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This site keeps changing my town to Marion, which is a small town near me, but I live in Greencastle., not far from exit 5 of I 81. Older guy still trying to staying shape, always open for advice how to do so. 50" chest 17A, soft gut ;( Still with a wrestling fetish that won't go away. Have mats to roll around on and can host. If you're not local or at least from the USA, challenging me is usually a waste of time. I won't meet anyone that doesn't have a photo. PREFER wrestling YOUNGER(under 40) so keep that in mind when you message me! Who will be the first to escape the "RACERSEDGE"?

Looking for submission or pro-mission matches or fine with exchanging holds, learning holds, horse play for a good work out is fine too. Always great to meet and get to know others interested in wrestling? Finding being a heal and working over young cocky jobbers is quite enjoyable, so bring it on boys.

Officially retired from my career job and can readily host when not traveling

Willing to host matches for others looking for a place to meet Free as long as I get to watch or can play the one sided referee. Bribes accept, lol 😝



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Marion
    (I'm here between 5/27/2019 and 5/27/2033)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 240 lbs (109 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: biker shorts, sompression boxers, singlet

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Start of membership: 3/22/2015 5:39 PM

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racingwrestler is recommended by monsterpanda

racingwrestler is a good time both on and off the mat. brings plenty of power to the match, but adjusts well even for novice wrestlers. truly is a champ, except for the fact that he forgot to bring the championship belt. maybe you'll remember next time, GRAMPS! ;-P



monsterpanda is recommended by racingwrestler

I was honored to be the first Meetfighters opponent for this well built, flexible Rookie! Outmatched in size he held his own and was amazingly fun to wrestle and hang out with afterward. Which we did for 10 hours. Yeah I may have forgot the belt, but rookies have to earn a shot at the title, keep on trying Monsterpanda, you may earn a shot sometime, lol



racingwrestler is recommended by rebelwrest

Racingwrestler is stronger than he looks. He was a serious challenger, and gave me a good fight. As someone who is new to wrestling, he made sure that I was wrestling in a safe manner and taught me a few things along the way. Also, underestimate him at your own peril.



rebelwrest is recommended by racingwrestler

Rebelwrest is a big strong rookie that will be tough to handle as he gains more experience and knowledge of holds. Don't take this rookie lightly or he will surprise you.



racingwrestler is recommended by Stompmenow

Racingwrestler is a strong guy for his age. We tested each other’s strength and had fun wrestling. He is a very friendly guy on and off the mats. Not only is he a very hospitable host, but he also makes you comfortably at home with bed and breakfast service. Don’t miss this guy in PA. Definitely will plan another visit. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.



Stompmenow is recommended by racingwrestler

Just confirm what many other's have said. Pound per pound quite a handful for a little guy, fun time, don't discount him due to his size. Wrestled many bigger guys not as strong as him, certainly can take a lot of punishment and enjoys getting it.



racingwrestler is recommended by jdwrestler

Racingwrestler is a great guy on and off the mat. We had a great match. Watch out for his bearhug. His big chest is strong and he will pond you into submission. Can't wait to get a rematch.



jdwrestler is recommended by racingwrestler

John and I have similar stats, his leg are to be avoided. He is one fun Jobber though and I had a great time with him. Hope to do battle again soon!



racingwrestler is recommended by lehem15

Hal is one strong dude. He greeted me with a bear hug and knew that this guy would be fun and a challenge, and he didn't disappoint. He tired me out and think he let me be in control more than I actually was. If you have the chance to meet up with this fine man go for it.



lehem15 is recommended by racingwrestler

Been trying to meet Ben, since he first joined this site. Our schedules finally worked out and he made the trip to my place. He showed up ahead of time and is a sensational rookie. Great build, piercing blue eyes, very flexible and pretty darn strong for his size. All around fun guy to wrestle too, I had a blast, and look forward to more matches with him in the future. I highly recommend him if you get the opportunity to meet him, take it.
Ben you made the list!



racingwrestler is recommended by Wrassleboi

Had a blast with this beefy pro rasslin stud! Super sweet fella in general. Vicious Rassler. Finished me in the rasslin ring with his patented RACERS EDGE rasslin finisher! Ding ding ding i was done!



