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  1. USA - Arkansas, Eureka Springs
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Colorado, Denver
    (I'm here between 11/05/2021 and 11/07/2021)

I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


55-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 235 lbs (107 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, briefs, nude


hey guys. i wont respond to messages if your pics are faceless and you dont bother to send your clear face pic. i travel all over the USA for work every week. so distance is never and issue. Live in Arkansas, but based in Denver for work 1 day a week. im looking for other muscular guys, I prefer young muscleboys but i wrestle other big muscular guys my age too. Im into submission/erotic wrestling muscle on muscle where we wear each other down for hours. have met only a few guys who can match my stamina. i can scale back my strength to make wrestling hot fun give and take when im wrestling smaller opponents. Into scissorholds, bearhugs, 69 headscissor battles, grapevine pins, full nelson's, cradle pins,
ball grabs. I like to work up a sweat for hours, singlets, speedos, nude. NOT into fucking. end the match by jo is possible shoot me a message I travel all over USA for work.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Looking to coach
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Wrestling gear, Muscle worship

Last login: yesterday
Last modified: 9/19/2021

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Bigdaddy is not recommended by Texian

  • Incivil / bad manners



StockyFighter is recommended by Bigdaddy

This strong, big, handsome, thick muscleboy scheduled a day off work and drove a distance to spend an afternoon/evening wrestling me. Such a nice and strong to wrestle in a long submission erotic wrestling match to complete exhaustion. Will def wrestle him again. Give him shout guys!



codyncowboy is recommended by Bigdaddy

i met Cody on another social media app. we hit it off talking online and set up our first of what i hope to be many wrestling matches. i coached him on the basics of pins..scissorholds..headscissors..leg rides. he has nice big muscular legs for scissorholds and headscissors. i love his enthusiasm to explore wrestling, and introduced him to meetfighters. He's an all around goodlooking, great man. dont pass up the chance to wrestle this big strong stud!



Bigdaddy is recommended by Jrl1983

Such a great guy. Strong, and solid, and just really gets into the energy of the exchange. Back and forth, give and take. Great holds and power, and plenty of passion.

Good man as well, genuine and fun.



Jrl1983 is recommended by Bigdaddy

One of my best wrestling matches! This handsome big muscle stud and I had a really good connection from the day we started talking. We spent hours wrestling each other and working each other over. he is very strong and fun. Great personality, just an all around wonderful man. Strong bearhug, scissorholds and grapevine pins. I will be wrestling this stud many more times in the future!



MuscleSlayer is recommended by Bigdaddy

strong hot muscleboy who looks great in gear. fun sweaty wrestling match...lots of hot pins and scissorholds. will definitely have a rematch.



Bigdaddy is recommended by KronikMA

Had a great time with Big Daddy. This was my first real match here with this big strong guy and he showed me some holds and we went at it for hours. He was very friendly and easy to talk to when we weren’t locking up.. Hope to get together again.



KronikMA is recommended by Bigdaddy

This big muscle stud is new to wrestling ..he is strong and fun.. good looking and built. We went at it off and on for 5 hours working up a good sweat together. He's got some tough balls and can give it as good as he takes it. Looking forward to some re-matches with this big muscle man.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Luvskers

He's an amazing guy and I'm positive you'll have a great time wrestling this muscle Daddy.



Luvskers is recommended by Bigdaddy

this primal stud is A lot of fun to wrestle and hes got a lot of stamina hes fun to work up a good sweat with!



Bigdaddy is recommended by pmj92

Had an absolutely incredible time with Bigdaddy! Built like a tank and knows how to make sure his opponent has an amazing time on the mats. And behind that tough exterior, he is an absolute gentlemen and fantastic host. We rolled for hours and I loved every minute of it!



pmj92 is recommended by Bigdaddy

this handsome young masculine man came to my place for a long fun submission wrestling match. had a great time. he showed up on time..very reliable and easy to hang with and wrestle. had a good sweaty match...he has strong muscular powerful legs for scissorholds and headscissors. had a great time making each other tap out. highly recommend.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Sven1983

Super sexy, super sweet, super athletic fella! Got to wrestle BigDaddy right before the pandemic and I’m so glad I did. I learned A LOT in a very short amount of time with this stud! He is a very patient teacher and a great opponent—seriously wore me out! You can tell he is extremely passionate about wrestling as a hobby and a way to connect with friends old and new! And an added bonus is that he captures AWESOME pics and vids for you and him!



