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Looking for fantasy pro matches. Mostly job, but sometimes into heeling. Overall looking for a good time in gear



  1. USA - Maryland, The Highlands
  2. USA - Virginia, York County
    (I'm here between 1/19/2019 and 1/21/2019)
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Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 5'2" (157 cm), 120 lbs (54 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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FalconWrestler is recommended by Boricuaboi93

Was a great heel! Had a great match! Do not underestimate this guy, he may be short but he is strong! Definitely worth while!



Boricuaboi93 is recommended by FalconWrestler

Was a great jobber, and totally owned him in our match. Finished him off for the three count. Wrestle him if you get the chance, was a good time.



FalconWrestler is recommended by BoyToy Wunderkind

The Falcon and I’ve wrestled so many times I’ve lost count at this point, lol. It’s always a fun, laidback time chatting, wrestling, and admiring each other’s taste in gear. You don’t wanna miss out on this guy!



BoyToy Wunderkind is recommended by FalconWrestler

BoyToy is an all around great person and awesome wrestler. We've gotten together multiple times and it's always a hot match. We both share a love for gear and always have plenty of it when we wrestle. If you have the opportunity to wrestle him, take it!



FalconWrestler is recommended by MDWrestle98

Wrestling with FalconWrestler was hot and sexy. Having my first match with someone who has similar stats as me was hot. I loved the back and forth between us, and his eventual domination. If you want an erotic match, hit him up. He is also quite fun to talk to outside of a match.



MDWrestle98 is recommended by FalconWrestler

Hot time wrestling MDWrestle98, finally was able to wrestle someone with similar stats as me. It was back and forth in the beginning but totally owned him in the end. Hit him up if you have the chance to.



FalconWrestler is recommended by suig

Falcon and I have met up to wrestle four or five times now over the last three years. There's a bit of a size differential – and that, along with both of us liking jobbing and heeling, makes for really fun pro wrestling. He's a great size for receiving power pro moves, and also good at dominating. I look forward to more bouts with this sexy dude.



suig is recommended by FalconWrestler

Always a hot time wrestling Suig and he makes an even hotter jobber. We both love pro and have a great time when we get together. There is a size difference and it’s awesome that he’s into being heeled by someone smaller than him. Does a great job selling holds and really gets into the match. Has a good amount of gear and if you have the chance to meet up with him, do so.