Wrassleboi is recommended by racingwrestler

Wrassleboi is Pro wrestling fanatic! While I’m more into submission we still had a blast on my mats and he’s a great guy off the mats too. Look forward to wrestling him many more times.



lspowerhouse is recommended by racingwrestler

Been a long time since I first me this powerhouse, but we reunited and had a blast once again. Pound per pound he is a strong as you'll find a a great guy too.



racingwrestler is recommended by canucrushme

Wow he is strong as hell . .he knows how to squeeze the life out of you...thought his arms were strong . .his legs are stronger . ..can't wait to meet up again



canucrushme is recommended by racingwrestler

Canucrushme is one tough guy who can take a lot of squeezing, but I'll let him say if I could crush him or not :) He isn't that far away so I hope we can meet again. I had a great time with him, even if he did need to learn to respect his elders.



racingwrestler is recommended by Navyguy

After seeing his profile for years, I finally had the good fortune to meet up with the legendary Racingwrestler at his place in PA. He's a big strong guy with advanced wrestling skills who will wear you out and wear you down and make you enjoy it. He's even better in person than in his pics, which are great. Very nice guy and terrific host. I had a blast. Highly recommended; wrestle him if you get the chance.



Navyguy is recommended by racingwrestler

If you read my profile you know my focus or at least preference is younger guys. However when you get the opportunity to meet a legend like Navyguy you can't pass it up. Stronger than he looks and well skilled too. So if you get the chance to take him on, be sure to take it. You certainly won't regret it.



racingwrestler is recommended by DCJobber

I have been very fortunate to know this Hunk for years ! Words can't sum up what a great guy he is. I can say the following. He is the most intimidating man
I have ever wrestled!! His bod, well, when you look at him from the front he has the best pecs I have ever seen. EVER !! From the back, his shoulders are wider than the Mississippi River !! He is as strong as he looks also. We are lucky he is so nice. His defense gets better every time I wrestle him. His offense is, well, all he has to do is grab you and squeeze ! Yeah, that was a tap....Racing Wrestler is one of my favorite wrestlers and friends !! WOW !!!! AndI didn't mention the arms which are pretty much like the rest of him. The last time we wrestled, he used his legs on me with a head scissors. Yeah, that was a tap....



DCJobber is recommended by racingwrestler

Had the pleasure of wrestling the great Zultac again last evening. Very skilled, strong and a lot of fun. He is a great guy on and off the mats and I'm honored to call him a friend. Wish he lived closer so we could wrestle more often.



Chrisblodgett is recommended by racingwrestler

It was a pleasure to meet and wrestle this handsome Hoosier. The rookie wanted to learn some new holds, but be cautious what you teach him it may be used against you as he is a quick learner. I would not hesitate to meet him again.



racingwrestler is recommended by jcripe03

I had a great time with Racing Wrestler. If you are inexperienced like myself, he will make you feel comfortable right away (by locking in the tightest bearhug I have ever felt). If you are experienced, he is strong and aggressive enough to challenge you. We did a little boxing and gut punching too. We also spent some time getting to know each other and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet off the mats. Cannot recommend him enough and I am sure we will meet up again.



jcripe03 is recommended by racingwrestler

Wow this young man is much stronger than he looks and an awesome guy on and off the mats. Watch those big BLUE eyes don't get the best of you too. I highly recommend Jcripe03.

I didn’t think anything could top my first Meeting with Justin. However he packed his bags and came to PA this past weekend and allowed me to be the host for a few days. Although not a 100% health wise, he gave it his all and from now on he will only be known as Just- in-credible by me. Looking forward to round three at the end of September.


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