Sven1983 is recommended by Bigdaddy

Started talking to this Muscle Boy a few weeks ago, and got a very good feeling about him, so I had to hop in my truck, and drive up to Kansas City for a weekend of fun wrestling with this stud. He is the nicest guy, great personality,eager to learn wrestling holds. he's got a lot of stamina, great body, love those big legs! He is strong and powerful at scissorholds and headscissors and bearhugs. He got a few Taps out of me. We had a great chemistry, got along really good. I consider him a new friend, and look forward to a rematch this coming weekend, and many more in the future!



Bigdaddy is recommended by Hoosiercub

Bigdaddy and I have talked for years now, I've always been curious about wrestling with him. This past weekend, he and I finally made it happen. He was very courteous, sweet, and understanding of a newbie. I've always thought of him as a Dad figure, so his coaching came naturally and it made it easier for me to learn some basic submission techniques. I'm looking forward to more experiences with other fighters, learning, growing because of this man and the experience he gave me. I surprised him with my strength, and I surprised myself. He really opened me up to a new hobby I would never have known to enjoy. I can definitely recommend him as an opponent to any types, seasoned or greenhand like myself.



Hoosiercub is recommended by Bigdaddy

Hoosiercub is my handsome Son, and he's been wanting me to train him at wrestling some time now. we had a first wrestling session for a couple of days. he surprised his Dad about how strong he is and how fast of a learner. definitely gave his Dad a very good challenge. I will be coaching training with him alot more, and I look forward to seeing him wrestle other guys.



Bigdaddy is not recommended by CRedfield

  • Incivil / bad manners



BuoyantGrappler is recommended by Bigdaddy

buoyantgrappler and I have wrestled a few times over the last couple of years. He is eager to learn, strong, fun good looking and has a lot of stamina to wrestle a long time. I look forward to more matches.



WGA-Rassler is recommended by Bigdaddy

WGA is a big strong musclebear, nice big arms and legs for bearhugs and scissor holds. we had a great time rolling around a mix of submission wrestling and folkstyle Spent 4 days together. great guy, strong wrestler, and I look forward to more wrestling matches in the future with this new friend. If you get a chance to wrestle with him you will have a great time.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Newbie101

As I'm new to wrestling, big daddy took the time to show me several moves and let me practice. We tested our strength and rough housed. I had a great time with a great guy.



Newbie101 is recommended by Bigdaddy

I had talked to Newbie101 on other social media platforms for years, so it was nice to see him join meetfighters recently. it was great to finally meet this handsome muscle man and introduce him to submission wrestling, showing him various holds and moves. He is very strong, and learns quick. We only had a limited space to wrestle, but I imagine he will be a force to be reckoned with in a bigger area, or on mats, as he continues to wrestle.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Starting out

We had a great time rolling around! Definitely don’t miss the chance to meet up with him if he’s in your area



Starting out is recommended by Bigdaddy

Don't let the name Starting Out fool ya! this stud is strong and skilled! i am a big man...he is lean and muscular, weighs a good 50-60 lbs LESS than me...and i have to swallow my pride, and admit he whooped me. he is a great guy. i happened to be in st louis on very short notice, and he was ready to roll when i got there. good lookin young man, fast strong and skilled. if your lookin for a competitive sub match, he is your guy. i at least got a couple taps out of him with my headscissors. good match.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Galifter84

I had a great time meeting and wrestling with Bigdaddy. From beginning to end he was friendly and accommodating. We had a good long match trading holds and taking breaks to chat a bit. I think he was surprised by my strength, lol. Had fun with this guy, I recommend him for sure.



Galifter84 is recommended by Bigdaddy

Had a great match with Galifter84. This handsome,muscular, wrestler showed up on time, very easy to talk to, and a lot of fun to wrestle. Traded a lot of holds, and I was really impressed by his strength. I'm usually the one dominating in lots of bearhugs and scissorholds, in my matches, but I'm man enough to say that this guy is stronger. Definitely recommend him, as well as hope for more matches with him in the future myself.



Bigdaddy is recommended by FL8892

Had a great time with Bigdaddy.
Big powerful muscular wrestler.
Great guy off the mats too.
He is the one applying the headscissor in one of my profile picture...
Looking forward to our next bout!



FL8892 is recommended by Bigdaddy

had a great match with this strong musclestud...we went at it in a long fun sweaty submission wrestling match to exhaustion. im always down for a rematch.



Lazlo Kohl is recommended by Bigdaddy

this stud...was strong af. reliable, good lookin, nice guy. he is skilled and wrestling was fun. im used to being the stronger guy in most of my matches, but i was humbled by this strong young man.



