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  1. USA - Massachusetts, Reading
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58-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 260 lbs (118 kg)


New to wrestling. Always been a major turn on but no real experience. Would love to learn more.



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Bigdaddy Kayden Musclemansofl


KronikMA is recommended by Musclemansofl

KronikMA has the physique of professional bodybuilder 100% rock solid muscle 💪🏻 Without question one of the biggest guys on this site. And as if that wasn’t enough he’s also an incredibly nice person & extremely humble. Our time together focused in on roughhousing, trading hold & a good dose of mutual muscle worship given that he is all new to this, I was able to get a few taps out of him but be warned once he gets a little experience under his belt he will be unstoppable. In addition he’s easy to communicate with & reliable. He comes with my highest recommendation



Musclemansofl is recommended by KronikMA

I recently had a chance to meet up with Musclemansofl. I have to say as others have, don’t worry about his lack of photos. He’s good looking, jacked, and extremely strong. Huge rock hard arms, traps, back, everything. Since I’m relatively new to this, he dialed back some of that power I’m sure. We roughhoused, exchanged holds, back and forth, and on several occasions, much to my surprise, he hoisted me on his back like I was a lightweight, and tossed me on the bed. Like I said, strong! Afterwards we chatted a bit and he invited me to get something to eat but I had traveled quite a ways and had a long trip home. Had a great time with this really good guy and wouldn’t hesitate to meet up again. Highly recommended!



KronikMA is recommended by Kayden

Got to meet this huge hunk of man early in his wrestling career and I count myself lucky. He's obviously strong as hell and with a little .ore experience he'll be tough to beat. Also had a great time with a great guy and we both had a lot of fun rolling and trading holds. Will definitely be wrestling him again.



Kayden is recommended by KronikMA

I had the good fortune of meeting Kayden. He was easy to chat with accommodating and we set up something quickly as our availability lined up. I have to say I was excited and a bit intimidated with all his experience. He’s tall, good looking and has put on about 25 lbs of muscle since his pictures. He was welcoming when I arrived and easy to chat with and has a great set up. When the small talk was over, he put on his game face and we locked up. He definitely dialed it down as this was only my second match and he managed it enjoyable and last. He’s very strong and quick, and if I let my focus drift, I was locked up in an instant. Hope for a rematch soon, maybe he won’t take as easy on me ;). Highly recommended!



KronikMA is recommended by Bigdaddy

This big muscle stud is new to wrestling ..he is strong and fun.. good looking and built. We went at it off and on for 5 hours working up a good sweat together. He's got some tough balls and can give it as good as he takes it. Looking forward to some re-matches with this big muscle man.



Bigdaddy is recommended by KronikMA

Had a great time with Big Daddy. This was my first real match here with this big strong guy and he showed me some holds and we went at it for hours. He was very friendly and easy to talk to when we weren’t locking up.. Hope to get together again.