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Marcwrestler is recommended by Tc3000 (2/01/2023)

Marcwrestler is a very cool guy,I had a great time exchanging holds with him and learned a lot,I look forward to meeting him again sometime for another fun but tough match.


Davilito123davilito is recommended by Angel del seol (2/01/2023)

Buen luchador. Fuerte y guapo.


Angel del seol is recommended by Davilito123davilito (2/01/2023)

Es un buen exponente ángel luchemos en lima peru como 4 días asin y me gustaría luchar más con él sabes mucho de lucha y muchas llaves


Dnllkvn is recommended by lwhngs (2/01/2023)

we had a great match. he's a new wrestler a very keen to learn the ropes. very willing to learn and a fast learner.


Crazysportler is recommended by funkyharry27 (2/01/2023)

Super long and intense fight with Crazysportler. He was so experienced and strong as he could predict all of your moves and take control. Very strong guy with good stamina as he could resist most of my holds. Beside the mat also a friendly and funny friend. Highly recommended to meet!


NYPROCHAMP is recommended by Hammer (2/01/2023)

The Evil Russian Bear brought a formidable presence to the ring with his powerful build and intimidating Russian accent. The match was a back-and-forth battle of holds and counter-holds, showcasing both our skills and technique.

The Evil Russian's mastery of dirty Russian pro wrestling was on full display as he executed a series of bearhugs and devastating moves leveraging his power. However, The Hammer was able to match his strength and skill, using his quickness and cunning to escape and counter with his own powerful maneuvers.

In the end, the match was a closely contested battle, with the crowd on the edge of their seats until the final bell. The Evil Russian Bear proved to be a worthy opponent.


Hammer is recommended by NYPROCHAMP (2/01/2023)

If you are into classic pro wrestling and pro fantasy role play, don't miss a chance to wrestle with Hammer. He is a hard bodied, tough looking, trash talking, hairy beast. He understands true pro action, attitude, cooperation and the holds, without pain or injury. Our grudge match between two hairy heels, the Irish Hammer vs the EVIL Russian Bear, was action packed, with classic pro holds, reversals, taunting and dirty tactics. Few measure up to the Hammer.


Lightweight21 is recommended by ScrappyWrestler (2/01/2023)

Can’t believe I never got around to writing him a recommendation. We’ve had fun impromptu matches. He looks good in gear and excels at trash talk (even when I’m choking him). Definitely meet him if you can!


Hatro is recommended by ROULE44 (2/01/2023)

Rencontre sans prise de tête , pour de bonnes roulades viriles avec un gabarit très viril et très tonique
A refaire


Marcnais is recommended by ruffnhard (2/01/2023)

After a 10 year gap this fun fighter returned for a rematch… and I’m so glad he did!

He assured me he had not wrestled much in the meantime, but he handled all i dished out amiably.

We spent a few hours of sweat soaked action, teaching him a few holds along the way, and having a great time… at least I hope he did, despite the bruises :)

Solidly built ( his pics don’t do him justice) strong, fun and charming, what more can you ask for in an opponent?

Looking forward to rematches, hopefully less than 10 years apart!

88397 recommendations