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More and more into rough fights. We can have matches in submission but it's not custom yet. It depends on the opponent. I can host you mostly.
I'm into:
muscels, strength, passion, easy going, my stats/my age
Not into:
girls looking, skin guys, opponents with 0 mathes in more than 6 months here, endless chatting, fat/ too old guys

Más y más por peleas duras. Podemos tener las luchas en submission pero ya no cada vez. Depende del oponente. Puedo hospedarte principalmente.
Estoy en:
musculos, fuerza, pasión, easy going, mis estadísticas / mi edad
No en:
pibes, chicos de piel, oponentes con 0 luchas en más k 6 meses acá, chatear sin fin, chicos gordos / demasiado viejos

Next destinations: London, Wien, Budapest



  1. Czech Republic, Prague
    (I'm here from 12/01/2017)
  2. Argentina, CABA
    (I'm here between 5/02/2020 and 5/16/2020)
    N está seguro...
  3. United Kingdom, London
    (I'm here between 11/01/2019 and 11/04/2019)
    Fight trip
  4. Spain, Madrid
    (I'm here between 10/11/2019 and 10/13/2019)
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I am willing to travel 500 kilometers


Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: Czech, English, German, Spanish

Gear: shorts, MMA trunks, naked

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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Start of membership: 3/22/2014 7:29 AM


zlatak is recommended by st7

Strong aggressive bull ready to fight. I had a great fight against zlatak, he comes to the mat with technique, muscles, strength and attitude. Really flexible guy to arrange a meeting, reliable and easy to communicate with, which as we know is not always the case unfortunately. Also super nice guy off the mats. Looking forward to more and harder matches anytime!



st7 is recommended by zlatak

One of my hardest opponents! This guy know how to fight although respects opponent's limits. We had several rounds at his place and could discuss and plan next fights too. Hope we wont wait too long. I have motivation to beat him

¡Un de mis oponentes más duros! Este hombre sabe como pelear aunque respeta los límites del oponente. Tuvimos varias rondas en su casa y pudimos discutir y planificar las próximas peleas también. Creo que no esperaremos mucho tiempo. Tengo motivacion para derribarle.



zlatak is recommended by wolfmad

It was very easy to arrange a match with Zlatak. Reliable and polite. Once we started, I was impressed by his muscular body, to realize that he was even stronger than he looks. Really strong arms, made me do my best to just counter.
But always safe and respectul, was an enjoyable match. To sum it up, I´d wrestle him again as soon as I have the chance.



Naneras30 is not recommended by zlatak

  • Unreliable / no show
  • Incivil / bad manners



zlatak is recommended by Andys80

Zlatak è un avversario davvero leale e micidiale. La sua precisa irruenza, i suoi movimenti studiati e la passione che infonde in ogni sua mossa ti fa davvero dubitare di riuscire a vincerlo ma ci si riesce(ogni tanto). Magari è questo che vuol farti credere. Fuori dal ring è una persona stupenda, semplice e allegra. Guai a deludere un ragazzo così prezioso. Grazie Zlatak. Zlatak is a truly loyal and deadly opponent. His precise impetuosity, his studied movements and the passion that he instills in every move of his makes you really doubt that you will succeed in winning it but you succeed (every so often). Maybe that's what makes you believe. Outside the ring is a wonderful person, simple and cheerful. Woe to disappoint such a precious boy. Thanks Zlatak



Andys80 is recommended by zlatak

I put recommendation rarely but as I really enjoyed our match in countryside place I wanna share my experience with Andy. There was no problem with communication, very easy going guy with a good place for matches. He has fabulous body and good attitudu to his oponents. He needs train because he is quite beginner but very strong and passion into wrestlingt. I can't wait our next match. Although I know it will be more difficult for me:-)



zlatak is recommended by NonoSubfighter

Zlatack is a well built opponent. Nice mix of technique, aggressivity and fun!
We first began to do boxing and then ground wrestling.
Very friendly guy to talk with.



NonoSubfighter is recommended by zlatak

This guy is really passionate fighter and not only one style. I think that NoNoSubfighter already tried every martial art or style and you can choose what's best for you, be sure that he will rough but always safe. He is easy going and great host:-)



zlatak is recommended by subbud

very tough guy! We had a competitive match where we both gave our bests and i must say we were pretty even. Make sure you meet him, he is a great wrestler and a nice person off the mats!



subbud is recommended by zlatak

We met in hotel room after few messages. Although subdub had to go to the airport he found time for me. He might be skinny or easy oponent to beat for someone but his technique is really good. He knows what he's going to do in next 3 moves. I didnt have any problem to setlle our match so hope the revange will as easy to do as our last fight.



zlatak is recommended by aluchar74

Zlatak es un contrincante muy fuerte y macizo, nuestra lucha no fue a full pero si intensa, me gustó mucho rolar con este luchador, ambos nos sacamos las ganas de medirnos. Totalmente recomendado y buena persona fuera del tatami . Espero que regreses pronto a Argentina y podamos luchar en un lugar más amplio.



zlatak is recommended by Ginler

It was great to meet zlatak.
He's an stronge guy on the mat with good technique too. On top of that, he's very friendly and respectful. Fun to talk and hang out with him and even more to fight.
You're welcome anytime again!

Don't hesitate to meet him!



