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I'm mainly just looking to have fun.My main interest is pro wrestling style, with heel/jobber scenarios. I'm not looking for serious pain, but would like it to be physical. I am new at this so any advice would be appreciated. I cannot host, but I'm willing to travel to Milwaukee and Green bay areas, or anywhere in between, also might be willing to travel further. I've also recently discovered how fun cyber matches can be, so if you see me in the chat and don't mind having a match with a newbie, feel free to message me.
Updated: I can now host matches on my spare bedroom! I have puzzle piece athletic mats set up.

I'm also going to be traveling to the Toledo, OH area a few times a year for work. My first trip will be in April. Let me know if any of you Ohio boys want to wrestle!



  1. USA - Wisconsin, Eau Claire
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Can go to the twin cities area on weekends
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Gym shorts, speedos.

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stalksthemoon is recommended by SlimScrapper

Nice, laid back guy, creative and knows his moves. Fun time.



SlimScrapper is recommended by stalksthemoon

I’ve met Slim a few times now and every time gets more fun. He’s open to different styles, role play, scenarios, anything you might want to try out. Nice guy off the mats and a good guy to hang with and chat with.



stalksthemoon is recommended by stevecleveland

Had a good time rolling around, trading some punches, and testing some limits, I'm sure we left each other sore for a few days. Also pleasant to hang out with after wrestling. Hope to have the opportunity to meet again in the future



stalksthemoon is recommended by jeffc

Jeremy is a very strong guy. We met and wrestled in his room. We videod the whole match and it was very obvious I was outmuscled and outmatched. He put me in all sorts of humiliating holds and made me beg multiple times! Very highly recommended.



jeffc is recommended by stalksthemoon

Ricky was a lot of fun. He puts up a good fight but in the end I dominated him. Would recommend him for a fun match if you’re in the la area. His pecs are nice for working over. ;)



stalksthemoon is recommended by wrestle guy

My match with stalksthemoon was really fun. I was expecting to give more of a fight but as a mean heel he delivers! I underestimate him and pay the price. He is really cool on and off the mats. I can't recomend enough if you had the time and you are close to this guy don't hasitate to challenge him. All worth it. Easy to set a match and reliable. Takes the time to teach a thing or two about the moves he knows. I really hope in the future i get to challenge this guy again.



wrestle guy is recommended by stalksthemoon

He’s a fun guy. Still new to wrestling but he has a lot of fight and is willing to learn. Had some fun going back and forth and trading holds.



stalksthemoon is recommended by Jimmy Elijah

We were planning a match for a while and we finally got the chance to lock up! A little shy at first be this wrestler opened up. We had a good time going back and forth testing each other in sleeper holds. It was fun locking him into my camel clutch for a while. Don’t miss the chance to lock up with this dude! 💪🏽



Jimmy Elijah is recommended by stalksthemoon

Glad I got to finally meet this stud. Nice guy off the mats but a beast of a heel on them. Would recommend him to anyone looking for pro, sub or anything in between.



Black Titan is recommended by stalksthemoon

Finally got to meet Titan and it was a lot of fun. We had a good back and forth match. Looking forward to meeting up with him again when we get a chance.



stalksthemoon is recommended by luv2wrstl

I really enjoy wrestling this guy :) Its a different experience wrestling someone who is just about the same size I am. I enjoyed the challenge and fun of our matches. To Top it off he's one of the nicest guys you will meet off the mats. Looking forward to hooking up and wrestling again soon!



luv2wrstl is recommended by stalksthemoon

Hey was a fun opponent on the mat and a nice guy off. It's not every day I'm evenly matched with some one stats wise so it was a good challenge while we went at it. Also enjoyed some more fun back and forth with him.



stalksthemoon is recommended by shawty333

I honestly did not know what to expect from Jeremy here but from what I recall, he played with just about ALL of my turn on-weaknesses! He really surprised me more and more for our 2 matches we had. That's why you don't know what you'll get until you actually wrestle the guy! I'm ready to see what other suprises he has in store for our rematch(es)! Guys, you should give him a try whether you like pro or submission!



shawty333 is recommended by stalksthemoon

Had a blast with this little guy. Wrestled a match for a video and then we just had a good old fashion fun promission match afterwards with an erotic bent. Glad a made the trip and would gladly do it again. He's scrappy and knows some hot holds and I can't recommend him enough.



wrestlingotter is recommended by stalksthemoon

This guys was a blast. We did some fun pro mission and we went back and forth in a hot match. good body, knows his holds and a good guy to chat with when you're not wrestling. I recommend him highly.



stalksthemoon is recommended by Chainsee

Nice guy. Definitely knows what he's doing



Chainsee is recommended by stalksthemoon

Nice down to earth guy. Still new but willing to learn and can still put up a fight. Had fun rolling with him and hope to wrestle him again.



stalksthemoon is recommended by GuyMN1983

We were finally able to meet up, and he's an awesome heel! Had a great time learning how to job :)



GuyMN1983 is recommended by stalksthemoon

This guys is a lot fun and a good pro Jobber. Looking forward to meeting him again and trying out some other styles. Nice guy and a good host as well.