Bigdaddy is recommended by nutz4muscle

I had the thrill of taking on this hunk of beef many years ago. He is as nice and charming as he is huge built and strong.
Back then I started dating a guy not into rassling so I did not continue looking for more matches and lost touch with this big stud.
I cant wait to feel this mans power and passion again.



nutz4muscle is recommended by Bigdaddy

we wrestled in dallas about 13 yrs ago. had a great give and take wrestling match. nice to run into past opponents on meetfighters.



IndyWarrior is recommended by Bigdaddy

this tough skilled strong warrior, schooled bigdaddy in submission wrestling. he is good lookin strong competitive and knows his stuff. we are wired a little differently in what we want out of a wrestling match...but thats ok. i think we both had a great time. hes a nice guy, easy to talk to, great energy, just an all around good guy. he was reliable and easy to set up a match with. he got more taps out of me, i got a couple fig-4 headscissor taps out of him. but i can swallow my pride and say this guy is the better wrestler. i give him a great recommendation to anyone who wants a skilled competitive match. he will give it to ya.



Bigdaddy is recommended by wrestleguy123

The name BigDaddy is 100% true and what you're going to get when you meet up with him. He loves to lock you up in his big strong legs and huge arms. His big hairy forearms are amazing! Off the mats, he's a super sweet guy. Southern gentleman through and through.



wrestleguy123 is recommended by Bigdaddy

wrestleguy123 is a good looking tall strapping muscle stud. strong and fun to wrestle. great host, we went at it a good 3.5 hrs off and on. Looking forward to many more matches with this hot muscleboy.



gymrat4 is recommended by Bigdaddy

wow. what a hot young man, nice biceps, and alot stronger than i imagined. very skilled. had a great time with this stud, going at it for a few hours till we wore each other out. definitely looking forward to more matches with this tough muscleboy.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Smgs6

Cool guy. Definitely fun to roll with. Friendly beast during the match and super respectful. Had some hot fun. Highly recommend to anyone.



Smgs6 is recommended by Bigdaddy

really cool strong guy, fun to roll with. strong legs for scissorholds. easy going, had a good time. def recommend as a fun wrestling opponent.



Bigdaddy is recommended by NEwrestler84

Bigdaddy was a last minute meet up, something I normally don't do. Thankfully it turned out to be a great experience. While being the biggest guy I've wrestled to date, he kept his strength and weight advantage in check, leading to a great wrestling session for both of us. A hot, sexy bear of a man, that was always concerned about how his opponent and match was going. Made for a great time and hopefully future meets up in the future. Can't wait to grapple with this bear again. Don't pass on a chance to meet up with this man.



NEwrestler84 is recommended by Bigdaddy

So much to say about this hot wrestler. We only started talking on MF maybe a week before I was going to be in his area. He was very easy to set up a match with, showed up on time, very good looking man, great body, strong and very skilled at wrestling. I had a great time wrestling with him for our first time, and we were just kind of testing each other out. locking up in lots of bearhugs, scissorholds, and grapevine pins. I imagine we will probably kick it up a notch next time and get a little bit more aggressive with each other. really nice guy, masculine, and easy to talk to. hope to have many more matches with this stud.



Wrestle007 is recommended by Bigdaddy

it was great to reconnect with wrestle007. we wrestled a couple times over a decade ago. This stud has grown into a strong muscular wrestler. great body, great guy, strong powerful bearhugs, scissorholds and headscissors. cant say enough good things about him. looking forward to more matches and getting a bit rougher, with this hot guy.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Cbwrestler

Can’t say enough good things about Bigdaddy. He is a wonderful man and easy to get along with. He is easy to communicate with and a fantastic wrestler and coach. It would be a pleasure to meet with him again!



Cbwrestler is recommended by Bigdaddy

this young stud, is reliable, showed up on time, we had a great match going at it off and on about 4 hours. he is a good looking strong young man. had fun coaching him on a few holds. he's catches on quick and had a lot of stamina for a long match with me. looking forward to more matches with this guy.



subwrestler1 is recommended by Bigdaddy

ive been wrestling buddies, with this strong, good lookin, powerhouse for at least 10 years now. we always have a long submission wrestling match. he is strong af, skilled, and while i can make him tap a few times in my headscissors and fig 4 headscissors, i have to swallow my pride and say that this strong man makes me tap ALOT more. always a great match, and I look forward to many more years of wrestling this stud.



Bigdaddy is recommended by hiwrestling

Took a bit to finally to get match finally, but it was worth it. Bigdaddy is strong, handsome, and sexy. He knows how to own a jobber boy and make him want it. Will be fun to keep practicing some pro moves with him (the knee backbreaker was hella awesome). Great time, great guy!



hiwrestling is recommended by Bigdaddy

this hot muscleboy showed up on time to wrestle..gave me a long hot fun sweaty wrestling match...he is strong af. great body great legs..super nice guy. I'm not that familiar with pro..but he showed me some pro holds to work him over in. definitely look forward to more matches with this stud in the future.



