matte, um dir deine Frechheiten auszutreiben ;-)))


arniebaby is recommended by chriscologne (5/23/2019)

Arniebaby......würd ehr sagen arnieterminator.....
War quasi BVB : 1.FC KÖLN, wobei ich meinen Heimvorteil nicht ausnutzen konnte. Mega geil gekämpft, hat richtig Spaß gemacht.
Gerne wieder.


Ginler is recommended by david munich (5/23/2019)

Kann den Kerl nur wärmstens empfehlen. Zuverlässig, hält sich an alle Absprachen und im Kampf gibt er absolut Vollgas, um zu gewinnen. Noch dazu toller Body. Insgesamt also ein klasse Paket... freue mich schon auf mögliche weitere Treffen.

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