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  1. USA - Texas, University Park
  2. USA - Texas, Plano
  3. USA - Oklahoma, Tulsa
    (I'm here between 3/06/2020 and 3/08/2020)
    Work Trip
  4. USA - Texas, Lufkin
    (I'm here between 3/13/2020 and 3/13/2020)
    Work Trip
  5. USA - Arkansas, Little Rock
    (I'm here between 4/03/2020 and 4/05/2020)
    Work Trip
  6. USA - Texas, San Antonio
    (I'm here between 4/26/2020 and 4/28/2020)
    Work Trip
  7. USA - Texas, Houston
    (I'm here between 5/24/2020 and 5/26/2020)
    Work Trip
  8. USA - Texas, Corpus Christi
    (I'm here between 6/10/2020 and 6/13/2020)
    Work Trip

I am willing to travel 40 miles


58-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 228 lbs (103 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: pro wrestling trunks, Boxer briefs, shorts


I will be traveling frequently in the Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas region between March and June, 2020. Let me know if you would like a match while I am in your area.

I started wrestling for the first time in June 2019 and have had eight matches since then. I am learning with each match and having a blast rolling around with great guys. I am still a beginner and am happy to wrestle other beginners so we can learn together. I enjoy submission, pro and promission.

Also looking for intermediate and advanced wrestlers willing to teach me the Pro, submission, and pro mission wrestling, and then start rollin’.

Hope to make some friends from some matches.

Can do back and forth but prefer being a jobber.

I have a partner, so I am not interested in sex. Committed to safe and sane match and expect my partners to respect limits.

If you plan to travel to Dallas or through DFW airport, please hit me up for a match.

Enjoy chatting with others about wrestling or anything else.

Above all, let’s have fun!



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Photo swapping, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Gut punching

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Maximovillareal is recommended by wannarassle

Super good man and a real pleasure to wrestle with. After some give and take wrestling we rolled together in some very tight and close body lock ups and had a great time. This man enjoys wrestling and you should look him up if you have the opportunity. Ready for more.



wannarassle is recommended by Maximovillareal

Wannarassle knows what he wants and how to get it. He is strong as heck and had me on the defensive the whole time. He put me in a lot of long-held holds, bearhug, and some body punches (at my request). I really enjoyed being a jobber with him. He is a really nice guy, very respectful, and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend this excellent wrestler.



Maximovillareal is recommended by Roll23

Had a blast rolling with Maximo! Ended up meeting super last minute and though he’s new to the wrestling scene, he’s def got some moves to show to make for a good match. We both worked up a sweat during our match and I couldn’t have asked for a better time from this big man. Def coming back for round 2 and if you get the chance to roll with him, take it!



Roll23 is recommended by Maximovillareal

The other recommendations for Roll23 were right when they advised not to miss the opportunity to roll with this amazing wrestler. We had communicated for a few weeks and then he surprised me with an invitation because he was in town. He taught me some basic jbb moves to improve my wrestling skills at the beginning and end. In between, we just went at it with submission falls. I wish I could say I got some submissions, but I was clearly outmatched. He adjusted his level to match my beginner level and was always safe and respectful. Roll23 is powerful, skilled, and handsome, but above all, he is tons of fun. One of the most fun hours of my life. Roll23 is a 12 out of 10.



Maximovillareal is recommended by nightstranger

Max was kind enough to come to me for a match. We had a super fun pro session!!! Got some offense in early but it wasn't long before his inner heel emerged. He is really picking up various holds and practised pro moves. Great OTK backbreaker.
Very nice guy with a great attitude, def. meet up if you get the chance.



nightstranger is recommended by Maximovillareal

Nightstranger taught me a lot about pro fantasy wrestling. He really knows how to sell being a jobber. We took turns being the heel and jobber in the match. It was easy setting up the match and he was a great host. Nightstranger is a blast to roll around with. We had tons of fun putting each other in lots of different holds. Don’t miss a chance to wrestle this super wrestler. He deserve the highest recommendation.



Maximovillareal is recommended by NoCalWrestlebob

Just met and wrestled Max here at my hotel. He says he is a jobber and learning, but man, i can promise you, he is very strong, learned well from previous matches and is an all around cool guy. I would recommend Max if you are local in Dallas area or traveling thru, He was on time, we chatted before going up to my room and had a very sweat cardio wrestling matches. Please contact him if you have an opportunity to.



NoCalWrestlebob is recommended by Maximovillareal

NoCalWrestlebob is the read deal. He is super strong and tons of fun to wrestle. Enjoyed chatting online with him before the match and also meeting with him before the match. We had a tough, sweaty match and were pretty evenly matched. We both got our holds in and submitted each other. Enjoyed chatting with him during the our time together. If you are in the Nashville area or passing through there, I highly recommend arranging a match with him.



Maximovillareal is recommended by Black Titan

Had a good give and take match up with might max. Fun jobber and eager opponent.He may be still getting his feet wet, but he has some emerging skills under his belt. Definitely hit him up for some fun pro fantasy action!
Thanks for a good time on the mats!
Highly recommended.



Black Titan is recommended by Maximovillareal

I heard from some of Black Titan’s previous opponents that he is a “gentle giant,” and they were right. He wrestled at the level that was perfect for me, delivering body punches throughout that were just the right intensity and enhanced the entire experience. We worked up a good sweat even as Black Titan pinned me and made me submit several times. We had a great conversation afterward. Don’t miss the opportunity to wrestle Black Titan. He deserves the highest recommendation possible.



Maximovillareal is recommended by Ken1964

Had a good time with this wrestler, he says he’s a beginner, hmmm not convinced of that, he knows all the good wrestling moves, went back and forth, I think there’s a heel in there somewhere, would wrestle him again anytime, I recommend him absolutely



Ken1964 is recommended by Maximovillareal

Ken1964 says in his profile intro that he just wants to have fun wrestling, and he delivered completely. I identify as a jobber, but he helped me bring out my inner heel, which was a new learning experience. He is completely respects limits and was a perfect gentleman. He put some good holds on me that surprised me. I completely recommend him and can't wait to have another match with him.



Maximovillareal is recommended by texwrestler2001

I was happy to oblige Max's need for a first time jobber/heel match. He can absorb gut punches like a champ! Super nice guy and I hope he has and enjoys more matches.



texwrestler2001 is recommended by Maximovillareal

For my second-ever wrestling match, I could not have had a better guy to mentor me into the exciting wrestling world. I opened the hotel door and could not believe there was this 6 foot 3 inch, 240 pound rock-hard giant coming to wrestle me. Obviously nervous at first, he quickly let me know I could trust him and then threw me onto the bed to start working me over. What an amazing heel he was to this jobber. He respected my physical limits and was just an amazing guy to have fun with. I had my first-ever gut punching session and even muscle worship to top it all off. After the session, he spent time giving me the best advice possible about continuing to explore this wonderful world of wrestling.

Texwrestler2001 is a mighty powerful, super-muscular wrestler with a heart of gold. Safe, sane, respectful, fun, and funny. I was in wrestling heaven.



Maximovillareal is recommended by musclelvr62

I met Maximovillareal for a technique practice session. Both of us beginners I did show him some holds and moves that I have learned.
He was prompt, courteous and has some strength. Respected his limits and he respected mine.
Happy to wrestle with him again.



musclelvr62 is recommended by Maximovillareal

Musclelvr62 initiated me into submission wrestling. He was completely respectful and a gracious host. He taught me and we practiced several submission holds. He respected my limits and made me feel I was in a safe and encouraging place. Arranging the match was easy. I can’t wait for a second match.