Bigdaddy is recommended by f08zeke

This match was a long time coming, but definitely worth the wait. Match was some regular grappling with some occasional breaks and pro-holds. Super nice guy and Can't wait to lock up again!



f08zeke is recommended by Bigdaddy

this was a long anticipated wrestling match for us both. good lookin friendly muscle guy...we had a long hot sweaty submission wrestling match with some pro holds and lifts mixed in. great guy, very to wrestle and hope to have many more matches in the future with this stud.



spiilitwill is recommended by Bigdaddy

this hot young wrestler, is very skilled. taught me how to do a spladle. he had alot of stamina and even though there is a huge size difference between us, i was able to scale back some, and make sure we had a long hot fun sweaty wrestling match. very handsome, nice guy, fun to wrestle and easy to talk to. looking forward to a rematch with this stud.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Kayden

Don't come much stronger or tougher than this one, I'm always amazed at how much fight he can draw out of me, but the hours fly by rolling with this guy leaving us both spent from some very fulfilling matches, and always looking forward to another.



Kayden is recommended by Bigdaddy

Kayden and i had our first wrestling match almost 2 years ago. weve had about 4 matches since. very handsome and strong. He knows his submission holds, and has alot of stamina to go at it with me for a long time. we always have a blast working each other over. ive enjoyed building a friendship with the this great guy and i look forward to more matches with this stud.



Bigdaddy is not recommended by JayXMuscle

  • Incivil / bad manners



JayXMuscle is not recommended by Bigdaddy

  • Incivil / bad manners



Bigdaddy is recommended by Macwrestler

Wrestled Big Al several times. Always a fun, good and tough match. Highly recommend wrestling this big man



Macwrestler is recommended by Bigdaddy

this muscletank is strong as a bull...super nice to wrestle.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Versus

Strong and hot fighter. We had a long and great fight



Versus is recommended by Bigdaddy

handsome strong guy, very strong legs..we had a hot fun sub/erotic wrestling match.



Bigdaddy is recommended by Swenrique

Bigdaddy is just as you would expect a man to be, whose moniker is Bigdaddy. Handsome and strong and with a Texas drawl that would melt butter. Determined and persistent he knows how to sweep a man off his feet...literally!
With a solid dash of total gentleman on the side. Bigdaddy's easygoing style and nature made time FLY by and left me truly wanting more mat time with this awesome dude! I can't wait for my next opportunity to roll with him!
If he's in your neck of the woods! Don't pass up the opportunity to grapple with Bigdaddy!



Swenrique is recommended by Bigdaddy

this handsome muscle guy was alot of fun to wrestle. fun to pick up in a firemans carry and bearhug. he has legs strong af.



t dawg is recommended by Bigdaddy

handsome big muscleboy, strong and fun to wrestle. looking forward to a rematch!



Bigdaddy is recommended by NCJockstrap

Big Daddy is a HOT BIG GUY. nicely muscled, good looking, and strong... great guy on and off the mats. Tough balls, too! If you get a chance to tangle with this stud, it will be a great way!



NCJockstrap is recommended by Bigdaddy

NCJockstrap is a handsome strong man...we went at it a long time...very strong with scissorholds and headscissors. looking forward to a rematch with this stud!



Bigdaddy is recommended by Drax Spectre

This guy is a beast. Had a great time wrestling with him. Lasted a couple of hours with a few breaks in between. Plwnty of scissor holds. Can't wait for him to be in town again.



Drax Spectre is recommended by Bigdaddy

had a great match...good lookin boston to wrestle...lookin forward to a rematch!



Bigdaddy is recommended by muscle vs muscle

Great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle. Looking forward to more matches.



muscle vs muscle is recommended by Bigdaddy

handsome well built strong fun nice guy to wrestle. looking forward to more matches in the future with this stud. woof!



Bigdaddy is recommended by Youngcub47

Have been looking forward to this match for a long time, and this guy did not disappoint in anyway. Nice guy on and off the mats and a great wrestler. Looking forward to the many rematches to come.



Youngcub47 is recommended by Bigdaddy

Awesome, handsome, incredibly strong, young man. I HATE to admit he is the only man ive wrestled in 25 yrs. that i couldnt submit or overpower. But it keeps me humble. ;-) we had a great time and I hope to become regular wrestling buddies.