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I am looking forward to having a nice match somewhere! I am on the move a lot so looking forward to seeing you somewhere too!!

To be honest, I am a fan of wrestling and really like to do so, but since it is not as popular where I am from, I ended up training Karate (6 years) and taekwondo (1 years). I do not have any wrestling experience and more than happy to engage in some matches to gain it.

And I am also a photographer, so if you are interested in being a model or have your picture taken, I am more than happy to comply. I do also do a bit of videography!!

I am a bear, meaning, I do enjoy being dominance, yet looking for a good fight!!

If not a fight, I am more than happy to be practice partner to train on the various movements or getting off wrestling an do some other thing as well (you know what I mean).

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!!

If anyone interested can send me a message here.

My Hangout:

Looking forward to hearing from you



  1. Cambodia, Spean Mean Chey
    Place of residence
  2. Thailand, Wang Thonglang
    (I'm here between 5/13/2019 and 5/15/2019)
    Visiting and looking for match
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I am willing to travel 750 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 24-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (177 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts or Jeans

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Mushino is recommended by Jericho

Had a great time do a match with him, he destroyed me completely, still it was good and we sweat a lot.
I will challenge him later.



Jericho is recommended by Mushino

One of the good much j had in a long while! On the matt, his competitive spirit is great, despite the weight class he still did his best as a form of respect to his opponents!

Off the matt, had a very good conversation and would definitely looking forward to the next encounter!



Mushino is recommended by Porches

Mushino is a very strong and skilled wrestler, but also safe and sane. I had much fun wrestling with him. Several times he was able to lock me with no way out, but I could surprise him with the few techniques I learned. So if you´re near his place, don´t miss him. You´ll have an amazing match! Off the mat he´s a kind and smart guy you can have good conversation with. So thanks Mushino and maybe we see us in Germany.



Porches is recommended by Mushino

He is a very flexible wrestler. I did try my best and well, we have a back and forth match. Nothing serious, but I mostly ended up in submission. He is really friendly and cheerful! Too bad he is leaving too soon! Cannot wait to see him in Germany.



Mushino is recommended by Alan2005sg

Very enthusiastic & strong guy, but safe & sane on the mat. He has some basic training in martial arts. He easily caught me into different locks, body scissors & bearhugs. It took me a lot of effort to counteract on all his attacks. Believe me, it's not an easy one for me.
Off the mat, he is a nice & cheerful guy. Don't miss the chance when he visits your country.



Alan2005sg is recommended by Mushino

Do not underestimate old timers! It is something I have learned the hard way after wrestling, Alan.

He has the skills to dominate me easily, hence, I do believe after a few rounds he adjusted to my level. I learned a lot wrestling him, both new moves and way to improve my lock. Not to mention, a wonderful and insightful conversation after as well.

I wish I can be more prepared, but overall, that what make this one of the best matches so far!



Mushino is recommended by Detective Mask

I'm very glad to have Mushino as my first-ever wrestling opponent here in MeetFighters. Our match was short and not really serious, but it was an awesome experience.

Mushino was very patient and accommodating in planning our match, despite his busy schedule. I expected him to be strong because of his martial arts background, but being able to feel his strength firsthand in a match was really amazing, especially for a novice wrestler like me. He taught me how to apply a few moves, and allowed me to lock and be locked in those moves; it gave me a whole new perspective on the moves I've used in my pro-wrestling drawings. He was also respectful to limits by making sure that things are done safely and by giving me a breather from time to time when I needed it. He was also shared to me some of the non-wrestling stuff that we had in common.

If you are a newbie in this game, or if you're a bit more experienced, Mushino would be a great opponent to face off against. Thanks for the match, Mushino.



Mushino is recommended by tikki

Strong and skilled. He didn't go all out with me and that's very considerate of him as I'm sure he could break my arms and legs easily. Wrestling this friendly guy was a joy and our conversation off the mat was entertaining and even thought-provoking. Another quality member!



tikki is recommended by Mushino

Really enthusiastic and quick to learn!! He has experience with wrestling, hence currently looking to shape it after a while!! He has stamina and strength, with a bit more practice, I do not think I will be able to match him! Hahahaha, he is also friendly and really open to talking more about wrestling, as well as life topic and general. I have an amazing time wrestling him and NaughtyButNice!! Can't wait for the next one!



Mushino is recommended by Kevin

Strong and skilled! With karate background, he will try to immobilize you for submission. He is the person for good challenge. The reason why after 2 rounds one on one, me and Tikki used dirty tactics on him. We both attacked him (I met him together along with another fighter “tikki). It was so fun! Mushino is nice and friendly off the mat as well. Don’t miss him when you visit Cambodia!



Kevin is recommended by Mushino

One of the quickest and smartest opponents I have met so far. His experience with moves that arise upon open opportunities help him stay up to par with an even bigger wrestler like me. He is really good with escaping lock, hence, not that he actually needs it, hahaha, his endurance is also amazing!

He hosted me and Tikki during our match and I got to say, I love the hospitality and the conversation before and after the match too! One of the most inspirational people I have met so far on Meet Fighter and looking forward to the next match!



Mushino is recommended by ThaiBeast

He have more weight than me but I have some technique . This will be an equal what I think at first.
Since he began to use his karate and taekwondo skill, is when I think I was wrong. He can immobilize me easily. Not much pain but can't move even a finger. My body twisted according to his will. I have no choice but to tap out. He can move to his advantage position all the time.
If you think you have technique that can fight him, you have to face him. He want to share and trade his move and many kind of wrestling skills. Recommend!!!



ThaiBeast is recommended by Mushino

He has really good endurance in general. We were about the same size and high, but he has more of the upper body strength.

He is a wrestling enthusiast and I enjoy chatting and trying new move with him. You can feel his passion for wrestling in general and he currently has a good mentor.

One special thing about him is that he learn really fast and that what make the match fun.

Best to those who are looking forward to challenge him.



Mushino is recommended by Eyrios776

Mushino is friendly and tough guy . His body (legs is special) so strong . Thank you a lot for many technical that you share to me , they are very useful for small guy like me hahaha .

I am really recommend him to everyone who looking for tough submission match. ;)



Eyrios776 is recommended by Mushino

He is a very good mentor, for those who are actually new to wrestling. He is small, but really flexible. A good person outside of match as well. I did have a very good time wrestling him and his partner.

Until we meet again.