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  1. United Kingdom, Bristol
    I live here. Come wrestle me!

I am willing to travel 50 miles


39-year-old Male / 5'5" (165 cm) / 196 lbs (89 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Nude, jocks, briefs, singlet


Leaving my profile up, will continue checking messages but I won't be wresting anyone until we're out of this global crisis. Take good care of yourselves and others!

I'm a short, stocky bloke, and I've always been turned on by wrestling with bigger, chubby fellas. I am only interested in men at least as tubby as me, ideally bigger. That said, a match doesn't have to end in sex for me to have a great time; fun with wrestling is always my number one priority, so if you're not looking for sex just know I'm not going to push for anything you don't want!

My ideal match has me and a larger man, barefoot and topless or preferably naked, rolling around trying to pin each other or make the other man submit. We lock our arms around one another in long, sweaty bearhugs and holds, and when it's over we both know that our muscles will be sore for a day or two because we've had a really good workout.

I'm enthusiastic when grappling and even when outmatched I don't give up easily! I'm not interested in punches or kicks generally but I'm down for light body punches if that's your thing. I respect all limits and your fantasies too, so we can definitely talk and agree on various fight scenarios.

I love making videos of my matches, but they're only for me and my opponent to watch; I'll never share with anyone else. Of course, if you don't want to be filmed that's fine too! All my gallery pictures of fights are shared with the consent of my opponents.

I'm partnered with permission and I can't host, so if you can in or around the Bristol area that'd be perfect. Otherwise we can get a hotel room. Never used a public matroom before but I'm open to it.

Let's wrestle!



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Sumo Sumo
Judo Judo
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Photo swapping
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Rip and strip

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bristolwrestler is recommended by chubbyjudo

Met Bristol wrestler today and had a great couple of hours wrestling. We have been chatting for years and he is a really nice guy and a worthy opponent if you get the chance to meet I would recommend you jump at the chance. Had a brilliant time and enjoyed every minute and can't wait for round two



chubbyjudo is recommended by bristolwrestler

I had a fantastic time with chubby judo. He is friendly, considerate, a strong wrestler and loads of fun! He could so easily have thrown me all over the place but he had to adjust to my level. In doing so, he ensured I enjoyed every moment of our meet. Very nice fella to chat to as well.

Highly recommended.



bristolwrestler is recommended by Pandathug

Just wrestled this guy earlier today. Excellent host. Limited space, but that didn't stop us from having an awesome match.
Even though I am bigger, from the moment we locked up, I could tell he wasn't going to be easy to beat. He has a body that is just made for wrestling. Solid chest, really good upper body strength, vise-like legs. If we were to go by number of times we submitted each other, he won more rounds than me, but each round was long and hard-fought. Overall, it was pretty even. Had moments of intensity, but nothing crazy. Lots of bearhugs, some light gut punching. I was in a bit of a time constraint, but he was very understanding. We only got to wrestle for about 2 hours and a half, which sounds like plenty of time, but when you consider how much fun we were having, it wasn't enough time. There will definitely be a rematch.
Aside from wrestling, Bristolwrestler is a really cool guy. Very friendly. We had a great conversation about various things. Really good discussion on the sport of Cricket (haha).
If any of you have a chance to take him on, do it. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for having me. Looking forward to our next battle.



Pandathug is recommended by bristolwrestler

Pandathug and I had a couple of hours of absolutely fantastic wrestling in my hotel room. There wasn't a lot of space but we made the most of it!

The moment we started, I knew this guy was strong as once he had his arms around me I was in trouble. Same goes for his legs; this man has a great deal of power and he knows how to apply it! That said, I never felt at risk of injury and he is an extremely courteous bloke, taking care to wrestle responsibly. The match was fairly even and we both made each other submit, and I have to say I loved every second!

We had a really good conversation afterwards, and even before we met he was kind enough to make some suggestions about what to see in his city.

I cannot recommend Pandathug highly enough! Thank you, mate. I really hope we have a chance to meet again.



bristolwrestler is recommended by BeTrayedBetrayal

Superb Host! I am very grateful to have a chance to meet him for a match. I thought this will not be a difficult match for me, but I am wrong, and in fact, he's super tough to get dominated. At the beginning, we went quite even, but he found a chance to catch my mistake and submitted me. The pace went very well, not too fast, not too slow. I enjoyed rolling with him. Ready for Round 2!

Highly Recommended!



BeTrayedBetrayal is recommended by bristolwrestler

Met this bloke in my hotel room this afternoon and I'm really glad we met.

We had a good long struggle that was a mix of submission and erotic wrestling and we both had a great time! He's got strong legs and I thoroughly enjoyed being squeezed by them while we were rolling around getting good and sweaty!

