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Unable to host, willing to travel. Work out 2-3 times per week. i'm white, 31"waist. i don't have a ton of experience, but interested in a variety of wrestling styles, and willing to learn. jobber when it comes to pro. not into drama or endless emails.



  1. USA - Texas, San Antonio
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  2. USA - Texas, Austin
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 34-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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hrylegs is recommended by Broughwrestle3334

We had a good matchup in spite of weight difference of 20 lbs (me the heavier). Great workout and would do again. Very nice guy as well–met at an event with 4 other wrestlers. Look forward to our next!



Broughwrestle3334 is recommended by hrylegs

Broughwrestle3334 is very strong, easy to talk with, and he is in great shape! Had a blast rolling with him! I highly recommend sparing with him if you get the chance! Hopefully we’ll have more matches in the future.



hrylegs is recommended by SpandexGrappler

Hrylegs was fun to wrestle with. I'd definitely recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance!



SpandexGrappler is recommended by hrylegs

Not only is SpandexGrappler extremely knowledgeable about fighting, he’s extremely strong! He’s also a super nice guy who will teach you some things & most importantly can bring a match to a lower level of skill (like for our match) so don’t be intimidated.



hrylegs is recommended by Wrestling Banker

Impressive young man who looks even better in person! A great guy, easy to communicate with, dependable, bright, fun, and yes, strong. Had a great match with him and was exhausted afterwards. We were equally matched and spent a good 3 hours going at it. Definitely a quality guy whom I would enjoy meeting again and again. Don't pass him up if you get the chance to meet up with this strong buck. Thanks for rolling with this old dog!



Wrestling Banker is recommended by hrylegs

Wrestling_Banker is a great guy, fun opponent & easy to talk with! Had a blast with our matches! Very happy we got to spar & would highly recommend squaring off with him if you are lucky to get the opportunity! Hopefully our paths will cross again.



hrylegs is recommended by B3Wrestle

Had a very nice match with hrylegs in early March. Super nice guy and very easy to set up a match with. We went at it for a few hours in a semi-competitive / fun match up which was awesome considering most of my matches are just competitive sub. Absolutely recommend for anyone going thru the ATX area! Hopefully will get to meet up for round 2



B3Wrestle is recommended by hrylegs

Had an amazing match with B3Wrestle! He has good moves & was fun to talk with. He is strong & knows how put up a very good fight! Hope to wrestle him again. I highly recommend taking him on if you get the chance— you won’t regret it!



hrylegs is recommended by ajfighter13

Had a great time wrestling with hrylegs. We both went hard and had a blast. He is definitely a strong competitor who makes you work! Cool dude and fun to talk to. Recommend!



ajfighter13 is recommended by hrylegs

AJ is very strong and I had a lot of fun! Easy to talk with & I would highly recommend taking him on! Looking foreword to another match!



hrylegs is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

hrylegs is quite strong for his size, his legs are as powerful as what others have said but i think mine is slightly stronger than his, and he took them like a champ! he fits into his speedos nicely too and i only wished that he is nearer to me, i would have wrestled him on daily basis!! i hope i did look like what he expected from me.

we have met up again yesterday 08/26, hry looks so much thicker in his pecs and stronger legs too, looks like as ever in his speedos, so much fun, i hope to arrange another meet with him soon



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by hrylegs

Rasslin bodybuilder is buff, tuff, and a really nice guy! Don't miss the chance to take on this muscle man! I had a great match and learned a lot too, it's too bad we are not closer. Highly recommended!

Had another great match with this strong man, still highly recommend !



hrylegs is recommended by txgrappler

hrylegs is a ton of fun to wrestle. Despite our size difference, he was a hard-fighting opponent who made me work hard for a submission. He also showed good knowledge of body mechanics and controlled the match at times. Super impressive. He also just looks great in a speedo. I look forward to locking up with him again.



txgrappler is recommended by hrylegs

Txgrappler is a tough opponent and he’s also easy to have a conversation with. I had a lot of fun during our match and hope there will be more to follow. He is strong but can tone it down if necessary. I highly recommend to take him on if you get the chance!



hrylegs is recommended by Wresdude

I enjoyed wrestling Hrylegs tonight. He has a great strong lean body and we had a very hot sweaty match in our jocks. I highly recommend him to wrestle you.



Wresdude is recommended by hrylegs

Wresdude is very tough & I had a great match! He is strong & determined. We are definitely having more matches— highly recommended!



hrylegs is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

What an amazing guy to meet. Strong, muscled gym body and a great personality. We had an awesome match and hope to meet again. My highest recommendation



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by hrylegs

Had an incredible match with a terrific opponent! He is muscled, strong & easy to talk to. Extremely recommended— hoping to have another match. Don’t miss the opportunity if you get a chance to take on hairywrestler midwest!



hrylegs is recommended by wres

Excelente peleador. Fuerte y muy aguerrido. Una de las mejores y más intensas luchas de mi vida. Altamente recomendable.



wres is recommended by hrylegs

Had an incredibly tough and enjoyable match! Wres is strong and has a lot of stamina! Hoping we have rematches! If you have an opportunity to take on Wres, do it!



