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Untrained but enjoy an energetic tussle with men of similar build.
I'd like to build up some technique, so someone to teach me stuff if they were willing would be great, but in the meantime trying out holds and aiming for submissions keeps me amused. I don't have a great deal of stamina but am a little stronger than l look, l am told.
Sex would be nice if there is chemistry.



  1. United Kingdom, City of Westminster
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 69-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

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Johnrpage is recommended by Squashlad

09/08/2017: It was a privilege to be one of Johnrpageʼs first opponents for a good relaxing grapple at his place in the West End. Heʼs enthusiastic and startlingly strong, with a good intuitive grasp of things and some impressive scissors, so we had a fun tussle, and his natural fitness and strength coming from all his cycling and swimming were very evident. Heʼs also a kind host and an intelligent and interesting guy to chat to, about all sorts of things, and although a large glass of red wine may not be a personal trainerʼs idea of post-match hydration, it certainly worked for me! Johnrpage is highly recommended and safe and sane and Iʼm looking forward to seeing his progress when we have a rematch.
04/03/2019: This was my fourth-odd trip to Johnʼs place for a post-work grapple and Iʼm sure it wonʼt be the last. I obviously have a selective memory, because you would think by now that I wouldnʼt be (pleasantly, but painfully) startled by how strong he is, but I always am. I do always remember what a good cook and a kind host he is though, and those are rather nice qualities for a good friend to have.



Squashlad is recommended by Johnrpage

It was great to meet Craig.
He is very strong and I feel I was no great match for him but he was kind enough to tap a few times having got him in a few holds he had shown me. I hope I can remember them for the next time!
A really lovely man, willing to hand on his great skills and to spend time with chatting and sorting out the world.

I look forward to meeting Craig again & recommend you do too.



Johnrpage is recommended by Kusthipatu

I met John during his 5 days stay in Mangalore. He is a nice , handsome & fit guy. We wrestled & enjoyed it. He wrestled well for his age .Dont miss a chance to wrestle this wonderful man. Looking forward to meet him again.



Kusthipatu is recommended by Johnrpage

Harish and I met each day for a wrestle while I was on holiday in his home town. He is a charming, handsome and kind man with fine strong arms and good wrestling skills, which he was good enough to adapt to my lesser ones. In spite of the above, Harish likes to test his opponents' strength and dominate if he can, though pleased to succumb to a better opponent.
If you'd enjoy a good fight where Harish will try damnedest to triumph, meet him if you can.
I very much hope to again.



Johnrpage is recommended by DenverWrestler

Had a very enjoyable match with this fit wiry guy. I outweigh by a lot, but he has a nice lean build and strength, especially in his arms and grip, that will really surprise you. Due to space limitations we had more of a fun easy submission match, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself even though he found a nefarious way at the end to 'win'. He is also an excellent host and a very interesting guy to chat with. If anyone out there things he's too old to have a good match with, you're wrong, and you should definitely check him out for a match!



DenverWrestler is recommended by Johnrpage

Though I was a little nervous before I met Alan, bearing in mind his prodigious history of bouts and wonderful recommendations, he immediately put me at ease. He is charming, funny and thoughtful as well as being a very skilled and experienced wrestler.
We had a great time and he was kind enough to let me believe I won a little, though I don't remember him tapping! Hoping to meet Alan again when he is back in the UK.
If you get a chance, meet him.



saudiwrestler is recommended by Johnrpage

Aziz is a lovely man: gentle and quietly- spoken but once we started to wrestle his strength, mischieviosness, suppleness and determination came out. He very kindly did not destroy me, was quick at acknowleging taps, and l had a very enjoyable time. He is highly recommended.
I hope to meet him when he is in London next.



Johnrpage is recommended by kingj

Having met with John some time ago it was good to meet up with him and a fellow wrestler. He made me feel extremely welcome at his place and we had a very enjoyable afternoon of wrestling, Completely safe and a lot of fun. Watch out for his finger interlocks. Highly recommended.



kingj is recommended by Johnrpage

It was good to see Jon again after some time.
He is a great opponent: fast, supple, wiry and strong. We spent a good, fun afternoon wrestling and l happily reccommend him to anyone wanting the same.



Johnrpage is recommended by grappleu2

John is a very nice guy and a considerate host. We had a very enjoyable and closely contested wrestle at his place. I am looking forward to doing it again. Recommended.



grappleu2 is recommended by Johnrpage

Peter and l had a good, energetic tussle. We were well-matched in skill and had great fun.
A re-match will be good.



Johnrpage is recommended by kiwifarmer

Had the great pleasure of meeting and wrestling with John on my quick visit to the UK this week. He is a very strong guy with strength of a wrestler half his age and extremely strong leg scissors. John is a great guy and was a magnificent help to me on my trip giving up his time to meet me at the train station and taking me to the places I needed to go as this country man would have got lost otherwise. So thanks again John it was much appreciated.



kiwifarmer is recommended by Johnrpage

It was good to meet Bryan on his brief visit to the UK. He is a lovely, amusing companion and we had a very enjoyable wrestle during which he accommodated my lack of experience and comparative height. He is quick and strong and I hope to meet again next time he is nearby.



Johnrpage is recommended by Torrnado

It was my great pleasure to meet John last Saturday. He is fit, strong and enthusiastic and with some more experience he will be a tough opponent. As it was he had some good natural defence moves. Once I had shown him a few more holds he wasted no time applying them with gusto! Afterwards we had a very pleasant chat over a drink. I hope we can meet again soon and I would happily recommend him.



Torrnado is recommended by Johnrpage

Steve is compact and very strong man and lovely to grapple with. He is hugely more skilled than I am, is very considerate, helpful with hints and showing holds and great fun. We had a good long talk over a drink after the session, which rounded off the evening nicely. I hope we can have another meet soon.



Johnrpage is recommended by cambridgeuk

Really nice guy and very welcoming. Shorter than me which gave me an advantage but strong and determined. Very easy to organise a meeting and find his place in London.



cambridgeuk is recommended by Johnrpage

Roger is a great guy and a good wrestler, powerful, skilled and with great determination. He is a good deal stronger & more skilled than me but kindly released me form hold when asked.
He is a good conversationalist too.



Johnrpage is recommended by Lomandlad42

31.08.17 - Had a great session with johnrpage. He's a strong fiesty fella who is deceptively strong for his size, and picks up holds very quickly.
Had a light competitive match with a lot of trading holds. Safe, sane and all round sound guy who will keep you on your toes given half the chance . Highly recommended, great host too 👍



Lomandlad42 is recommended by Johnrpage

I had a great time with Lomanlad, who is very strong and highly skilled but was good enough to accommodate my lack of experience/technical skills and show me some holds. I hope I can remember them if I am lucky enough to meet him again. I certainly recommend Jay to anyone. He is a delightful man.



Johnrpage is recommended by je999

What a lovely guy! We enjoyed our match. Watch out for his scissors - he surprised me with it a couple of times. Highly recommended.



je999 is recommended by Johnrpage

John is a lovely man: good-natured and great fun, much stronger and energetic than I was expecting & so left me happily worn out.
I would recommend him to anyone.