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I am into pin, freestyle and erotic wrestling. But open to trying other styles as well.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Folkstyle, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting


  1. USA - Missouri, St. Louis (I'm here between 2/01/2016 and 6/24/2018)
  2. USA - Massachusetts, Somerville (I'm here between 5/30/2018 and 6/03/2018)
  3. USA - Massachusetts, Boston (I'm here between 5/07/2018 and 5/11/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 39-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Gear: Singlets, speedos

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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ramesh is recommended by Body slam

Had a Great grappling session on 5/10/2018 with Ramesh. He is a great and friendly buy on and off the matt. Ramesh is very fun to wrestle with and we both pinned each other many times. I look forward to future matches with him. He is friendly and respects limits.



Body slam is recommended by ramesh

Body slam is one of the strongest and nice hearted person i have wrestled with. He is strong opponent on mat and we pinned each other several times woth match swaying back and forth. He is mindful of other's safety. Off the mat, he is very friendly and personable with varied interest. There was never dull moment in our conversation between the matches. I would highly recommend to wrestle him if you get an opportunity and look forward for more matches with him.



sailorboy is recommended by ramesh

Sailorboy is one of the strongest guys i have wrestled with. He is very friendly, personable guy off mat and a very tough opponent on mat. He is very easy to set match with and showed up on time for match. We had memorable interesting conversations during match. I highly recommend match with him if you ever come over this way.



ramesh is recommended by SlimScrapper

Ramesh was a great opponent and host. He was very accommodating and does his best to ensure it is a fun time for both and things stay safe. Loves freestyle and wrestling for pin, so gave me a chance to test that style out since I don't wrestle that way often. He's strong and tons of fun. Aside from that just a very nice guy. Highly recommended.



SlimScrapper is recommended by ramesh

Slimscrapper is one of the friendliest and easy going guys I have met on this website. He is very easy to set up matches, is punctual and showed up on time. He is flexible with wrestling different styles always wanting to create pleasurable experience of for the other. Tries hard to give tough fight. I thoroughly enjoyed wrestling him. Do not pass on a chance to wrestle this dude. Highly recommend him.



muscleman332 is recommended by ramesh

A tough, handsome man. Gave a tough fight with his strength! with some training would a formidable wrestler in future. Don't miss a chance to lockup with this friendly dude!



ramesh is recommended by italianinla1980

Had a lot of fun with this super guy!
We met after work at his hotel and we started rolling right away, the connection came out naturally and he is very nice, sweet and sexy.
He definitely had a way better technique than me but if he won in strength and experience, my resistance never made me giving up and I would have gone on and on and on... ;)
Totally recommended fun!



italianinla1980 is recommended by ramesh

I had nice match with this dude who is very friendly by nature. He put up a lot of fight during the match but i overwhelmed him. I enjoyed my conversations with him in between match breaks. He looks great in his hot singlets. He is reliable and showed up on time. Would have rematch with him anytime.



ramesh is recommended by FresLuchador

Meeting and wrestling Ramesh was awesome!! Ramesh was very friendly and easy going from the start of our correspondence leading up to our match. Ramesh was open to learning new moves and was a quick learner. Good conversation between rounds, I wish I could have stayed longer. Well worth the drive in LA traffic to get to him. I definitely recommend taking on this stud of a wrestler!!!



FresLuchador is recommended by ramesh

I had awesome match with Fresluchador. He lived upto his reputation and even exceeded it. He is very strong. Knows a lot of moves and executes them very safely. I learnt a lot of moves from hkm. Off the mat he is very friendly gentleman who has pleasant demeanor. He is slso very reliable snd showed up for match on time inspite of traffic
If you ever come this way do not leave leave chance to lock up with this dude.



ramesh is recommended by kyo1989

Meeting Ramesh in St Louis was exactly what I needed to do, especially after dealing with a "sorry excuse of an opponent" in Indianapolis, who shall remain nameless; it's awesome come across reliable people like Ramesh, who make the process of scheduling matches so much easier and it's people like him that keep me on the site. We had a great time and experience and you are ever in his area, you should definitely hit him up.



kyo1989 is recommended by ramesh

I had a so much fun wrestling this dude. He has muscular thighs, butts and chest muscles which I like. He is strong. He is friendly and mindful of others choices and limits....wanting to create pleasant experience for other guy. He is also mindful of other others safety. Don't pass a chance to wrestle this dude!



ramesh is recommended by throw

Ramesh is the first person I’ve wrestle freestyle with. He was a patient teacher and taught some new moves. He is a strong man but knows how to wrestle safely. Ramesh has some great footwork and knows how to hold his body. Ramesh Is also a great host and makes his guests feel at ease. If you get the chance I highly recommend taking him on.



throw is recommended by ramesh

Awesome match with awesome guy! He is very friendly, always wanting to create pleasurable experience for other part. He is tough competitor, physically fit, well built. Would wrestle him anytime again in a heart beat. Don't miss out a chance to lock up with this dude if you ever come this way.



ramesh is recommended by Legman77

Ramesh is a challenging opponent. He was open to trying different styles of wrestling and my preferences for gear. He's also a very nice guy.



Legman77 is recommended by ramesh

Kirsten is very nice by nature. He is a tough opponent on mat and flexible to learn new styles. If you come this way dont't miss to wrestle him



ramesh is recommended by subcub

Ramesh is a great guy – on and off the mats. We had a great match (mostly going for pins) and he showed me a few moves. I definitely recommend him and would welcome a rematch.



subcub is recommended by ramesh

Subcub is a very strong wrestler, very fit and a nice person off the mat. Had a menorable match with him. Dont let off an opportunity to wrestle this dude. I would like to have rematches with him multiple times.



Coleman is recommended by ramesh

He is one of the strongest opponent i have wrestled. He is very nice guy by nature. Akways willing to create fun for the other party to too. He has great physique too. Enjoyed my match a lot with him. Would wrestle him anytime again.



ramesh is recommended by guresci18

strong opponent on the mats, and a very nice guy off the mats. very mindful of wanting to create a fun match for all parties involved. if you have a chance to lock up, by all means, take it!



guresci18 is recommended by ramesh

Had fun wrestling match with him. Enjoyed it a lot. Very friendly by nature. Put up a good competition. It was really fun weedtling with him wiuld highly recommend to wrestle with him if u are this way anytime.



ramesh is recommended by chc75204

Fun match - nice guy, strong, and reliable



chc75204 is recommended by ramesh

Nice guy. Open to trying new wrestling styles. Enjoyed wrestling with him. Do not let go an opportunity to wrestle him.