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Age 31
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - Utah, American Fork
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Love grappling and enjoy a good workout. I’m back on here after some time away. If we’ve matched before. Hit me up and add me :)

Super easy going guy. Up for most anything. I have 15 years of MMA experience, and I taught for seven. Willing to teach you anything.

Not a fan of trash talking, humiliation or anything demeaning.

Let’s chat and set something up.


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blu 09 is recommended by Grappleking50

Blu09 is a great opponent. He’s punctual and easy to communicate with. He keeps his word, and he’s full of skill and energy on the mats. Off the mats, he’s kind and a great guy to be around. I’d highly recommend him to anyone



Grappleking50 is recommended by WrestleBJJ

Grappleking was my first match thru MF. What a great way to kick this off. And what a great and tough guy. Crazy strong, super skilled, we pushed hard, but always in control. Super nice and sane guy off the mats. We’ve had two great matches so far. I’m definitely down for round 3.



WrestleBJJ is recommended by Grappleking50

WrestleBjj is a skilled touch and sexy guy. He knows what he’s doing on the mats and provided for a challenging and fun match. He can roll with the punches and has great stamina and energy. Off the mats, he’s a stand up guy who is punctual and easy to communicate with. Excited for the chance to wrestle him again.



Grappleking50 is recommended by SeattleFight

Great guy and skilled grappler came by my gym to roll last summer and am I glad he did. Showed me a couple sweet moves and we rolled all over the mats working up a sweat. He knows how to show a wrestler a good time based on your size and skill. Super nice fella. Hoping for a rematch now that he’s back on the site!!



SeattleFight is recommended by Grappleking50

SeattleFight is a one of a kind wrestler. He’s strong, energetic, friendly safe and kind. He not only showed me what a handsome boss he is on the mats, but was kind enough to take me out to lunch afterwards too. Can’t wait to meet up with this stud again.



Grappleking50 is recommended by flscw

This guy is amazing on the mats! Great skill and knows how to use it. Off the mats, he is a perfect gentlemen and someone who has become a good friend. Definitely want to wrestle him again!