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I reside just north of West Palm Beach which is about an hour north of Ft Lauderdale, and 90 minutes to two hours north of Miami.

I'm looking for a wrestling partner/muscle buddy either local or long distance to compare muscle in real time or on cam (skype).

I prefer matches that lean toward competitive and end with some erotic component (either frottage (frontage) or mutual jackoff) or sex but erotic is not required because the skin2skin contact and muscle struggle are hot enough for me.



I am also looking for someone with whom I can exchange bodybuilding /weightlifting and diet advice.

If you are in the area for business or pleasure and you have some free time during a weekday evening or

Please no one under 200lbs unless you're some type of muscle freak who likes to wrestle bigger beefy guys.



  1. USA - Florida, West Palm Beach
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 47-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 340 lbs (154 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlet, jock, squarecut, nude

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MSBlkMuscle is recommended by FLbearhugger

MSBLKMUSCLE has attended the Merritt Island Rumble several times and in those years, for his size, strength and ability, he is a gentle giant and I would really hate to see him riled He is an amazing humble man I call friend. Do not let his size scare you, he tones his holds and strength down to meet the challenger. If you get the opportunity to wrestle with him, It will be a match you will not forget. Love you my friend! See you soon.



MSBlkMuscle is recommended by CC 123

This guy is solid. Built like a mountain and ready to rumble, up for anything. But also a total sweetheart - the kind of guy you can go for a burger after the match and just laugh and enjoy.



MSBlkMuscle is recommended by Matwrestler101

Meeting with msblkmuscle didn't what to expect. So much bigger and so much stronger. From the beginning he let me know I was the weaker opponent but so gentle knowing he could crush me easily. He bearhugged me so easily then took me down. Would meet again anytime with this nice giant



MSBlkMuscle is recommended by slowsubs

As big as you expect a guy 6'2 350 to be its still shocking to see him in person. This guy is huge and extremely modest. Ive never seen a guy this big and in as good shape as he is. he doesnt post stats and his pics are far from doing him justice. Since I have to guess im gonna say 70ish chest, 24a, 40w, 30q and his shoulders are bigger then my head. ON the mats he is very restrained, perhaps a bit too restrained as hes easily able to immobilize but very cautious about controlling that power. If your considering meeting him but put off by his size, not to worry, he knows hes huge and knows how to tone it down so that both have a good time. Hes not one of those huge guys that lays there and just uses his weight to hold you down. Off the mats a very nice guy. He's friendly and easy to talk to. I look forward to seeing him again next trip to Florida.



slowsubs is recommended by MSBlkMuscle

I am not sure what else there is to say about Slowsubs since he has had several opponents in the past and many of you already know that he is a skilled wrestler on the mats and a great guy off the mats.

SS is very strong for his size and gave me a great chiropractic adjustment when he bearhugged me...woooof!!

Even though we just exchanged some holds and roughhoused a bit it was a good experience.

I hope SS wasn't disappointed.


MSBlkMuscle 5/15/2019

Bored on a Tuesday after the gym

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