Back in March, I was feeling really paunchy and clothes were beginning to get tight and I wasn't satisfied with how I looked carrying some extra weight. So, I completely changed my eating habits with the hope of going from 225 to 180 by the time my vacation rolled around this past July...and I'm very proud to say I achieved that goal. Now, while trying to maintain with portion control, I currently weigh in at 175 and try very carefully not to destroy all of the hard work and self control I've put in. I've taken down most pictures when I was heavier, so if you notice the difference, now you'll know why. However, I had one very rude guy tell me my extremities look like sticks. I'm sorry he feels that way, but personally I feel much better at this healthier weight and I blocked him. There is no need for criticism like that from anyone.

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Swiss man70 (3) 5 days ago

I think you look great and even sexier with the weight loss. i hope the new look will bring you a lot more guys who want to wrestle your hot body.


vonsueno (8) 5 days ago

Congratulations on your program. Size of muscles does not necessarily equate to strength. Size looks great but strength will get the job done. That said, at most any age one can increase ones muscle mass, so check out the programs you can use that are found on such sites as You Tube. Athlean-X is one of those but there are a goodly number of ones. And, you needn't join a gym or invest in dumbbells, etc. You can create your own weights and employ exercises you probably learned in high school. Keep up the good work. The nay sayer may well have needed to do work on his own health, bodily and emotional maturity.


sub aqua (37) 4 days ago

Congratulatuons! The amount of willpower it takes to start and even keep going is not easy, but you've done it.


daytonwrestler (16) 4 days ago

Good for you! You're looking good, and I'd love to wrestle you sometime.
And it's nobody else's business about your weight. How you feel is more important....just stay healthy.