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Looking for fun pro matches with other opponents in NC or traveling through, also into Olympic style wrestling for pins. Cannot host. No cyber matches. Open to role play, gear, style of wrestling. Enjoy squash, long held holds and give and take matches. Looking for cardio workout, getting sweaty with other masculine guys.



  1. USA - North Carolina, Winston-Salem
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 56-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Gear: Breifs, singlets, etc.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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atlantawrestles bjames65



MaskedManNC is recommended by atlantawrestles

If you enjoy wrestling a big, strong guy as much as I do, give MMNC a try. I really get into the long, intense struggles of a match, and he was perfect for that! Friendly and energetic, he will provide you with a great workout...and he's a great conversationalist too.



atlantawrestles is recommended by MaskedManNC

Met Bill for hotel match, had read his other recommendations by previous opponents on meetfighters and they are all true. This guy is tough, strong and quick, had me tapping several times, even though I outweighed him. Bill respected my limits and is an all around nice guy. Recommend him highly to anyone who loves to grapple. He'll definitely make you work to retain a hold and can apply multiple holds to control you, that you won't be able to escape from, take my word for it!



MaskedManNC is recommended by Jd1994

MaskedManNC is an awesome heel that is crafted abs skilled. He is someone worth wrestling. He is careful and no injuries.



MaskedManNC is recommended by bjames65

I have wrestled this masked man several times. It is always a back an forth battle with various levels of intensity. I have to admit that in this latest match, he got the best of me! But one day I vow to remove his mask and learn his true identity!

Who is that masked man?

Fun in disguise!



bjames65 is recommended by MaskedManNC

Bobby and I have grappled several times now, he is a skilled and aggressive opponent. Lots of give and take holds and overall great workout on mats. Have the weight advantage over him, otherwise I'd be serious trouble. He has bested me on several occasions and recommend him highly to other grapplers. Good friend off mat too, great host and great conversationist. Want a great match, call Bobby!