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Looking for fantasy pro matches. Mostly job, but sometimes into heeling. Overall looking for a good time in gear



  1. USA - Maryland, Columbia
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Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 5'2" (157 cm), 120 lbs (54 kg)

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FalconWrestler is recommended by Toomuchman8

I had the distinct pleasure to lock up with FalconWrestler. This fire plug is one hell of a pro wrestler. He sells everything to the dime and gives great punishment.

I’m telling you folks he will give you a five star best of 3 fall match you have had. This performance was good enough to put it on video and push it hard on the market. Plus it is always good to meet a guy who appreciates the art of “geared up” I felt bad because I didn’t bring all of my gear...I’ll come out of retirement to face this guy in the ring with the whole show...wrestling belt and color commentary and all.

If you are a pro guy....hit FalconWrestler will be the best match you have had....



Toomuchman8 is recommended by FalconWrestler

Met up with Toomuchman8 and had an awesome time. He has a phenomenal personality and is one hell of a heel. He’s arrogant, cocky, and knows how to sell holds and moves. During our meet up he was able to score 2 of 3 pin falls, but being able to totally destroy him in one round was well worth it. I left him sleepered out spread eagle in the ring. Could of counted to 100 and that big boy wasn’t getting up. =) Next time I’m hoping we can do it in full ring attire and have a title belt to wrestle for. If you’re lucky enough to get in a match with Toomuchman8 before his retirement consider yourself lucky. Maybe we can convince him to postpone his retirement for a little longer.



FalconWrestler is recommended by suig

Falcon and I have met up to wrestle four or five times now over the last three years. There's a bit of a size differential – and that, along with both of us liking jobbing and heeling, makes for really fun pro wrestling. He's a great size for receiving power pro moves, and also good at dominating. I look forward to more bouts with this sexy dude.



suig is recommended by FalconWrestler

Always a hot time wrestling Suig and he makes an even hotter jobber. We both love pro and have a great time when we get together. There is a size difference and it’s awesome that he’s into being heeled by someone smaller than him. Does a great job selling holds and really gets into the match. Has a good amount of gear and if you have the chance to meet up with him, do so.