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Keen to meet other guys - ideally for standup MMA/UFC fighting, boxing, kickboxing, whatever. Not trained but keep fit and like to fight. All safe/sane,



  1. United Kingdom, Brighton
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Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 5'3" (160 cm), 121 lbs (55 kg)

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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The Villainous Prince Glycerine is recommended by FightNHB UK

Had a very enjoyable wrestling session with The_Villainous_Prince_Glycerine at his place recently. He is an excellent host who makes you feel welcome and he is a strong and capable wrestler. It was a real pleasure to meet him and I look forward to having other opportunities to wrestle him again in the future.



FightNHB UK is recommended by Valetudoman

5 June . Met with this very versatile and feisty guy today, his resilience in absorbing the holds and locks I applied was great to see. We were of very similar weight and height and we started by practising a few holds before getting on the mat and really going for it. Resistance on both sides led to drawn out submissions, (he takes a good gp) when in a vulnerable position. A great morning of wrestling and a very big thanks to FightNHB UK for taking the time to come over. I definitely want to meet him again to carry on from where we left off. Conversationally it was a treat to sit down with him before and after the wrestle to exchange thoughts and ideas



Valetudoman is recommended by FightNHB UK

I very much enjoyed my recent meet with Valetudoman. We had a great session trading various holds and I very much enjoyed being at the receiving end of a large number of solid but controlled gut punches during the session. As we are of very similar height and weight overall this definitely was an added bonus and added to the enjoyment. Valetudoman definitely showed some good skills and resilience and I had to work hard throughout. He is an excellent host and I very much look forward to hopefully many other matches with him in the future.



FightNHB UK is recommended by Churd


Just spend a fantastic afternoon in the company of this guy. Great to have so many other guys in common. Very similar wrestling interests. He’s a great conversationalist, we chatted for hours! Loves his wrestling. He might be small but it would very unwise to underestimate him. Quick, determined and tenacious. I very much look forward our next encounter. I can easily recommend him unreservedly.



Churd is recommended by FightNHB UK

I met with Churd today and we had a great wrestling session. He is an experienced wrestler and I learned a lot. Overall we had a very enjoyable match and I am looking forward to wrestling him again in the future.



FightNHB UK is recommended by isrevnia

Met this feisty and aggressive fighter in a dismal hotel room. The ensuing battle was uninhibited and intense. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to gash a toe on something and this brought proceedings to a premature end. So, I am now looking forward to concluding this unfinished business. It should be a good battle, unless, that is, the next time we meet I manage to decapitate myself on the overhead fan. Highly recommended.



isrevnia is recommended by FightNHB UK

Although the injury he sustained on the day due to a freak accident did curtail the session, the meeting with isrevnia was still very worthwhile and enjoyable. A rematch will now be required to settle things. He is a tough competitor and is highly recommended.



FightNHB UK is recommended by liftandcarry

A sweet little guy. Very easy to overpower but really enjoys it. Nice guy too.



liftandcarry is recommended by FightNHB UK

Liftandcarry is a great guy. He's a good-looking, strong guy who enjoys any opportunity to dominate guys who are a lot shorter and lighter than himself and who have less physical strength than he does. It was certainly a big size mismatch when he and I met but I really enjoyed it. He likes to lift guys on his shoulders and carry them in different ways as well, and I very much enjoyed being manhandled by him when we met. I may even get round to grappling with him at some stage too. In any case I would very strongly recommend him to others.



nesunfight is recommended by FightNHB UK

Superb opponent, very strong, toned ripped physique and very powerful fighter. Was a real pleasure to meet this guy and to fight him.



FightNHB UK is recommended by martialartslad2013

Met during a trip to Brighton and had a good session. Even though he was much smaller than me he still took a fair few punches. Would recommend. Look forward to another session



martialartslad2013 is recommended by FightNHB UK

Had a very enjoyable wrestling / gut punching session with martialartslad2013.....He is very strong, skilled and able to land very good punches. I would definitely recommend him to others.