He's a very nice chap off the mats too, so the afternoon really flew by. Recommended!



bristolwrestler is recommended by surrey71

Well, what can I possibly say about this guy?
He's extremely personable with a very frank and open personality that's makes him very easy to get along with.
I'm grateful he made the considerable journey to come and wrestle me.
What he may lack in height, he more than makes up for in raw power - an extremely strong fella - more than his pictures suggest!
Yes I may have used my height to my advantage but trust me - if you slip up, he'll soon be on-top and working for a submission!
Highly recommended and with some more experience he'll be a force to be reckoned with!
Thanks again mate, you're welcome to return anytime!!



surrey71 is recommended by bristolwrestler

Meeting this guy was definitely worth the lengthy train journey; a very friendly host who did his best to make me feel welcome and at ease. Having chatted for some time before meeting, we both had a good idea of what kind of match would be enjoyable for us, and Surrey71 was very accommodating of the rules I like to have in place when I'm wrestling.

After a chat and a coffee, we wrestled in his living room. It certainly wasn't a large space, but it was big enough to roll around in and very importantly it was a clean and safe area for what we had in mind. This guy has power everywhere, and I especially felt the strength in his arms as he had me tapping out several times despite never unleashing 100% of his strength!

Surrey71 was thoughtful enough to give me a little guidance as well. Not only how to wrestle a little more technically but also safely, which is much appreciated! Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to use it to my advantage next time I take on a tall opponent.

Lots of you have met him before, so you know why I recommend this fighter to anyone else on the site who wants a real challenge!



bristolwrestler is recommended by rumbletumbleUK

Prior to my self imposed exile from this, I had been chatting to this gentleman. As we had swapped numbers we were still in communication and Bristolwrestler happened to be visiting London...wanting to meet up with me. As it had been a while and after some poor experiences, I had some trepidation and some worries about recent minor reoccurring health issues that would have impacted upon meeting up. However on this occasion everything was aligned perfectly. So we met up, and his demeanour and character in our chats reflected himself in person. He was a sincere, considerate, hospitable and FRIENDLY host who treated me like person and not a piece of "exotic" meat to throw around. We wrestled for hours from afternoon light to the dusk skies of early evening, in a sweat soaked inducing, slightly intense, series of bouts with lots of ground work. I quickly came to realise, that his stocky build held a lot of strength which combined with his "Never give up. Never surrender" attitude allowed for bouts comprising of (attempted) holds and grabs. What was great with wrestling BristolWrestler was that it didn't dispel the laughter, giggles and fun we had with the funny banter. To say that I highly recommend BristolWrestler, would be doing him a disservice, as my words cannot express how much I had appreciated his time, patience and consideration in coming down to meet me. We already agreed to meet up again which I look forward to. He is a great grappler whom I strongly AND highly recommended with no hesitation..and when he acquires more matches, which he will, as he has the look that guys like and a personality that is great off the mats as well, he will be someone to definitely look out for and seek.



rumbletumbleUK is recommended by bristolwrestler

I highly recommend this fella. We had a fantastic, long, sweaty grapple in my hotel room so I can tell you that he is strong, friendly and respectful. We grappled and rolled around for hours and I loved every second! Can't wait to meet again!



bristolwrestler is recommended by Bear Combat Warrior

I met up with bristolwrestler recently, when he came over to see me at the hotel I was staying at in Bristol.

Ian is a formidable opponent. His skills & agility do him credit, even against a much heavier opponent like myself.

His height & weight do not stop him taking on the largest of opponents, so be warned.

Although the room I had booked was compact, to say the least, we managed to adapt our fight & was able to have a battle in a safe & sane way.

In a sociable setting, Ian is an incredibly pleasant & likeable guy & we spent a few hours getting to know each other over a meal & a bottle of wine.

I would not hesitate in recommending bristolwrestler to any prospective opponent. You will get a great battle & be given a thorough workout, as indeed I was.

Even though I still ache, three days later, I'm already planning a rematch in the next few months.



Bear Combat Warrior is recommended by bristolwrestler

I met up with Paul last week and we had a match in his hotel room. He is very nice in person and very accommodating of my wishes for the kind of match I wanted.

Although I was stronger than him he kept coming back for more!

Because of his love of martial arts in general I'm sure he would be able to adapt his style to suit plenty of other people on this site.



bristolwrestler is recommended by walrus

We had a great play wrestle / give and take match. I was very impressed how well he took my splashes, squashes and smothers and came back wanting more. He is a strong man and gave me a good sweaty bout. Hope to meet again soon



walrus is recommended by bristolwrestler

I really enjoyed the squash match I had with Walrus. He is a very nice man and put me at ease straightaway, which I find very important in any opponent. We had a great give-and-take bout exchanging bearhugs, belly splashes and smothering. He knows how to use his size and weight safely but effectively and he doesn't tire out easily; we both kept coming back for more! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for something similar and I look forward to a rematch.



bristolwrestler is recommended by bristolbigtel

Bristolwrestler and I wrestled this afternoon and he put up a good strong fight with myself who is nearly twice is weight and with just a little more luck could have got a submission from me. Look him up cause he will give you a good fight however do not under estimate him. Look forward to wrestling him again.



bristolbigtel is recommended by bristolwrestler

Terry is a nice, well-mannered and friendly chap. He's stronger than he thinks too and has a few good moves up his sleeve. Just met him this afternoon and I'm happy to say that I'd recommend him to others, especially if you're into classic pro-style wrestling.