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otterhun is recommended by Basti (5/19/2022)

We had been chatting for a while now (corona times....) but finally made a fight work today, when he was for work in my town and I had a really good time with him.

He is not the most technical fighter, but he has a lot of strength he can make use of and is very determined to win and dominate the fight. Plus he has a good pain endurance which makes the fight even more interesting ;)

Looking forward for our next match, when I visit Budapest


Davidandrew1963 is recommended by Chip55 (5/19/2022)

Would recommend a meet with this wrestler. Great dry and oil wrestle in a give and take match. Very straightforward to organise a meet with this genuine guy.


NYleanmuscle is recommended by Torrnado (5/19/2022)

What superlatives can I add to NYleanmuscle's already impressive wrestling CV? Skilled, very strong, very fit, safe and sane, he sure cut a fine figure in the speedos he wore for our match today. I tried my best to counter his superior experience and strength, but even though he made generous allowances for our size difference, this attractive guy still had the edge the whole way. However, that didn't stop me from having a thoroughly enjoyable time, and I like to think he did too.
Off the mats, NYleanmuscle is an easy going, witty guy with nothing to prove. Ok, so he's from Brooklyn but, hey, nobody's perfect! I recommend this guy wholeheartedly, you'll have a great time!


patricos99 is recommended by critical (5/19/2022)

🇵🇱 Pomimo braku doświadczenia patricos99 jest bardzo obiecującym wojownikiem. Jego wola walki jest imponująca i bardzo mnie to zaskoczyło. Bardzo szybko się uczy ma chęć aby poznawać nowe chwyty. Całość spotkania przebiegła w bardzo przyjaznej atmosferze. Polecam i mam nadzieję że to nie będzie ostatnie spotkanie.
🇬🇧 Despite his inexperience patricos99 he is a very promising fighter. His will to fight is impressive and positively surprised me a lot. He learns very quickly and he has a desire to learn new tricks. The whole meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere. I recommend and hope there will be more meetings.


toetotoe is recommended by Traveller (5/19/2022)

A wonderful guy, strong, competent but also safe and sane. Arranging a meeting was super easy and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together. Definitely one of the nicest persons I have met through this site!


stocky76 is recommended by Madj (5/19/2022)

Great guy, hes a solid fighter, rough and ferocious and I had a good time rolling around with him! I cant wait for our next match!


southernwrestler is recommended by DrWrestle (5/19/2022)

Southernwrestler is a great guy on and off the mat! I highly recommend him!


Tyronidas is recommended by zulkarnain (5/19/2022)

A very good dominator and heel! Easy to arrange an appointment with, and a friendly dude overall ;)


Johnwilliams is recommended by Youngcub47 (5/19/2022)

Had a great match with this guy. Strong as hell and crazy skilled. Safe and sane guy too, would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great match


Darren is recommended by gomolGusti (5/19/2022)

finally we meet..very excited to fight with him because we have a same interest which is catfight. we had a good match and a lot of sweaty.

had some trashtalk before fight while watching muaythai fight. we staredown each other before fight. a lot of pulling hair and slapping..

he is a soft spoken guy too and make u comfortable. he is a strong guy! he had a good skill in boxing.. recommend him to anyone into boxing/gutpunch.

definitely will rematch with him.. enjoy fight with him.. such a good fighter!

82452 recommendations