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Hi..Anything you wanna know just ask. I really enjoy wrestling. My high school didn't have a team so I have no formal training, but I can definitely hold my own. I lift people for a living so I am fairly strong. I think of wrestling as the ultimate sport. There's no equipment. Just your strength and skill against your opponents strength and skill. There's no better way for men to bond. I can occasionally host, but usually I have to travel or split the cost of a hotel/motel room. I prefer to wrestle guys closer to my own age 25-40 but I am open to exceptions.

I want to travel more. Trying to find time to do so. Hopefully this coming year.



  1. USA - California, Martinez
    Home. About 30 minutes from San Francisco
  2. USA - California, Palm Desert
    (I'm here between 8/31/2019 and 9/02/2019)
    Mini vacation/ wrestling trip
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I am willing to travel 75 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Tagalog

Gear: Anything or nothing. Usually Baskeball shorts and no shirt

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Pandathug is recommended by rhss4682

This guy won't go down easily! He's big and can use his weight in his favor. By the end of the match, we were covered in sweat, which is a good outcome when you're wrestling.
He's very friendly and nice, good person, very reliable and easy to set a match.
I recommend him and would wrestle again if I had the chance!



rhss4682 is recommended by Pandathug

This dude is a beast. He is really strong in general but he has crazy strong legs. The first time I got caught in them I knew I was in trouble. I had really no chance against him. But I enjoyed being manhandled by this handsome fellow. It was really fun being thrown around. I tried my best to fight back and we were both extremely sweaty so I take that as a sign that I didn’t make it too easy for him.
Aside from wrestling, he’s a really cool guy to talk to. We had a pretty good conversation. He’s a very intelligent and interesting young man. I look forward to our rematch or just hanging out in general.
Thanks for the work out bro. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to give you more of a challenge. Haha



Pandathug is recommended by HuskywrestlerLA

Had the opportunity to meet up with Pandathug on a rare free evening for me and I’m glad I did. Even though I dominated him from beginning to end I still had fun with Pandathug. To his credit he did have a match with another guy before I got there so he was already tired but he knows it wouldn’t have made a difference 😜 He was down here for a short trip and wanted to get as many matches in he could. Will give him a rematch in the future so he can reclaim his name even though I will dominate him again! All in all if you have the chance to wrestle Pandathug I recommend it



HuskywrestlerLA is recommended by Pandathug

This guy and I have the same name but with different spellings. This match was supposed to determine who’s name was the “correct” spelling. So after having my ass handed to me, I have to concede and admit he has the superior spelling. (I still like my name better and will redeem it when we have a rematch)
But really tho, I had absolutely no chance. He annihilated me. To be fair, I had just finished another match with someone else not more than an hour before rolling with HuskyWrestlerLA, so I was already pretty tired. But bottom line, he was the better man. He is very skilled. Very strong. Throwing me around, twisting me like a pretzel, just dominating the whole time. Taunting me the whole time. And I enjoyed every moment of that ass kicking. I am gonna really be sore tomorrow, but I had fun so it was worth it. Hope to take this guy on again soon. Highly recommend rolling with him if you get a chance.



Pandathug is recommended by wrestle guy

What an amazing match. A very friendly fighter who always makes sure everyone has fun. Really nice and fun guy outside the ring but ready to give it all he got as soon as the match begins. Respects all limits and is always in contact with you as you plan the match. Really happy I got to battle this guy. We had a fun sweaty match and even though there was a minor disadvantage in size we still enjoy a good back and forth. He accommodate to my skills. If you happen to have the opportunity to challenge this guy do it you won't regret it.



wrestle guy is recommended by Pandathug

Just met up with this guy earlier today. Great match with a great opponent. It was a really sweaty long fought match. We went multiple rounds. I won some. He won some. I had a pretty large weight advantage but he held his own. He pretty strong. We had a lot of fun. Aside from wrestling, he’s really friendly. Very nice guy. Hope to roll with him again soon. I definitely recommend wrestling this guy.



Pandathug is recommended by tapout

Let the Panda hug you while you make him tapping ;-) Reliable person with some wrestling notion. If Pandathug works on his balance and resists sweeps, he could be a tough opponent. In any case, fun to roll with an opponent with considerably more meat than I have ;-)



tapout is recommended by Pandathug

Awesome dude right here. He was kind enough to host a group meet up at his place. A great host. Very nice set up. Since there were participants who are not formally trained, myself included, he began with a quick lesson on some useful wrestling moves. I learned a lot and plan on using it in future matches. He’s an excellent teacher. Very patient and friendly.
As for the actual match. I had absolutely no chance whatsoever. I am sure Tapout went a little easy on me but even so I had my ass handed to me and I enjoyed every moment of it. I really hope our paths cross again so we can have a round 2. Hopefully I will have improved by then to give him somewhat of a challenge. I highly highly recommend rolling with this guy if you ever have a chance. You won’t regret it.



