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looking for friends to fight with
can't host, i move



  1. Italy, Novara
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Age: 43-year-old Male

Stats: 5'5" (165 cm), 121 lbs (55 kg)

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Gallycvs is recommended by namazsk

After some intense chatting back and forth, it seemed evident that this hunk would be a great meet. Turned out that he was. Very easy-breezy and chatty as a person. Has a genuine and long-standing passion for boxing and was a pleasure to box with in proper gear. Can handle quite a bit of pressure and as somebody mentioned below - those arms do not lie. Serves him well in wrestling too. Looking forward to meeting again!



namazsk is recommended by Gallycvs

is a very nice easygoing person,
careful and open to what you may need to do or try.
He is a good wrestler and a passionate boxer too.
I spent a real good time with him: a real good mate!
Worthy as an opponent.
Worthy as someone to meet and to be friend.



Gallycvs is recommended by Lion71

Gallycvs is a nice and reliable person, a muscular sportsman and a great host. We share the same passion for boxing, safe and sane, and so we had a good time in boxing. Highly recommended.



Lion71 is recommended by Gallycvs

Lion71 is a very great guy. A nice man who to share good moments in friendship with. Athletic and sexy. He is a passionate boxeur!!!
We had a great time together. Do not miss him if U want having a SAFE and SANE fun with someone really really HOT. Strongly recomended!



male sofia is recommended by Gallycvs

Very very nice guy.
A good fighter who you can have fun with.
I do recommend him if U are in Sofia.



Gallycvs is recommended by Headscissorfan

Gallycvs is a very nice guy with very strong arms.
Even though he likes to be the jobber he can be a good competitive fighter too.
I really appreciate that he joined our group fight in the late evening inspite of his flight in the next morning. Thank you very much for this!



Gallycvs is recommended by alexxwrestler

I met Gallycvs in a group meeting in Milan. I should say that this guy has really strong arms.. Those biceps are not joke at all! Was hard to make him submit! Good guy with a fighter soul! Supper loyal and committed, he had a flight super early the next day but he still managed to meet us. Don't miss him if you are around Milan.



Gallycvs is recommended by Cet03

I have beaten so many time my friend Gallicus, that I am afraid i gave a too strong shot on his head when he wrote his recommendation for me. Gallicus is a small size like me, but has iron in his arms and can come up with a huge drive to knock you out. He’s versatile, brave, can be easily a puncher and punchee and has strong and big shoulders arms and pec that do the job. Off the mat this guy is super relaxed, friendly and funny. A must in the poor north Italy landscape of fighters.



Cet03 is recommended by Gallycvs

Everybody say good things about CET03.
Everybody is right doing this.
I ' ve known this guy for about 10 years (more or less) and have some GP sessions.
I want more!!!!! I want more!!!! Always and forever!!!!
Never enough with him!!!
He is a good guy (not only well shaped and deady sexy),
someone you can talk to and feel good.
Easy going man and a great fighter, someone you can fight and have a real great time with because he is strong and passionated.
A tough one who plays safe, who fights sane!
Extremely versatile.
Strongly recommended!!!

5 stars on 5



Gallycvs is recommended by Jarda

Gallycvs is a smaller but strong and determined opponent. We had a great time together.



Jarda is recommended by Gallycvs

Very Nice guy.
Strong Fighter!



zlatak is recommended by Gallycvs

Very Nice guy.
Tough opponent!