hrylegs is recommended by wrst09

Hrylegs is a great opponent - fun, knowledgeable, and knows how to have a great time! He's much better looking than his pictures suggest too! He is easy to communicate with and fun to talk to as well! Definitely look him up if you are in the area!



wrst09 is recommended by hrylegs

Wrst09 is a great opponent on many levels & I really enjoyed our match! He’s very strong and in great shape. He had me in many holds. Wrst09 is also easy to talk to. Glad we finally met in person, I was not disappointed! Can’t wait for another match with him— highly recommended!



hrylegs is recommended by submisionss

Wow. What a great surprise. Despite our both very tight timelines I’ve managed to roll with this handsome talented wrestler. It was very easy to communicate with him. He has a natural ease and charm about him that makes the match so much better. Don’t believe to one second that he is a jobber. He is way stronger than he looks or admits and once he had you locked tight in a hold good luck with that. I sure hope we would manage to meet again.



submisionss is recommended by hrylegs

Had a great match! If you get a chance to take on submisionss I highly recommend him but watch out for his legs. He also has some great moves that made me give. He is quite strong. He’s also easy to talk to— hopefully we can rematch someday.



hrylegs is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Jack is handsome, fit, lean and strong. He is a bit deceiving on first meeting him, because he is slender. What I learned is he has A LOT of strength under his slender physique. He is the real thing on the mats. I am anxious for a rematch! Thanks, Jack!



SeattleWrestler3 is recommended by hrylegs

Calvin is a great opponent. He is really strong and fun on the mats! I had a wonderful time. I highly recommend a match with Calvin if you get the chance! Looking foreword to another one!



KnotChaz512 is recommended by hrylegs

KnotChaz512 is an extremely strong gentleman who can really work his opponent over! Wrestled him years ago and he was powerful then, but he’s even more powerful today!



hrylegs is recommended by adamnwsa

Hrylegs is a good looking, fun, skilled wrestler. An extremely nice guy with a hot body and I cannot recommend him enough. His legs are very strong and if he clamps them on you are in trouble! I look forward to wrestling him again!



adamnwsa is recommended by hrylegs

I've been wrestling Adam for years, he's a great guy and a very tough opponent. Highly recommended!



hrylegs is recommended by BacktotheMatsTX

Pictures don't make him any justice. He's really easygoing, good-looking and a cool guy to roll around with. His legs keep me quite distracted the minute he put on his speedo on and was ready to go at it. I just wish we could have wrestled for a bit longer. Maybe next time. I'll make sure there will be another one.



BacktotheMatsTX is recommended by hrylegs

BacktotheMatsTX is a prime opponent! Amazing upper body strength, had a blast rolling around & sore (in a good way) the next day. He is easy to talk to & look at. Looking foreword to another match. Highly recommend!



hrylegs is recommended by hashbock

I had a good time wrestling hrylegs on a trip to San Antonio. He's strong for his size, very flexible, and very relaxed and safe on the mats (or carpet which is what we actually had.) He's got a nice personality and good approach to his wrestling. All in all, it was a very nice roll, and I'd definitely recommend him to others.



hashbock is recommended by hrylegs

Really nice guy who knows his stuff! Very strong, too! I recommended him for a match if you get the chance.



hrylegs is recommended by StealthyTX

A lot of fun to work up a sweat with and a very nice guy, definitely recommended!



StealthyTX is recommended by hrylegs

Thinguytx is an excellent opponent & a very nice guy. We had a very long & sweaty match. I would highly recommend him!



hrylegs is recommended by Crushwrestler

Hrylegs is a great opponent who looks even better in real life than in his photos. I had lots of fun bearhugging him and tossing him around. He's strong for his size and left me feeling it the next day. Great guy on top of it - highly recommended.



Crushwrestler is recommended by hrylegs

CrushwrestlerTX is very strong and a tough opponent. He's an aggressive wrestler that if you have an opportunity to take in– do it! Plus he's a very nice guy, too.



hrylegs is recommended by bexar1

Hairy Legs was a great opponent! Wrestled well and had a lot of stamina. Great guy!



bexar1 is recommended by hrylegs

Very tough, had a great match!



hrylegs is recommended by KicksBoxer

Rolling on the mats with Jack was great! He's strong, knowledgeable, laid back, a real nice guy as well. He was also a very fun opponent and that set the mood for a great time on the mats. We squared up several times, the ONE time that he lost, he was very gracious. We rolled for over an hour and I am very much looking forward to the next time. I highly recommend him as your next opponent.



KicksBoxer is recommended by hrylegs

Stevo is a great guy. Very easy to talk to and strong. Would like to take him on again–recommended!



hrylegs is recommended by texwrestler2001

Fun, flexible, hot jobber. great guy. highly recommend



texwrestler2001 is recommended by hrylegs

Great heel, extremely strong, and a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommended.



hrylegs is recommended by adidaswrestling

Great guy and lots of fun. Can't wait to roll with him again.



adidaswrestling is recommended by hrylegs

nice guy and a great opponent. there will definitely be more matches