Pandathug is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Despite knowing that I have a little bit of an advantage when it comes to techniques, it wasn't easy getting him to submit!

I had to use every ounce of strength just to not get caught under him but he still managed to have me on full mount (and made me submit eventually). This guy definitely knows his strengths and is able to use them to his advantage.

Off the mats, he's a really cool bloke, an interesting guy, and a wonderful companion when you're passing time. Our conversation lasted for three (?) hours, I think.

Anyhow, I recommend you to hit up this guy for some wrestling if he's in your area. And let him bearhug you. It's an amazing experience. 😅



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Pandathug

Do NOT be fooled by this guys size. I have no formal training in grappling and he does. So I already knew he was gonna be difficult to beat. I expected that. What I did not expect was his strength. He has a lot of power in his little frame. His strength paired with his skill left me no chance at victory. Haha. I got him to tap once from using my weight. Other than that, he dominated the rest of our match.
Off the mats, Themakatikid, is a really cool guy. Very friendly and fun to talk to. We had a really good conversation about wrestling, work, history, and other things. Already planning our next match the next time I come to Manila. Hopefully by then I will have gained some skills to actually give him a challenge. Haha. I can't recommend him enough. If you're ever in the Philippines, don't pass on the chance to roll with him.



Pandathug is recommended by bluetiger

Very big and strong wrestler!
He can quickly jumps on you and control you like his toy. I couldn't counter his moves.
He is very skilled and definitely have techniques to fight.

When he mounts on you it's hard to breath, uses his weight wisely.i miss the weight on my chest actually haha.

Out of mats, he is very friendly and down to earth. I thought he is snob, full of arrogance but I was wrong. Damn I love hugging this guy.



bluetiger is recommended by Pandathug

I really enjoyed rolling around with this guy. Very fun match. We had a group wrestling session with 2 other guys. One of the other guys were teaching some grappling skills. Me and Bluetiger practiced moves and holds on eachother. Then we proceeded to have an actual match. Pretty strong guy. Very friendly, as well. Really awesome bearhugger. He is also very artistic. He was wearing a cool wrestling t-shirt that he designed himself. You can also see some of his drawings on his page.

I highly recommend wrestling him if you're ever in Manila. I look forward to taking him on again next time I'm in the Philippines.



Pandathug is recommended by Leaf15

Pandathug is one of the strongest guys I ever met. We fought each other approximately 19 months ago. We had a fun and great submission match, and Pandathug pretty much dominated me for the whole match. Pandathug has great chokeholds, and he is also pretty skilled. Don’t miss a chance to fight him if you are visiting San Francisco! I definitely recommend him!



Pandathug is recommended by BVL1991

Fun safe match lots of strength in this one, it has very evenly matched he’s just bigger. Looking forward to a rematch



Pandathug is recommended by bristolwrestler

Pandathug and I had a couple of hours of absolutely fantastic wrestling in my hotel room. There wasn't a lot of space but we made the most of it!

The moment we started, I knew this guy was strong as once he had his arms around me I was in trouble. Same goes for his legs; this man has a great deal of power and he knows how to apply it! That said, I never felt at risk of injury and he is an extremely courteous bloke, taking care to wrestle responsibly. The match was fairly even and we both made each other submit, and I have to say I loved every second!

We had a really good conversation afterwards, and even before we met he was kind enough to make some suggestions about what to see in his city.

I cannot recommend Pandathug highly enough! Thank you, mate. I really hope we have a chance to meet again.



bristolwrestler is recommended by Pandathug

Just wrestled this guy earlier today. Excellent host. Limited space, but that didn't stop us from having an awesome match.
Even though I am bigger, from the moment we locked up, I could tell he wasn't going to be easy to beat. He has a body that is just made for wrestling. Solid chest, really good upper body strength, vise-like legs. If we were to go by number of times we submitted each other, he won more rounds than me, but each round was long and hard-fought. Overall, it was pretty even. Had moments of intensity, but nothing crazy. Lots of bearhugs, some light gut punching. I was in a bit of a time constraint, but he was very understanding. We only got to wrestle for about 2 hours and a half, which sounds like plenty of time, but when you consider how much fun we were having, it wasn't enough time. There will definitely be a rematch.
Aside from wrestling, Bristolwrestler is a really cool guy. Very friendly. We had a great conversation about various things. Really good discussion on the sport of Cricket (haha).
If any of you have a chance to take him on, do it. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for having me. Looking forward to our next battle.



