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  1. USA - New York, Garrison
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72-year-old Male / 6'1" (185 cm) / 160 lbs (73 kg)


Fit matue guy here for fun/give and take test of strength wrestling. Could get into boxing as well. More if the chemistry works. Clean and healthy, seeks same.



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RadnerBearman is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

I have been working with RadnerBearman for about 5 weeks now. He has been working with me on core body/abs strength training. We work a minimum of 3 days a week for an hour or more via phone. I do upper body workouts on alternate days. He also has me working on the Bosu which challenges ones balance as well as strength. He sends me back up videos to show me exactly how it should be done. He has brought my workouts to a level I never imagined that I would ever achieve, particularly at my age. I have always ate pretty healthy but he has also motivated me to improve on that as well so I can accomplish my goal. And for the most part would be great, strong, good looking abs....a ways to go!
I can’t say enough about his dedication and commitment to help me, as well as others, to achieve our goals. What an amazing guy!



LeanInSpeedos is recommended by CHUCKCHALLANGE

This lean muscled guy and I have been wrestling for about 15 years when he visits FL-he is strong and skilled-a fun guy to grapple with and a great sport-he is the nicest guy on an off the mats-we have had some intense hot wrestling matches over the years



LeanInSpeedos is recommended by sportsri

I met LeanInSpeedos several years ago in NYC and we have wrestled a few times over the years, the last being at his home. The wrestling was great, we were nearly evenly matched so there was some great action. The last time we wrestled he was a great host and prepared dinner. LeanInSpeedos is as easy going a wrestler as one could hope, a good friend, and I would highly recommend him.



sportsri is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

Sportsri and I wrestled a number of years ago. I'm relatively new on the site and am giving him a HIGH recommendation. He is one tough, strong, guy and not to be underestimated. I had the advantage of size but he sure gave me "a run for my money." Our wrestle was a stalemate, a win/win! If you want a great guy on and off the mat he's your man. A good combination of brains and muscle...LOL.



LeanInSpeedos is recommended by Leanmuscle

Finally got to meet and wrestle after many years of contact. Great guy, to wrestle, in shape and looks great in his speedos. We had an enjoyable match and I would recommend him highly. He is a gentleman on and off the mats.



Leanmuscle is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

We finally got to meet and wrestle after so many years. Handsome, lean, muscled and a fun guy to wrestle. Also a gentleman on and off the mat. It was worth the wait!



LeanInSpeedos is recommended by austinwrestle

If you ever chat with this guy and have the opportunity to book a match with him, do it! He is tall, great body, and is talented. He is friendly and easy to get along with, but also strong and tough. He makes every match challenging and enjoyable. You're not going to have a better one with anyone. You will be a better wrestler for having tangled with this guy! Highly recommend!



austinwrestle is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

If you are looking for a pro/pro fantasy wrestler he's your man. He in one hot, handsome, sexy guy. He knows his stuff and hows to sell it like no one else! If you ever have the privilege to gear up with him you'll know what I mean!



TommyNY is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

This is an over due recommendation. I have wrestled TommyNY often for a number of years. Although I no longer do submission wrestling due to an injury, he is one tough man on the mat. I have quite often been able to submit him but he sure did gave me one heck off a fight! He will not disappoint you. If you're into muscles, which he sure has, and want a good time on or off the mat, he's your man.



LeanInSpeedos is recommended by ca510140

We have chatted for over 5 years, and finally the stars lined up so that we could meet. Wonderful person and so much fun on the mats, great shape and great skills also.
I totally recommend him to anyone, you will have a blast with him

Can't wait for our next meeting, just hope it's not 5 more years



ca510140 is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

We have chatted for many years and finally we hit the mats. My expectations were exceeded from the second we met. What a handsome guy with an amazing body. He is strong and knows his stuff but also great fun with no attitude. I workout 5 days a week but he is an inspiration to achieve his level of discipline in his nutritional and workout programs. Needless to say I'm looking forward to a rematch.



LeanInSpeedos is recommended by sportart

I met up with LeanInSpeedos at his place in Hudson Valley, spent the afternoon wrestling and roughhousing. He is in phenomenal shape; rides his bike up an down the hills of Sleepy Hollow country, and was impossible to wear out. Turned out to be a very decent guy and good friend, and very hospitable too; hope to wrestle him again. He demonstrates good you can look–and wrestle–if you persist in training long-term.



sportart is recommended by LeanInSpeedos

My wrestle with Art was a real workout. We wrestled on and off for hours. He is an awesome, amazingly strong wrestler. He is a great guy, intelligent and fun on and off the mat. I highly recommend him.


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