Ginler is recommended by zlatak

I need to say that this guy has a passion in wrestling. You can feel that he enjoys every move, every position to try to be the top. When he gets more experiences then Ginler will destroy many of experienced members here. I already know that our next fight will be more difficult for me then now and he suprised me by his positive attitude. Although he is nice guy he will never give up easily! I wish him a lot of matches here and be sure man that I'm gonna train for next time because I'm know I will need it.
Highly recommended from my side



zlatak is recommended by michal

It was very nice to meet Zlatak, he is smart and nice guy. He fights for fun, is strong and has a good technics. He is experienced and prevents injuries, so I can fully recomment him also for beginners. He is fun companion and you can easy talk to him.



michal is recommended by zlatak

I met Michal after several messages for short wrestling meeting. I can say he is stronger than he looks like on the picture here. As a beginner he needs more practice but if you are close to him or have a chance to meet him, don't hesitate to contact him. He will try to put you down but will try to get new moves to be better and better next time 💪



zlatak is recommended by Wrestlerfun

Zlatak is a very good fighter with a heart for wrestling! He is fun to roll around with but he can be vicious in a fight. Totally recommended, strong and I'm really looking forward to wrestling him again.



Wrestlerfun is recommended by zlatak

We had a nice match with armwrestling. I can tell about him he is stronger than he looks:-) This guy is smart and really friendly! :-)



zlatak is recommended by Seifa

An oponent who shouldn´t be underestimated.
Strong-willed, power in his whole body and his technics are also notable. A strong talent, who I would like to be recommended.
Furthermore, he is a friendly guy, with whom you can have a great conversation.
Up to the next time, when it says again: D vs. CZ : =)



Seifa is recommended by zlatak

I challenged Seifa when he had no oponent her. Need to say that this guy was prepared for me- wrestling mats were bought, Seifa hyped up and space for match arranged. I needed take care as Seifa was beginner but with more and more rounds he got how to move and it was more and more complicated to be the boss on the ground. I am pretty sure that he will get better and better very fast. I hope I can say that I liked his body, soul and life vision. We agreed that revange is needed. I can't wait to see! I know that that time I need to be prepared more.



zlatak is recommended by Gallycvs

Very Nice guy.
Tough opponent!



zlatak is recommended by Deutsche1980

Coolest guy ever!
Met zlatak today and we had a fantastic fight. He is strong, skilled and fights hard!
He is smart and fun to talk to as well.
Above all, I had an inconvenience and showed up at our meeting point well over one hour late. He was very understanding and did not recent me for being so late!
Cannot recommend him enough! Take your chance if he is around your area.



Deutsche1980 is recommended by zlatak

Deutsche is really nice guy- personality and body. I did not have any trouble with organizing of our match in his place. We had several rounds on mat where we could try various movements. Hi is perfect teacher but I think I found out his weakness and I am very motivated for rematch in my next trip!



zlatak is recommended by NACHETON

Zlatak is a good wrestler. He loves wrestling and we spent a lovely evening with a lot of matches. He is very strong and have a sexy smile. But don t confuse that distracting smile, because with a minimum movement he will be over you like a tiger. I hope to have a rematch with him again. Don t miss him.



NACHETON is recommended by zlatak

I had a match with Nacheton in Buenos Aires during my vacation. He found good place for fighting close to the city center. Nacheton is experienced fighter with really strong body. I had big problems with his legs (especially scissors). I used our time to get to know some move from him and believe in rematch!



zlatak is recommended by samael85

Cool and strong guy. We had a very good 2vs1 match with Dirka and 1on1 with a lot of fun. He mades a brave trip to Germany - respect! Very nice and sympathetic.



samael85 is recommended by zlatak

Samael is more into rough fight but we had submis match 2:1. It was my first team fight and even though we a very strong oponent, he knew few good movements. I need to point out his persistence and effort to win!



zlatak is recommended by Dirka

We had today a very good 2:1 Match with Samael85.
Zlatak is a nice and strong guy. He has a good stamia and is strong.
If you have the chance to meet him do it. He is absolute recommendable.



Dirka is recommended by zlatak

I had not met stronger guy on this website before I met Dirka! He's not only super strong guy, sadly for his oponents he has very technique! When he is doing any move he knows what will continue in next step. I think he really needs to meet someone who will put him down finally:-)



zlatak is recommended by Tino

Pavel ist ein willensstarker Fighter, der noch am Anfang ist. Aber sicher schnell dazulernt. Sein Körper ist trainiert und der Wahnsinn . Eine sehr sympathische Erscheinung. Wir hatten einen schweißtreibenden Nachmittag. Eine Bereicherung für Meetfighters. Danke für das schöne Geschenk.

Pavel is a strong-willed fighter who is still at the beginning. But he learns fast. His body is trained and madness. A very sympathetic appearance. We had a sweaty afternoon. An enrichment for Meetfighters. Thank you for the lovely present.



Tino is recommended by zlatak

I really had fun with Tino during our matches. He is a strong guy with trained body. Definitely I have motivation to work out more because the revange will be mine next time. Except for fighting, Tino is really a nice man from sociable view! :-)



zlatak is recommended by gioroma80

He is a very friendly guy who has some experience in martial arts. He has passion for wrestling and is also very strong! Looking forward to meet him again on mats. Very recommended!