Pandathug is recommended by Phxwrstlr

It was a great fun time with Pandathug! A really nice guy who knows how to wrestle well! I wish I would've had more time, since I definitely could've rolled a lot longer with him. A rematch anytime would be great!



Pandathug is recommended by NightWolf

Pandathug is a nice, strong and accommodating wrestler. We rolled around for a few hours, Knows how to use his weight very difficult to take him down and his headlocks are pretty good too. has to work on his body scissors tho hahah managed to tap him a few times with mine,if he pins you down very difficult to get him off of you. He was very controlled never once did i feel unsafe i highly recommend him can't wait for round 2 buddy had a blast :)

Had round 2 with PandaThug it was a lot of fun had been looking for the rematch for a while but with my schedule it's been really difficult to find time for a whole lot of matches. It was a really fun, and he's a really nice guy more do off the mats on them watch out he puts up a really good fight.



NightWolf is recommended by Pandathug

I had a lot of fun rolling with this guy. Our match was intense but friendly. He is really strong for his size. I was pleasantly surprised. His scissors were vise-like. Made me tap a few times. I got him to tap like twice. But In the end, he was the better man. It's ok, I'll get you next time, bro. After our match we just hung out. He's a great guy to just chill with. He's genuinely nice and friendly. I look forward to our next battle.

Rematch: He kicked my ass again. Haha. Had a lot of fun. I got him to submit once by using my weight but other than that, he had me tapping out left and right. In my defense I had been up since 6am, worked all day, and we didn't start wrestling till around 1am. Yes I know, excuses. Lol. But yeah. Extremely friendly and nice when not wrestling. Highly recommend this guy. I can't wait to take him on again.



Pandathug is recommended by AJtheWrestler

Derrick is awesome. Cordial and nice off the mats and insane strong on them. I cannot wait to have another meeting with him. He's helping me start the year off right with some great muscle to muscle action!



AJtheWrestler is recommended by Pandathug

AJ and I have been chatting for a long time. I finally found the time to make it down to Palm Springs to take him on. Great guy. Very friendly. Extremely strong. Very fun match. Awesome conversation afterwards also. I can't wait for the rematch. If you ever get a chance to roll with him, take it.



Lone024 is recommended by Pandathug

One of the most intense matches I've ever had. If not THE most intense. We were drenched in sweat within minutes. We went at it for awhile. It was an epic, hard fought match. In the end we were pretty even. Even tho part of me feels he held back a little bit. The dude is a beast. Very strong. Pretty friendly guy aside from wrestling. I can't recommend him highly enough. I'm glad to make a new friend. I can't wait for our rematch bro.



Pandathug is recommended by wrestlin

I've wrestled him a few times now and have always had a fun time. He is a very good tackler and pinner. I can beat him sometimes if I can stay ahead of him, but he's a handful when he gets me down. I know its usually an hour's drive for him to get to me so I appreciate him taking the time to come wrestle with me. Anyway, I always look forward to wrestling him when I'm in the Bay Area.



Pandathug is recommended by dnava20

I had a really fun time with our match. I couldn't compete with his strength but I made him work for his win. We traded a lot of gut punching, and choke holds, well mainly I was on the receiving end of those holds. It was a great submission match and I look forward to a rematch but one where I'll be the victor.

Really friendly and straight forward with the type of match is looking for. I also enjoyed our good conversation after the match.



dnava20 is recommended by Pandathug

This is really overdue. I meant to do this earlier. Anyways had a great match with this guy. He's a strong guy. He got me to tap a few times but I was the champ in the end. Haha. I know he looks friendly and sweet. And he is, but don't underestimate him. He's a pretty aggressive wrestler. It was a fun hard fought match. I can't wait for our rematch.

We had a good meal and conversation afterwards. He's an awesome guy and I look forward to rolling with him again.



calilee is recommended by Pandathug

Had a good time with this guy. He's quite strong. We were both sweating profusely. He's a good challenge. I won in the end but he totally made me work for it. After the match, we hung out a bit and had a good conversation. He's a cool dude and a gracious host. I Can't wait to roll around with him again.



Pandathug is recommended by 1972designstar

Tough match! He definitely had the better of me. A good opponent. I highly recommend!



1972designstar is recommended by Pandathug

This guy is pretty strong for for his size. I still dominated but he definitely held his own. Even pinned me a couple of times. Unfortunately the space we wrestled was very small but I still had an awesome time. Looking forward to rolling with him again. I highly recommend taking him on.



Pandathug is recommended by Indrslr

Good guy. Not an expert, but pretty good and willing to try and learn. Try him out.